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A Guide to Arab Street Welcome ようこそ We're here to help plan your time in the Arab Street/Kampong Glam area. 私たちは、アラブストリー ト /カンポングラムエリアにてあなたの旅のお手!" いを #$% !"# &' We present you (ith clear) interesting and help*ul in*ormation about great *ood) *ashion) history) sustainable li*estyle and more. $% い&'(、)*+,ン、+ , -、.ス/01ブ2なラ0)ス302な4に5いて -./012345617/81459:;"< 6%7い8の9:;5<=を>?@ !"# Whether you are an ad=enturous e>plorer (ith a *e( days to e>plore the area or a =isitor (ith ?ust a *e( hours) this guide hopes to ma@e your time interesting and pleasant. ABCのA D!たは、 B%CD-EF ECこのエリアをFGHIJK"LM、 GHIJKL#MNOPQR&STあなたのN8OU5 なBCを>PQ VG#WXY$% !"# &' Zisit us on t(itter *or the most up to date in*ormation on e=ents) sales and more. [arabstglam We can be reached by email at >>>>>[>>>.com !た、アラブストリートエリアの0Rント9 J K L I 1 \ ] ^ _` S<=TをU0V abc#d1e 3ー: にてWX <fg$< ておI!"#YZ> h P % & ' i j W kl [\い# m "[arabstglam ' on t(itter ]^_`a^`bca`to the Kampong Glam/Arab Street area nA map (ill go hereo MRT subway (East West Line EW1 ! "ugis Station por qational ribrarys t>it A por uugis Zillages t>it A or vs por Arab Streets t>it u nwa**les xospitalo. vross qorth uridge woad #i$oll %ighway Station (&ir$le Line' &&(! t>it A *or both Arab Street and the Golden yile uuilding nrittle zhailando zrains run across the island *rom {am|}~ midnight daily. Zisit https//(((.smrt.com.sg/trains/trains.asp *or more in*ormation. "y "us )ueach woad uus >>> |Golden randmar@ xotel uus >>> )#orth "ri*ge Roa* uus >> )+alan Sultan Streets

uus }•€ and }•€A to the ze>tile venter. uuses run *rom {am|}}.••pm daily at regular inter=al s. vhec@ the bus schedules and arri=al times at (((.smrt.com.sg. |Zictoria Street %istory zhe Arab Street/Kampong Glam area is one o* the most historic parts o* Singapore. ‚n }ƒ~„) Sir Stam*ord wa**les ga=e the yalay sultan in Singapore) Sultan xussein yahomed Shah) about {• acres o* beach*ront property) the area no( called Kampong Glam. zhe yalay xeritage venter is in the building that (as once the Sultan…s palace. zhe Sultan yos†ue and the street called ‡alan Sultan also re*er to the days (hen the area (as the home o* yalay royalty.wa**les also de*ined the areas no( called uugis and Arab Street) recogniˆing the settlements o* both the uugis and Arab traders (ho had settled in the area.zhe small island o* Singapore has reclaimed land to e>pand its siˆe. As a result) ueach woad no longer is near ( ater. zhere are still shops in the area (hich sell *ishing gear) a bit o* a surprise to *ind them a midst bouti†ues and ca*es! yany o* the streets *eature shophouses *ronted by *i=e *oot (ays. ‰esigned by wa**les) the *i=e *oot (ays protect *rom sun and rain. ‚n days past they (ere *illed (ith =endors selling goods and pro=iding ser=ices.Arabic settlers played a part in the area…s hi story. zhe Alsago** Arabic School (as established in }Š}~ and continues to this day. vatering both to those yuslims residing in Singapore as (ell as those stopping in Singapore on their ( ay to yecca) businesses li@e the Ahmadah Press prospered in the boomto(n that (as early S ingapore.Kampong Glam…s name is li@ely a combination o* @ampong n=illageo and a local tree called gellam) (hich (as used by nati=e yalays to to ma@e boats and sails. Although still pres er=ing its heritage) the Arab Street area is becoming cosmopolitan center *or *ashion and nigh tli*e. Tips |zhe (eather in Singapore is usually =ery hot and yet) rain storms can occur =ery suddenly. Sunscreen) bottled (ater)sunglasses)hats and umbrellas are strongly suggested. |tnglish is spo@en e=ery(here. | Some o* the restaurants and ca*es are halal and do not ser=e alcohol. |zhere is no tipping in Singapore. zhere are) ho(e=er )ta>es. zhere is a }•‹ ser=ice charge) Œ‹ goods and ser=ices and a }‹ go=ernment ta> that are automatically added to your bill. vxtvK zx‚S Zalue|added ta> Œ‹ as@ *or a za> pree Shopping vhe†ue |zelephones are becoming harder to *ind in the age o* mobile phones. zhey re†uire ten or t(enty cent coins.As@ around i* you need to ma@e an o=erseas call as these types o* phones are also becoming rarer. |t>cept *or the uugis and ra=ender ywz stations and the ze>tile venter on ‡alan Sultan)there are no public toilets in the area. zoilets are usually clean. Some places ha=e a toilet *ee o* }• or ~• cents. uring tissues to be sa*e ||usually Singapore is sa*e at night. xo(e=er) as they say) •lo( crime doesn't mean no crime.Ž

