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Protocols Embedded Systems Green Engineering Math RF Robotics Signal Processing Simulation Sound and Audio Strain Test and Measurement Vision Hardware Integration 3rd Party Integration Industry: (Please chose.) Automation Calibration Control Data Acquisition.) ATE/Instrumentation Aerospace/Avionics Automotive Biotechnology Construction Consumer Goods Education Mechatronics Electronics Energy/Power Food/Beverage Government/Defense Industrial Controls/ Devices/ Systems Machine Vision/Imaging Machines/Mechanics Manufacturing Medical Oil and Gas Process Industries Pulp/Paper RF/Communications Research Semiconductor Telecommunications Textiles/ Fibers/ Plastics Transportation Water/Wastewater . Generation Data Manipulation Digital Buses.Title (60 Characters Max) Author(s): NI Product(s) Used: Industry: Application Area: (Please chose.

semipermanent monitoring system that records multiple data formats and rates. or start-up assistance . online. I haven't seen another approach that represents parallelism so directly and intuitively. The Solution 15–40 words about how you (company/person) solved the problem using NI products Good Example: Combining the benefits of the NI CompactRIO FPGAs and processor to create a rugged. and learning resources and training materials available to ensure your success give you confidence in NI?    Provide details about which NI products you are using in your application (software and hardware). design review. Were you able to access to all the hardware. Java. who you serve)   Elaborate a little on the engineering problem you were trying to solve. what NI product features and software modules/toolkits were particularly utilized? Describe the key LabVIEW features you used. NI Alliance Partners. please provide details on why they chose your company (please identify if you are a National Instruments Alliance Partner) Next Few Paragraphs:  Describe your application or project with a high-level description of how your system works    If applicable. In my experience with C++." The Challenge 15–40 words about what the problem was Good Example: Determining the source of electrical high-voltage transients to prevent light-rail car failure. and explain why they were important to the success of your application. you considered for this solution Explain why you choose NI technology to develop your solution o Did the community of LabVIEW consultants. address any previous tools you used for your solution before NI products Explain the other options. and performs real-time analysis to remotely monitor sensors for extended durations. what you do. LabVIEW add-ons. and other languages. Good Example:"LabVIEW system design software does a great job representing the parallel programming I need to implement signal processing and communication algorithms for my research. besides NI products. and why these were important and/or useful for this project including: o Software maintenance and support services such as Standard Service Program (SSP) or NI Volume License Agreements (NI VLAs) or hardware services such as system assurance o Training and certification including classroom. and functionality necessary for any engineering or scientific system with this platform-based approach?  Please provide details about any NI services and/or training offerings you leveraged. or on-site custom training for your company o Professional services such as consulting. describe why it is imperative that the engineering challenge be addressed If you were selected to develop a solution for a third party.200 words (subheads should be included) First Paragraphs:  Introduce your company (who you are.Quote 15-40 words either extracted from the rest of the case study or specifically written for the purpose of highlighting how NI helped/enabled the success of the solution and what has been reached as a result. synchronizes data. Body 800–1. technologies.

and NI products and services meet your objectives? Contact Information (Required) If there are multiple authors for a case In a pinch you can rest the camera on a book or another object to keep it steady to prevent the image from blurring. Please take the photo from a variety of angles a. please provide raw files or YouTube links to video. Further away Illustrations . Turn on the lights. and/or supplemental technical documents. how did this solution. Close up d. If the screen capture guidelines are followed correctly. etc. but please send the original photo along with this document).com/cs/app/doc/p/id/cs-14308 http://sine. or have your products meet federal regulations because of NI products?  Were there any additional benefits that you did not expect?  Describe any involvement or interaction you had with NI sales. 4. Make sure the files size selected on the camera is the highest resolution offered 2. and/or address. Please clean the space to make it “picture perfect” a. Shot on a camera (no camera phones. .Next few paragraphs:  Explain the benefits of your new solution  Explain the benefits of using NI products o Did you decreased development time and overall cost savings because of NI off-the-shelf technology and a programming approach that abstracts low-level complexity? o Were you able to reuse existing equipment investments.Line art or vector illustrations should be provided in the EPS format. From a higher perspective b. please!) b. Image Requirements The 2-3 images to accompany your article are required to meet the following standards: Photos: 1. training and/or support engineers throughout your project Last Paragraph:  Overall. increase efficiency. If available and applicable. RGB. please choose one person to list here with at least one of the following – email address. Screen Captures . Cleaning the environment of trash. stray hardware. From a lower perspective Examples of Well-Written Case Studies: http://sine. If you’ve done all these things and there still isn’t enough light then please use a http://sine. or use a flash Additional Materials At least one high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) photo with a caption (caption can be included at the end of the Word document.Screen captures or print screens should follow our screen capture guidelines. NI Community profile information. really goes a long way 3. Please shoot with enough light. Please submit the original high res photo file a. a. phone number. or other social media contact information. random cables. 5mp or higher c. plus the co mpany’s website. open blinds/curtains. we will be able to enlarge your screen(s) to 300 dpi and still maintain the clarity of the text.

NI videos are shot in wide-screen (16:9) format so feel free to use that frame size .    Try not to move the camera if you can help it – in other words. • Resolution should be 640 X 480 or higher • 300 kbps video should be rendered at 15 fps or higher • Audio should be mono 32 bit or higher (sound is the hardest part – make sure you get good-quality sound captured) • Videos should be deinterlaced if possible • Videos should contain no background music Some helpful video tips:  Make sure to use a tripod. don't pan or zoom unless there is a strong need.Video Requirements • Videos should be five minutes or less in length • Acceptable formats include mini DV tapes or Windows Media Video (NI can provide instructions on submitting video through our external FTP site). Make sure to get a variety of interesting shots that really help the viewer understand and appreciate your application.