The Anti-Party ,Mericratic Deism The Theory of Everything



t h e

m a n i f e s t o

o f

t h o u g h t . . .

The Mericraticly Aligned Orders United Syndicate on the formation of

The Syndicate of the M.A.

a Zen parable by



of the

Territorial Commission of the Mericratic Alliance The unanimous Declaration of Defiance


hen in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one

people to dissolve the political parties which have disserved, divided or oppressed them, and to assume the powers that grant stewardship of the earth, and the separate and equal opportunities to which the Laws of the Creator and Nature entitle them. Loyalty, Honor and Duty require out of responsibility and respect for the human condition that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. Though certain truths that should be self-evident, among which are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and the inherent equality of all those whom share the human condition. To secure these rights, the citizenry must endure and repel countless incursions from an oppressive few whom have not the consent nor capacity to govern. Pursuant to realizing these truths, a legitimate and valid system of governing must derive its powers and make its duty upholding a valid social contract with the intent to serve and protect the citizenry of those whom give consent to be governed. Whenever any form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to reorganize under a new system of Government. Laying its foundation in an organization with the powers and design so as to appear to the citizenry as most likely to effect these truths. Resistance, indeed, fear to change by empowered or oppressed parties will dictate that Governments long established cannot or should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly history has shown that mankind is more likely to suffer injustice and evil oppression, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms of Government to which they have been made accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses, hypocrisies, have reduced the human condition to endure under incompetence or absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to liquidate such a Government, and to provide new guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of the world citizenry and the Middle Class, which compels them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present, The Corporate Feudalistic Oligarchical Bureaucracy, C.F.O.B. is a history of repeated injuries, hypocrisies and oppressions, all having in direct object the maintenance of a parasitic and absolute tyranny over these States. Repeated injuries and usurpations,all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. As proof we submit these Facts to a captive world. C.F.O.B has refused its Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the stewardship of the nation, planet and the public good. C.F.O.B has forbidden, thwarted or influenced the so-called representatives of the peoples ability and desire to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, suspended in their operation until its self-interest was served; and when so suspended, it has utterly neglected to attend to said issues allowing a dangerous and threatening condition to develop. C.F.O.B has refused to pass or thwarted other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, taking for its own from the people the right of representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only. C.F.O.B has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from public records, for the sole purpose of influencing them into compliance with its self-interest. C.F.O.B has dissolved The Senate, Representative Houses and Executive Branch repeatedly, and replaced it with its lobbyist republic for opposing with aggressive firmness its invasions on the rights of the people. C.F.O.B has refused for a long time, to relinquish its self-interest, so as to cause others to be elected; whereby the abuses of Legislative powers, which it should have never had, have returned to the People to a state by which they are exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and incursions on their rights from within. C.F.O.B has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing its Assent to Laws of the land and thus establishing Judiciary powers of its own for impunity. C.F.O.B has made judges, the media and elected officials dependent on its Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.

C.F.O.B has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance. C.F.O.B has kept us, in a state of war, raising armies without the consent of the populace and dispatching them arbitrarily or erroneously without declaration of such. C.F.O.B has thus affected to render its sway over the affairs of the military independent of and superior to the civil power. C.F.O.B is further guilty of assisting and quartering large bodied predatory and oppressive economic forces of organizations that compete against and oppress the citizenry unfairly and with impunity: C.F.O.B is further guilty of protecting them, by mock trial, insulating them from any punishment for any wrongdoing they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States. C.F.O.B is further guilty  For subverting our Trade with all parts of the world;  For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent;  For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury;  For creating a condition under which we can be tried for pretended offences;  For abolishing and subverting the free System of Laws that were to protect the citizenry and make it its own;  For taking away our elected officials, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:  For allowing plunder of our citizens, ignoring our seas, ignoring our ravaged coasts, ignoring and allowing to be burnt down and destroying all mechanisms that were to enhance or protect the lives of our people.  For at this time, transporting large Armies of Mercenaries paid for, by us, and used without regard to our consent or input how its sees fit as its own personal security force at the peoples expense, and great expense at that.  For exciting both foreign and domestic divisiveness and insurrections, against us, and whose incompetence has brought on the citizenry the merciless incursions of foreign parties whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished form that seeks the destruction of people without regard for age, sex or non-combat status. In every stage of these Oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A entity whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. Nor have we been wanting in attentions to our media. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our diminishing existence.

We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been unresponsive to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which announces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends. We, therefore, the Representatives of M.A.O.U.S.; The Mericraticly Aligned Orders United Syndicate, in Territorial Commission, and Assembled Territorial Mericratic Alliance of these States, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions; do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Territories, solemnly publish and declare, That this United Syndicate are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent of C.F.O.B governance of these States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the designs of C.F.O.B., and that all political connection between them and the entities of which C.F.O.B. has influence, are and ought to be totally dissolved; Pursuant of this M.A.O.U.S submits that it is Free and Independent of these designs, and reserves the right to seek in syndicate a new order or reorganization that shall have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which truly Independent and free States have the right do. With reliance on The Creator and divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor in attainment of this noble goal.




The Declaration of Defiance Preface Introduction The Manifesto of Thought I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. Citizen & Oppressor Citizen & Mericrats Existing Opposition Historical Basis The Maousian Machine Citizen, Soldier & Sage Social Contract Maousian Literature & Allies Formation of the M.A., triads and lines of 9 Kite, Cant & Code Durdenism Holiday, Iconography & Slogans The Future Glossary Conclusion

Preface to the American Edition 2008

The Real Deal
(The Maousian Solution) “Get real with it and deal with it” “We have everything to fear, including fear itself”


ear is a necessary part of self preservation, our bravest warriors will tell you at their most desperate moments; they were afraid. The thing about fear is how you go about dealing with it. The “Real Deal” is this, get real with it and deal with it. Quit listing to the “Little Orphan Annie, the sun is going to come out tomorrow singers, and do what must be done.” Sticking our heads in the sand, thinking positively, and saying “America” every other word won’t work. Jobless recoveries don’t work. What is needed to solve this current crisis is good old fashion American innovation. The first act of the Syndicate will be to declare that a state of Total War now exists on the following 9fronts. Theaters of The 9-Front War War on Terrorism Ecological War War on Crime Trade War Drug War Class War Culture War War in Iraq / Afghanistan War on Education

You Reproach the syndicate of course for installing a war time economy. In light of current conditions all arguments against a war time command economy are of course hypocritical, ideological and the stance of self-interest. The free market system was obviously a free-for-all market system for the few. The Syndicate will install a fair market system and manage it as it sees fit. Which of course

will be to the advantage of the Middle Class of the American Territory? The self interest of C.F.O.B. will be unimportant. The Syndicate’s position is this; there will be no mass tax cuts, stimulus packages or other election year candy. The entire country will have to make serious sacrifices, submit to rationing, change strategy and tactics on a number of issues and do what must be done to win the 9-front war and save the Republic.

The Maousian Machines War Powers Act Respective Powers and Duties

I. Office of Price Administration Rationing II. Office of War Mobilization War Production Board Forbids domestic production of products if necessary Determine what will be produced if necessary III. National War Labor Board Maintain fair and safe labor conditions Determine maximum hours & raise wages Seize Plants Order works back to work Negotiate between mgmt and labor

To fight the 9-Front War the Mericratic Alliance will resurrect various programs of the FDR era an erect some new ones unique to the M.A.O.U.S. in order to deal with the problems of the Modern Age.

The above mentioned offices that existed under FDR’s WWII administration will be immediately implemented and take charge of the War Time economy to restore order and prevent an uprising of internal predatory criminal elements. Border Once C.F.O.B. has been defeated this one will work itself out. The laws are already on the books the self interest of C.F.O.B. just never bothered, nay, never wanted them enforced. Citizen Points (C.P.s) The credit points a citizens accumulates as a form of currency for pro humanity behaviors. The same points can be used to obtain social services or retirement benefits. Philanthropic duty in elder collectives, labor wells and citizen relief accrues these points. These points can be cashed in for Health Debt relief, buying into or upgrading ones share an elder or labor collective or a variety of other aspects of the blended economy. Debt Ration Phase out the Usury Discretionary Credit Dependency System: All credit card debt will be transitioned into student loan terms the trade off for the companies is that this will then be collectable and secured by the same terms as a student loan. The trade off for the debtor is we will now have forbearance and other protections along with a non usury interest rate. From that point on Debt will be rationed by the Office of price administration using three years of tax returns to determine a maximum amount available. Additionally debt on credit card terms can be extended for business purposes or entrepreneur endeavors. Education Reform Rebuild around an online home based system with localized tutor support. Use these tutors like pseudo parole officers where individual students have to report in and show their progress. Failure to reach benchmarks will affect the amount of benefits and aid parents will qualify for. Burden of education should first and foremost be on the parents themselves it is their blood duty. Individuals of unique drive and talents will qualify for the advanced education system. Those who do not will be educated to their greatest ability and then helped to find a productive role in society.

Health Care At the hart of the problem is again credit and liquidity. Big giant organizations that create giant juicy funds that attract predatory gouging from both the health care companies and the insurance companies themselves. M.A.S.H. was a long running show about surgery and medicine done out of a tent. Surely one would think we could do better in the new millennium. It is the position of the Mericratic Alliance the pathway to a solution lies in restructuring the way health insured. Specifically reorganizing the whole system where the citizens self insure. Everyone pays in with breaks on your premium given for healthy behaviors. Those who require heath care beyond what they can pay are extended as loan that works along the lines of a student loan. It is required to be paid back but is forgiven at death in the event your estate cannot pay. The giant predatory student loans medical students must endure provide opportunity to address this issue. Allow graduate volunteers opportunities for reimbursement for working in M.A.S.H. heath fairs that reimburse volunteers for part of their giant student loans and can help work things out. Line tickets can be qualified for by a reverse waiver system based on the three year average of tax returns submitted to the I.R.S. Housing Crisis Phase in a plan on three year recurring escalating increments that more realistically addresses the manner in which property is held in the modern age. Grandfather out all non-performing loans on the same scale. Work out leases for those who can no longer pay, assume the property and use property management companies to turn property into rentals for loans that will not perform. Nationalize housing laws and require all institutions to do localize manual underwriting and appraisal review. Change the minimum equity requirement to a minimum of 20%, Texas does this already. Require all loan officers to be licensed and eliminate commission based incentives for giving disadvantaged loan terms. Job Creation There are few paths to job creation and it’s more of an art than a science. Tax cuts will not, speeches will not, confidence will not, the way to create jobs is to create opportunities. Opportunities are generally created by entrepreneurs, a robust luxury class that levels

of the need include personal chefs, domestics, nanny’s and products. Additionally imperialistic war time economics, internal development and locally produced produce and products can lead to job creation. The current industries that must be held at all costs are all tip based industries specifically the restaurant industry. This is the second biggest employer next to the government itself. Which is fascinating in light of all the talk about small government? This industry is interdependent on a great number of other industries and will serve as a low barrier of entry catch all for displaced job seekers. The only alternative solution to “tax cuts” is strategic tax breaks. Tell the I.R.S. to give dispensation i.e. look the other way, to all tip based income for the next 3 years and repeat as necessary. Additionally give tax incentives to restaurateurs and their many suppliers. Flooding these young consumers with cash and providing a cushion to absorb displaced workers will help buy time. They are the ones going to be stuck with the giant bill so any objections to giving them some extra help is only the position of self interest. Encourage and subsidize the American Wine making industry only 12% of people are wine drinkers there is much room for growth. Completely dismantle the drunken driving program which is hypocritical, predatory and destroys people’s ability to get jobs and discourages spending. Redeploy resources to subsidize cab rides home and back in its stead again creating more jobs and encouraging restaurant patronage. Then use the freed up police resources to bolster beat patrols and thwart the up tick of crime that poor economies give rise to. The industries that supply the restaurant industry are numerous so a surge in there business will flow out in all directions. Bolstering these manufactures and suppliers will create jobs with low barriers of entry. Additionally since this is a domestic business it will keep those dollars circulating in the United States and slowly the surrounding industries can rebuild. Once cash starts to flow out of these young hands, grandfather out credit on reoccurring 3yr phase out plans of credit they will still by products at a rate good enough to sustain the whole until the economic model can be re-organized.

Job Creation Algorithm DI (disposable income) * FT (free time) = C (consumption) DI (disposable income) * FT (free time) = I (innovation) DI (disposable income) * FT (free time) * I (innovation) = O(opportunity) O(opportunity) * C (consumption) = P (profit) P (profit) * T(time) = G(growth) P (profit) * T(time) + G(growth) = J(job) Thus you will need an innovator + a consumer whom have disposable income and free time to create a job. The Labor Well The Labor Well will be the mechanism designed to address the critical flaw with capitalism is that in the modern age i.e. careers & industry appear and disappear at such a rate that humanity can not keep up with the fluctuations. The problem is that no place exists to retool the displaced wage dependant for the new industry creating massive disruptions in society, families and individuals. It is the position of the Mericratic Alliances to solve this issue by building retooling center based on monetary / community service financed time shares. This form of unemployment insurance will allow the government to focus resources and the citizens to check themselves in to time share collectives that they have secured while employed. Unused time shares can be auctioned off at the time when unnecessary. In the labor well they can then retool for a new position while being productive for the Civilian Conservation Core. Additional applications of this lodge based labor force could be Habitat for Humanity, Blood donation, Emergency Clean up and relief. On site the lodges can be provided a blended a price controlled commissary something like a PX. The Labor Ration The determination by citizen points required for initiation will help determine many people will be available for full scale labor.