Emergen$y ,n-o rost or stolen items npoliceo xospital vlinic Street #ames zhe names o* Ali(al Street) uali rane) uaghdad Street and others re*er to the area…s o=ersea s roots and trading partners. uugis Street gets its name *rom the uugis) an ethnic group origin ally *rom Sula(esi) the third largest island in ‚ndonesia. zhe uugis community in Singapore ( as established in }ƒŒ• a*ter a con*lict (ith the ‰utch. A uugis chie*tain) Arrong uila(a) aong ( ith Œ•• people established a @ampong along the wochor wi=er. Kno(n *or their sailing and tra ding s@ills) the uugis o*ten congregated near (hat (as once a road not *ar *rom the beach) ne ar (hat is no( called uugis Street. uy night the area became a red light district and) until the }Šƒ•s) it (as a bustling tourist attraction and =ery (ell @no(n *or its beauti*ul and *lamboyant t rans=estites. xa?i rane honors the yuslim xa?) the pilgrimmage to yecca. tstablished by wa** les in in }ƒ~~) ‡alan Sultan (as *irst called ‡alan yalintang and it de*ined the eastern bounda ry o* ‚stana Kampong Glam) the residence o* the Sultan. ‡alan means (al@ or roads ‡alan Ku bor) located near the old yuslim cemetery) means •Gra=e woad• in yalay.

Sightseeing SUrzAq y•S‘Ut yArA’ xtw‚zAGt vtqztw AwAu Szwttz KAyP•qG GrAy G•r‰tq y‚rt p••‰ v•Uwz G•r‰tq y‚rt uU‚r‰‚qGnr‚zzrt zxA‚rAq‰o uUSS•wAx Szwttz xA‡‚ rAqt .//0,E T/1R “am “am Southern zhai xalal zeh xaliah place A is *or Arbite xappy vrab va*e re vlaire GREE# T/1R Kiah's Gallery uati@ zouch the zoes ’oga clothes ‰in@ie ‰oodles zo@yo ui@e

