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SIGN-ON LETTER FOR ORGANIZATIONS To: members of United States Congress cc: President Obama Our Future Security

and Prosperity Require Meeting Dire Needs at ome! Cutting t"e #$oated Mi$itary #udget! and Rein%esting in &merica T"e current budget negotiations! sc"edu$ed to be comp$eted on December '(t"! must focus on meeting neg$ected dire needs at "ome) T"is inc$udes: &dequate$y funding critical social needs! inc$uding food stamps! Socia$ Security! impro%ed and e*panded Medicare for a$$! and pub$ic education inc$uding co$$ege! Creating a full employment public jobs program to +ump start t"e green economy ,a -reen Ne. Dea$/ 0 ma1ing .ars for oi$ obso$ete and rescuing our c$imate future! and Rebui$ding vital infrastructure) Many of t"ese programs eit"er pay for t"emse$%es ,Socia$ Security/ or sa%e money t"roug" in"erent efficiencies ,Medicare for &$$! c$ean rene.ab$e energy infrastructure/) &dditiona$ re%enue to support ot"er critica$ programs can be dra.n from: Creating a more progressive income tax for indi%idua$s and corporations as .e$$ as ta*ing Wall Street specu$ation! and Reducing military spending t"at is eit"er .astefu$ or e*cessi%e and aggressi%e! a posture t"at is increasing$y .inning us enemies and $osing us friends) T"e 2' tri$$ion in current annua$ United States mi$itary spending is equi%a$ent to t"e rest of t"e .or$d3s mi$itary budgets combined) & 456 cut .ou$d $ea%e us a budget t"at is sti$$ t.o to t"ree times t"e si7e of C"ina3s! t"e ne*t biggest spender) U)S) mi$itary e*penditures "a%e doub$ed o%er t"e past decade .it"out impro%ing security) &t t"e same time! our s"ift to.ards a po$icy of 8fu$$ spectrum dominance9 and e*panding &merican empire "as pro%en counterproducti%e to peace and security) :t mu$tip$ies our enemies see1ing re%enge and it3s tragica$$y e*pensi%e in b$ood and treasure) &$$ t"is ma1es cutting t"e b$oated mi$itary budget not on$y possib$e! but essentia$) Sa%ings s"ou$d come from t"ese urgent$y0needed reforms: Instead of being policeman for the world, refocus on defending America. Using t"e protection afforded by strong natura$ borders! .e s"ou$d uti$i7e t"e traditiona$ approac" of defending our nation from in%asion or mi$itary aggression against our territoria$ integrity) Fortunate$y! t.o of our borders are oceans and t"e ot"er t.o are $ong standing a$$ies! ,Canada and Me*ico/) ;e do not need to mi$itari7e t"ese borders against none*istent mi$itary t"reats or in %io$ation of t"e "uman rig"t to see1 refuge from economic or po$itica$ oppression) & strategy of true defense .i$$ de$i%er t"e biggest sa%ings of a$$! and .i$$ a$$o. us to fina$$y demi$itari7e fo$$ cessation of "osti$ities after ;;::! t"e Co$d ;ar and :raq) :t .i$$ enab$e us to end t"e .ar on terrorism and engage more cooperati%e! effecti%e approac"es to foreign po$icy) ;e s"ou$d close the , !! ".S. military bases and outposts in more t"an '(5 countries! inc$uding <urope! =apan! and Sout" >orea! sa%ing # !! billion a year) ;e do not need e*pensi%e ne. bases to encirc$e C"ina .it" t"e 8&sian Pi%ot)9 ;e must put a "a$t to t"e increasing$y aggressi%e use of drone and specia$ ops stri1es around t"e .or$d 00 ."ic" create more enemies see1ing re%enge) ;e can

restore international law, human rights, and diplomacy to t"eir rig"tfu$ positions as t"e primary too$s of U)S) foreign po$icy) $nd the blan% chec% for .astefu$! unaccountab$e mi$itary spending & # !!s of billions per year) &n attempted audit of t"e DOD by t"e C$inton administration found t"at 2?)( tri$$ion of 2@ tri$$ion in transactions cou$d not be +ustified! suggesting up to a t"ird of DOD e*penses may be due to .aste or fraud) ;ar profiteering by mi$itary contractors s"ou$d be e$iminated and prosecuted) T"e re%o$%ing door bet.een go%ernment and mi$itary contractors s"ou$d be s"ut) "se government employees instead of e*pensi%e! fraud0prone contractors 0 up to # !! billion per year) #ring a$$ troops and mi$itary contractors "ome from Ira' and Afghanistan & #() billion per year) Reduce t"e si7e and cost of t"e mi$itaryAs bac% office bureaucracy & #*! billion per year) Ratc"et do.n our numbers of dangerous! e*pensi%e nuclear weapons 0 #+, billion per year) Russia says it .ou$d matc" t"ese reductions) T"e current effort to upgrade t"ese .eapons undermines nonpro$iferation and disarmament! and encourages t"e spread of nuc$ear .eapons) <nd t"e production of obsolete or malfunctioning tan%s, planes and weapon systems t"at are mot"ba$$ed as soon as t"ey are de$i%ered 0 # !s of billions per year) <normous funds are spent to refig"t t"e batt$es of ;;:: and ot"er recent .ars rat"er t"an ref$ecting current mi$itary tactics and needs) Part of t"e sa%ings from t"e mi$itary cuts s"ou$d be re0in%ested in con%erting mi$itary faci$ities and companies for use in t"e green economy) Mi$itary wor%ers should be re& trained and employed .it" a fi%e year +ob guarantee as part of t"e -reen Ne. Dea$) :mpacted communities must "a%e t"e $ead ro$e in p$anning nationa$$y funded! $oca$$y0 contro$$ed green economic con%ersion to ensure t"eir transition to a "ea$t"y! +ust peacefu$ future)

