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Subject: Policy



It is the policy of our hotel that all concerned departments and team members fully understand and follow the Deposit Policy procedures of the hotel. Procedures:



Credit and payment collection is a whole team effort. Everyone can share valuable contribution to all possible payment risks to the hotel. An example of this includes : 1. GSA and Bell Staff should be aware of amount and condition of luggage and general appearance of guest. 2. Room Attendants should be cautious if the luggage in a guestroom is getting less day by day. 3. Sales people may give recommendations to Accounting Department on Travel Agencies. 4. Accounting team should be attending credit meetings with Associations in Thailand. Deposit by Credit Card 1. The hotel accepts the following cards for payment at Front Desk: (a) Visa Card (b) Master Card 2. Upon registration, the GSA should check the expiration date of the card to ensure that the card is valid. 3. Swipe the credit card through the EDC machine for approval. 4. Take an on imprint on the back of the registration card. 5. Get pre-authorization to cover the entire room including tax plus Baht1000 per day for incidentals. 6. Check the specimen signature on the card to ensure that the signature matches with the one appearing on the registration card. 7. Attach the EDC approved voucher to the appropriate registration card. 8. Secure a Photo Copy of the Credit Card of the guest ensuring to have the details of both sides of the card so offline process could be done in case of possible credit risk Deposit by Cash Payment 1. Upon registration, the GSA should request the guest to pay a deposit of the estimated total room charge Baht 1000 per day for incidentals for the entire stay. 2. Do not allow guest to check in of the guest refuses to pay the deposit. Then notify the Duty Assistant Manager if the guest refuses to pay the deposit. Deposit by Cheque Payments 1. Explain to the guest that cheque payments are not accepted by the hotel.

B. DISCIPLINARY PROCESS 1. In case of a skipper. 5. Credit Limit will be imposed to in-house guests to ensure proper monitoring of expense incurred by the guest for the period of their stay. Credit Limit Report should be printed and given to GSM to check payment methods of each hotel guests and ensure outstanding balance is covered by sufficient deposit amount. Violation of the above process by any of the department employees may result to charging the unsettled guest balance directly to the employee Updated on : ………………………………… . 4. It indicates all in-house accounts exceeding the pre-set credit limit. they will stop the guest and inform us at once and with the consent of the Hotel Manager. The Hotel Manager should be consulted by GSM for approval to block guest account if payment has not been received by the end of the day the message was sent out 7. GSM will contact guest during the day once guest credit has reached its limit of 5. CREDIT LIMIT 1. GSM should notify all hotels in the area so that if guest checks in at any other hotel. 6. GSM should report the incident to the Police Department. The Credit Limit Report provides tight control over in-house credit movement. C. GSM will send letter to guest room with Hotel Manager’s signature informing them that their account is over the set limit and that they should contact the reception to settle the outstanding balance. 2. 3.000 THB.