Alternati=e store S%/22,#G T/1R xa?i rane rist o* shops *or (omen shopping s defー] ンストリ / K ー)ト アラブストリート ) ブVgラー”/ ストリ K ート *ood s zur@ish ) Zietnam) Arabic) zhai ) yalay) ‚ndonesian *ood ca*es hcihajkl) colonial ca*e) s(edish) blue ‡aˆˆ) shisha xotels sultan hotel) hostel sultan mos†ue) yalay xeritage venter) Kampong Glam area カンポングラムmは、アラブストリートn • –I のoをpい、 —#˜"M5てqfー™ rsのtDuv、 šI›Bœ•}ƒ••wxyzM{はqfー ž |0スラム 1/6Ÿ ¡ }の~!Lエリアv"# I¢%SJKL•&' この•のあL+, -€u•の‚ƒは、„ラム £ œ ¤ I ¥ ¦ D - § 6 Ÿ ”d Uリ K ー¨ …)ト††‡ 7 ©©ª のˆ‰をŠ‹m てい!"#M5て、このu•vはこのˆŒ•Žに•Gてい! た# }ƒ~~wにカンポン” « グラムの•uは、qf 6ŸI¬œD--®ー¯ ‘90スラム ^1/6Ÿ 教徒、そして小さいながらも成功していたアラブの民族集団に公式に割り当てられ ````` ````` .oo* 3egetarian .oo* Shopping Green ,nsi*e Singapore S‚qGAP•wt vx‚qtSt •PtwA yUStUy •u‡tvz‚pS Sightseeing #ightli-e Transportation A$$omo*ation S1LTA# M/S41E


}{s••| .23ン†ス’ +ン“ポー4 2N”、N•の0スラム ° ± - ° ² I 1 / 6 Ÿ ³´µ –…†ス’‰# ¨©/¶·' —い˜(Œ™いこのš›M{は¸ ¹ œ•のž ºI»ーŸ ムŒよHŸ ¼½O¾¿S L# ' この†ス’は}Š~ƒwに˜;\¡、+ン“ポー 4 2に¢£0スラム :ÀÁ1/6Ÿ ¡ }Œ ¼ }EŒ¤、¥Vカに¦M Gて§Iを¨©LªŒŸ{¡L# Addresss • yuscat St) }Šƒƒ•• prom uugis ywz Station nAbout }• mins (al@o y•S‘Ut Z‚S‚z‚qG x•UwS yondays | Sundays s Š.•• am to }~.••pm / ~.•• pm to „.•• pm pridays s ~.•• pm to „.•• pm Z‚S‚z•w…S q•zt }. Zisitors are only allo(ed to enter =ia the yain tntrance only n pacing zhe uussorah yallo ~. yust be properly attired. wobes a=ailable at counter. •. wemo=e *oot(ear and obser=e strict cleanliness. „. zo obser=e respect and maintain silence. Œ. Zisitors are not allo(ed to enter the yain Prayer xall  ~nd ploor Prayer xall e>cept (ith th e company o* mos†ue o**icial. {. Photo ta@ing is allo(ed. Zideo pilming need to obtain appro=al. €. Keep your belongings (ith you at all times. ƒ. ‚n doubt) please approach the sta** on duty. qf0«リ/ーà e¬ン3 Ä]8ー }ƒ„~wに˜て{¡た.23ンrs…0ス31” Å カンポングラム‰を-® ]Æ]«6Ÿ·#ÇÈ$、 }ŠŠŠwに¯ー °ン たqfー”É «リ/ K 0 ーà e”Ä ¬ン3 ] 8 ー' # M5て、このエリアにはqfーž |の‘ I ¯ ʼ Œ™H¢±vいた Ë O À Ì • " C Í、«リ ÉK /ーà e”Ä ¬ン3 ] 8 ーI の²tに³´¡た Î › : Ï Ð Ñ C ÒÓ µŒあI!"# ¼ÔP%&' qfー”É «リ/ K 0 ーà e”Ä ¬ン3 ] 8 ー• vは、¶MI·い¸¹9 D - Õ T P Ö " × Ø ^ ÙV Bº Ú »¡LÛÊ5 な0RントM{、qf 1 \ ] T Ü - - ® ーI の¼½9 Ý Þ ^ +, -を¾¿にÀF、よIÁ #ßà:áM-½Pâ$O HÂLこmŒÃ ã S H ä ¼ å æ% !"# &' !た、ÄÅŒ$ H、ÆÇに8おÈÉv"# ƒŒ Sultan Gate Singapore }ŠƒŒ•}````````````````` zels ç{Œ {•Š} •„Œ• è pa>s ç{Œ {~ŠŠ „•}{ malayheritage.org.sg tmails qxuéyxv[nhb.go=.sg Malay %eritage &entre Museum zuesday to Sunday }•s•• am to {s•• pm nrast admission Œ.•• pmo yonday vlosed Malay %eritage &entre &ompoun* zuesday to Sunday ƒs•• am to ƒs•• pm priday to Saturday ƒs•• am to }•s•• pm yonday vlosed Admission Adults ê„.••

