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Thinking Outside The Penalty Box

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BGSU PRSSA Toledo Walleye PR Plan Fall 2013

Presented By Caitlin Flack, Dylan Fox, Carly DiAntonio, Tiffany Howze, Kayla Fowler

Summary of Goals and Ideas

1. Increase Social Media Traffic 2. Increase the number of BG hockey fans in attendance at Walleye hockey games 3. Implement More Themed Nights 4. Local School District Report Card Challenge


To increase the number of Bowling Green residents in attendance at Toledo Walleye Hockey Games.

The Plan
Objective #1: Increase the amount of social media traffic to Toledo Walleye accounts Tactic #1: Season-long Instagram Photo Contest
o Challenge members of the audience to tweet something clever, a winner would be chosen from that. o Winner could possibly win a meet and greet with team members or free merchandise. o This could raise traffic to their page/ get their chosen hashtag trending on Twitter.

Tactic #2: Tweet From Your Seat

o Large prize given to the winner at the end of the season. For example, behind the scenes locker room tour (no cost for Walleye but still serves purpose), Winter Fest Tickets (can aid in generating buzz and word of mouth for this event) o The fact that this will be season-long will also create more traffic flow to their social media pages.

Tactic #3: Implementation of Various Hashtags. o Will help create more social media traffic
o Possible Hastags: ! #MakeOutMonday ! #WalleyeWednesday ! #FaceOffFriday ! #FreezeOutFriday ! #SnapshotSaturday ! #SelfieSunday
! #!

Objective #2: Increase the number of Bowling Green hockey fans in attendance at Toledo Walleye Game Tactic #1: Cross Promotion with BGSU Athletics Tactic #2: Bobby Shea Media Pitch
o BG residents that used to watch Bobby Shea play for BGSU may see that he is now playing for the Walleye through cross promotion efforts with BGSU Athletics or a story in local press. This may attract those BG residents to Walleye games.

Tactic #3: Electronic Word of Mouth Objective #3: Local School District Report Card Challenge Tactic #1: Individual Student Contest
o Challenge k-12 students in the area to get all As on their report card o If a student does so and presents a valid report card at any Walleye hockey game, a reward will be given to that individual student. o Individual Reward possibilities ! Coupon off concessions ! Free piece of walleye apparel/merchandise ! Free souvenir cup ! Photo put on the large display board at halftime (along with all others from that evenings game) ! Photo with Spike, the mascot


Tactic #2: Local School District Contest

o The participating school district with the highest number of presented report cards at the end of the given hockey season will be rewarded. o Grand Prize possibilities ! Meet and Greet with Walleye team members ! Lunch with Walleye team members ! Walleye team appearance at their school ! A day (or afternoon) at the Huntington Center ! Behind the scenes tour of the facility ! Cash donation toward technology (underprivileged schools) Recognition at a Walleye or Mudhens game; puts what youre doing in the spotlight!
! !

Objective #4: Implement Additional Themed Nights Tactic #1: Makeout Monday
o o o o Will be held on December 30th Target Audience will be for Adults & College students Promotion of a Couples Night The Package would consist of: ! Two Hockey Tickets ! Dinner Vouchers + Dessert at the arena ! Two Ice Skating Passes for after the game ! Pictures to remember the moment o Attend this event and get a $1.00 off voucher for another Walleye game.

Tactic #2: College Night

o Cheaper tickets with a student ID o Bring a professor, get a FREE t-shirt o Class Competition: See which class brings in the most students
! %!

o Hot Diggity, Dollar Dogs o $1 Draft Beer o Party with the Players after the game in the suites

Tactic #3: Military Appreciation Night

o Give back to the men and women who have served our country o Offer discounted tickets to anyone with a military ID o Post pictures of the men and women from the Toledo/BG area who are fighting over seas on the video screen o Give out mini American flags to everyone

Tactic #4: Bros Night Out

o Pre-Game party in the suites before the game o Post- Game party in the suites where the Bros can meet and hangout with the players o Offer draft specials o Give out beer mugs to all the men

Tactic #5: Ladies Night

o Pre-Game party in the suites before the game o Post-Game party in the suites where the ladies can meet and hangout with the players o Margarita Specials o Give out pink Walleye hats

Tactic #6: Union Night

o Discounted tickets to Union Members o Donate a dollar from every ticket to a local Union

Tactic #7: Greek Night

o Invite all of the fraternities and sororities o Give out Walleye sunglasses o Discounted Tickets


Tactic #8: Heroes Night

o A night to recognize all the firefighters, EMTs and Police officers for serving our community o Discounted tickets o Display pictures of local departments on video screen

Tactic #9: Scout Night

o Calling all boy scouts & girl scouts! o Receive a Toledo Walleye commemorative patch & Walleye canteen


Start Instagram Photo Contest Start Tweet From Your Seat Start Using various Hashtags Host College Night Host Military Appreciation Night Send out Bobby Shea Press Release Initiate cross-promotion with BGSU Athletics Host Makeout Monday Host College Night Start Schools District Report Card Challenge Host College Night Host Union Night Host College Night Host Greek Night Host College Night Announce winning School District Present winning school with grand prize Host Heroes Night Host Bros Night Host College Night Host Ladies Night

December January

February March





100 1

FREE $85.00 ? FREE

Press Release Promotional Posters Materials Lamar Screen Campus Televion Circuit Email Promotional Foam Items Fingers Bobble Heads

FREE 50,000 500 $64,500 $5,665


Measuring Objectives
Track attendance from the current season versus last season Track number of new followers on social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Track Hashtags that are related to Toledo Walleye Games, Event Nights, and Contest Track attendance of all age groups Track the amount of schools/students that participate in the report card challenge Track attendance for each themed night to measure success Track the amount of weekly uploaded related for Instagram contest. Use Google analytics to track number of hits on Walleye website