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Distance Treatment & the need for Permission
Vol. 2


James Deacon

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[July 2013]

We have a moral, ethical, and spiritual duty (of care) to be open and honest in our distance Reiki practice. It is of vital importance (as much for our own growth and development, as it is for theirs) that we ask a person whether or not they wish to receive Reiki treatment, before we seek to intervene in their life process. And when I say “ask”, I mean really ask them: talk to them face-to face, phone them, write to them, text them, skype them, IM them, or whatever. I do not mean: “mentally ask some potentially fictitious construct of your own ego that you have mistaken for their 'higher self'.” Actually ask the living, breathing, conscious aspect of their being. And having asked, accept, honour and respect their choices. If they do not give their consent, do not act. For, on one level at least, to act contrary to their conscious wishes, may rightly be perceived by some as a form of 'psychic attack' (and possibly, depending on the particular individual, actually be 'responded' to as such).

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On 'sending' Reiki surreptitiously...

Whether we see our role (as Reiki practitioners) as being about 'making' someone well, or 'healing them into a state of acceptance of their unwellness', or simply, facilitating the 'space' in which the individual can come to 'heal' themselves (on whatever level), the individual still has a right to know in advance that this is our intention and to be asked if they want this in the first place - and even if they do want it, whether or not they want it now. They may prefer to participate in this self-change (with or without outside 'help') at a time more convenient to their Lower Self. Whether the focus is on healing, or spiritual growth and development, in openly informing the individual in advance - discussing our intent, and not just seeking but also clearly and unequivocally receiving the individual's permission, we are empowering them to take ownership of the effects of that therapeutic or spiritual intervention. The notion that we can circumvent openness and honesty as to our intentions by "mentally asking permission of the person's Higher Self" is little more than an avoidance-strategy born out fear. In 'sneaking around behind the person's back', we only serve to dishonour their Spiritual nature - and our own.

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THE HIGHEST GOOD? - a posteriori

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. “So,” she says, “this 'higher self' thingy – it's like, well ... some sort of separate aspect of your being?” “Yes,” he says, “that's right, a more spiritual part.” “Then you must also have a kind of... “ she pauses, “ a kind of 'lower self' part as well?” “Well, yes – I suppose you could call it that; the more ordinary, mundane, 'in-theworld', conscious part of your being.” “Hmm.” She frowns. “It all sounds a bit 'Dissociative Identity Disorder' to me...” She pauses, thoughtfully, then, “And you say this higher self thingy - it always knows what's in your best interests?” “Yes that's the theory: that it knows what's for your Highest Good, at any given moment in time.” “Oh, right. Okay. And you say that when you 'send energy' to someone, it may or may not be accepted, depending on whether or not this higher self thing decides it's right for them?” He nods. “Yes, that's basically how I understand it.” “Ah! - so this is why you believe you don't need bother consulting the person about whether or not they actually want you to send energy to them? You don't see the need,” she continues, “to ask their conscious, lower self first – because you believe there's a 'higher' part of them that will basically overrule their conscious self, and accept what it decides is for their Highest Good – whether their conscious self likes it or not?” “Well...” he says, seeming a little less sure, “Yes, I suppose … you could look at it like that...” “And everything is 'energy', right?” “Er, yes … Of course.” “Hmm... Right … O.K.” she says, thoughtfully. “Good, so ...” Suddenly, her hand flashes out and delivers a painful, stinging slap across his cheek. “Aah! What the …?!” He yells, utterly bewildered, as he clutches and gently rubs the side of his face. “Oh, sorry,” she says in all seriousness, “I was just testing your theory.” “You see,” she explains, “I 'sent' that slap with the intention that if it wasn't for your Highest Good right now, your higher self thingy wouldn't accept it. But now...” she says, with a look of puzzlement, “I can't quite decide... Does it mean that this supposedly higher part of your being felt you actually deserved a slap in the face now? Or, does it perhaps mean ...”

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. ."Permission 101"

In asking for permission, the practitioner honours and validates the spiritual essence of the individual. In making the conscious decision to accept the practitioner's assistance, the individual opens themself to the transformational process. If you ask for (and most importantly, receive) someone's permission before doing distant Reiki treatment for them, then they are empowered to take ownership of the effects of that treatment. If you do not get their permission, then you as initiator of that change must accept full responsibility for the outcome/effects of that treatment (which may not necessarily be as expected).

We are responsible for our own actions. .


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What one person perceives as a problem, another will see as an opportunity. It's all a matter of perspective …

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Surreptitiously As a thief in the night You sought to take that which was not yours to take Sought to deprive me of that which was mine and mine alone. Without permission Without the common courtesy of even bothering to ask If your 'help' was wanted – was needed You sought to meddle in my life-process To disregard my right to be as I choose (for now at least) to be: My right to own and hold and live through my own experience My own pain. Without consulting me Without advising me of your intent You sought to steal away my ailments and dis-ease: Sought to rob me of a part of my own power To rob me of what I perceive to be A Sacred learning-opportunity. Was it out of naivety? Or simply out of A misguided understanding of compassion? Or did What you perceived as my 'suffering' In some way offend your sensibilities? Or was it Perhaps An ego-driven need To act, to 'do': to interfere?

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Did you think that you knew best Knew what was right and timely for me? You do not know my Soul. You do not know my Soul's needs. My 'condition' is part of my own Journey Part of who I presently am. I will evolve through it Mindfully Gratefully Gracefully In my own way In my own time At my own pace. Be satisfied with this. If only for today Try to understand Not everyone sees their 'condition' as something to be healed away. “It is the struggle in life that makes Soul's strong”

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