Middle East Peace The Mericratic Alliance perceives this situation to be a Roman Hangover with a case of Nazi Revenge. It is the intention of the Mericratic Alliance to explore alternative ideas on possible temporary and long term solutions. George Washington’s farewell address warning against foreign wars speaks much on this issue. Ministry of Vice Management Ministry of Vice management will Phase out the Harrison Act and transition from a criminal strategy on this issue to one that treats it as a social / medical social issue. To manage this front the Machine will establish a line of 9 to serve as Vice Lords. A 3 year phasing chart of implementation will then be instituted to decriminalize and thus de-capitalize the predatory elements of this front. Simultaneously social alternative support programs will be erected to deal with chemical slaves. Ministry of Social Issues A catch all scaleable adaptable mechanism for dealing with the homeless, orphans, mentorship programs for a disenfranchised youth, etc. Thoughtmore Develop an online at home alternative to the current educational system by undertaking a parallel launch of the Maousian citizen initiation plan with a mind body spirit curriculum. Prison Reform The current puritan reform model has only shown that it won’t work. The new model will be based on threat neutralization. Reestablish the Civilian Conservation Core Duties will be establishment and building of: The Labor Well Roads Public Baths The Elder Collective The Organic Reserve Zeppelin Fields Fountains Aqueducts Camps

Scaled Labor Labor will be paid at scale. Those who are citizen initiates will work for reduced scale. Those who are active citizens can work for full scale. Reduced scale communities and the labor well will help make workers competitive again against wage disparity.

Social Security Phase out Social Security replace with the Elder Collective Auction Time Share system. Student Loans Student loans will be reorganized, have forbearance expanded and amortized as necessary with graduates and their employers given a before tax pay down option as an incentive. After which the loans will be subjected to the Debt Ration. Organic Reserve The Organic Reserve is a network of towns and cities working with a reduced dependency on modern era technology. These communities will serve as a localized national back up system for natural disasters, power shortages and also serve as learning centers for the youth initiates on the path to citizenry. War in Iraq, Afghanistan and against Al Qaeda First reorganize into a strategy employing Fabian Tactics rather than nation building. Followed by a Xanthippian Review (as in Xanthippus of Carthage) this will likely transition into a, lead from the front mentality, similar to WWII tank warfare but at infantry squad level with drone air power firebases that should come online very shortly. Simultaneously multiple exit strategies and contingencies plans should be developed. Especially taking care to support and citizen condoned or promoted localized government that are effective.

The Mericratic Alliance’s American Syndicate

Ignition switch to start the Maousian Machine Currently the American people are over taxed, over regulated, over litigated, over promised and underserved. Populist Phalanx A concentrated assault by actors, athletes and citizens beyond reproach to overwhelm the house and senate as an in band system solution to take back the government. The members of the phalanx have but one mission pass the triadic amendment then step down and let the Syndicate take it from there. Establish and pass The Triadic Amendment The Triadic Amendment will give the people a permanent third option as an alternative to the president and congressional system. Therefore giving the people the option to keep it or destroy it thus keeping it in check. A system that will in fact suspend the executive, legislative and judicial branch and put place the Syndicate and its Maousian Machine for a duration determined by the Anti-Vote. The Maousian system will then preside over, absorb and dissolve government infrastructure as necessary. The machine will run all aspects of the government for a period of 3 years subject to being disbanded in the forth year if an Anti-Vote majority removes it otherwise continuing until it is so removed. Offer Syndicate to all populist organizations Fighting C.F.O.B. on its home turf is futile Fortress Washington can only be smashed with a massive overwhelming invasion force.

All populist forces must join up under a central command. We suggest using the Maousian Syndicate since it was built to do just that. As a unified voting force, resources and manpower can be concentrated against Fortress Washington and C.F.O.B. Our beach heads are named the beltway, house, senate, Supreme Court, Whitehouse, & West Wing; our invasion plan is May Day

Reconvene the Continental Congress A series of debates will be held in line of 9 and Triad of 27. The intent to retire the three fifths constitution and replace it with a modern version specifically addressing the 2nd amendment on establishment of a militia, reorganizing the Judicial Branch and accounting for all other issues of the underrepresented citizenry.


The Manifesto

M. A. O. U. S.

The Mericraticly Aligned Orders United Syndicate


specter continues to haunt the citizenry, the specter of oligarchy. All the old powers have entered into an unholy alliance to perpetuate this specter. [C.F.O.B., Monarch & Minister, Bureaucrat & Business Barron, Judicial Cartels & Media Propagandistic.] Where is the entity in opposition that can hurl back this threat? Where is the opposition that can defend a world wide middle class, rather than serve over the consolidated wealth and power of its oppressors? As the class war continues three things become apparent 1.) Meritocracy must be the endeavor that is undertaken to ensure a system that is based on what is earned rather than what is inherited through corrupt means. 2.) It is high time that the middle class forms a world wide entity to combat these incursions that rob it of its wealth, pursuit of happiness and safety in the name of naked selfinterest. 3.) This entity charged with this endeavor must consist of a Syndicate. That is an alliance of a world wide orders composed of brothers and sisters of the new enlightenment and its revolution. Pursuant of this the following manifesto has been designed in order that Mericrats of various nationalities can form an alliance to endeavor in and defend the world wide middle class.

Chapter I

Citizen & Oppressor

Commonly task performer and task giver, although collateralized under many different titles and forms, for a wage or no wage this arrangement can be summed up as oppressor and oppressed, whom have stood in constant opposition to one another, carrying on an uninterrupted, sometimes open sometimes clandestine war; a war that each time ended, in either a revolutionary reorganization of society or the ruin of one or all of the contending classes. The modern wage-based society that sprouted from the ruins of feudal society has not done away with class antagonisms. Our history, the history of class struggle, possesses one distinct feature that simplifies class antagonisms. Our society as a whole is splitting up into two great hostile camps, both directly and indirectly facing each other – citizen and oppressor. From the trade of the ancient world sprang the commerce system of the modern age. The exploration, discovery and colonization of the modern world gave, to commerce, to innovation, to industry, a character, proliferation and speed never before known, and thereby a rapid revolutionary element to society that endures under rapid and constant development.


he history of all existing society is the history of class struggles.

The ancient form of trade and commerce that in which apprenticeship and agriculture defined production no longer suffices for the constantly growing, constantly evolving wants of new markets. Entire professions, products and technologies vanish in the face of threats and competition from emerging industries, technologies and markets. As the markets continue growing and evolving, with demand rising and falling, the new emerging world markets character came into existence, for which modern industry paved the way. The place of all previous commerce systems was over taken by the giant, CORPORATE FEUDALISTIC OLIGARCHICAL BUERACRACY; i.e. C.F.O.B. The place of middle and lower classes of the world is constantly in flux at the mercy of industrial billionaires and their conglomerates whom implement by impulse alone and whose whims affect millions. The constant warfare between these profit motivated camps makes causalities of untold numbers of people of the middle and lower classes. The oligarchy acts without any regard for the outcome of their actions except their own self-interest. We see, therefore, how the modern wage-dependant is itself is the product of the rapid, random and roaming course of mercantilist development. Each step in the plight of the citizenry was accompanied by a corresponding political class upheaval. The citizenry historically has played the most revolutionary part in this struggle. The oppressor, whenever it has got the upper hand, has put to an end to all alpha-pack based, patriarchal, idyllic relations. It has pitilessly torn asunder the alpha-pack based family structure that bounds mankind to its “natural leaders”, and has left no other relationship between people than the one defined by its own naked self-interest. Cash and credit only based systems have drowned out the most heavenly ecstasies of religious exploration, loyalty and brotherhood. Brother and sisterhood have been drowned out in a vile, putrid sea of egotistical, divas who have no regard for anything but there narcissistic quest for riches, real-estate, religious power or recognition. It has converted the student, the professor, the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, and the man of science into paycheck to paycheck prostitutes. C.F.O.B. cannot exist nor survive without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of labor and industries and with them the whole designs of societies. Constant revolutionizing of uninterrupted production creates a constant disturbance of all labor, social and social conditions.

The need of a constantly expanding market, ever cheaper labor and new venues to market its products forces C.F.O.B. over the entire surface of the globe. It must expand into every market possible, colonize everywhere and eradicate everything from which it finds a threat. C.F.O.B. through its exploitation of the world market has given a universal feel to labor, consumption and appearance of products decimating world culture. Industries and careers are constantly being destroyed or have been destroyed. They are made obsolete by constantly emerging technologies and industries. Old isolationistic theory is replaced by theories of invasion. The intellectual creations of individuals of one nation become the pirated property of those from others without any regard for the subsistence of the creator. The result of this constant theft eventually results in the extinction of the creator themselves and thus the subsistence of the pirates and all others for whom the fruits of the creator supported. This naked self-interest, one sidedness and narrow-mindedness becomes more and more impossible to sustain and as the interdependency of the world’s citizenry increases. C.F.O.B. rapid penetration of all instruments of production and communication, and insatiable need for cheep labor, draws all, even the most barbaric nations into civilization. The cheap price of labor and the need for commodities and commerce are the heavy artillery with which C.F.O.B. forces itself into all markets and all nations under threat of extinction if they do not adopt C.F.O.B.’s methods and modes of production. Even those nations characterized by intense hatred of foreigners are forced to capitulate and interact with the modern industrial machine and the nations that run it. C.F.O.B. keeps more and more, doing away with the individual means of production, and of property. It has agglomerated population, centralized means of production, and has concentrated wealth and property in a few hands. The necessary consequence of this was intercourse with the centralized political system, co-dependant closely connected government and corporate relationships with a government whose code of laws, tariffs and movements are lumped together into one entity that services only it’s own self interest. This makes C.F.O.B. the leviathan of the modern industrial age. This beast and its army of oppressors have demonstrated more massive and colossal productive forces and power than have all proceeding generations combined. Subjection of nature’s forces to man, chemistry, industry and transportation have created massive impact on the earth. This impact is coupled with weapons that can raise whole civilizations to

the ground. What earlier age of mankind had even a presentiment that such powerful forces slumbered in the creative mind of mankind? The means of production and exchange, on whose foundation the oppressors built themselves up were generated in feudal society. When the restrictions that feudalism imposed were no longer maintainable, the oppression of the citizenry was burst asunder and finally the feudalist society itself was burst asunder. Into its void stepped capitalism, fascism, communism, and totalitarianism. A similar condition is going on in this modern age. C.F.O.B. with it’s rapidly developing and disappearing means of production. Makes the current exchange and collateralization of property unsustainable. The sorcerer who bartered with this beast of the nether world, is no longer able to control the powers upon which he conjured up. He now finds himself subject to this beasts dominion rather than its master. For decades the history of mankind has been defined by revolt of citizenry against oppressor. In this crisis, there breaks out problems that in the earlier history of mankind would have seemed absurd. Whole populaces that are starving despite an abundance of food. Great medical ability with no accessibility. In this unbalanced state society finds itself returning to its earlier barbaric state. It endures famines, constant warfare conducted on such a level that a universal war of devastation seems eminent. It appears that all progress, every means of societies subsistence will be destroyed. And why? Because there is too much greed, too much means of usury credit, too much unbalanced commerce, too few opportunities for a wage that will support hyper-consumerism. As C.F.O.B. circumvents or overcome restrictions under which it is placed it brings disorder to the entire modern industry followed by society itself. The conditions of existence of C.F.O.B. are too narrow to sustain the society needed to support it. And how does the oligarchy of modern industry deal with this crisis. On one hand, by enforced destruction and oppression of labor, on the other by the conquest of new markets, and by further exploiting the original ones. Paving the way for a more extensive destructive cycle destroying the very infrastructure by which the crisis can be prevented. Disproportionately to C.F.O.B. and it’s wealth, so develops the citizenry whom presently live only so long as they find work and who find work only so long as it suits the limited and narrow needs of C.F.O.B. The citizenry, who must sell themselves piecemeal, are like a commodity, at the mercy of all the vicissitudes of competition and fluctuations of the market.

