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More about the 1st Annual Celebration on page 3 The holidays often bring to mind memories of years past, time spent with family and friends. Turkeys, yams, and mistletoe. During the holiday season we also tend to feel more generous to others; with our smiles, our wallets and the gift of time. Look around your neighborhood, your community, and the time bank to see what exchanges can be made that will make life a little easier for someone else. You may donate you time dollars to one of our projects, like the TIME for Caring, or even to another member in need. Be sure to share the gift of time with yourself and enjoy what the holiday season has to offer.

Join us is a special welcome to our newest members ~ Marian, Livi, Laura, Joshua, Dorice, Sheila K., Pat, Casey, Carlee, Rebekah, Todd, Joan, Sheila M, and Julie. This brings our membership to a total of 176 as we end our first year in the Chippewa Valley!

Be one the lookout for an email from your time bank containing a short survey. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions that are designed to gain general feedback about your experience as a member of the Chippewa Valley Time Bank (CVTB). CVTB survey results will be compared to additional surveys and future surveys to better enhance the member experience and sustainability of the CVTB. Thank you for your participation.

New Service Ads
Material distribution for the time bank Child care Help with computer literacy

Deliver library books in Menomonie Help you stay in touch with loved one Babysitting small children Life counseling House cleaning Let me cook or bake for you

Please check the time bank website frequently!

Do you know our organization members?
Aging & Disability Resource Center of Dunn County Aging & Disability Resource Center of Eau Claire County Chippewa Valley Regional Airport Dunn County Senior Nutrition Program Hay River Transition Initiative Menomonie Public Library Really Really Free Market Steeping Stones of Dunn County Young Professionals of the Chippewa Valley

In September the CVTB received an additional $5000 grant from the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources (GWAAR) to strengthen the time bank as an additional resource for older people. The receipt of this money is notable in two important ways.  First, it has allowed us to take the next steps in launching the TIME for Caring project as a real option for people recovering from a fall, illness or hospital stay (read more about this on page 3)  Second, it fulfilled the match requirement for Bremer Foundation, securing the last $5,000 from them. The Chippewa Valley Timebank is growing strong and grateful to both GWAAR and Bremer Foundation for their generous support.

TIME for Caring is a special project of the Chippewa Valley Timebank (CVTB). The goal is to provide basic assistance during times of crisis- such as after an illness, accident, surgery, or hospital stay. It is during this critical period that people often need an extra hand with routine tasks, which can be provided by Timebank members. Participation in this project could mean the difference between living at home and independently in the community or needing institutional care. These services are limited to:  Transportation How can I access TIME for Caring services? If  Grocery shopping/delivery you are in a crisis situation or know someone who  Light housekeeping is in need of any of the five services listed, please  Meal preparation contact the Coordinator. Call 715-271-7968 or  Moving assistance  2 November 2013 ● Chippewa Valley Timebank ●

1st Annual Celebration
1st Annual Celebration
November 1, 6:00 – 9:00ish VFW 305 Club 1300 Starr Ave Eau Claire RSVP to: 715-271-7968 or .
Friday, November 1, 2013 the Chippewa Valley Timebank will celebrate one year in the Chippewa Valley! This is certainly an event worth celebrating! There will be a variety of appetizers, breads, soups and celebratory cupcakes! Throughout the evening we will be raffling-off items donated by time bank members and area businesses. Each time bank member who comes to the event will receive 1 free raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase of 1 dollar suggested donation per ticket!

Raffle prizes donated by the following: Radiant Health Chiropractic Embark of Eau Claire Altered Ego Salon of Eau Claire Member (created) donation Acoustic Cafe of Eau Claire Tangled Up In Hue of Eau Claire Bob's Barkin Good Treats of Eau Claire Double Days Sports Bar of Eau Claire

It’s not too late for your RVSP, and if you are out and about Friday evening and decide that yes, you would like to come, drop on in! Family and friends welcome!

NEW TECHNOLOGY ON THE WEB SITE! You may have noticed a nifty new feature on the time bank website. It is called the YELLOW PAGES and the aim of the TimeBank Yellow Pages is to make it possible for your TimeBank to let members know that there is a wider willingness and capacity to offer help by your membership than active ads will generally show. It will also provide a way for your members to quickly find out and access what’s available. Like the phone book Yellow Pages, the TimeBank Yellow Pages is a searchable directory. It will list all current offers of services by members. The directory is organized by category. Here’s the nifty NEW part: members will also be invited to show other categories where they would be willing to provide services– even if they do not want to create an ad. The personal Yellow Pages listing makes this easy. Spend some time to check it out

Check the time bank website often to check for responses to your requests and offers. Please respond to all messages regarding your service add and take down your service add when no longer needed. Thank you!

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