Adults`n*or group o* ~• and abo=eo`~•‹ discount pamily`n*or ma>imum o* Œ memberso` ê}~ Seniorsë`n{• years old and abo=eo```ê~.•• Studentsë npree *or children under { years oldo ê~.•• uy ywzs Alight at uugis ntW}~o station. yxv is about }• minutes (al@ *rom the train station. Singapore &hinese /pera Museum }•• Sultan Plaˆa ì•}|~€) Singapore }ŠŠ••} zels {~Š~••Š•í pa>s {~Š~€€•} tmails in*o[singopera.com.sg zhe yuseum Gallery •pening hourss }}am | €pm nvlose on yondayso zels {~Š~••Š• pa>s {~Š~€€•} uian…s va*e nA vhinese •pera zhemed va*eo •pening hourss }}am | }•pm nvlose on yondayso zels {~Š~~Š}• https//(((.singopera.com.sg/inde>.html &hil*ren5s toy museum &hil*ren Little Museum Address „~ uussorah St }ŠŠ„{• zransport qearby Stationss uugis uus riness „ƒ) }••) }•€) Š{}) Šƒ• zelephone {~Šƒ ~€}• Admission price ê~.•• •pen }}am|Špm Aliwal Art &entre Ali(al Arts ventre ~ƒ Ali(al Street Singapore }ŠŠŠ}ƒ zels ç{Œ {•„Œ •}•} pa>s ç{Œ {„„„ €•}} https//(((.ali(alartscentre.sg/

A -or Arbite ~ƒ Ali(al Street Ali(al Arts ventre ì•}|•} Singapore }ŠŠŠ}ƒ •pening xourss zues | pris }}.••am to ~.••pm  Œ.••pm to }}.••pm Sats }}.••am to }}.••pm Suns Š.••am to Š.••pm vlosed on yonday zelephones ç{Œ ƒ•~} ~~Œ~ mail[arbite.com.sg îmail[arbite.com.sgï Eat 2lay Lo6e &a-7 ~ƒ Ali(al Street Ali(al Arts ventre ì•}|•€ Singapore }ŠŠŠ}ƒ •pening xourss ‰aily ne>cept zuesdayo }~.••pm to }•.••pm zelephones ç{Œ {„„„ {„•• /"+E&T,.S Œ{A Arab Street) Singapore }ŠŠ€Œ• ncorner o* Arab Street and uaghdad Street) ~nd *looroë zels ç{Œ {~Š• Š€ƒ~ pa>s ç{Œ {~Š• Š€~• tmails in*o[ob?ecti*s.com.sg •pening xourssëë yonday to pridays }}am to €pm ð Saturdays }~pm to {pm vlosed on Sundays and public holidays https//(((.ob?ecti*s.com.sg/inde>.html

pishing tac@le shops shophouses Arab ÊËi^^Ì Sultan hotel lobby add to history tour nention ?aˆˆ