Modern Industry has caused the products of humanity to lose all individual character out of necessity they are produced in cheap, rapid cookie cutter fashion. Human craftsmanship and labor is but an appendage of this machine, only the most simple repetitive tasks that cannot yet be done by automation can be done by the laborer. Therefore under C.F.O.B. the cost of labor has restricted the bare minimum of human subsistence. While the cost of goods sold is equal to the cost of production of which labor is a component. The need or coveting of maximum profit or minimum profit in conjunction with maximizing of the number of goods produced in order to drive all competitors and threats out of business dictates the wage of laborer is at the lowest common denominator. Therefore as the repulsiveness of labor conditions increase in the form of longer hours, increased speed and cessation of benefits. Wage and job security decreases thus lowering the human condition. Modern industry has brought the bulk of the master craftsman, small farmer, artisan and the like to near extinction. All humanity becomes enslaved to this free-for-all market system rather than served by it. The more openly this despotism shows that profit, power and self-interest are its only aim, the pettier it is revealed to be, and the more hateful and embittered the citizenry becomes. The insatiable appetite for the lower cost of goods sold, the more automation modern industry develops. It proportionally lowers the human condition. Traditional gender roles, mother, father, child, young or old all become secondary to need for wage. A subsistence develops where the bulk of the citizenry barely receives their wage soon enough to deal with other market forces whether they be landlords, mortgages, creditors or the cost of daily subsistence. In this system the lower and middle class citizenry of the world gradually sink to the same standard of living, partly because their paltry disposable income and ever expanding demand upon their hours of leisure which must be surrendered to hours of required labor to meet ever increasing demands upon their pocketbooks. As whatever specialized skill they might have pursued is quickly or unexpectedly rendered worthless by new methods of production or cheaper labor. The wage-dependant class becomes more comprised of all people of displaced career paths. The cycle of the wage-dependant in the free-for-all market system goes through various stages of development and destruction. With birth begins the struggle with the forces of oppression. At first the contest is carried on by individual wage-dependants against each other, then by their industry against its competitors, then by the competitors of one industry

or laborers of one country against their cheaper or superior competition. Then against the individual industries oppressive forces that employs and exploits them. The wage-dependant then direct their attacks not against the oppressive condition of the free-for-all market system but against the instruments of production themselves; they reject, boycott or seek to destroy imported wares. They renounce foreign labor, foreign goods and cheaper imported migrant labor. At this stage, the citizenry form a unified mass scattered over the whole country, and broken up by their mutual competition. In order to obtain its own profit motive and political ends C.F.O.B. sets the entire mass of wage-dependants into motion and for a time and is able to persuade the wage-dependants that C.F.O.B. is not their oppressors rather that the C.F.O.B. is a partner in their struggle and that the two are comrade-inarms in a greater struggle against the competitor of their choosing. The wage-dependants do not fight their true oppressors and enemies, but rather they fight the ‘enemies’ of their true enemy; C.F.O.B. The enemies of C.F.O.B. whether they be competitors, regulators, laborers or governmental forces internal or foreign are the only injured party under this ideology. Thus, the sole benefactor of this struggle is C.F.O.B. itself and only perpetuate it’s ruthless profiteering and naked self-interest. With the rapid and constant development of communication and technology, the wage-dependant world citizenry becomes more interdependent and self-aware of each others plight. This awakening leads to the awareness of the potential benefit of a united world citizenry. These constant and rapid social fluctuations create an ever more untenable condition between the world citizenry and C.F.O.B. Class disparity increases as the two classes are put on a collision course. Thereupon, the citizenry begin to form organizations collateralized in groups, clubs or unions. They reach out to their perceived allies or guardians in order to try and blunt the oppressive forces advance, to keep up the same rate of wages or lifestyle to thwart the deterioration of the human condition. At this point public outcry becomes so deafening that protests, demonstrations and organizations, the precursors, lead to eventual riots or revolts if conditions continue to deteriorate or do not improve. Now and then the citizenry are victorious, but only for a time. The real fruit of their battles lie not in the immediate result, but in the ever expanding union and contact with the world citizenry. This condition allows for the opportunity for the numerous local struggles to be combined into a world struggle between the citizenry and whatever oppressive forces might arise.

As we have already seen, entire sections of wage-dependants and their nations become the casualties of this ongoing all out struggle with C.F.O.B. This constant struggle, the advance of technology, constant adaptation and automation of industry causes massive casualties, collateral damaged or at least a state of constant threat. Finally, in times when the struggle with C.F.O.B. nears the decisive hour, whereupon forces have been set in motion that cannot be undone. The struggle assumes a violent, menacing character, something must change! Realizing that the only change the citizenry can truly believe in is the one they bring about themselves the citizenry sets itself in motion against C.F.O.B. Of all the forces at work for the destruction of C.F.O.B. the citizenry alone is genuinely a force that can do so. All other advocates decay and finally disappear in the face of corruption and the lure of naked selfinterest. The only essential component in this equation is the citizenry itself. At this point a small section of class-traitors, joins the force that holds the true potential to defeat C.F.O.B.; the middle class. At this point the ideologists from these camps who are capable of comprehending the wisdom, history and future of this movement, join the movement The government, the judicial system, the media cartels, self proclaimed corporate philanthropist, and the moral crusaders that all proclaim opposition to C.F.O.B. retreat and surrender their position. They are therefore not advocates of real progress, but conservative, rather they are reactionary as they perceive the impending threat only in the terms of their own self preservation. In the condition of the wage-dependant, nay, rather wage-starved, those of this status, find themselves virtually drowning, under a system which they are over-regulated, over-litigated, overtaxed and underserved. The wage-dependant are eventually left without potential for property, family relations, pursuit of happiness, or certainty of means, of ones own subsistence. Life, liberty, opportunities for advancement all deteriorate as well as they do not serve the naked self-interest of the oppressors. Law, morality, religion become euphemisms for control behind which the oppressors hide waiting to ambush any threats to their power to control and protect their self-interest. All preceding class struggles resulted in the victorious privileged class or oligarchs constantly seeking to feed their insatiable hunger for profit and power by subjecting the citizenry and wage-dependants to constant and increasing appropriation until their relentless and insatiable greed causes revolutionary forces to arise once this condition reaches its untenable inevitable conclusion.

Most all preceding historical movements were movements inspired by or eventually hijacked by oligarchs to serve the self-interests of the oligarchs. The Mericratic movement is the self-conscious, independent movement that in the interest of the immense majority of the world citizenry concerns itself with developing a condition that most reflects and thus serves the cycles and natural order of the human condition. The mission of the mericrats is to remove all barriers that thwart accountability, all securities that protect incompetence, all insurances that anything but ability determines promotion, and all fortifications that guarantee and concentrate reward without contribution to the natural order and cycles of the human condition. The Mericratic mission is one of protection of the opportunity for advancement. An opportunity that can be realized by those most able to do so in order that by removing oppression and replacing it with opportunity of advancement all may rise to a newer and higher level of the human condition. All other movements hitherto eventually oppressed opportunity for advancement to others so that they may maintain their unnatural, underserved position. A position where by the weak, masquerading as the most able, sabotage the strong so that they may maintain their undeserved position of privilege. This is the very condition that ended up eventually being the fatal flaw of monarchy itself and why, unearned privilege, gives strength to those who are truly weak. Strong leaders command respect, weak leaders demand it, and the less they command it the more they demand it. The strong earn respect, power and privilege by deed, demonstration or action. The weak then, out of envy, arrogance, and stupidity sabotage the strong so as not to lose what they naturally should never have. This condition weakens the society as a whole and therefore its guardians. The only thing this flawed system produces is its own gravediggers, whom arrive at the fall of its last guardians.

Chapter II

Other Movements and The Mericratic Alliance. n what relation does the Mericratic Alliance stand to other Religious and Political movements, their governments and other governments? Furthermore, in what relation does the Mericratic Alliance stand to the world citizenry as a whole?  The Mericratic Alliance does not form as a separate party opposed to other parties, the alliance is an anti-party.  The Mericratic Alliance does not form as a separate religion opposed to other religions.  They do not set up a system based on strict sectarian principals, by which to shape and mold the world citizenry.


The Mericratic Alliance is distinguished from other religious, political and governmental entities by the following: I. In the national struggles of the citizenry of the different countries, they point out and bring to the front the common interests of the entire citizenry, independent of all nationality. II. In the various stages of development which the struggle of the citizenry against the oppressor has to pass through, they always and everywhere represent the interests of the movement as a whole. III. Theirs is the interest of the human condition in the terms of merit, blood and soil and how these principals relate to citizenry as a whole.

The Mericratic Alliance forms an alliance of syndicates that stands in opposition to all political parties and their ilk, an alliance of world citizenry that renounces a system that is little more than a euphemism for employee unions of oligarchs that serve self-interest and outside undue influence instead of the entity they are suppose to be serving, the citizenry itself. In national struggles of the world citizenry of the different countries, the Mericratic Alliance points out and brings to the front the common interests of the entire human condition independent of all nationality. The Mericratic Alliance is an anti-party and is distinguished from all other political systems in that they seek to from a syndicate that allies itself with other syndicates to form an international system of coprosperity. In this sense, the theory of the Mericratic Alliance, can be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of all political parties. We of the Mericratic Alliance have been reproached with the desire of abolishing these systems, the systems of old, the systems of tradition, the systems of government that claimed to bring freedom, justice and thwart oppression of the people. Freedom, justice, lack of oppression, system for the people! Do you mean the corrupt and oligarchic systems that have taken credit for all triumphs of the citizenry! All advancements against oppression have been the direct fruits of the citizenries labor; all political parties were only bandwagon, tag-a-long, credit jacking entities, that could not wait for, nay, were falling all over themselves to take the credit for another’s efforts! Hard won, self-made, self-earned credit and advancements of the human condition have been repeatedly suppressed by these systems! There is great need to destroy these as they have already suppressed or destroyed the knowledge that would lead to the advancement of all humanity and the human condition. Or should we entertain the idealistic tripe of change? These organizations don’t seek change or advancement in the least bit! They are only concerned with the preservation of their condition, not the advancement of the human condition. Suppression of the human condition in its present form of oligarchy is based on oppressive wage dependency and denial of information. Let us examine both sides of this antagonism. To be an oligarch, in its present form, is to not only to pursue purely selfinterest, but to pursue a social STATUS position based on narcissistic delusions of POWER, enforced by the denial of opportunity to those superior to you.

Oligarchy is therefore not earned power, rather, it is power achieved by denial. Let us now take oppressive wage dependency. The price of wage labor is not the actual earned benefit of the one’s loyalty, talents or contributions but the bare minimum that the oligarch can keep one in to create a subsistence of dependency and a state of informational denial. It is absolutely necessary to keep this to a bare minimum so as to thwart any competition and therefore advancement so as to keep all others in a state of denial of opportunity so as to maintain one’s own status of un-earned privilege. The miserable character of this appropriation under which the current laborer lives is merely to deny opportunity so as to thwart competition only serves the weak and the stagnate. i.e. those against advancement or change. In the oligarch’s society, wage is but a means to decrease competition and maintain the status quo, in the Mericratic society it is but way to keep score of contribution and compensate one accordingly. The intent then becomes increasing the bliss of the overall human condition. In the oligarchs society therefore the past dominates the present; in Mericratic society, the current condition defines the past, present and future. In the oligarch’s society, capital only is the self serving tool of ones own gratification. In the Mericratic society, capital in conjunction with philanthropy, creates a blended credit system as the means by which ones merit is measured and thus compensation and gratification earned. The abolition of this state of things is denounced by the oligarchs as the abolition of freedom and the free market system! And rightly so. The abolition of freedom for this free-for-all market system is undoubtedly what the benefactors of this greedy self-interested system fears the most! Having to defend themselves on the equal playing field of merit rather than forcing their superiors to play their corrupt house game, with a stacked deck of denial of opportunity. But if political parties disappear and all their other euphemisms does not government itself? These brave words of governments such as change, freedom and safety, in general have only a meaning in so far as to those whom interfere with the direct will of the citizenry itself. Are you horrified by our desire to do away with these perceived protectorates and creature comforts? In one word you, reproach us with intending to do away with your government. Precisely that is what we intend to do!!!

From the moment when your ability to find or do labor, pay debt, make money, or make rent, diminishes proportionally your individuality and worth vanishes as does your value to this currency consuming governmental system. You must then confess your individuality and worth is solely the property of another. And therefore your creativity, fruits of labor and opportunity. Meritocracy deprives no citizen of these opportunities. Rather the mericrats endeavors to empower the citizen to appropriate, be creative and realize the fruits of their labor and thus contribute to the upward march of humanity, its evolution and therefore the human condition. The abolition of opportunity will eventually lead to the abolition of all creativity, cleverness and competition, and therefore progress will cease, allowing a universal state of stagnation to overtake us all. According to this oppressive oligarchic society the denial of opportunity is their only means of subsistence and advancement, so as they don’t have to compete. There can no longer be any protection from advancement rather than ones own merit. All objections against the Mericratic way of appropriation, have in the same way discouraged the Mericratic way of opportunistic, creative open competition itself. To the oligarch the disappearance of this culture is the disappearance of all culture itself. To the Mericrats it is only the disappearance of weakness and proportionally the ability of the weak to sabotage the strong. The culture of the weak, laments change and competition, the culture of the strong not only welcomes it but seeks it out. The selfish desire that induces the weak to pervert the eternal laws of nature, so as to perpetuate their status, means of self promotion, and prosperity – historically rises and falls in the absence of progress – this is the misconception that every weak ruling class preceding the present shared. What the weak promote as progress, is admittedly only the preservation of, or gains of feudalism, thus the byproducts of denial of opportunity, preservation of wage dependency and retroactive resistance. Abolition of the definition of family and abolition of compulsory bias toward Judeo-Christian pairing structures or religious based systems with regard to property and law! Even most progressive of minds flare up at this proposal of the Mericratic Alliance. On what foundation is the present family based? Capital, religion, moral crusaders, hereditary traditional preconceived notions, television? The family vanishes whenever one of these stalwarts is exposed. At some level the mother and father of the union are strangers, remain strangers and thus their relationship beyond copulation is arbitrary. But the blood bond between parent and child and duty to such is undeniable.

