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Production Engineering an Engineering branch to be opted for students

Vidya Academy of Science and Technology is an engineering college conforming to international standards with ISO 9001-2008 certified; a ro!ed "y AI#T$ and affiliated to #alic%t &ni!ersity and is offering '(Tech co%rses in $lectronics and #omm%nication $ngineering) #i!il $ngineering) #om %ter Science and $ngineering) $lectrical and $lectronics $ngineering) *echanical $ngineering and +rod%ction $ngineering( *( Tech co%rses in +ower $lectronics and #om %ter Science) *#A are also offered in the instit%tion(

What is Production Engineering?

+rod%ction engineering is a com"ination of man%fact%ring technology with management science) where as a +rod%ction engineer deals with engineering rod%ction( +rod%ction engineering has wide a ractices and management challenges related to lication in casting) ,oining rocesses) metal c%tting -

tool design) metrology) machine tools) machining systems) ,igs and fi.t%res) die and mo%ld design) a%tomation) #A//0#A*) #I*) O eration 1esearch) In!entory #ontrol) 2%ality #ontrol) *echatronics) 1o"otics) S% ly #hain *anagement and all other management s%",ect related to ind%stries( +rod%ction engineering also o!erla s s%"stantially with man%fact%ring engineering and Ind%strial $ngineering( In short) +rod%ction $ngineering deals with integrated design and efficient lanning of the entire man%fact%ring system) which is "ecoming increasingly com le. with the emergence of so histicated) rod%ction methods and control systems(

Production Engineering a core Engineering Discipline

$!en tho%gh almost all the engineering co%rses 3$lectronics and #omm%nication $ngineering) #i!il $ngineering) #om %ter Science and $ngineering) $lectrical and $lectronics $ngineering) and *echanical $ngineering4 are offered in almost all the $ngineering #olleges %nder #alic%t &ni!ersity) an e.ce tion is the +rod%ction $ngineering co%rse) which is offered only at 5o!ernment $ngineering #ollege) Thriss%r and Vidya Academy of Science and Technology) Thala66ott%6ara( Ac6nowledging the im ortance of +rod%ction $ngineering in the Ind%stry le!el) +ost grad%ate co%rses ha!e also "een started in early 1972 itself in 5o!ernment $ngineering college) Thriss%r( O ort%nities are a!aila"le in %"lic and ri!ate sector man%fact%ring organi8ations engaged in rod%ction +rocess) information and control rod%ction and st%dents who see6s higher

im lementation) de!elo ment and management of new Production Engineering deals with all le!els of ind%strial ed%cation ha!e great o managerial le!el ,o"s(

systems and com %ter controlled ins ection) assem"ly and handling( Research and Development in ort%nity in these fields( +rod%ction $ngineering co%rse co!ers almost 70

ercentage of the ortions in *aster in '%siness Administration 3*'A4 co%rse for engineers) who see6s

+rod%ction engineering co%rse is ha!ing a com %lsory Ind%stry "ased ro,ect wor6 for minim%m fifteen days and this hel s the st%dents to ha!e e.cellent Ind%stry interaction and training) rior to attend any inter!iews) artic%larly for selecting an ind%stry) s%ita"le for them(

Production Engineer - a brief review

+rod%ction $ngineers ossess a wide set of s6ills) com etences and attit%des "ased on mar6et and scientific 6nowledge( These a"ilities are f%ndamental for the erformance of coordinating and integrating rofessionals of m%ltidisci linary teams( *ain d%ties of +rod%ction $ngineer incl%de 14 1eso%rces Integration - &tili8ing reso%rces at high efficiency and low cost) considering the ossi"ility of contin%o%s f%rther im ro!ement( 24 *a6e %se of mathematics and statistics to model rod%ction systems d%ring decision ma6ing rocess( 94 /esign) im lement and refine rod%cts) ser!ices) rocesses and systems ta6ing in consideration constraints and artic%larities of the related comm%nities( :4 ;orecast and analy8e demand( <4 Incor orate conce ts and =%ality techni=%es along all the rod%cti!e system( /e loy organi8ational standards for control roceedings and a%diting( >4 Stay % -to-date with technological de!elo ments) ena"ling them to enter rises and society( 74 *anage and o timi8e flow 3information and rod%ction flow4(

In all the sense) +rod%ction $ngineering co%rse 3$=%i!alent to *echanical $ngineering4 is considered more rele!ant and significant than that of *echanical $ngineering) as it f%ndamentally co!ers all the related to ics in Ind%stry in !ery ela"orati!e manner) e.ce t *arine $ngineering and Thermal +ower $ngineering which are ha!ing their own co%rses in their core le!el) as *arine Technology and Thermal $ngineering itself( Since eno%gh +rod%ction $ngineers are not a!aila"le in the mar6et) *echanical $ngineers are often trained and ro,ected as +rod%ction $ngineers in the ind%stry( At Vidya Academy Of Science and Technology) high =%alified and e. erienced staff with ost grad%ate degree are offering classes in +rod%ction $ngineering /e artment( The de artment has well-e=%i ed la"oratories s%ch as 14 Ad!anced *an%fact%ring la"( 24 *etrology la"( 94 +rod%ction $ngineering ?a"( :4 Ind%strial $ngineering ?a" <4 #A/0#A* la" etc( for the effecti!e accom lishment of the +rod%ction $ngineering co%rse(
WHAT ARE THE !" !PP!RT#$%T%E& A'A%(A"(E )!R PR!D#*T%!$ E$+%$EER%$+ Production Engineering@ /eals with integrated design and efficient lanning of the entire man%fact%ring system) which is "ecoming increasingly com le. with the emergence of so histicated) rod%ction methods and control systems( ob and &cope, O ort%nities are a!aila"le in %"lic and ri!ate sector man%fact%ring organi8ations