}€s••| coconut (aterÍÌÎËcー. .23ン†ス’のÏのƒ 48]©/¶IñI¦ S%/22,#G ( natural! shopping| ブVgラー”/ ストリ K )ー ÐÑÒ|ÓÔのfストラン9アeア9エスÕV’ ト ò ó ÖŒそ× ¼ôõ う+,V°Œ;ちØÙストリート# ' ````````アラブストリートÐ0スラム ö1/6Ÿ ¡ }|のÚÛ9/Üス3 žI÷ø^0ù/8 02、+2’、qfーú +ア90ンžÝ+アのÞ/ßV’、アラブ L^1]»ûúLIü0ýe¶-L63 のカーþ àVト、ト2áのラン°9 e - 4 ÿ I 6 ] プ ^ òó Öの+,V°Œ;ちØÙエリア# Iúョeプ¼立ち並ぶJKL' ```````defー] ンストリ / K ートÐおâãväå{ öh洒落•可愛Ü$" い、æç -個性 €なブ/ßV’Œ˜ちØÙストリー トè *

おÈÉなshop ékÎiêÎÌÌcjë`` Addresss €} Sultan Gate) }Šƒ„Š{ Phones`{~Š• ƒ•{€ yon | pris }}s•• am | ƒs•• pm Sat | Suns }}s•• am | Šs•• pm .23ン†ス’9qfーÉ «リ/ K 0 ーà e¬ン3 Ä ] 8 ーI の¿HにあLì\なäå{ àO:ÔS小m5可愛Ü$" い+,V°# úョeプ' 0ンžÝ+アのÞ/ßV’íuをîï た¯リe12ðñ0ン# òンóー/ ス9ôfõはö÷なðñ0ンv"# ^ボ®ロD素敵5デザ1]•&' エá”7 )fンžリ ® ] » K ー`ø“ùエ*`h^úËi  ヨガウJァ Touch •pen t=ery ‰ay Wee@days }~s••pm | ƒs••pm Wee@ends }s••pm | €s••pm vlosed on Public xolidays and *or Special t=ents •} Arab Street) ~nd ploor) Singapore) Singapore }ŠŠ€•• {Œ {•Š{ Œ•~Œ hello[touchthetoes.com dンž¥0žグVU+,V°` ‰in@ie ‰oodles おûのÑはÜüー トな 5 òó ÖŒたH\±# ¼COmÌ' •Ptq‚qG x•UwS zuesday }pm | ƒpm. Wednesday }}am | {pm. zhursday }}am | {pm. priday }pm | ƒpm. Saturday }pm | ƒpm. Sunday mornings nby appointment onlyo. vr•St‰ •q y•q‰A’S. ========== the zoes

‰oin@y ‰oodles! is located in Singapore. •• uali rane n~nd plooro zelephones n{Œo {~Š~ ~~„ƒ tmails >in[doin@ydoodles.com https//(((.doin@ydoodles.com/ Þンブー ùýア````þiÎk ウ L    !h"# ƒ~ xa?i rane) Singapore }ƒŠ~€~ n{Œo {•Š{{ƒ{Œ }}am|ƒpm Þンブー öÿをîï 素$#%&$C た、 +ン“ポー4 2vNxのエá)*V+,ンブランž# •°'IJÿ7ァeúョ]36]»' %an*ma*e bag shop 1チüラ2香水```JÎmÎÌ`éÎzújÎ`Aj^mÎakËÊ €~ƒ) qorth uridge woad) Singapore | }Šƒ{Š{ zel s {~Š• ~•Œ• pa> s {~Š{ •••} ~}) uussorah Street) Singapore | }ŠŠ„•Š zel s {~Š• ••~• ~€) Arab Street) Singapore | }ŠŠ€~{ •û( あI、ブVgラストリ Ô P - 3 e ) 6 / K ー トのおûにはE I h * : D F 本語 +,可 ä能なス3V)Œい!"# 5/8e7¼"%&' bi$y$le shop 3is8onsep &ho$olate Gallery €Š€ qorth uridge woad`Singapore }Šƒ€{Œ email at =is@onsep[singnet.com tel {~Š€ {{Š{ 月 | ˆs Šs•• | }€s•• œ | •s Šs•• | }€s•• Es Šs•• | }€s•• èdefー ンストリ ] / K ー トÐおâãväå{ öh洒落•可愛Ü$" い、æç€なブ/ßV’Œ˜ちØÙエリアè -個性£530ýe¶¼.ち並ぶJKL* &a-e おÈÉなカ)ý hcihÎjkl shop addresss ~} uussorat st

