SS-005: Minutes of the 4TH Meeting of the Fourth Year Level Officers, Bloc !

resi"ents, Bloc #ice !resi"ents, an" Bloc $e%resentatives concerning the &'M (0) Se*inar S+n"ication ',T -, ',T Bl"g., /avier 0niversit+- 1teneo "e 'aga+an 2:20 %* of 1ugust (5, -0(2 Presider: 3essa Tocal"o Present: (.4 3essa Tocal"o -.4 T' !ahu+o 2.4 6en 67ong 4.4 &oriel La*i8ue 5.4 &oel+n Su%re*o :.4 3B !arrilla ).4 ;erlison 9gargo <.4 ;ilo 'onsolacion =.4 6iana $e"ila ?vi"eos4 (0.4 1irone Ta@anas ?vi"eos4 ((.4 1ngela Lla*oso (-.4 6athleen Bil@a@o (2.4 9n+a 9"io (4.4 Mia La@is (5.4 Mar+ 3o Bautista (:.4 $onnallen $a5al ().4 &oela $e*oroAa (<.4 Bell ManligueA (=.4 'aress 'a@u"o+ -0.4 1iress 'a@eguin -(.4 3hoanna "e Torres --.4 Cuichelle 9conar Absent: (.4 9"uar"o Olango - 1ssistant %ro5ect hea" -.4 Bianca ;uangco- 4-&1 Bloc !resi"ent >re%resente" @+ Cuichelle 9conar an" 3hoanna "e Torres4 2.4 Ton+ Merlas- 4-&B Secretariat co**ittee hea" 4.4 Lovel+ Ma@ul - 4-&1 F,nance an" *ar eting hea" 5.4 3+rill !ielago- 4-&1 Hea" for costu*es co**ittee Opening Prayer: Bell ManligueA Overall !ro5ect Hea" !ro5ect Secretar+ !ro5ect Treasurer 4-&B Bloc !resi"ent 4-&9 Bloc !resi"ent 4-&1 Bloc #ice !resi"ent 4-&B Bloc #ice !resi"ent 4-&9 Bloc #ice !resi"ent 4-&1 Hea" for !ro*otions >!osters 4-&1 Hea" for !ro*otions >!osters 4-&1 Hea" for !h+sical Set-u% 4-&1 Hea" for !h+sical Set-u% 4-&B !rogra* su@-co**ittee hea" 4-&B Secretariat su@-co**ittee hea" 4-&B Secretariat su@-co**ittee hea" 4-&B Secretariat su@-co**ittee hea" 4-&B !ro@ra* 'o**ittee Hea" 4-&B Secretar+ 4-&9 Hea" for Bocu*entation 'o**ittee 4-&1 Logistics staff 4-&1 Logistics staff 4-&1 Logistics staff

(. 'a@u"o+ as soon as %ossi@le so that revision of this as%ect of the final 7ritten out%ut 7ill @e "one at an earlier ti*e. The+ are consi"ering an" fin"ing all the necessar+ *eans to *a e this se*inar a lo7-@u"get one. 3hoanna "e Torres an" 1iress 'a@eguin4 7ere the ones 7ho rela+e" the infor*ation that the hea"s for this co**ittee are %resentl+ 7or ing on the revision of the final @u"get %lan for the se*inar.'ontingenc+ !lan Ms. to co*%ile an" collect the s etch for the stage "esign. (. an" the+ are %lanning to %ursue a @u"get 7ithin the range of 5. Ms.( Bu"get !lan Since the hea"s for the finance an" *ar eting co**ittee. Tocal"o re*in"e" the co**ittees accounta@le for these "ocu*entations to su@*it the soft co%ies to Ms. an" the co%+ of the atten"ance of the stu"ents "uring *eetings. the "ocu*ent containing the contents of the tool it.4 $evisions (.4 Final 'ostu*e 2. Lovel+ Ma@ul 7ere not aroun". Ms.000 %h%. re%resentatives fro* @loc &1 >Cuichelle 9conar.4 1ssign*ents %er @loc (. 'aress 'a@u"o+.000 %h%.<.Agenda: (..2 Bocu*entation 'o**ittee The %resi"ing officer also "irecte" the hea" of the "ocu*entation co**ittee. Tocal"o "irecte" the hea"s to revise an"Dor conce%tualiAe 1 contingenc+ %lan for each of the co**ittees the+ are %resentl+ han"ling.4 $evisions for the final out%ut %a%er for SS -. 9ach co**ittee is re8uire" to have a contingenc+ %lan fro* the %lanning %hase to the i*%le*entation %hase so that antici%ate" %ro@le*s 7ill have their corres%on"ing i**e"iate interventions to %revent %ro@le*s an" conflict in the success of the se*inar. the "esigns for the %osters an" certificates.uangco an" Ms. . Bianca . Ms.