engaged in im lementation) de!elo ment and management of new rod%ction +rocess) information and control systems and com %ter controlled ins ection) assem"ly and handling( '( Tech in rod%ction engineering has a !ery h%ge a lication in the rod%ction sector( The st%dents

can also ,oin the core sector and rod%ction sector com anies( The st%dents can mainly go for the core sector li6e refinery) a%tomation ind%stry) te.tile ind%stry etc( They can f%rther %rs%e *( Tech and then

can go into research( They can also ,oin the teaching rofession in !ario%s instit%tions ha!ing rod%ction or mechanical "ranch( *areer after "- Tech in Production Engineering, +rod%ction $ngineering com"ines man%fact%ring technology with the techni=%es in management science( #andidates can find n%mero%s ,o" o career o ort%nities after com leting this co%rse( They can find ort%nities in com anies located in "oth India and A"road "ased on their interest(

+overn.ent *areer after "- Tech in Production Engineering, +rofessionals in rod%ction engineering can find n%mero%s ,o" o #andidates can a ort%nities in the go!ernment sector(

ly for these ,o"s "y =%alifying certain e.ams cond%cted "y the go!ernment( Some of

the organi8ations that cond%ct these e.ams are +S#s) SS#) &+S#) /efence Ser!ices etc( *a,or go!ernment sector organi8ations recr%iting grad%ates in rod%ction engineering incl%de 'harat $arth *o!ers ?imited) Aational Thermal +ower #or oration 3AT+#4) Steel A%thority of India ?imited 3SAI?4) Oil and Aat%ral 5as #or oration 3OA5#4) Air ort A%thority of India 3AAI4) Bind%stan Aerona%tics ?imited 3BA?4) $ngineers India ?imited 3$I?4) etc( At an initial stage itself candidates can earn aro%nd 1s 20) 0000- er month in these organi8ations( $. erience is im ortant to draw "etter ay ac6ages( *areer in Private &ector after "- Tech in Production Engineering, *any re %ted ri!ate sector organi8ations wor6ing in the field of a%tomo"ile) logistics) and trans ortation recr%it grad%ates in +rod%ction $ngineering( 5rad%ates can also find ,o"s in many of the software com anies in the ri!ate sector( ;resher can ,oin these com anies as C%nior engineers( Software com anies recr%iting +rod%ction $ngineering grad%ates incl%de Accent%re) I'*) Infosys Technologies ?imited; *icrosoft) Oracle) Sams%ng India Software O erations) Siemens) Tata #ons%ltancy Ser!ices) Di ro Technologies ?td etc( #andidates can also find n%mero%s ,o" o ort%nities in different sectors li6e oil ind%stries) mining ind%stries) fertili8ers etc( They can also find ,o"s in any of the ri!ate engineering colleges offering this co%rse( #andidates can earn in the range of 1s( 1<)0000- to 1s( 90)0000- er month in ri!ate sector( *areer Abroad after "- Tech in Production Engineering, +rod%ction engineers can find a"%ndant career o ort%nities in a"road also( *any com anies wor6ing

in the field of oil) gas) fertili8ers) a%tomo"iles etc( in co%ntries a"road recr%it grad%ates in rod%ction engineering( These organi8ations ro!ide the grad%ates with "etter rem%neration( They can earn in the range of 1s( 7<)0000- to 1s( 1) <0)0000- er month ( #andidates can also go for higher st%dies( This increases their ,o" ros ect%s(

Higher stud/ options after "- Tech in Production Engineering, ?ist of different higher st%dies o tions a!aila"le after '( Tech in +rod%ction $ngineering is gi!en "elow

*aster of $ngineering Ad!anced +rod%ction System *aster of $ngineering in +rod%ction $ngineering *aster of Technology in +rod%ction Technology and *anagement *aster of Technology in +rod%ct /esign and *an%fact%ring *aster of Technology in +rod%ction and Ind%strial $ngineering *aster of Technology in +rod%ction $ngineering and System Technology *aster of Technology in +rod%ction $ngineering *aster of Technology in +rod%ction *anagement *aster of Technology in +rod%ction Technology *aster in 2%ality and +rod%cti!ity *anagement *aster of '%siness Administration in +rod%ction and *aterials *anagement *aster of '%siness Administration in +rod%ction *anagement *aster of Science in +rod%ction $ngineering +ost 5rad%ate /i loma in +rod%ction *anagement +ost 5rad%ate /i loma in 1adio +rogramme +rod%ction