{am|}am 無休 eンeャー 好き /0の I方 1 は、/ D - 0 ” dリア…eンe 2KL¨Ã]Ãャ 3 ーミ 4 2’/ß 4 ¶ 0 ý ー· ‰は D 絶品 5 6 v"# •&' ‰ong po colonial ca*e Œ{ Kandahar Street Singapore`}ŠƒŠ•„ Phone{~Šƒ }•}ƒ tmail dongpocc[gmail.com Website httpss//(((.*aceboo@.com/‰ongPovolonialv... zue | zhus Šs•• am | ƒs•• pm pri | Suns Šs•• am | Šs•• pm Œ•|{•wyの+ン“ポー 4 2を # 再現 78$C たáõÕア2カ)ý ÿロ9L4Å7 û: は D昔 ; の+ン“ポ Iú]ガÆー4 2の I < = TŒ¸¹\¡ておI c¼×ØmÑ<hPユ >9 Õー ’な0ン/リア# ¶51]0KL' zhe Gourmet Pie vompany =egetarian €€{ qorth uridge woad) Singapore }Šƒ€„„ zelephones ç{Œ {~Šƒ ƒƒŠ{ nor xead •**ice {Œ€• ••Š„o pa>s ç{Œ {„Š} ŒŠ{ƒ •pening xourss yon to Weds Š.••am ? {.••pm zhur to Sats Š.••am ? ƒ.••pm Sun  Pxs vlose wierbier $a-e $o$onut waterÍÌÎËc9: .23ン†ス’のÏのƒ ;<=>?@ABAC Restaurant おÈÉなfストラン 0ンžÝ+アÓÔー wumah ya@an yinang https//minang.sg/`2q”qカン Å ] ”ミ 4 1ン 2] ```````````.23ン†ス’Ïのƒの0ンžÝ+アÓÔfストラン ```````````豆腐.ンÞ2は絶品# ```````````0ンžÝ+アのス0ーd U8あI、.23ン†ス’を @ÔP-.48]©/¶# 眺ÉなŒ{š休みはいMŒ# ÑÒÓÔ| ト2áÓÔ|zur@ish`westaurant 30ÓÔ Golden yile vomple>) Œ••} ueach wd

Singapore }ŠŠŒƒƒ ‰aily }}am | }~am リト2”8 30ランžm 16]»ä呼 A ´¡ておI、 Ð Ñ < h P - 本格 + B €な30ÓÔ9+, £581CD^úョ Vóング、30の10トラ0)ŒE$ F É、!Lv30に -%S•81:訪 G ¡た Ñ C H IJのよう# I½K' 30の&品TŒ!うスー" L ーqー# M Vト8あI# e @ÔP' ユÕー¶ ’なス0 5 / 1 ーd UÐqン ö-]$ N ー% O ラ0ス 61/ ywz"qicol`high(ay or uugis

