14-16 THE KING THAT ASSUMED TOO MUCH Don’t Assume Some time ago I heard the story of a fire, of which, a newspaper photographer needed to get close pictures. His newspaper agreed to hire a plane for him at the local airport. When he arrived at the airport, sure enough, a plane was there. He jumped in and yelled "take off"! The pilot did. Once in the air, the photographer yelled to the pilot to make two or three low passes over the fire. The pilot asked "why?". He answered, Because I’m a photographer! Photographers take pictures. I’m going to take pictures of the fire!" The pilot replied with alarm, "You mean you’re not the flight instructor?" Both men had made the wrong assumptions. The photographer had assumed that he was in the right plane. The pilot had assumed the man was his flight instructor. It is never good to make assumptions. King Asa, in our text, had been a godly king. However he made the mistake of assuming he could do things that displeased God. "Asa is the story of a king that assumed too much" Introduction Rom 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. So God’s purpose in giving us the OT with all its stories and teachings is to give us hope in him. That’s my purpose today in looking at the story of King Asa. I’m going to begin my message this morning with a brief history lesson taken from the OT books of Kings and Chronicles. David was king over all Israel. His son Solomon followed as king over all Israel. Then came

Israel had a total of 19 kings -. and will heal their land.Joash -. as did David his father. David was the great.5 were very godly and were used by God to bring Revival to the nation. On God’s scale David was a "Ten". The standard of what a king should be.Hezekiah -. Judah and Benjamin. and turn from their wicked ways. and seek my face. which are called by my name.None were godly. I had heard many sermons on revival based on II Chronicles 7:14 "If my people.Josiah Asa was the first of the Godly Kings of Judah 1 Kings 15:11 says "And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of the LORD." David was the standard that every king was held up to. The Southern Kingdom of Judah -. shall humble themselves. Judah had a total of 20 kings -.Solomon’s son Rehoboam. In studying for this series I discovered something I hadn’t realized before. The Northern Kingdom of Israel -.8 were godly. great grandfather of Asa." . and will forgive their sin. II Chronicles is a book on Revival. and pray. Under Rehoboam the kingdom was divided into two nations.Ten of the 12 tribes of Israel.Jehosophat -. The Histories of these two kingdoms were very different.Two tribes. These Five Revival Kings were: Asa -. Of these 8 godly kings of Judah -. then will I hear from heaven.

Asa was a man who sought God in his own life. There is much we can learn about Revival from King Asa. Four Keys to Revival found in II Chron. It was answered .Turning from Sin 15:8.Asa was a man of prayer. I."We rest in thee" 5.Knowledge of the Word of God 15:1-3 Second Bridge .16 I believe many people get things backwards.Asa was a man who led others Third key . 14:9-11 PRAYER Note Asa’s prayer in verse 11 1.8 SPIRITUAL COURAGE Fourth Key .Asa was a man of peace.14:12-15 Two things notable in this prayer."He cried" 2. Second Key . It was sincere . They two follow one another and doing either without the other is doesn’t bring real . It was direct . #1 Recognition of God’s ability #2 Recognition of our inability II.Turning to God 15:4-7 "Trouble" is the servant of God Third Bridge . 14:2. In Chapters 15 and 16 We Find 4 Bridges On The Road To Revival First Bridge . yet he prepared for battle against the enemies of God. It was to the point . It was in faith . 14:7. It takes even greater humility for a king to seek God.But had never realized the whole book was a lesson on revival given through these five kings. 14 First Key ."Help us" 4."Unto the Lord" 3. They try to turn from their sins before they turn to God.3 HUMILITY It takes humility for a man to seek God.

Asa’s Failure For 36 years Asa wholly sought the Lord. Fourth Bridge . the National Association of Evangelicals published an article on men who were “best used of . Both were accomplishing the same thing as Billy Graham and in even more. after hearing Templeton preach to an audience of thousands. God will also use us even with all our imperfections.revival. preaching to as many as thirty thousand per night. On Sept. IV. The last five years of his reign were a failure.” In 1946.12 Even in his sickness and under the chastening hand of God.Faith in God 16:1-6 Here Asa failed. Asa’s Folly 16:11. But in 1945 there were two other preachers that were packing auditoriums. he did not seek the Lord for help. What could have been a great national revival didn’t last. He turned to man instead of God 16:7-9 III. Yet there was no turning from sin. Their names were Chuck Templeton and Bron Clifford. called him “the most gifted and talented young man in America today for preaching. 11th many people sang God Bless America and prayed. They weren’t perfect and yet God still used them even with their imperfections. CONCLUSION It was in 1945 that Billy Graham seemingly came out of nowhere and began filling auditoriums across America. but here he failed. Throughout history God has used many dedicated men of God who later fell into sin. He turned to man instead of God. You don’t have to be perfect for God to use you. 2. He turned against God’s messenger. One seminary president. Example. 16:10 One thing to note about these Revival Kings. 1.

Billy Graham was not even mentioned. “And Asa slept with his fathers. Florida. 16:13 reads. How about you? Are you someone who used to serve God and seek God? Are you one whose Christian life is not what it used to be? Are you a 20th century Asa? II Chron. Alcohol and financial irresponsibility had done him in. By 1954. he died as a man who in the former years served God and sought God. All three began their ministries in 1945 and all came out of the starting blocks like rockets. Why is it then that we are not familiar with the names Templeton and Clifford? Just five years later. many believed Clifford was the most gifted preacher the church had seen in centuries. he no longer believed in the validity of the claims of Jesus Christ.God” in that organization’s five year existence. his ministry. One wrote.” Now we all know the name Billy Graham. influenced more leaders. this once great preacher died from cirrhosis of the liver in a run-down motel on the edge of Amarillo. but I doubt that many know the names Chuck Templeton and Bron Clifford. and set more attendance records than any other clergyman his age in American history. That same year. Templeton and Clifford started well but did not finish well. but in . At just thirty-five years of age. By 1950.” When he died. He wound up leaving his wife and their two children. The article highlighted the ministry of Chuck Templeton. National leaders vied for his attention. Some pastors in Amarillo took up a collection among themselves in order to purchase a casket so his body could be shipped back East for burial in a cemetery for the poor. Templeton left the ministry to pursue a career as a radio and television commentator and newspaper columnist. Templeton had decided he was no longer a believer in Christ in the orthodox sense of the term. People lined up ten deep outside the auditorium trying to get in. Clifford has lost his family. and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign. his health. “At the age of twenty-five young Clifford touched more lives. Bron Clifford was a twenty-five year old fireball. Like Asa. In 1945. and then…his life. Clifford preached to a packed auditorium in Miami.

the final years his epitaph reads simply: “he sought not to the Lord.” May God help us all not to become an Asa. .