nstructor Bloc 9. Fro* the %revious SS !ro%osal. 'linical . Bloc 1 .Sche"ule an" "ates for the %ictorials >to @e su@*itte" to the %rogra* co**ittee4 . Trauvis Taga%an. suggeste" that the costu*es of these ushers coul" e*@o"+ the "ifferent fiel"s of nurses instea" of those "istrict re%resentatives fro* the actual *ovie Hunger Games. one ot the clinical instructors. Occu%ational &urse. the %resi"ing officer also reiterate" to the atten"ants the assign*ents the+ nee" to co*%l+ as soon as %ossi@le. an" 1"*inistrative &ursing Further*ore. it can @ re*e*@ere" that Mr.Final Bates for rehearsals of s%ea ers . Bloc B .&urses 7ho %rocee"e" %ost gra"uate stu"ies of La7. 9$ nurse.1ssign*ents . !u@lic Helath &urse.n relation to the revision.Final %+thon "esign for the %ins -'ontingenc+ !lan B.Final B!1 an" goals fro* %lanning to i*%le*entation %hase . since it 7oul" also *ean lesser financial constraints on the %art of the stu"ents. Me"ical $e%resentatives.School &urse. The atten"ants agree" to the suggestion an" "eci"e" to %ursue the instructorEs a"vice. O$DB$ nurse Bloc B.. instea" of attaching *ost of the conce%ts fro* the *ovie.'ostu*e The %resi"ing officer also "iscusse" 7ith the atten"ants the concern regar"ing the final costu*e of the ushers an" usherettes in the se*inar.-. Me"icine. These inclu"e Hos%ital setting.'0 nurse. an" the Other 1ca"e*ic settings of nursing %ractice >!ost gra"uate stu"ies4 Here are the final list of @loc s 7ith their corres%on"ing fiel"s: Bloc 1. Ms. Tocal"o also e*%hasiAe" to the co**ittee hea"s %resent that all @loc s 7ill @e hel" in-charge for the costu*es to @e 7orn @+ their res%ective ushers. Tocal"o assigne" the @loc s to the "ifferent settings of the nursing %ractice. Ms. This coul" @e "one to *aintain the consistenc+ of the *ain focus of the se*inar >'areer !lanning4.Final "esign for costu*es an" stage "esign . 2. These are the follo7ing >%er @loc 4: 1. 'o**unit+ Setting. Far" nurse.

Pahuyo !ro5ect Secretar+ &ote" B+: Jessa Joy D.Other concerns There 7ere no other concerns raise" "uring the *eeting.Final foo" *enu . Bloc 9 .s%ea ers -Final "ates for the overall general %ractice . 'losing !ra+er: 9n+a 9"io Adjournment: Having covered all items for discussion.. the session formally adjourned at 4 :-5 in the afternoon.Bocu*entation out%ut -'ontingenc+ !lan 4. Tocaldo Over-all Project Head .Final a*ount for honorariu* of the s%ea er -'ontingenc+ !lan '. The whole duration of the meeting was 55 minutes only.Final list of the .Bates for the final %ictorial in coor"ination 7ith @loc 1 . !re%are" B+: TC C.Final !rogra* flo7 .

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