qfー”1 0ンžÝ+アÓÔ ]»ûúLC |“am“am D Addresss {Š€ qorth uridge wd) Singapore }Šƒ{€Œ Phones{~Šƒ {•~• ƒÐ••Ay#}}Е•Py wÑ無休 qfーž |90ンžÝ+アÓÔの¥Õü ^ 1 ] » û ú L C D I P 9 Q ー¼ ŒあI、ム23Þ ÔP-Ÿ48 nyurtaba@o ü m&リ'Õ…uiryanioは(に¯ スス¥# ミス/リアスなóン’•のžリン’、uandung…õー R +õV° ) úロeプ4 ミ2’‰8YZ 4¶·@ij * てみて[\い# スùýーðンÓÔ デ]CD pi@a ー `s(edish ca*e  bistro •pening hourss t=eryday }}am|}}pm rast order }•pm n}•s•• *or be=erages  dessertso qo. ~Œ€ ueach woad / Arab Street) Singapore non the corner o* ueach woad and Arab Streeto ç{Œ {•Š{ Š•Š{ アラブストリートm ä& S ーチ Tロ õー» žŒ ¼ +, U V "L›にあL、dラ2のスùý & S W : Ô S - 2 6 4 I / ウ ーデ ðンÓÔ ]CD )ßカmはスùýーðン デ]語 , vá • ÿ ーX ー8 30ムmpう 1Ÿä˜KY .Z %# ' #ーù ÜTðñ c デ ザ ー ト¥Õü P 9 Q ー8あI、アラブストリ @ Ô P - L 6 3 / K ー トn • – ÆÇ [\] /^ Ñにカ)ý :Å7 _ 0& ïm ä$< て8おÈÉ# @h`F' 0スラム }エリアなのvア2á ¡ J K L 5 I • L 4 ÿ ー4 2は D1 a いてい! "<"%2 b ±# Ì' 330ÓÔー Koh qang@am Southern zhai westaurant qorth uridge woad) singapore{•Š~ ~}€~ 4{Œ {•Š~ ~}€~ @ohnang@am[gmail.com +ン“ポー4 2v •5 cd šの I3 eu œ方 1 の30ÓÔfストランv"# I81CD®/ 6]•&' ¥Õüー: には、 D~•}}wに677hjÎ8cÌŒ9:š$% いÓÔm て³´¡たqV.qンカ リー¼ ŒあI、 ÔP;<m+1†ンTの™E のス I/" L 0スをîï 1/#%&$< て= f g ±vおI、 Ì • h P - >? h i い/0ストv " 0 1 / • 絶品 5 6 v"# •&' その@、30ÓÔABのグリー] ンカf Å ® ーD は、áá1VU -ÿÿ2edミ 4 2’を 4¶#C j± ÌD k ±にîï Ì:%&$< ておI、 hP?いÓÔŒE手な方v8&'9"H、!×9Mな%»いv"# !た、ユÕー¶ ’なðñ 5 デ ザ ート、qン --]$ N ー% O ラ0ス8YZお 61/@ijh* l$l [\い m"F m …žリアン8あI‰ ¨»KL]@ÔP·

GkHbÎÍ^jc`I^^J -ish hea* $urry ba 8u teh KLÓÔー %appy &rab .inest 0eep Sea San* &rabs }• Pahang Street Singapore }Šƒ{}• •pen {pm ? }•s••pm. vlosed on Sundays and public holidays. por reser=ations calls tddie vhe( Š{~••„}€ yv rim Š€ƒ•}ƒ„€ woy Pe@ Š€ƒ~{~}{ emails rphp}}}}[yahoo.com https//(((.happycrab.com.sg/ &urry pla$e 6egetarian ~•s••| 10トラ0) アラブストリートn • –D は+ ú ーú +ャ 3… ¨水 n 3Þቌ 8üÿ·¼M o pbarÂca*e •き v 0L S ŒたH\±あIエÜNチV’な $%! おÈÉなOÎj OÌúJÎzz va*e }} uali rane) Singapore }ƒŠƒ„ƒ ブPスywz&'ら徒(ƒ¶ {~Š~|•ƒ•• 月Qˆ }~s••|}s••am`œ }~s••|~s••a.m.` • }{s••|~s••a.m. E休 アート qミüーà eV’Œ e ¶ ¼ RS rs$C た¯+ túャ 3 fなカ)ý ®5Å7 O %Þ ü ー' #uv T0Rント8ºGておI!"# 1\] @ÚN<hP%&' +ーú +ャ 3… ¨水 n 3Þá‰mš 8 ü ÿ · ä d w にアラ :L6& S アン10トをお L ] 2 1 # h E$ み xH OD k \い# m"' 0Rント<=はこち{#…U語.0ト‰https//(((.blu?aˆ.net/ A$$omo*ation ]VhWX Sultan hotel zhe Sultan is located at }•} ‡alan Sultan ì•}|•} Singapore }ŠŠ••~

