10 things “One-Housers” hope you never find out!

If you don't already know, a "One-Houser" is someone who denies that there remains a Two House/Two Kingdom reality of Israel in modern times. They view "the Jews" as exclusively representing all 12 tribes of Israel. Their worldview/paradigm is basically opposite to that of a "Two-Houser", which is better defined here: Two House Theology (Reality) defined and defended. So here are some things "One-Housers" hope you never find out (you'll rarely ever hear them mention these things when they accuse Two-Housers of "lies", "error", "heresy", and/or "bad exegesis"):
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They hope you never find out what Flavius Josephus said regarding 10Israel in the 1st Century CE(AD). Read more... They hope you never find out who or where the Parthians and Saka-related peoples were in the 1st Century CE(AD). Read more... They hope you never find out that the Great Migration Period into Europe started shortly after the collapse of Parthia and other Saka-related Kingdoms because of their wars with the Romans which contributed to the rise of the Sassanid Persian Empire. Read more... They hope you never find out what ancient Jewish rabbis knew and believed regarding 10-Israel in the 1st Century CE(AD). Read more.... They hope you never find out what modern Rabbis and the Government of Israel currently know about 10-Israel. Read more... They hope you never visit non-Messianic Two-House Jewish websites like Kol HaTor, United Israel, and Brit-Am. They hope you never understand the Exponential Human Population Growth equation and the Genghis Khan Effect, especially where there is confirmation for the Deuteronomy 33:17 Prophecy. They hope you never realize the ancient Hebrew Prophets indicated the House of Judah (Jew-da) and the House of 10-Israel (Joe-seph) would still be two separate Houses in the Last Days (End Times)! They hope you never start reading your bible without filtering its meaning through their "One-Houser" commentary. See the Promise of Multitudes to get started in your paradigm shift. Finally, they hope you never realize the Messianic book (scroll) of Revelation (hitgalut) is dedicated to the "revealing", regathering, and preservation of a remnant of all 12 tribes of Israel, not just the two tribes of

Mike Killion . Rebuttals. so that transition and this battle of world-views will be over SOON! Halleluyah!! Related Content:       Two House Theology (Reality) Defined and Defended 10 reasons the Jews are from Judah History and Timeline of Israel and Judah The Birthright Promise of Multitudes Israel and Judah in Scripture Two House Reality in the New Testament? Tagged as: House of Joe-seph (10-Israel). Ant Writes 02/07/2012 Would preterists be considered one-housers? 2.the Kingdom of Jew-dah. Hanok 02/11/2012 Yeah. We are in the Last Days. or One Stick as Ezekiel 37 prophesies He will do in the Last Days. Please Note: "Two-Housers" will one day be "One-Housers" also. 3. Rev. probably so. Start reading the Revelation of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) given to Yohannan (John). Two House Reality Leave a comment 1. but that transition will only take place after the-Anointed Son of David (Ha-Mashaikh ben Dawid) unites both Houses into One House. Prophecy.

com/blog/questions-regarding-khazars-ashkenazi-jewsthe-rothschild-family-and-dna/ Hanok http://jewsandjoes. Hanok 02/26/2012 Mike. That is of course just an assumption on my part.WHY HAS GOD ALLOWED THEM (“those that SAY they are my friends”) to take the land HE says HE will inhabit at and after His return? The scriptures say that land is for the New Covenant Peoples. In a previous post.02/20/2012 I have studied the topic of 2H and I think the modern Zionist state of Israel is illegitimate because they are NOT true Judahites but Edomites. I could say more but Ill await your answer. Blessings. Mike 4. Khazars and Ashkenazis. I don’t know you nor all the complexities that make you you… in the same way you may not know all of the complexities of what make the bulk of Israeli Jews. but it is probably convenient to some religious bias you already hold against them. I think your perception of the Jews in the State of Israel is far too simplistic. I gave some of my perceptions of the Khazar issue: http://jewsandjoes.com/blog/things-one-housers-hope-you-never-find-out/ . AM I RIGHT? If I am right and they are illegitimate…. Israeli Jews.