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Best Enterprises

for professional achievements in commercial activities

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Speech is silver, but silence is golden

This proverb is surely right in many situations. But to share our experiences, we need a continuous dialogue between people, organizations and industries. EBA cares about that dialogue and has therefore organized different business events in the areas of education and investment. We organize the International Socrates Award Ceremony to recognize the best professionals and give them international recognition for their success. We also facilitate continuous dialogue by networking them with other successful people. Our dedicated, accessibly and highly qualified staff are an essential part of EBA experience and will help you achieve your networking goals in variety of ways.

John W. A. Netting, EBA Director General

About EBA
Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford, Great Britain, - is an independent corporation for development and management of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration. As a non-governmental organisation, EBA promotes transformation of state-of-the-art experience and economic practices, establishment of economic, educational, cultural, and scientific ties, creation of national business elites. EBA systematically holds global and specialized forums, conferences, work meetings and exhibitions, devises reference catalogues, and effectively uses new informational recourses, thus forming all-European register of efficient leader-companies. European and world personalities are awarded for their personal contributions or professional achievements.

Outlining the best experience

One of the most important objectives of EBA is continuously enhance and promote the reputation of commercial, educational, cultural leaders who, through their hard work and exceptional business sense, support the exchange of ideas and experiences in culture, education, economy and finance as well as socio areas. The purpose of Socrates Awards is ongoing promotion of the world elite, who through their hard work and exceptional business sense, support an exchange of ideas and experiences amongst the international community in the areas such as economics, politics, education and culture. EBA international prizes and awards are official signs of recognition, registered at the British Patent Office. International Award Ceremonies are traditionally held in European capitals at the most prestigious venues: Institute of Directors (London, UK), Sheldonian Theatre and Oxford Town Hall (Oxford, UK), Hofburg Imperial Palace (Vienna, Austria), Parliament of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain).

Enterprises are selected on basis of statistics data, recommendations of analytical, sociological, informational, advertising, rating and PR-agencies, as well as the results of international and national contests of professional achievements and further receive consulting, marketing legal support for leading European companies.

Description of the Award

nternational Prize Best Enterprises of Europe and Best Manager of the Year Award. The statue is made by famous London jeweler Alfred Winiecki. It is produced in the shape of a hand symbolizing hard work. Also the Director General of nominated company is presented with Best Manager of the Year Award.

The complete set of the prize consists of statue, medal, certificate and diploma. The Award was produced by London jeweler Alfred Winiecki, a winner of Goldsmith Craft Council Award, London, UK, and a current possessor of Freedom of London.


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