The blood bond between parent and child is the defining obligation of any union or relationship, in terms of loyalty and duty, all other relationships are at their best arbitrary and at their worst superfluous, oppressive or meaningless. They are quickly exposed as so when capital or means of subsistence vanishes. The blood bond therefore, is the one that does not, for it is the intrinsic to the perpetuation of the species and must be protected at all costs. Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents, as a source of capital, as a source of reproach, as a source of negotiation or warfare? To this crime we plead guilty. But you say we destroy the most idealistic of relations and replace it with its most hallowed when we replace social babysitting/education with home/camp based social supported training? And your education! By candlelight, clandestine investigation, books and tombs were ingested to the point that those of the least and most oppressed could raise themselves through enlightenment to a state greater than their oppressor, surely we can do the same. To the oppressor and his ally the moral crusader, the modern family and educational system, becomes all the more disgusting when the true motive of disinformation and debt bonding becomes exposed. All true mechanisms of the celestial blood bond are torn asunder from this perverse and ill-conceived notion of child parent relationship as an instrument of debt exploitation to further indenture their servant and obtain a new one, rather than as instructor-protectorate-mentor, as is the true design of The Creator. But you Mericrats would introduce an empowered alpha-parent community, charged and supported with the education and training of their own young, screams the oppressors in chorus! To this we also plead guilty. The oppressor sees the parent-child relation as mere instruments of control, exploitation and production. The oppressor sees everything in the terms of self-interest and therefore can come to no other conclusion than to apply this to the parent-child relationship and educational system. The oppressor has not even a suspicion that the real point aimed at here is to do away with the status of parent-child and the education system as mere instruments of control, exploitation and production. For the rest, nothing is more ridiculous than the virtuous indignation of our oppressors accusation that community of women will fall to a state of free love, which, they will pretend is to be introduced by the Mericratic Alliance, The members of The Mericratic Alliance have no need to introduce nor regulate free love; it has existed almost from the time of immemorial.

Our oppressors, not content with having wives and daughters of their citizenry at their disposal, not to speak of the prostitutes and mistresses they take as ladies of fancy, they take great pleasure in seducing each other’s or dismissing each others wives and lovers. (ah, its good to be the king!) Marriage is, in reality, a chattel arrangement, and therefore a system of bondage which treats each other as property and is collateralized as such by law, religious institutions or other oppressive means. The institution quickly falls asunder when one or both parties reveal their true intention of having a system of wives or husbands in a polygamous reality disguised as morally superior monogamy to maintain the delusion of property or possession over something that was never theirs to truly to possess in the first place. The Mericratic Alliance might possibly be reproached with is the desire to introduce a proactive child rearing union requirement. A union where the duty or relation between the parentage of the union to each other is arbitrary but the responsibility of the parentage to the product of the union, i.e. the offspring, is not. In substitution for a hypocritically concealed institution with as many if not more failures as successes both historically and presently? To this we also plead guilty. The more natural alpha-pack based pairing structure that is natural for humanity is reproached by the oppressor as free love. A ridiculous exercise in hypocrisy since love under the oppressors definition is based on possession which of course implies property, therefore value, possession and potential exploitation which the oppressors only possible thought process. Then what is one’s role in one’s relationship, or as a parent or as ones lover in a relationship of whatever arbitrary definition. A child should not be thought of in the terms of a possession, as an adornment, as a doll or most certainly an afterthought to be abandoned. To the Mericrats it is your genetic duty! Charged to you by The Creator to act as steward, protector and instructor to that which will serve to perpetuate the species, and therefore one’s own genetic code, in order to, continue to create and serve The Creator as one of its creations to further one’s role in The Creators grandest creation of which we know; the universe of all things. Perpetuation of the species, serving The Creator through creation, is thus the reason that one feels the overwhelming need to release themselves in the fashion of passion or lust. To put to rest the undeniable urge that The Creator put within us to insure the human experiment continues. It is the actual or perceived denial of this urge that causes a civilian to self-weaponize and thus become primal. This dangerous condition

manifests itself in violent behavior. This simple yet complex bioelectrical mechanism is the root cause of much misery brought on by those whom try to manipulate or exploit it from a position of ignorance or self-interest. Therefore all forms of manipulation of so called free love, lust or pairing structures must be abolished! Motivations that are monetary, moral crusading, or designs of selfinterest are oppressive, idealistic and useless. In their stead will be placed a reformed shared duty system whose primary purpose will be acclimating, protecting and instructing the child as part of the pack, i.e. society. All arbitrary traditional pairing structures will be respected but not favored by legislation. The suppression of violence caused by misguided manipulation of this mechanism will be a side benefit and further motivation to implement this reformed system that is truly more natural to the human condition. The Mericrats are further reproached with the desiring to abolish countries and nationality. In reality all countries are an illusion they are merely alpha-pack territories that are only valid as long as their borders are enforceable by the pack i.e. citizens of that country. Therefore all territory is based on illusion. We cannot take from the world citizenry what they never truly had. Since the citizenry must first acquire political supremacy by rising to be the ruling class of the nation, the world citizenry itself must constitute itself the international super-pack. Uniting all nations, therefore the becoming an empire without borders, the word state of M.A.O.U.S. Cultural individualities and divides are vanishing daily, owing to the development of freedom of commerce, access to the world market, and the desire for interactions, goods and services brought about by trade. The supremacy of the world citizenry will cause them to vanish still faster. Uniting the command and control structure of the existing alpha countries through the syndicate is one of the first conditions for the emancipation of the citizen. In the proportion as the exploitation of one individual by another will also be put an end to, the exploitation of one nation by another will also be put an end to. In proportion as the antagonism between classes within the nation vanishes, the hostility of one nation to another will come to an end. The charges against the Mericratic Alliance from a religious, philosophical perspective are generally, from an unfounded, utopian,

misguided, ideological standpoint, and therefore not deserving of serious examination. Does it require deep intuition to comprehend that one’s ideas, views, and conception, in one word, man’s consciousness, changes with every change in one’s human condition, in one’s social relations and in one’s social life or personnel bliss? If nothing else history proves that the ideas of each age have been the ideas of the oppressive class. The oppressive class then repeats each mistake that was made before and then they learn that mankind seems to learn nothing from history and that those whom do not know their history or ignore it, are doomed to repeat it. This condition repeats itself under the current system ad nauseam. When people speak of the ideas that revolutionize society, they do but express the fact that within the old society the conditions defining the new one were created. The elimination of the old ideas keeps pace with the elimination of the old conditions by which that society was maintained. Invariably it is said religious moral philosophical and legal ideas have been modified in the course of historical development. But religion, morality, and law, constantly survived and/or resisted change. There are, besides, sacred eternal truths, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that are common to all states of society. The Mericratic Alliance abolishes all sacred eternal truths. The Mericratic Alliance abolishes religious absolutism, all moral superiority, instead constituting them on a new basis; the social contract under which one is licensed rights. Therefore the Mericratic Alliance acts in contradiction to all past historical endeavors of delusion. You are horrified and of course reproach the Mericratic Alliance for such a bold statement. What does this accusation reduces itself to? That the history of all past society has consisted of class antagonisms, antagonisms that have forced the oppressed class to live under a social contract forced upon it with a bill of rights designed by the oppressor. A contract that was enforced by coercive means arbitrarily by the oppressor. Whatever form this might have taken, one fact is common to all past ages, the exploitation of one part of society by the other. It is no wonder then that certain characteristics, general ideas or types of exploitation cannot totally disappear with out the removal of class antagonism. A condition that can only be brought about by a prosperous, numerous and diverse world wide middle class. The revolution of The Maousian Deists is the most radical departure from traditionally held beliefs it is no wonder that its development will involve the most radical methods to bring about this change.

Now that we have addressed the objections of the oppressors to Mericratic Alliance. Let us entertain the formation of M.A.O.U.S. The first step in the revolution of the world citizenry and formation of a world wide middle class is to raise the middle class to the ruling class and therefore win the battle of democracy. The middle class must wrest political supremacy from the wage oppressors and corporate feudalists wage dependency system, all instruments of production, all modern industry, all political entities, all mechanisms of tax, all influence internal or foreign must be dissolved or made subservient to the citizenry. To organize the middle class as the ruling class a protective syndicate i.e. The Maousian Machine, will be formed to serve as the alpha guardian fulfilling the roles of consular, treasure and enforcer of the citizenry. The command and control structure of this Syndicate, will consist of financiers, great thinkers and soldiery that can be drafted, selected or elected by each other or the citizenry. The Syndicate will then stay in office without need for the current election process which only wastes time and money. The Machine will only be subject to the anti-vote. The Anti-vote is a reoccurring opportunity to get rid of a failing triad or member of a triad reoccurring after every third year of service. The AntiVote is available to all registered anti-voters and enacted when a majority elects to depose a member for reasons be they corruption, incompetence, non-performance or whatever. Should the anti-voters not achieve a majority to displace them the old boss will remain. Selections, a draft or a reformed election will then be conducted to determine the new member. Selections consist of a system of trials over a nine month where the applicants will stand on their merit in a reality show type competition. Once this process is complete the citizens will select a new boss The Syndicate will be given the powers of protection, taste and tax. The boss will be given the ability to directly profit from the resources in their territory. This ability to accrue wealth & favor will ensure the best talent is secured, attracted and resistant to undue influence in this role. All other institutions will find themselves subservient to the bosses of the syndicate and its machine, as the syndicate has no need for them for its subsistence, wealth or otherwise. Therefore no loyalty to any institution but the citizenry itself. The only thing the well rewarded bosses of this syndicate need want is not to be dismissed from the lucrative and noble business of looking over the needs of the citizenry.

This Syndicate will not need be to be engaged in wasteful elections or raising of money by selling itself like a common whore piece meal to the pimps of self-interest. Once this undue influence is removed so will also be removed its corruption. The syndicates prosperity will be designed to profit increasingly with the rise of the human condition and overall bliss of the citizenry. The Syndicate has one code, one oath, one overriding mission to carry out. To look after the brother and sisterhood of the citizenry, middleclass and their children. This mission of protecting the citizenry for both fee and philosophical obligation defines the Syndicates primary mission. This essentially charges the Maousian Machine to be the alpha corporation of the Mericratic Capitalists whose purpose is that of the guardian literally; Protection inc. The Machine shall have the ability to protect, taste and tax all things or destroy them. With ability to destroy those whom set themselves above the needs of the citizenry. The Maousian Machine will have the one thing it needs to truly govern a market based capitalistic society that has been missing. The ability to destroy it, and to be able to destroy a thing is to be able to control a thing. There are generally three stages to form a Syndicate. The implementation of these stages and measures will, vary from country to country, some will be overt, some will be clandestine, some will be by negotiation, some by reason, some may volunteer to reorganize, some will slowly transition, some will transition quickly, some revolutionary, some evolutionary, some devolutionary, some non-violent and beautiful, some violent and brutal. This is the way of things . . . The first stage of forming a syndicate of M.A.O.U.S. is the announcement. This is an informational phase. The second stage of forming a syndicate of M.A.O.U.S. is the organization. This is a planning phase. The third stage is of forming a syndicate of M.A.O.U.S. is the implementation. This is the action phase where a continental or territorial congress will be called, social contract will be established and the syndicates constitution of dispute and The Maousian Machine is formed. Some generally applicable Reformation of the way in which property is held. Formation of a Internal Revenue Service ran by a Line of Inquisition. Diminishment of inheritance based privilege. Formation of a Territorial Congress and Syndicate.

Establishment and ratification of a social contract. Confiscation of the property and prosecution of Class Traitors. Outlawing of usury and reformation of credit systems. Reformation of insurance systems. Centralization of property and credit rules by means of making all institutions that engage in such practices under the dominion of the national syndicates treasury’s line of inquisition and thus subject to taste and tax. Implementation of the citizen initiate, citizen active, citizen elder system. Equal obligation of all to contribute. Establish of vast citizen militia that is weaponizable, deputizable adaptable militia for the purposes of defense, philanthropy, or disaster relief. Establishment of an agricultural, master craftsman, teamster organic reserve for purposes of education and as a back up system for modern society. Reformation of Education system into a blended system that starts and remains home-based, then becomes group/ camp-based that focuses on total training of mind body and spirit in a lodge based system to help the individual attain their highest and best use in the era of new enlightenment. Implementation of a system and selection process that searches to place individuals and open opportunities to a path of their merit Implementation of the Quid Pro Quo protection, taste, tax and favor system of government. Formation of the Maousian Machine. Formation of the Protection Fund a catch all relief fund. When, in the course of development, a Mericratic system of promotion is in place, class antagonisms will have disappeared, and the production of the whole nation will benefit a vast middle class. Modern industry will lose its political character and without its undue advantage, the best industries will emerge and those that have past their time or usefulness will not linger on by suppressing progress. Political power as it has been known, i.e. the power of one disconnected class oppressing another will disappear. What will replaced it with under the Mericratic Alliance will be the Syndicate of the Maousian Machine

implementing power on behalf of the citizenry by managing protection, tax, taste and quid pro quo favor system. When the citizenry feels it necessary or is compelled by its contest with its oppressors to unite, the citizenry puts itself on course to become the ruling class. When the citizenry falls into an apathetic slumber or divides itself along racial, religious or ideological line to contest with its fellow citizenry it falls into the trap of the oppressive classes and any victory is not a victory for any faction of the citizenry but again for the oppressive class themselves. In this way the citizenry takes itself off course from becoming the ruling class. Once M.A.O.U.S. is achieved be it by agreement, revolution or whatever means necessary. The conditions for class antagonisms, disparity and denial of opportunity will subside and eventually disappear. Individuals will advance or descend in wealth and social status according to their merit. Abolishing oppressive class oligarchy and replacing it with a system where the “me” generation of the oppressor is replaced by a generation of mericratic elite. Will lead to the condition where the wage exploiter disappears and finally becomes the system under which “we” obtain liberty, freedom and justice for all. This is the M.A.