&ub0ects covered under Higher &tudies after "- Tech in Production Engineering, Some of the s%",ects co!ered %nder the higher st%dies after '( Tech in +rod%ction $ngineering are *achining Science) *etrology and #om %ter Aided Ins ection) *etal ;orming Ad!anced O timi8ation Techni=%es) *echatronics) *achine Tool /esign) #om %ter Integrated man%fact%ring Systems) +rod%ction design) 2%ality #ontrol) +lant location) ?ay o%t of facilities) Store 6ee ing and wareho%se management) /ynamic %rchasing and *aterial *anagement( *areer opportunities after Higher studies in Production Engineering, Those who ha!e higher degree or di loma in rod%ction engineering can find different ,o" o engineers) rocess engineers or ind%strial managers( They can also wor6 in !ario%s ind%strial a%tomation %nits( #andidates who ossess *'A in the related field can a re %tation and salary( #andidates ha!ing higher degree or di loma in any field related to rod%ction engineering can find am le ,o" o ort%nities in Armed ;orce) 1ailways and different go!ernment de artments ly for the osts a!aila"le in the administrati!e section of the man%fact%ring ind%stries( These are higher osts which ha!e higher ort%nities

in the man%fact%ring ind%stries( They can wor6 as lant engineers) man%fact%ring engineers) =%ality

1ualification *riteria for Higher &tudies after "- Tech in Production Engineering, Vario%s higher degree or di loma co%rses are a!aila"le for the candidates who ha!e com leted "achelor of technology co%rse in +rod%ction $ngineering( Those who want to %rs%e *aster of

$ngineering or *aster of Technology co%rses sho%ld =%alify 5rad%ate A tit%de Test in $ngineering 35AT$4( *ost of the technical instit%tions insist 5AT$ score for the admission to !ario%s ost grad%ation co%rses in engineering( #andidates who ha!e com leted any grad%ation can a 5rad%ation is re=%ired to a ly for higher di loma co%rses( ly for any *'A co%rse( They sho%ld also =%alify the concerned entrance test to get admission to the desired *'A co%rse(

%.portance of "- Tech in Production engineering in the present era,

The co%rse of '( Tech in +rod%ction $ngineering has "een cresting !ario%s a

lications that are ideally

s%ita"le in the modern era( The co%rse in the instances ro!ided the ro er initiati!es that hel the candidates to achie!e a sta"le latform within the ro er s here( Th%s the im ortance of the co%rse has gra!ely increased and in the rocess ro!ided the candidates with the o career oriented as ects( The co%rse has also hel ed the candidates to achie!e !ario%s "rea6thro%ghs in different rod%ction "ased ind%stries( The co%rse es ecially in the '( Tech le!el ro!ided the necessary goals as well as im ortant roles that ha!e hel ed the candidates to ro!ide ro er as well as attracti!e s heres within the !ario%s core "ased ind%stries( The im ortance of the co%rse lies in the fact that it is creating the 6ind of a lication that was long re=%ired from other core "ased co%rses within the rod%ction ind%stry( The candidates ha!e also "een moti!ated in the right direction and created the ideal shift that was needed to "oom the ,o" as ects in the core "ased rod%ction ind%stry( Th%s loo6ing at the different as ects) we can see the general im ortance of the co%rse in the long r%n ros ects( 5enerally) the co%rse of rod%ction engineering at the "achelor le!el is creating new s heres that are re=%ired in "y the eo le that wo%ld hel to create the o!erall ro er as ects within these core "ased ind%stries( Therefore the im ortance of the co%rse has increased in the modern era( Role of Production engineering in toda/2s world, +rod%ction $ngineering in todayEs world is a "looming co%rse and has se!eral !ital a le!el degree offer am le o lications that can rod%ction ort%nity to stri6e high in the

"e %tili8ed in the core "ased field of rod%ction( The co%rse in "oth the master as well as the "achelor ort%nities "oth nationally and internationally( Bowe!er) engineering has critical role to lay in the resent era( +rod%ction engineering is a com letely rod%ction oriented co%rse( The =%ality of the rod%cts rod%ced is to a large e.tent de endent on rod%ction engineering and with =%ality comes standard( Therefore the rod%ction engineering lands in the standard arena which in t%rn is related to the rice control chains( Th%s the co%rse in t%rn is infl%encing the delicate "alance of demand-s% in the o ly chain which is !ery critical resent world( The list of infl%enced factor is !ery long) th%s these facts alone creates the

ort%nities to %nderstand the role of rod%ction engineering in the resent world(

The com le. role does not end with the chains( +rod%ction engineering is to some e.tent res onsi"le for the health of the society and this role is !itally layed in the edi"le material rod%ction ho%ses( 'ad

=%ality of any of these rod%cts is a direct indication of the "ad health of the society( Therefore the infl%ence wing of the rod%ction engineering has reached to this le!el( Th%s the co%rse of the rod%ction engineering has a cr%cial role to lay in todayEs world( These related as ects ma6es %s ac=%ainted of the enormo%s infl%ence the co%rse carry in o%r day to day li!es( 1eference@ htt