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Common Questions Asked in Interviews

1. Draw the temperature control loop of cooling tower

2. What are PID Controller
3. What is the Reynold Number
4. What are standards of Pipes and Tubing
5. What are the types of Cooling towers
6. Importance of Tube Pitch in Shell and Tube Heat exchanger Design
7. What are the basic parameters of heat exchanger design?
8. What is the philosophy of heat exchanger design
9. Name some 6 types of heat exchanger
10. What is lechatlier’s principle
11. What is residence time, space time and space velocity
12. What is importance of order of reaction
13. What are the basic section of furnaces
14. How you will minimize the heat losses of the furnaces
15. Draw the control loop for distillation column temperature control
16. What are proportional controller
17. What is the difference between thermistor and thermocouple
18. What is see back effect
19. What is joule Thomson effect
20. What are the methods of cooling a process stream
21. How fugacity differs from pressure
22. What are four laws of thermodynamics
23. What is effect of feed temperature on centrifugal compressor
24. What is surging?
25. What is net positive suction head
26. How you can avoid cavitation
27. What is the difference between vapour lock, air lock and cavitation
28. Write four alloys composition
29. Why Minimum reflux is calculated?
30. How pressure drop in distillation column calculated
31. How to differentiate the steps for packed column selection and plate
32. How the proportional controller work
33. What are basics types of control loops
34. What is critical radius of insulation
35. What are the design parameters of reactor design
36. How fire occurs?
37. What are types of extinguishers?
38. What are types of Fires?
39. What are various types of valves and their application
40. What are classification of vacuum producing device
41. What are main problems with positive displacement pump?
42. What is autoclave?
43. What is vacuum drawing?
44. What is the importance of impingement plate
45. How to classify boilers
46. Why you want to join a particular organization
47. What is the objective of your life?
48. What is the objective of your professional life
49. What you will do if you get one crore rupees a day
50. What are your hobbies?
51. How you develop the kinetics of a reactor
52. What are effect of temperature and pressure on the kinetics
53. What are various states of water
54. What are the types of reaction
55. what are nusslt number and prandtl number
56. what is distillation
57. what is the importance of transfer unit
58. why there is a temperature control on absorber
59. draw the diagram for a stripper and absorber
60. what are types of adsorber
61. what is the steam economy
62. what meant by multiple effect evaporator
63. what are the various methods to control a variable
64. what is the classification of pumps
65. classify the turbines
66. what are the types of boiler
67. what is difference between relative and absolute humidity
68. how u control the temperature of a reactor
69. name and explain the process of refrigeration
70. why you should be selected?
71. which controller is most effective to control and why?
72. is there any head when there is a suction lift?
73. increasing temperature of the suction increases suction head. Are u agree?
74. increasing suction pressure increases suction head.Are u disagree?
75. why saturated steam preffered for heating media?
76. how you design a heat exchanger. Answer in just one line.
77. what is meant by Chemical Reactor Design
78. What is meant by Mass Transfer
79. What is Fluid mechanics.
80. enumerate types of chemical reaction
81. what are types of absorption?
82. write the steps to make ammonia
83. write the equation of urea manufacturing