Chapter III

Position of The Mericratic Alliance in relation to the various existing opposition organizations


ection II made clear the relations of The Mericratic Alliance to the existing so-called, stewards of the citizenry and other oppressive influences.

The Mericratic Alliance fights for the attainment of the immediate aims of, enforcement and implementation of the momentary interests of a world wide middle class. However, in the movement of present, they also represent and take care of the future of the movement. The Mericratic Alliance will have no compunction in forming any alliance it deems necessary to achieve its long term goals; even with those whom are diametrically opposed to them at the moment. When it comes to the formation of M.A.O.U.S. there is but one maxim; Win! by whatever means necessary, and win decisively. The alliance will work as clandestinely or as overtly as needed to achieve its position. The Mericratic Alliance seeks to unite and fight with various organizations or anyone else that champion the cause of the world citizenry. Organizations that are advocates of health care, environmental concerns and transparency will find the Mericratic Alliance to be an ally. It is the Mericratic Alliances intention to provide these organizations with a middle class muscle squad, organization and mentorship program to help augment any pro-citizen causes. In this way a symbiotic relationship will be formed between the Mericratic Alliance and pro-citizenry organizations. These organizations become an additional source of leadership that can be recruited for expert groups, members of the Maousian Machine or as Syndicate Bosses. This will allow the alliance to have a robust pool of expert inteligista on a variety of subjects so as to better serve the needs of the citizenry.

The alliance seeks to create triads of influence with spearheads that expand out in all directions from various nation states blitzing past all pockets of resistance. These pockets will then be enveloped and subjected to the anaconda algorithm, i.e. surrounded, suffocated and patiently choked out, until they eventually collapse. Then they shall be consumed by M.A.O.U.S. The Mericratic Alliance turns their attention chiefly to America, because that country is on the eve of a citizen revolution against the Corporate Feudalistic Oligarchical Bureaucracy. All other countries will be addressed as opportunity arises or at the pace that their own Territorial Syndicates are able to achieve. In short, members of the Mericratic Alliance everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing economical, social and political order of things. Finally, they labor everywhere for the union and agreement of the citizenry of all countries in order to obtain a world wide middle class and uplift the overall human condition. Members of the Mericratic Alliance refuse to conceal their disdain for all parties that hold the designs of M.A.O.U.S. in contempt; for they, are by definition, enemies of the world citizenry. Let the oligarchs of selfinterest tremble at the revolution of M.A.O.U.S. This is our world, this is our blood, this is our soil, this is our thing . . . Let the citizenry of the world rise up unite and shout; rise M.A.O.U.S., rise! The only thing they have to lose is their apathy, yoke, and chains: greatness or oppression awaits!

Chapter IV

Historical Basis for the Formation of Mericratic Alliance ith the continued progress of technology and the continuing climate of hostility; unless someone or something unifies this world we will continue to see oceans of blood, mountain of dead bodies and the erosion of all things organic until the approaching point of no return is finally reached and the life spark of the human experiment is snuffed out once and for all. Up to this point of time all social experiments have largely failed for this reason alone, lack of a valid social contract with the citizenry. All systems have centered around enforcement of the will of the few on the many rather than enforcing the will of the many on the many in the manner under which they wish to exist. Thus the true and valid desire of the few and the many under a contract of legitimacy for the greater good of the whole. In earlier eras of history, we find the majority of various orders usually manifesting themselves into feudalistic social rank that was largely more about opportunity and oppression than ability. In ancient Rome we have patricians, plebes, senators, emperors and slaves. In the Middle Ages, feudal lords, vassals, guild-masters, journeymen, apprentices, serfs. In the modern industrial age. Totalitarians, Fascists, Communists,


Capitalists, and an infinite number of other labels under which one thing remains the same. The names, the titles, the collateralization of power, illusions and delusions may change but the basic system remains the same. Whether the currency is military muscle, money, information, disinformation or whatever else the power structures currency of the day is, it still breaks down to oppressor and oppressed. And why? Because the opportunity for advancement in all these systems is oppressed rather than nurtured, the contract forced upon the citizenry is not on of their own design, never was agreed upon and therefore invalid. This eventually results in a corrupt, weak and incompetent power structure that attained or maintained a position beyond their ability or usefulness by manipulating the selection process. The more natural selection process is to select leaders that are the product of trials. Where the individuals ability to adapt and overcome said trials have created an individual of superior merit. Therefore the superior alpha pack-leader, the natural leader. It is said that only the strong survive, but the clever dominate the strong, and the weak must sabotage them both to survive. The solution can only be then that the strong and the clever must end their senseless war against each other at the behest of the weak. Join forces and install a more natural order of things, a team based alpha-pack leadership that is alliance of the clever and strong ending once and for all end the reign of the weak. Impossible! Idealistic! Laughable! Chorus the critics as they reproach members of The Mericratic Alliance with contempt. The critic is but a whore engaged in samethink, a mouthpiece for the oppressor, unable to come up with any original thought of their own. Yet whom consider themselves credible to renounce all ideas not spun by the dogmatic disinformation machine of their handlers. The modern world economy is to complicated the samethinkers say, no organization has ever been able to regulate it fairly, efficiently or effectively. To try and do so will result in a solution that is unconstitutional, unethical or unattainable they chorus in union. Wrong! In this world you are either growing or dying. Adaptability, is the alpha trait of a species and organization on the Darwinian Scale. That which cannot constantly and consistently adapt and overcome will find out growth to death is a short trip. The American government was developed in a three mile per hour world, however, the smartest and most worthy of the Founding Fathers, built adaptability into the system to provide a back door to fix injustices and inefficiencies mandated by the Cotton Cartel under a time of crises. A

time where out of necessity of impending attack and revolution certain unethical or ridiculous compromises had to be made. The Constitution in its pure form was never designed to deal with, hypercapitalism, the era of information or the complex issues of the modern age. However, the adaptability of its nature allows it to do so. Where then can we find a steward for the citizenry in this era of hypercapitalism? What organization can possibility deal with entities like C.F.O.B.? A beast whose immense magnitude and wealth gives it the power to overwhelm all powers set against it. The Tea Pot Dome Scandal, Teddy Roosevelt, Jimmy Hoffa, Huey Long, the unions, the communists, the fascists, lawyers, Senate inquires they all failed. No one can stop C.F.O.B.! Marx was right! The downtrodden citizenry laments horrified that possibly only the capitalists can beat the capitalist and that will only results in more for the few and less for the many. Victory for C.F.O.B. Wrong! There are success stories, they can be found in the most unlikeliest of place, somewhere where no one would think to look for inspiration for a government able to defend the world citizenry. Three organization, have had success against hyper-capitalism, corporate feudalism and totalitarianism. Where, can this organizations be found? In the last place one would look; in the criminal organizations themselves. Three organizations: the mafia and their gangster ilk, the machine of the boss system and the I.R.S have demonstrated successes on numerous fronts against C.F.O.B. At some level crime is the purest form of capitalism. It only make sense that these rouge organizations would develop an efficient command and control structure that was simple, transportable, and adaptable enough to overcome any threat against them. These three have distinguished themselves as able to repel, nay, overtake and organize the natural corruption inherent with hyper-capitalism. It can’t work! Insanity! Ridiculous! These are statements of reproach and ignorance. In reality it can work, it will work, because history has shown it does work. The only thing missing was the union of these three. The I.R.S. has consistently proved that no criminal corporation from Al Capone’s outfit, the Klu Klux Klan or the individual super rich can stand against it when it is allowed to be set against them The Mafia and gangsters have proved it they can control vice, corporations and the government at an international level. The Machine proved it can work with any organization and individual. Developing a system that works from the street level up. The quid pro quo favor system used by the machine earns loyalty and maintains power by looking after the needs of the common man.

The union of these three components will form the command and control structure of the new order of things. For the people whom the Maousian Machine serves is will be transparent, reliable instrument that is simply a superior design.

Chapter V

Formation of the Maousian Machine The Maousian Machine is a unicameralist three-headed system of government built to deal with the problems that arise in the hypercapitalistic age.

Line of Inquisition Line of Deposition

Financial Head 123456789

2 3

Judicial Head 123456789

4 5 6

7 8 9

10 11 12

13 14 15

16 17 18

19 20 21

22 23 24

25 26 27

Territorial Commission

Decision Making Head

The Heads of the Government Consists of: The Line of Inquisition (Financial Head) The Territorial Commission of the Syndicate (Decision Making Head) The Line of Deposition (Judicial Enforcement Head) The Body of the Government Consists of: Localized Political Machines organized under the boss system: Governors Alderman Ward bosses The body of the government will consists of the bottom up style of governing system of localized Political Machines. Where local bosses will look after and take care of the needs of the citizenry augmented by the Territorial Commission of the Syndicate. The Line of Inquisition A financial branch consisting of a Internal Revenue Service led by a panel of inquisition and using an enforcement structure based on the American Internal Revenue Service. Whose primary mission is to preside over loans, credit, taste and tax charged with the responsibility to keep the treasury earning and healthy and protect it from being cheated or skimmed. The Territorial Commission A legislative branch consisting of a territorial commission presided over by a triumvirate high commission loosely based on the command and control system of La Cosa Nostra augmented by a militia / political street presence that uses a blend of systems. Whose organizational structure will be a union of the machines organizational system and that used by street and prison gangs. The Line of Deposition A Judicial branch consisting of a line of 9 augmented with the police force charged with the task of upholding social contract. The judicial branches main concern is upholding the social contract of the many and the sub-contracts of those of the few and will augment itself with lines of 9, police forces and militia as needed to do so. The Line of Deposition will be elected, selected or drafted the difference being that the anti-vote will not come in to place except after a 9 year term. All other influences such as political parties, lobbyists, members of a house, senate, parliament presidency, prime ministers, monarchs, theocrats or whatever are deemed superfluous by the Mericrats of the machine and will be dissolved. This can be done by agreement, Marshall law, an amendment, vote, transition, reorganization or force. The government will then be

reorganized under the territorial commission syndicate of the Maousian Machine. The machine will do for politics what the Kalashnikov did for the Automatic Assault Rifle design. i.e. A simple, adaptable, inexpensive and highly efficient refinement. A refinement that will produce a machine that will not fail, will not stop and will not break down because of overcomplicated unclean parts that jam. Adhering to the reliability doctrine i.e. that things that are simple tend to be useful and good and while things that are not tend to be not. Simplicity and transparency are the best recipes to thwart corruption because they invite oversight and review. While bureaucracy makes it impossible. In this way the machine will be able to serve the needs of its citizenry while other orders serve the needs of those who seek to exploit the citizenry. The Anti-Vote The vote of current so called democracies is at best a flawed system. Constant campaigning, elections and votes have proved to be a corrupt expensive and inefficient system. Good leaders are forced out before their usefulness to society is fulfilled. Bad leaders remain using corrupt means of maintaining their position. The outcome of the vote is easily obscured or in doubt. One needs look no further than recent current electoral process of American Politics to see evidence of this. The anti-vote works in reverse of the traditional vote, leaders and triads teams are subject to it on a three year rotating cycle. The Maousian Machine uses the anti-vote to remove or “put the hit” on one or all nonperforming or incompetent leaders of the commission to get them out of office. All registered anti-voters are invited to cast the anti-vote for the current sitting leader or leaders. If a majority of current registered voters shows up that leader is deposed. Selections will then be held to fill the void of leadership. This can be done by appointment, application, a draft or a blend of these systems. The selected will then submit to a road of trials to determine leadership suitability at the end of which citizens will vote in the new leader or team and the process then continues.

Sample Ballot of the Anti-Vote:
Check all that apply, in the event the remove the entire triadic commission is not successful individual triads followed by individual commissioner results will be cumulative to determine removal.

The Entire Triadic Commission
Do you knowingly move to remove the entire triadic commission? Y N

Do you knowingly move to remove the 1st Triad Do you knowingly move to remove the 2nd Triad Do you knowingly move to remove the 3rd Triad Do you knowingly move to remove the 4th Triad Do you knowingly move to remove the 5th Triad Do you knowingly move to remove the 6th Triad Do you knowingly move to remove the 7th Triad Do you knowingly move to remove the 8th Triad Do you knowingly move to remove the 9th Triad Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N N N N N N N N

Triadic Commissioners
Do you knowingly move to remove the 1st Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 2nd Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 3rd Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 4th Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 5th Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 6th Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 7th Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 8th Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 9th Commissioner Y N Y N


Triadic Commissioners
Do you knowingly move to remove the 10th Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 11th Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 12th Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 13th Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 14th Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 15th Commissioner Y N Y N

Do you knowingly move to remove the 16th Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 17th Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 18th Commissioner Y N

Triadic Commissioners
Do you knowingly move to remove the 19th Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 20th Commissioner Y N Y N

Do you knowingly move to remove the 21st Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 22nd Commissioner Y N

Do you knowingly move to remove the 23rd Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 24th Commissioner Do you knowingly move to remove the 25th Commissioner Y N Y N

Do you knowingly move to remove the 26th Commissioner Y N Do you knowingly move to remove the 27h Commissioner Y N

The Leadership Draft, Selections and Elections Each Syndicate and their Machine should assemble as a continental congress or territorial commission in order to settle matters such as the leadership draft, the components of the trials, duration of the selections and logistics of the anti-vote and social contract. These type issues have certain culture idiosyncrasies so it is best in the beginning to allow some fluidity in this system to allow to the best overall solution to be determined by the creative input of different syndicates and leadership triads. Historical analysis of various machines, mafias and republics are a good starting point though so as to benefit from rather than relearn the lessons of history.