Sign t"e $etter "ere) For more info! see '5 ;ays to Cut Mi$itary Spending ,$in1/) Sincere$y! National Organizations (initial) #ac1bone Campaign Coa$ition &gainst Nu1es Code Pin1 Fe$$o.s"ip of Reconci$ation Freepress)org -$oba$ Net.or1 &gainst ;eapons B Nuc$ear in Space -reen S"ado. Cabinet ip op Congress Ciberty Tree Foundation for t"e Democratic Re%o$ution No F<&R Coa$ition Organic Consumers &ssociation Poor Peop$e3s <conomic uman Rig"ts Campaign

Popu$arResistance)org Progressi%e Democrats of &merica Roots &ction US Cabor &gainst ;ar Additional National Organizations &cronym TD Camp Casey :nstitute for Peace and =ustice Friends B Fami$y of t"e &bra"am Cinco$n #rigade ,FF&C#/ Occupy Cat"o$ics On ;ings Of Care! :nc) Pro+ect for Nuc$ear &.areness Radiation Trut" Ursu$ine Sisters of Ti$don1! U)S) Pro%ince ;omen &gainst Mi$itary Madness State Organizations Et" Day Center for =ustice ,:$$inois/ &merican Friends Ser%ice Committee! Co$orado Office #udget for &$$ ,M&/ Ca$$ to &ction ;isconsin Co$orado Coa$ition for t"e Pre%ention of Nuc$ear ;ar -reen Party of NF unger &ction Net.or1 of Ne. For1 State Maine #ring Our ;ar 22 ome Maine Socia$ =ustice Minnesota &rms Spending &$ternati%es Pro+ect ,MN&S&P/ Peace &ction of NFS Roc1y Mountain Peace and =ustice Center ;e Refuse to #e <nemies ,CT/ Regional and Local Organizations T"e &$c"emica$ Nursery Pro+ect! :nc) ,Centra$ NF/ &s"$and urban orc"ards ,Oregon/ #et"$e"em Neig"bors for Peace ,NF/

#i+ou Community of Co$orado Springs! CO

#roo1$yn For Peace #ryn Ma.r Peace Coa$ition #TMM Ca$ifornia State Uni%ersity -reen Party COD<P:N> C:! ;OM<N FOR P<&C<

CP:S! Co$orado Springs 0 Citi7ens for Peace in Space

Diaspora PuertorriqueGa Drone &$ert 0 udson Da$$ey ,NF/ Fairmont! MN Peace -roup

First Unitarian C"urc" of ono$u$u Fort -reene Peace! #roo1$yn NF -o$den Ponds Farm ,;:/ unger0Outreac" St) Pau$As Cat"edra$! #uffa$o NF >ansas City Crimina$ =ustice Tas1 Force Caris"ar Fine Media &rts ,P&/ CeF$ore Communications! CCC ,;:/ Ciberty Co%ers Cong :s$and &$$iance for Peacefu$ &$ternati%es Nicaragua So$idarity Fair Trade Resource H &F-= Nort" O$ympic Peace Net.or1 ,;&/ Occupy SoU$ ,sout" U$ster county! NF/ O"io Da$$ey Peace ,O / P)&)C)-) Pacem in Terris ,D</ Pa* C"risti Cong :s$and Peace &ction Montgomery ,MD Peace B =ustice &ction Ceague of Spo1ane Peace Coa$ition of Sout"ern :$$inois Peace Committee of t"e First Unitarian C"urc"! Den%er Peace <conomy Pro+ect ,Missouri/ Peace No.III , :/ Peacema1ing Committee of t"e Unitarian Uni%ersa$ist C"urc" of Ce*ington P:oneer Da$$ey -reen Rainbo. Party Coca$ ,M&/ Po$arity Center of Sa$em ,OR/ Ra%en Roc1s! :nc) ,O / R)O)S)<)! Residents Organi7ed for a Safe <n%ironment ,C&/ Santa #arbara Frac1 #ac1 To Sa%e T"e Centra$ Coast ,C&/ Socia$ &ction Committee of t"e First Unitarian Uni%ersa$ist Congregation of t"e Pa$m #eac"es ,F&/ Sonoma Da$$ey Peace B =ustice ,C&/ Sout" F$orida Raging -rannies St Pete for Peace ,FC/ St)Mic"ae$ Cat"o$ic C"urc"! #i$o*i! MS) Suffo$1 Deterans Syracuse Peace Counci$ t"e &%e Pro+ect T"e Peace Farm ,TJ/ To$edo Coa$ition for Safe <nergy Tri0Da$$ey C&R<s ,C&/ US Cabor &gainst t"e ;ar K NFC C"apter Deterans for Peace C"apter ?@ ,MN/ Deterans For Peace C"pt) (L NFC ;ar %s uman Needs! Sout" F$orida ;e$$ness Continuum ,C&/ ;<SP&C Foundation :nc) ,;estc"ester NF/ ; &N&P ,;est ar$em &ction Net.or1 &gainst Po%erty/ ,NF/ ;omen &gainst ;ar ,Capita$ District NF/

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