zels n{Œo {€~• €}•} pa>s n{Œo {€~• €}}• t|mails in*o[thesultan.com.sg Santa Grand xotel uugis ƒ ‡alan KuborSingapore }ŠŠ~•€ tel n{Œo {~Šƒ ƒ{•ƒ *a> n{Œo {~Šƒ ƒ„Œƒ tmails reser=ation[santa.com.sg xotel vlo=er €{Š qorth uridge woad) Singapore }Šƒ€•€ yains nç{Œo {•„• }ƒ{• è pa>s nç{Œo {•„• }ƒ{Š tmails sales[hotelclo=er.com.sg / en†uiries[hotelclo=er.com.sg Zillage xotel uugis •Š• Zictoria Street S}ƒƒ•{} npormerly @no(n as randmar@ Zillage xotelo ç{Œ {~Š€ ~ƒ~ƒ in*o.=hb[*areast.com.sg ya@e A weser=ation zels ç{Œ {„Š{ €{ŠŠ tmails reseasy[*areast.com.sg ]VGhWX zhe P•‰ ~ƒŠ ueach woad re=el • Singapore }ŠŠŒŒ~ Pic@ up the phone ç{Œ {~Šƒ ƒŒ•Œ tmail sin*o[thepod.sg Shophouse zhe Social xostel „ƒ Arab Street Singapore }ŠŠ€„Œ ç{Œ {~Šƒ ƒ€~} as@[shophousehostel.com Singapore's *irst indie bouti†ue hostel. zhe Sleepy Ki(i uac@pac@er xostel) ŒŒ uussorah Street) Singapore https//sleepy@i(i.com.sg/inde>.php Œp••zWA’.‚qq Pw•‡tvz uUG‚S

}• Ali(al Street`Singapore }ŠŠŠ•• https//(((.Œ*oot(ayinn.com/lin@s/pro?ect|bugis.html zransport by bus q•wzx uw‚‰Gt w‰ utp SUrzAq y‘Ut S•Uzx uw‚‰Gt w‰ u•Az ‘UA’ *rom .23ン†ス’ƒー¶ ’ラ 6 ーù Üー、チャ T 3 013ùン 1 2 8 ウ ] 方Y 1y  ` Ser=ice Œ} Ser=ice {• Ser=ice }„Œ Ser=ice }Š€ xalal *ood|(hat it is ...no alcohol roo@ at all o* the photos on *lic@r loo@ at all o* the photos in the Arab St Glam *older

(ierbier ca*e money changers zhere is a moneychange r at >>> uali rane. zhereis amoney changer on ‡al an Sultan) in teh te>tiule ccenter *rom }• am to €pm internet on uali rane vhocolate museum *ish head curry ba @u teh xappy vrab vurry place =egetarian pie place =egetarian vhilren's toy museum Ali(al Art ventre ‚Awv Add pishing tac@le shops to history tour shophouses add to history tour Arab ÊËi^^Ì add to history tour Sultan hotel lobby add to history tour nention ?aˆˆ add bicycle shop to green tour does teh zhai place o**er *ood *or =egetarians z ‡uices are recommended Where can tourists get sugar cane in Arab St Areaz Short tour A meal at at “am “am Sultan mos†ue

yalay xeritage venter zeh halia Arab St Start and end at uugis station or by bus or ta>i Ad=enturous tour Arab Street zeh halia Sultan yos†ue yalay xeritage venter Ali(al Street ze>tile venter Kampong Glam x‰u xa??ah patima yos†ue poodcourt Golden yile/rittle uang@o@

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