Arch Triarchy Tie Breaker Triad

1 2 3

Triadic Commissioners & Triad Teams

4 5 6

7 8 9

10 11 12

Health Care Line of 9 123456789

13 14 15

16 17 18

19 20 21

22 23 24

25 26 27

Fiscal Accountability Line of 9 123456789

The Triadic Commission & Lines of 9

War Line of 9 123456789

The Triadic Commission will be made up of 9 Triadic Teams with a total of 27 commissioners. The Commission can vote individually or as a triadic unit. The Triadic Unit determines its vote by its organizational structures determination. Lines of 9 are sub units that can be attached to one or many triadic units to bolster that Triad in a task or serve as a subcontractor for that task. Lines of nine are raised, perpetuated or dissolved as needed. In this way the simple super structure of the Commission can be maintained by scaled, adapted and replicated as needed to deal with whatever tasks arise and avoid being overwhelmed by them. Members of the Commission can be Selected by Appointment of other members, Draft or Elected by the Citizenry. Additionally Commissioners serve until they are removed by anti-vote which reoccurs every three years or retire. Possible Triad & lines of 9 organizational Structures

Vertical Triad (Hierarchal Triad) Top down organizational structure 1 2 3 Boss Under boss Consigliere

example: FDR, Truman, IKE

Horizontal (Triumvirate Triad) Three persons with equal say organizational Structure 1 Boss 2 Boss 3 Boss example: FDR, Churchill, Stalin

Boss Triad 1 leader with two equal lieutenants 1 2 Boss (Decision Maker, Planner, Shot Caller)

3 Under Boss (Implementer, Enforcer), Consigliere (advisor)

example: The Early alliance of Luciano, Siegel and Lansky

To address the reality of cultural differences and idiosyncrasies it is best that details and specifics of individual Territorial Commissions are addressed by their local Syndicates and ratified by the citizenry. Triads of the commission and their performance on assigned tasks can be monitored and serve as a benchmark as to whether that triad or one of its commissioners should remain in service of the citizenry or be removed.

The Maousian Machine In totality Triadic Commission (Legislative Head) Line of inquisition (Financial Head) Line of Deposition (Judicial Head)

Body of Localized Political Machines

Task based Triads & lines of 9





Citizen Activist Organizations







Mericratic Alliance

Sample Cantons of 9 United States Territory




2 5 3




These territorial districts can be as adaptable, static or as arbitrary as the continental congress decides. These individual districts are the responsibility of the triads assigned to look over them.

Sample Triadic Sub-Cantons of the Cantons of 9 United States Territory




2 5 3




The territorial sub-districts, triadic region can also be as determined as needed. These individual districts are the responsibility of the triads assigned to look over them. Each subregion is the responsibility of the individual triadic commissioner assigned to them. The boundaries can be altered as needed to include the respective states within. Localized machines will run the sub divisions with the Commissioners looking after the Canton and representing its needs in commission.

Chapter VI

The Citizen, Soldier & Sage The three phases of the citizenry are the soldier, citizen and sage. Which are all important but not mutually exclusive. The greatest of the citizenry will aspire to become the one which is the union of the three.

The Citizen What is a citizen? In modern society the citizens path is defined as a resident, possession or native inhabitant. In a Mericratic society the citizen is one on the path to enlightenment. In modern society citizenship is granted a birth or after some meaningless nationalistic benchmark test or statement of residency. In a Mericratic society becoming a citizen is a life long journey. It begins with initiation the beginning phase of citizen initiate, continues with activation the phase of citizen contribution phase, and ends as alumni. The alumni contributes as citizen mentor who passes on the knowledge of the journey of this world before they begin on their new journey to the transitional path of creation.

The Soldier What is a Soldier? In modern society anyone whom possesses a weapon. In a Mericratic society, a individual that is a component of an ideology who protects those on the path to enlightenment, whose endless stream of consciences is consolidated in flesh. faith and fanaticism. Individually one component may be weak but taken as its whole it composes an entity that will not break, will not yield, will not fail no how matter times they are beaten. They are the foundation on which all others must lean when under unbearable duress, i.e. the pillar of iron.

The Sage What is a Sage? In modern society one who exhibits wisdom and calm judgment, which of course modern society is completely devoid. In a Mericratic Society the sage is on the frontline of the spearhead of enlightenment. One whom can divorce themselves form emotion and compunction and do what must be done from a stoic viewpoint. One whom embraces and rejects everything simultaneously. The mentor, friend and advisor to all others summed up by the enlightenment quote of the great French Philosopher of the enlightenment Denis Diderot. “There are things I can’t force. I must adjust. There are times when the greatest change needed is a change of my viewpoint.

Chapter VII

The Three Freedoms, Licensed Rights & Social Contract

The Three Freedoms I. Freedom from Fear Life II. Freedom of Speech & Worship Liberty III. Freedom from Want Pursuit of Happiness
The Three Freedoms of the social contract give the Syndicate guidelines to help set up the parameters of law enforcement with regard how they pertain to ones life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It is the citizens input on these freedoms that make for a valid contract. These freedoms and their subdivisions form the basis for an adaptable, scaleable contract that can be revised and voted on by a society becoming as general or specific as needed.

Freedom from Fear Life Examples Right to keep and bear arms Protection and responsibilities with regard to quartering of troops Protection from unreasonable search and seizure Due process Double Jeopardy Self-Incrimination Eminent Domain Civil Trial by Jury Prohibition of excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment
Right to keep and bear arms
[Amendment 2]

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Protection and responsibilities with regard to quartering of troops
[Amendment 3]

“No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
Protection from unreasonable search and seizure
[Amendment 4]

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, No warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Due Process
[Amendment 5]

No person shall be held to answer for any capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases airing in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger,
Double Jeopardy

nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;

nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;
Private Property

nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
Trial by Jury and other rights of the accused
[Amendment 6]

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him;

to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense. Civil trial by jury
[Amendment 7]

In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of common law.
Prohibition of excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment
[Amendment 8]

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Freedom of Speech & Worship Liberty Examples Freedom of Religion Freedom of Speech Freedom of Press Freedom of Assembly Freedom to Petition
[Amendment 1]

Freedom of Religion

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
Freedom of Speech

shall make no law respecting prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
Freedom of Press

shall make no law respecting an establishment or, prohibiting the free exercise of the press. Freedom of Assemble shall make no law respecting the right of the people peaceably to assemble.
Freedom to Petition

shall make no law respecting to right of the people to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Freedom from Want Pursuit of Happiness Examples Protection of Rights not Specifically mentioned Powers of States, Territories and Citizenry
Protection of Rights not Specifically mentioned
[Amendment 9]

“The certain rights mentioned specifically in the Constitution, shall not be interpreted in a way to refuse to recognize or reduce other rights retained by the people. Example of one possible Syndicate version as implemented by a Continental Congress and ratified by the people. Powers excluded from the Syndicate will not taken to give power to syndicate by interpretation of absence or other laws. Areas that are ambiguous in law are to be addressed and decided by amendment to social contract. Identifying and interpretation of these areas are the duty of the Line of Deposition of the Supreme Court
Powers of States, Territories and Citizenry
[Amendment 10]

“The powers not authorized to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Example of one possible Syndicate version as implemented by a Continental Congress and ratified by the people. All powers not given to the National Syndicate are reserved to the Citizenry, Territory, Region, State, City or Local respectively.

Freedom from Fear Life Examples
Right to keep and bear arms
[Amendment 2]

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Prohibition of excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment
[Amendment 8]

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Bill of Rights / Declaration of Rights vs. Licensed Rights

III Freedoms, Licensed Rights & Social Contract

Bill of Rights
Bills of rights or Declared Rigths are in their origin, terms between kings and their subjects, condensing the exclusive rights granted to the people, excluding those rights surrendered to or reserved by the King. i.e. the rights given to the people by their king. It is the position of the Mericratic Alliance that this is a De Facto contract of oligarcy and of course therefore not truly acceptable or valid.

Licensed Rights
A license is a right given under contract that is revokable at will if the contract is violated or the right is not part of the agreed upon contract. It is the position of the Mericratic Alliance that these rights should be licened by the citizernery to each other, the government and all mechanisims of the state. All entities that violate this contract are out of law with the citizenry and risk having the rights and protection the citizerny has provided them with revoked.

Social Contract

Social Contract, Levels of Contract, & Validation of Contract

The Social Contract is a scale based system represented by levels that range from 0 – 9 that the Syndicate uses to govern. Level 9 being the life number where the syndicate will have no power over this aspect of the citizens life on this issue. Inversely Level 0 represents the absence of any restraint on the Syndicate by the citizenry giving it total power to act on its behalf to enforce said item of contract. Most all other societies have failed because of duplicity. A significant component of this duplicity is the invalid state of the social contract under which the people are forced to endure. It is the members of the Mericratic Alliances position that this duplicity should be ended by means of establishing a valid social contract. To be submitted by the citizenry and then enforced by their Syndicate. While some sectors of the citizenry may require a much stricter or more liberal contract than the general citizenry these needs can be addressed through the instrument of Closed Community Appeal. The Closed Community Appeal is an appeal of a section of the citizenry to the general citizenry to live under a sub-contract of the Social Contract. Examples of this are the Amish, Mennonites, or other splinter societies whose desires can be accommodated within reason. Consideration of cost vs. contribution of the closed community to the citizenry as a whole will always be a concern of the citizenry. To be under the protection of the citizenry some benefit or contribution should be required and realized. The Social Contract will , of course, be different in different countries. It is suggested that the national Syndicates call a Territorial Commission into session to determine the specifics of their social contract and its implementation and then have it ratified by the people.

Levels of Contract Each nation state will have to determine their own contract but this highly generalized scale should serve sufficient to cover the range of redress available as evident in history and fact.

Level 9 Syndicate shall make no law Level 8 License to Regulate and Fine Level 7 License to require Community Service Level 6 Incarceration with License to use limited coercive means Level 5 License to Kill Level 4 Hard Labor , with License to Incarcerte & license to use limited coercive means Level 3 Hard Labor with License to use expanded Coercive Means Level 2 Hard Labor with, License to use expanded Coercive Means & License to kill Level 1 License to use Extrajudicial punishment & Summary Execution Level 0 License to treat as non-essential, failed citizen or non-person Valid Social Contract A bipartisan contract voted upon and ratified by which the citizenry that contracts the Syndicate to govern on its behalf. De Facto Contract A unilateral contract laid upon the citizenery by its overseeing entity. The contract under which most of the world citizerny endures and the one prefered by the oligarch.

You are horrifed and reproach the alliance for cauolusly submitting such a scale by which hummanity could be judged, punished and executed. To this we plead not guilty, for it is hummanity itself that has brought forth this scale by its own actions. One’s opinion of the scales existance is a endevor in ignorance or hypocrisy and not worthy of serious examanation. The Mericratic Alliance is only concerned with the validity of the contract with regard to the citizenery. If the citizerny is not inovled in the decision of its contract then the justice system itself is a nonvalid contract for its validity only stems from coercive, fraudulent or incidental means. Closed Community Appeal: An appeal as strict secretarion portion of society that wishes to funcition as a closed society that lives under a stricter or more liberal sub-contract. Transitinon of Offense: Going from a regulated offense to a crime. Example: Possessing a legally owned automatic rifle, as a member of a militia, may not be a crime. However, using an automatic weapon to commit murder becomes the crime of murder while possesion of said weapon is irrealvent to the offense that one is charged with as it was not forbidden.

Vote on Social Contract Sample Ballot What powers do you license to the Syndicate with regard to those found in violation of contract on the issue of:
Murder The unlawful killing of human by another, especially with premeditated malice

 Level 9 Syndicate shall make no law  Level 8 License to Regulate and Fine  Level 7 License to require Community Service  Level 6 Incarceration with License to use limited coercive means  Level 5 License to Kill  Level 4 Hard Labor , with License to Incarcerte & license to use limited coercive means  Level 3 Hard Labor with License to use expanded Coercive Means  Level 2 Hard Labor with, License to use expanded Coercive Means & License to kill  Level 1 License to use Extrajudicial punishment & Summary Execution  Level 0 License to treat as non-person, not-essential or failed citizen

Chapter VIII

M.A.O.U.S. & Allies What is the position of the Mericratic Alliance with respect to like minded organizations? In the media they support any entity that brings transparency and opposes C.F.O.B and its oppressive allies. In the street they support any organization that advances middle class causes or those that advance or protect the needs or rights of the world citizenry. In the home or house of worship they fight with any who act in a revolutionary way, against the absolute corporate oligarchy, the feudal system, oppression and the bureaucracy. In the realm of foreign relations they stand with any who are against the status quo and seek to thwart the oppressive state of C.F.O.B. In short, the members of the Mericratic Alliance everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things. In all these movements they bring to the front, as the leading question in each, the question of the prosperity of the middle class, no matter what degree of its development, whatever condition in whatever local. Finally, they labor everywhere for the union and agreement of the mericrats of all countries.

