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You've heard of Superfoods, butSuperfruits?

Aa Berries
Aa actually deserves some of the hype it gets, thanks to eapons grade antio!idant levels that clobber other Superfruit rivals like blackberries, stra berries, and blueberries" #o ever, because this tiny berry hails from $ra%il, it's not easy to find fresh" &' recommend po dered aa berry, hich can be added into a smoothie,& says (lassman" &)ot only is this an easy ay to get super fruits into your diet, but it also helps mask the tart, sometimes bitter taste"&

*hese tart and tasty gems rank in the top +, for antio!idant po er, according to the -S.A, and they are specifically rich in polyphenols, the same family of antio!idants found in green tea, hich may help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancers, and osteoporosis" $lackberries are also number one for fiber/ 0ne cup delivers one1third of your daily target of 23 to 43 grams a day"

Your go1to Superfruit for brain function and memory" Several studies link high flavonoid levels in blueberries ith a better memory, and regular consumption may help keep your brain functioning ell as you age, ne research suggests" 0ne study found that omen ith the highest intake of berries appeared to have a delay in cognitive aging by a hopping 2"3 years" $lueberries are also rich in manganese, hich plays an important role in your metabolism, hich can help keep you slim and energi%ed"

5onsider cantaloupe your secret eapon for smooth, younger1looking skin" 't gets its Superfruit status thanks to 6itamin A and its derivatives, hich boosts cell reproduction, making it a natural e!foliator, according to (lassman

5herries are one of (lassman's unsung heroes of the Superfruit orld" *hey o e their deep red color to an antio!idant called anthocyanin, hich can reduce inflammation and lo er triglyceride and cholesterol levels" 'n a recent study, -niversity of 7ichigan researchers found that giving cherries to lab rats reduced t o common markers of blood vessel inflammation by up to 3,8" *he cherry eaters also gained less eight and e!perienced big drops in cholesterol"

*hese tart little berries are Superfruits, but especially for omen" *hey may prevent urinary1 tract infections, and might help fight a far scarier disease/ ovarian cancer" According to a ne 9utgers -niversity study, cranberries can boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs used to fight ovarian cancer :at least in laboratory culture dishes; and may slo the gro th of some cancer cells" Another study found that people ho drink a glass of uns eetened cranberry <uice each day raise their #.=, or good cholesterol, by +,8"

>hat makes grapes a Superfruit? A po erful antio!idant called resveratrol, hich promotes a healthy heart" 9esearchers have also found that compounds found in grape seed e!tract seem to help slo Al%heimer's disease :at least in mice; and can clobber head and neck cancer cells gro n in the laboratory" 0h, and forget bleaching your teeth" &*he malic acid in grapes naturally breaks do n stains and discolorations on teeth,& says ?lisa 7ello, ..S, assistant clinical professor at )e York -niversity" Snack on grapes that are <ust ripe, because the acid declines as the fruit ripens"

'f you've got digestive gripes, then ki i is your Superfuit" 'n one study, @+ people ho had irritable bo el syndrome :'$S; consumed t o ki is a day for si! eeks and reported a reduction of symptoms compared to those ho didn't" 0ne theory/ Ai i, especially the skin, is high in fiber and pre1biotic comple! carbohydrates"

Blums are yumCand they may help keep an!iety at bay" Blums contain an antio!idant called chlorogenic acid, hich, according to Drench researchers, is linked to decrease in an!iety1 related behaviors in mice"

Stra berries are bursting ith vitamin 5E <ust a cup full and you've already reached your recommended daily intake" *hey are also an e!cellent source of folic acid, hich can help protect your heart" ?asiest of all, they hiten your teeth naturallyF 5rush a stra berry to a pulp, then mi! ith baking soda until blended" Spread the mi!ture onto your teeth and leave on for 3 minutes" 9eapply once a eek"

*he tomato pretty much tops our list of Superfruits :even though some people still think it's a vegetable;" *omatoes pack a sought1after antio!idant called lycopene, hich is rarely found

in other Superfruits, and they're high in vitamin 5, potassium, and fiber, and super1lo in calories"

Diber is not something that these berries are lackingE <ust half a cup ould give you @ grams" You'd also get 238 of your recommended intake for vitamin 5 and manganese tooF

Pumpkin & pumpkin seeds

Yes pumpkin is actually a fruitF *his sGuash is overflo ing ith beta1carotene, hich combined ith potassium may help to prevent high blood pressure" 'f making homemade pumpkin pie is too much trouble, try tossing the seeds into salads, soups, etc"

>atermelon is packed ith lycopeneE in fact <ust one cup of the stuff has more than t ice as much compared to fresh tomato" At <ust @, calories per cup, it's also a source of vitamins A and 5" You needn't limit yourself to eating atermelon aloneE grill and then toss ith feta and fresh mint"

Broprietary blend of super fruit e!tracts includes/ Aa! "lderberr#! Pome$ranate! %oni! Go&i! Bilberr#! 'an$osteen! Grape Seed and Cranberr#