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October 2013 Dear Friend, Last week, with the greatest of Maryland Pride, I announced my campaign to become the

next Governor of Maryland. my candidacy for Governor of Maryland. Today, I am asking you to join me in

Like you, I care deeply about Maryland. I grew up in Maryland, my children have grown up in Maryland, and for 22 years, first as an Assistant United States Attorney, then as Montgomery County State's Attorney, and now as Attorney General, I have protected Maryland seniors, children, and families. As a prosecutor and as Attorney General, I have worked to put the law on the side of people. As Governor, I will continue to protect the people of Maryland by delivering on my number one priority as Governor: doing what needs to be done to create jobs and build an economy that delivers for the middle class. Key to meeting that priority is ensuring ALL our children are getting the education they need to thrive in our economy. In parts of our state, 80% of our high school graduates need remedial math and 70% need remedial reading. As Governor, I will address the gross inequities in educatlOn that have been tolerated for far too long. I will 5nng a new, sharper focus on creating opportunity, bnth whenit"comes-to jobs and when it comes to education. Over the past seven years, we have worked together to accomplish some great things: marriage equality, the Dream Act, securing 1.5 billion dollars in foreclosure relief from the national banks to keep Maryland families in their homes, and returning over 2 billion dollars to Maryland consumers. On the environment, my passion, we have won the largest enforcement victories in Maryland history against polluters threatening our Bay. We have brought a chicken litter to energy plant to Maryland, which will provide our farmers with an additional source of income and keep that litter out of the Bay. On public safety, we have won major victories in the U.S. Supreme Court that preserved our ability to use confessions and DNA evidence to hold violent criminals accountable, and we have made significant strides against cybercrime and human trafficking on the Internet. At the same time, Maryland has seen annual billion dollar deficits, a departure of businesses and wealth to neighboring states, 40 consecutive tax increases, and the worst traffic congestion in the nation. Economic opportunity and growth and shared progress are becoming things of the past. Hardworking people feel nickeled and dimed, and entrepreneurs are not building here in Maryland. We need to win back jobs and businesses, and we need to do it by growing our tax base, not our taxes. By growing our economy, we can meet the needs of people, fund our schools and stand for democratic values. And we can do it with transparency and accountability - auditing spending and giving people the information and tools they need to check up on us and keep us on track. Our future depends on putting the needs of people first, it depends on being willing to question conventional thinking to get things done, it means being independent enough from the political machine and the establishment to focus on people. You choose to live and work in Maryland, I chose to bring my children up in the same state where I grew up. Why? Because we love Maryland, we take pride in Maryland, and in Maryland we don't settle for the way things are. So I am asking you today to please join me in Building our Best Maryland. For this campaign to be successful, we will need to build a strong grassroots organization. We already have hired a top notch campaign team, estal51isned-county coordinators-inall 24 counties, and kno-cked-olTth-ou-s-aIrd-s-of-du"Grs-;-but th-ere-are -yard-si-gns ro-order;t·a-dto-a-cts-rcrp-J1rc-e·-, ---~neighborhoods from Cumberland to White Marsh to Solomon's Island to canvass. That is why I am turning to the people who know me best and asking you to get involved. I need your support.


With the new early primary leaving us just three months to raise money, your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or $4000 today to "Friends of Doug Gansler" is essential; every dollar counts. You can use the enclosed envelope to send a check, or you may contribute online at
Also, in November you will receive an invitation to one of our two annual events in December. If you would like to be listed on the Host Committee for either of these events ($4000/General, $lOOO/Benefactor, or $500/Sponsor), please use the enclosed envelope to send a personal or corporate check or contribute online at For more information on these events, please email I personally read all the emails, notes, and pledges received and I am always humbled by your support. Thank you so much in advance for your encouragement and generosity.

~Id~ P.O.Box 31102 Bethesda, MD 20824.
By authority:

(301) 588-1172.

"Friends of Doug Gansler," Han. Joseph D.Tydings, Chair: Jeanne M. McLane, Treasurer.