Chapter IX

Formation of triads, lines of 9 and the M.A. The basic building block of the Syndicate is the triad. The triad is a three person unit that is a variable, finite, purposeful gathering of human beings. The triad follows this basic formula: Purpose triad members meet # of times every day, week, month or year to do purpose for duration of time There are three phases to triad formation:

An individual or a group of individuals decide to form a group or club. Member of a group decide to from for the purpose of discussion of politics, sports, gaming or some other arbitrary purpose. Invitation Members solicit, accept or invite members into said group.

By laws or formed, such as when to meet, how often and what will be the purpose and duration of the groups existence.

Examples of possible enthusiasts activities and clubs Paint ball clubs
9 on 9 teams integrated with ex or current soldiers as instructors / members deploying and exercising in squad based tactics, that meet up and interact for prizes or fun.

Soap making clubs
Triads or lines of nine that practice the making of specialized perfumed soaps for fund raising or fun.

Cryptography and game theory clubs
Triads or lines of nine that meet in coffee shops and discuss books, movies, historical events and games about the art of code making and breaking. These are but a few the possibilities are endless thought. These clubs can cycle through various endeavors or be made into specialized super clubs to conduct grander intramural activities on a specific endeavor.

Soldier Enthusiasts Paint ball clubs Camping communities Exercise clubs Sports Clubs

Citizen Enthusiasts Soap making clubs gamming clubs Cooking clubs Philanthropy

Sages Enthusiasts Writers clubs Book and Media clubs Artists communities Religious discussion groups

Sample Triad
The following is and example of how one would go about forming a book club triad.

Inspiration Phase:
An individual desires to form a book club that will read and evaluate books on philosophy.

Invitation Phase:
Said individual invites their brother and neighbor into said group.

Implementation Phase:
Formation of By-Laws The rules adopted for the regulation of the groups own action.

Sample By-Laws:
Triad = Book Club Name of Triad = 3rd Friday Purpose = to read, share and evaluate 3 to 9 books Book determination = Each member will select a book read it and share it in group. Duration = 9 months Reoccurrence of Meetings 1 a month Time & Place of Meeting = To be determined coffee shop # of Meeting = 9 Min # Meetings = 2/3 of the total meetings i.e. 6 Commitment Min = 3 month commitment must meet minimum requirements or make room for another more active member. So the formula of this triad is this: Book evaluation triad (3rd Friday) members meet once every month to evaluate and share in group a book they read for the next nine months.

Active Triad
Once these prerequisites are achieved the triad becomes active in its purpose of the reading and discussion of books. The sharing and benefit of this knowledge then becomes cumulative with the groups progression. Let us now entertain how in a meeting members could deal with the idea of reading the same book and discussing the book that they all read. The members decide to put the idea of reading the same book up to a vote. The following example illustrates how members vote in triad Voting in Triad

Binary code
A code in which each unit is allowed only has only one of two possible states, commonly 0 and 1, yes or no, on or off. The binary number system is one in which the bit is one unit of many units that employ binary codes.

Tertiary code
A bio-computing process where as the people function / vote as a bit in a binary fashion. The default vote is always no so there an answer must always be produced. Examples:

Triad Member & Vote 1st yes no yes no no 2nd yes no yes no yes 3rd no yes yes no Did not Vote = = = = =


yes no yes no no

In our book club example. The members of 3rd Friday book club had decided to put to a vote the idea of reading the same book for the next meeting.

3rd Friday Vote 1st yes 2nd yes 3rd no =



So the members of 3rd Friday book club will now read the same book for the next meeting.

Expanding a Triad into a Line of 9:
The principal for expanding a triad into a line of nine begins exactly the same as the formation of a triad.

An triad decided to expand into a line of 9 to combine to increase their numbers for an agreed upon purpose.

Members of a triad solicit, accept or invite members into said line of 9.

The three triads meet establish by laws For example the members of 3rd Friday book club looks to add two other book club triads to increase its discussion group on books. The members of 3rd Friday book club start recruiting other triads out of local coffee shops and book stores. Once 2 suitable triads are found they meet to form a line of 9. This line of 9 to be named The Book Store 9 seeks to meet for the purpose of book discussion once every 3 months for the duration of 6 months.

Active 9
Now that these prerequisites are achieved the line of 9 becomes active in its purpose of the reading and discussing of books.

Conversion of triads, lines of 9 and the Mericratic Alliance into a Mobilize able force
The triad and line system can be adapted, repeated and expanded as needed. Using the innovation, invitation and implementation formula a simple group can exponentially grown and converted to serve a greater or multiple purposes. This ability to serve as a multiuse force gives rise to infinite possibilities. Organization that serve a mundane function such as our book club could reorganize itself into extraordinary activities such as philanthropic endeavors, disaster relief, volunteer firefighter, police forces or even a militia.

Six Degrees of Separation
John Guare 1990 “I read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by only six other people. Six degrees of separation . . . It’s a profound thought . . . How every person is a new door, opening up into other worlds.”

Mundane role vs. extraordinary roles of the M.A.
The previous section made clear the mundane uses of the triad and line of nine system. In the following sections will illustrate how the inherit structures of triad and 9 can be quickly reorganized into extraordinary roles for the citizenry.

Formation of the M.A.

M.A. Shock Troops

Shock Troops What makes for the most fair and just system of government is inherent checks and balances. A standing militia is the citizenry’s best defense against oligarchy and the designs of the oppressors. A standing militia that far outnumbers the standing professional and mercenary armies is a considerable deterrent to tyrants and those whose seek to usurp the freedoms that rightfully belong to the citizenry. The militia is the extraordinary role of the Mericratic Alliance is the M.A. Sock Troops i.e. the Middle Class Army. The Shock Troops of the M.A. serve as an all purpose force that can marshal, muster or march as street presence, disaster relief or for whatever cause, task or emergency may arise. The Militia a mobilize able weaponizable, deputizable force under direct control of the citizenry. In the end the Shock Troopers of the M.A. have one mission, intimidate and dominate all other entities on behalf of the citizenry.


Dragon Call
One horn blast seconded by another announcing M.A. presence.

Dragon Stepping
The Dragon Step is the rhythmic straight-legged march of the M.A. Shock troops that pounds the street to serve notice of M.A. strength.

Maousian Guerilla Roll
The drug roll cadence that follows the Dragon Call and precedes overt M.A. operations.

S.A. Shadow Army inteligista

Shadow Army of the M.A. The S.A. The unseen fist, i.e. the shadow army will be of the most feared and most important fanatical branches of M.A.O.U.S. These are the religious and idealistic allies that work clandestinely for the M.A. They work as covertly or overtly as needed. As ambushers, sleeper cells spy’s and saboteurs. Some members of the S.A. will lie in wait in positions of opportunity. Intellectual allies of Mericrats some members may remain undeclared and wait to ambush anyone ore anything that moves on the M.A. Other members will be directly connected to M.A. outfits and able to quickly able to call into alliance members of the soldiery. These overt and covert assets of the M.A. augment the organization with inteligista. In this way the Mericratic Alliance secures the S.A. as a powerful ally organization that the oppressor can never fully account for. This aspect of the M.A. will allow it to have a superior intelligence network that can expose and neutralize threats against the citizenry in their infancy or at their weakest moment. Path to the M.A. & S.A. It begins with declaring oneself a supporter and participating in M.A. causes, continues as an associate or earner with the apex being a made member of the organization who is on the bosses payroll. Made Member Associates Supporters

The S.A.

Message to or from #3 from outside source

Triad member (#3) of (3rd Friday) Triad Triad (3rd Friday) of (Book Store 9) line of 9


(Book Store 9) line 9 of tres of 9 (Book Store 27)

tres of 9 (Book Store 27) of centuria of 9 (Book Store 81)

centuria of 9 (Book Store 81) of tres of centuria (Book Store 243)

Kite to #3

Kite from #3

This method can be expanded to an impressive level. Where by knowing the general location of an individual large groups can filter communications through the members of smaller groups until the correct small enough unit is reached. In this way the small simple group of triad can be built into a dynamic super group organized and applied to problems, assigned tasks. or used to deliver or store information like memory banks of a human super computer . The members need not even know each other identities. True identities can be hidden to increase security and protection. Identities and names can be reduced to number, cant or code very complex clandestine organizational systems can be extrapolated. These types of formations will form the infrastructure of the syndicate Instead of 6 degrees of separations their will be 3 degrees of connection The most motivated lines and triads will be the most organized and the most useful in ascending the pyramid of all things.

Chapter X

Kite, Cant, Code & Clandestine Operations Section IX made clear how the command and control structure could be converted into information network to deliver and receive information. Now let us entertain how this network can be encrypted through the methods of kite, cant and code. As in all revolutions and movements against oppression it is sometimes necessary to move and communicate clandestinely. The prison gangs use a low tech solution to accomplish this. A system which is highly efficient and effective, yet simple enough to be replicated and adapted so as to circumvent any attempt to thwart it. The system used is that of Kite, Cant & Code. This benchmark tested system shall be incorporated, implemented and adapted by the Mericratic Alliance as necessary. In the age of hyper electronic surveillance the best defense is to remain off the grid. The following is a summary of the method by which this can be accomplished.

Kite: a small note that can be easily encoded, concealed and disposed

Cant: Vocabulary of a particular group that uses metaphoric connotations to obscure meaning. For example using the word birdie or pigeon to discuss an informer or spy. Code: Cryptography for ensuring confidentiality of communications. Various books are available and it would be advantageous at some

level to have each triad, each line of 9 and each outfit develop their own and a territorial code. In this way members will be able to communicate with each other while the proliferation of their code structure will create chaos and confusion for those trying to monitor it. After transference of a message it should be destroyed whether eaten, burned or some other means.

Fire Side Chats: It will be necessary for various members to meet in
person from time to time and communicate. To avoid surveillance it is suggested that entire meetings be conducted by handwritten note that are burned as generated in a small fire, a candle in a coffee can, fireplace or small camp fire should be sufficient in most cases.

Sandblasting Societies: It is highly discouraged that any sensitive
communications be kept on a computer for long. However as this will be necessary from time to time it is best to have a disposal method on had for said information. First any sensitive electronic data should never be connected to the internet this is especially true in non free-speech societies. A better method would be have one dummy computer on the internet and one computer that is never connected that can be kept clean and use fobs or removal storage devices to transfer necessary info between the membership. One of the few reliable methods of removing info from electronic devices is sandblasting. It is therefore suggested that members keep such a device nearby in the case that said information must be disposed of. The disk or medium should be exposed and completely blasted this will render it useless.

Trunk Parties: When a M.A. Minister of War calls in The Runner to deliver Voorhees masks and instruments of advanced negotiations to M.A operatives.

Chapter XI

Omerta, Ourmerta, Our Code & Durdenism Tyler Durden metaphoric of the view that the middle class is king Ourmerta (The Theory of Anti-Party) The categorical prohibition of allegiance to or reliance on political parties, their allies or their services, even when one has been the benefactor of such services. Omerta Omerta was the code of silence, honor, solidarity and loyalty of the Mafia. Ourmerta is the compilation of the word our and omerta. Ourmerta Ourmerta is the code of honor, solidarity, loyalty and when necessary silence that the M.A. operates on. An oath to middle class solidarity that prohibits allegiance to all other parties or interests that seek to exploit the citizenry. This is our thing This is an honored Society that is comprised of citizen of honor & their code, the union of Omerta, Ourmerta, and the fact that “this is our thing.” The movement does not belong to anyone individuals or nation it belongs to them all. This is our Oath This is Ourmerta This is our thing

Durdenism and the M.A. In its benign form the M.A. masquerades as video, audio and literary appreciation societies and social athletic clubs that happen to be fight club enthusiasts. A society of movie buffs, book worms, music fans and hobbyists why, what is the point? The doubter asks, barely able to mask their disdain. Why Movies? Well why not? movies have served as the mothers milk for the generations of the modern age. A picture is worth a thousand words and transcends language barriers easier than the written or spoken word. Reduced to their Metaphoric inference movies can be used to teach, demonstrate, debate and unite the populace around advantageous concepts and ideas. Why Hobbyists Societies and Social Athletic Clubs A lot of these endeavors work nicely as covers for M.A. operations. Furthermore some hobbies themselves lend themselves to develop and practice skills that will comprise M.A. operations. For example cooking lends itself to chemistry. Paint ball societies are convenient covers to practice squad based tactics. Literary societies serve nicely to share important knowledge and pass covert messages. Why Fight Club? Well, it works on a lot a levels for the ideological designs that are promoted by the M.A. The movie celebrates the rejection of over commercialism, rampant mercantilism, narcissism and the over complications of life. Additionally Fight Club celebrates a communal nature of mankind and reorganizes the natural aggressive and lustful tendencies of our animalistic nature and seeks to organize them. Further more the characters in it are Deist in their recognition but non reliance on God. So as a galvanizing or introductory vehicle it works quite nicely. The M.A. does not seek to set up fight clubs based on the film this would be an exercise in fundamentalism and the wisdom of the overarching concepts of the work would be lost. The M.A. seeks to use the concepts metaphorically for debate and instruction of Maousian ideology.

