of the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption

I, Michael Krichevsky, Pro Se, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746, declare that the foregoing to be true and correct under penalties of perjury: My name is Michael Krichevsky and I am enslaved by judicial tyranny and corruption in Kings County Family Court. It operates as nothing more than a huge scam, fraud, racket, which is set up solely to prey, impoverish and control its victims – women and children, but mostly men through the profitable title IV-D Federal funding false claims. In 2008, I was paralegal raising my son with a good paying job when I was dragged in Kings County Family Court by prize-hunting lawyer Yoram Nachimovsky. I have evidence that he coached my ex-girlfriend, Elena Svenson (SVENSON), on how to extort money from me and, when extortion failed, how to file a false family offense petition and request an order of protection. I escaped being arrested by police as a standard operating procedure by abandoning my apartment and becoming homeless. I paid $5,000 to an attorney to defend me in Family Court on the hearing of the order of protection. I testified that SVENSON was doing everything to provoke the violence on my part after she obtained said order of protection. I testified that she both brought my son to my work and demanded that my employer fire me. Immediately after my testimony, her lawyer withdrew the family offense petition. During the child support proceeding, hearing officer John Fasone and her second prizehunting lawyer Yonatan Levoritz conspired to hinder discovery and acted in concert against unsuspecting me as con men. When I ran out of money, I defended myself pro se. The final


hearing was conducted without notice to me and, by reason thereof, without my being present -acting as a veritable Star Chamber Court. I was ordered to pay more child support than I was earning or had available in cash. To add more insult to injury, this final order was not mailed to me, and when I learned of its existence and appealed it, the appeal was denied because I filed it late based on a fabricated proof of mailing of the order. This final order falsely placed me in the “deadbeat father registry,” ordered my employer to raise my pay, garnish it, and send the check to child support collection unit. To end continuous harassment, my employer fired me. I immediately asked for a new trial and modification of the amount due to the fact that I was receiving unemployment insurance. In reply, Mr. Levoritz filed a petition to punish me for contempt of court order, which I allegedly willfully violated. Hearing Officer Fasone refused to recuse himself and suggested to Mr. Levoritz to seek my incarceration. As a result of this egregious violation of due process, I suffered a stroke due to stress and my fear of losing my liberty. I became disabled, but continued the legal fight for my life. I served John Fasone with Violation Warning - Denial of Rights Under Color Of Law (form COL). He replied that he is immune. I sent this form and complaint to Inspector General of office of Court Administration and received no reply, Exhibit A. I filed complaint against Yonatan Levoritz with the Attorney Grievance Committee, but they refused to investigate. I filed complaint against John Fasone with Commission on Judicial Conduct and they told me that they have no jurisdiction to investigate, because he is not a judge. I wrote to Congressman Jerrold Nadler and in July 8, 2013 I received a letter from New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct referring me to Robert Mulroy, Deputy Chief Support Magistrate of NYC Family Court in Manhattan. I went there immediately and learned that he is no longer occupying his position and it is vacant.


After continuously going through several revolving doors in Kings County Family court, finally, in 2012 I obtained an order of Supervising Judge Paula Hepner that set aside final order of child support, Exhibit B. She ordered John Fasone, as a condition precedent for a new trial, to issue written detailed orders to my motions that he refused to read. Hearing Officer John Fasone contemptuously refused to comply with Judge Hepner’s orders, started new Star Chamber hearing without me present and restored his orders back.

Dated: September 15, 2013 Brooklyn, New York

___/s/Michael Krichevsky______ Michael Krichevsky, Pro Se 4221 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11224 718-687-2300


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