Rules of M.A.O.U.S. So in the Spirit of said concepts and film and the fact that the M.A. at times may need to be ran with the same level of covertness we give you the Rules of M.A.O.U.S. 1st Rule of M.A.O.U.S. This not really happening it only appears to be happening. 2nd Rule of M.A.O.U.S. This not really happening it only appears to be happening. 3rd Rule of M.A.O.U.S. You decide your own level of involvement. 4th Rule of M.A.O.U.S. Membership is open to all no discrimination. 5th Rule of M.A.O.U.S. you fight for the world wide middle class. 6th Rule of M.A.O.U.S. You join you represent the Anti-Party, no party affiliations. 7th Rule of M.A.O.U.S. The Anti-Party is ran by the rant and the rants go on as long and as strong as they need to! 8th Rule of M.A.O.U.S. Holiday is the day of the citizen and the M.A. and Holiday happens on May day every year. 9th Rule of M.A.O.U.S. If you are with the M.A. you have to observe holiday.

Illusion, Fear and Moral Terror In the book / movie “Fight Club” Tyler used fear and moral terror delivered through the vehicle of illusion to create positive change. While overtly violent but covertly pacifistic in this way the fear created served as a force multiplier for the desired change introduced. Behind this concept stands the reasoning for the M.A. adopting the Voorhees mask for its street presence / parade mode. To the outsider the legions of lines of 9 of the M.A. will appear as a faceless snarling mass. The Kinetic Kajiu Concept i.e. Strange beast. Additionally the Voorhees Mask provides a method for obfuscation of the membership as well as the added benefit of the natural terror qualities associated with it from the “Friday the 13tth” films. The Mericratic Alliance is a populist movement it only stands to reason that making use of popular culture will help galvanize it.

Previous Years Dragon (Phoenix Dragon)

Chapter XII

Current Years Dragon (New Years Dragon)

Holiday, Iconography & Slogans

May Day Holiday The Dragon Phoenix Festival The significance and importance of holiday i.e. May Day. The Mericratic Alliance holds that all governments are exercises of the principal of Kajiu Kinetics. Kajiu translates as “Strange Beast” Kinetic is something of, relating to, or produced by motion. Literally all governments are a exercise of strange beasts in motion. Motion has to do with energy, and energy must be renewed. To imbue the Mericratic Alliance with an infinite renewable source of energy. The Anti-Party will galvanize itself by the celebration of the festival of Holiday, May Day i.e. The Mericratic New Year. A union of Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, and New Years Eve. Where those whom have benefited most form the citizenry give back in the form of free or benefit concerts, reduced price food and drink in a benefit festival endeavor with the proceeds going to philanthropic endeavors. The festival of May Day will be reorganized to serve the purposes of the Middle Class and the world citizenry. Why a holiday? A holiday is a reoccurring galvanizing event. Holidays have proved almost as hard to extinguish as the ideas and movements of men themselves.

The modern Christmas Festival has its roots in the festival of Saturn of the Romans. A festival where the citizens used to celebrate the Winter Solstice by caroling naked. When the Roman Catholics took over the empire the holiday was attempted to be abolished, but the citizenry revolted and to this day still endures. Is it necessary to drink liquor, have a parade and dress up in the Voorhees Parade gear? In a word yes, if we don’t have costumes to dress up in and have a good time how good of parade will it be? If its not interesting and profitable holiday who’s going to participate? So yes holiday must be about costumes, commitments and commiseration. Introduction & burning of the old dragon Is it necessary to burn the dragon of the previous year before introducing the new one. Yes, the energy of the previous year is spent and therefore dead and consumed. The energy of the new year must be born, nurtured , and celebrated. Most other political movements fail as they do not renew their energy. Holiday is the best way to do so as it is something that the citizenry will both enjoy, benefit from and be able to rally around. Introduction of the phoenix dragon After the death, i.e. burning of the old dragon. The new dragon is introduced with the march of the youth. Bill of Fair of the Dragon Phoenix Festival. Introduction of Smoke (where there is smoke there is fire) Sounding of the Alarm Fire Works Introduction of the Previous Years Dragon March of the Elder March of the Veterans Lighting the Previous Years Dragon March of the M.A. Shock Troops March of the Soldiery March of the Citizenry March of the Sage Introduction the New Dragon March of the Child Components of the Dragon Phoenix Festival: 1 Previous Years Dragon (wicker would probably work) 1 New Years Dragon (again, wicker) Floats Bands Citizens Soldiers Youth, Elders, etc. Vender Booths Benefit Concerts Costumes leathers, feathers snakeskin, M.A. Voorhees outfitted shock troops. Maybe Asian style dragons, balloon Dragons would be nice Then Concert, Festival, Dinners, Dancing Whatever . . .


The Flying Three Headed Dragon
Badge of the Anti-Party

The Anti-Party Fight Club Standard
The statement of representing and individual openly defiant of the status quo, whom is an activist for the revolution.

Stars-a-Cross Flag of the Mericratic Alliance A.K.A. The Merry Jack

Arms-a-Cross Metaphoric call to arms of the Mericratic Alliance (Action flag of the Mericratic Alliance)

The Blood Cross (Badge of The New Temple of Blood and Soil) Representing the chalice & life well of the citizenry i.e. blood and child expanding out in all directions

The Three Headed Dragon Mascot of M.A.O.U.S.

The Middle Class King The Galvanizing Metaphor of Middle Class as King (i.e. The Durden King)

The Serpent of Destiny Flag of The Order of Ophiuchus

Rightist Right Bolt

Centralist Center Bolt

Leftist Left bolt

Tri-Bolt (Ideology Flags of the blood soil & syndicate) Sanguinis Soli & Syndicus Jus Sanguinis [law of blood] Jus Soli [law of the soil] Jus Syndicus [law of the syndicate] The Tri-Bolt Flag Formation
The display of the three Tri-bolts in unison represents a show of solidarity of members differing ideological perspectives. Whether leftist, centralist or rightist organizations they are required by the M.A. to have a “populace before perspective” outlook.

The Tri-Bolt
The Tri-Bolt is the flag representing an individuals or organizations ideology. The Three Lighting Bolts represent the Law of Blood (the people), the law of the soil (the land), and the Law of the Syndicate (their Guardians).

The different colors represent differing ideologies, morals and values. With white being the rightist, gray being centralist and black being leftist. For example: A individual flying a white Tri-bolt represents a individual that subscribes to conservative theory. This is an individual who will lean toward conservative thought in their approach to problem resolution.

Left Wing Tri-bolt (Liberals)
Left lightning bolt of the Maousian Dragon

Centralist Tri-bolt (Populists Progressives)
Central lightning bolt of the Maousian Dragon

Right Wing Tri-bolt (Conservatives)
Right lightning bolt of the Maousian Dragon

Syndicate (Right)

Territory (Center) Triad Flag Formation

Order (Left)

Statement and Standard of a Territorial Maousian Protectorate Territories organized as a Maousian Protectorate fly the Stars-A-Cross to the right of the Nation States Territorial standard and the Serpent of Destiny to its left.

Territorial Syndicates of M.A.O.U.S. Examples of Territorial Syndicate Triad Flag Formation

American Syndicate

Mexican Syndicate

Chinese Syndicate

Russian Syndicate

British Syndicate

Serpentine Salute 3 for the Triads of the M.A. O for the Order

d as in “don’t tread on us”
Serpentine Salute

The Serpentine salute is a hand over the heart gesture that is a variant of the pledge of allegiance. The salute is formed by pressing the thumb and first index finger to form a circle with the remaining three index fingers are held stiff and straight. The right hand is then brought briskly to the chest until it is placed over the heart with the three index fingers pointing toward the left soldier.

M.A. Shock Trooper demonstrating Serpentine Salute

Slogans, Poems & Songs

Salutation of the M.A. Hey, Hey, Hey M.A. Hey, Hey, Hey M.A. Hey, Hey, Hey M.A.

A poem to incumbents Four more is a whore, Fix it in three Or what good are you to me

The Royal Purple Base Ball Bat Fasces of the Middle Class Symbolizing the only royalty we recognize is the one in our hands i.e. Guillotine Americana Ode to the Ball Bat The Ball Bat Guillotine American This is M.A.O.U.S And we have but one question Play Ball? Or break em?

Maousian Proverb
Don’t call down the thunder & then cry when it gets loud outside

The Maousian poem of greatness Of some generations much is asked and to others much is given the greatest generation is though is the one of which much was asked, and nothing was given youth of today, youth of tomorrow . . . define yourself!


Brother & Sisters of the World Citizenries United Pledge
Allegiance to blood and soil, and the world citizenry for which it stands. One united world syndicate, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The riddle of 9
The Triadic Algorithm 1 * 3 * 9 9 is the number and the number is 9, and 9 is begotten from 3 and 3 begins with 1. 9 is then number of life, 9 is an approximation of life, from conception to creation. 3 is the number of both division and union of the building blocks and/or stages of 9. 3 comes from 1 the beginning and end number, the alpha and omega of individual existence. 2 and 1 become 3 the product of union, the beginning of the family. 999 is the beginning of a new beginning, which is also the beginning and the end. 999 is last number before we shift into a new phase, journey or way and this is the way of things. 999 is also the number of duality from which 2 products become 1 the alpha and omega of a cycle of 9. This is the union of nine, this is the family and this is the cycle. This is the numerological order that shall from the order and way of the M.A. It begins with 1 whom encounters and understands the wisdom, justice and cycle. the 1 whom understands the way of the M.A. The 1 shall unite with 2 more to become 3. These 3 shall form a triad. This 1 triad shall seek 2 other triads to form 3 triads These 3 triads become a line of 9. And this line of 9 is 1 line in a family or outfit this is the cycle of 9 2 is the product of two 1s and two 1s are used to form 11

9 * 11 is 99 the union of these 3 individuals form a family of 9 and the union of 3 ones or 111 is 3 and 3 * 3 is 9 the union of this upon itself is 9 * 111 is 999 and the union of these families is 999 this is an outfit of 9 The 1, the triad of 3, the line of 9 the family of 99 from the outfit of 3 9s or 999 The way of the 1, the triad and the line, shall repeat again and again to form the infinite brother and sister hood that shall be the building blocks of the family of 9. The cycle, order and syndicate form the triad of citizen, soldier and sage these shall organize, compose and form the triadic family this triadic cycle this is the triadic way this is the triadic age . . .

Solar Super-Collector Chapter XI

Pneumatic Tube Superstructure

National Bullet Train Network
Vision of the Future Long term Goals of the M.A.

FauxQua Trolley

Air Cargo Reserve

Hydroponic Super Farms

Elder Collectives
The current Social Security System is unfocused and disorganized. Inflation and market fluctuations make this system to susceptible if not destine to failure. The great pyramids of Giza, castles and the coliseum are still standing after hundreds of years. Structures that are durable and adaptable provide and opportunity for a better elder management system. The Mericratic Alliance favors consolidated retirement communities staffed by philanthropic citizens fulfilling their citizen initiate requirement. In this way medical and special needs can be localized and concentrate efforts to properly take care of our retired citizens and those no longer able to work. These communities can be formed as auctioned time share lodges that are funded by individual citizens retirement funds and stocks whose dividend is years of retirement living at a quality of lifestyle determined by the amount the citizen has set in reserve to buy into the community. These pension trusts can then make loans to new communities the perpetuate the system. Once the facility is complete moneys can be used to fund staff, medical & food requirements. Commissaries and on site services can serve as a market for elders disposable income that they have saved up and above their base requirements. Food, room and board are included. Medical care is subsidized by medical schools and students.

Air Cargo Reserve
Giant Zeppelin style travel and cargo system.

Black Lodges
The agoge-dojo a mind-body-spirit camp-mentor based training system of education. Specifically for males starting at the age of nine and going through three year completion phases continuing as long as needed through initiation.

Crimson Lodges
The mind-body-spirit lodge system for females.

Fair Market Option
Restructuring of the economy from a free for all market system that works on cyclical reflexive economics rather than trickle down theory. Government serves as a mediator- referee between labor and ownership.

Trolleys that travel on air blankets of synthetic recycled material

Hydroponic Super Farms
Building of a soil independent scaleable food generation system.

The infinite army, a militia force from seed corn to senior, regardless of sex or any other discriminating quality comprising a super militia.

The Organic Reserve
A low tech, slow tech parallel economy that can run independent of the modern age. This will provide a safety net system and learning opportunity that is self sufficient and reminiscent of the 3 mile and hour world era.

Labor Wells & Labor Collectives The new enlightenment answer to the critical flaw in capitalism. Lodge communities that provide all purpose labor force that is continuing education, transitioning, or retraining for a new career.

Maousian Foreign Legion & Mercenary Expeditionary Force
Foreign legion available for humanitarian missions and augmentation of pro citizenry rebellions. The legion is independent of governments and works on contracts subsidized by donation and distributed in stages based on performance, rules of engagement and contract.

National Bullet Train Network
Restructuring of transportation to a train based network away from a car culture.

The New Templar
The order dedicated to protecting the Temple of Blood & Soil.

Thought More
International Online educational alternative that provides a low cost home based or small classroom, tutor supported option to current educational system. To be a mind, body and spirit curriculum with a heavy emphasis on historical development with opportunities to branches off to more specialized forms of education.

Maousian Mark
To end the oppression of currency corruption an international currency alternative will be developed. That solution will be the Maousian mark an electronic blended tender solution. The Maousian Mark will have three components Monetary Points( M.P.s) , a traditional currency component, (C.P.s) Citizen points i.e. credits exchangeable for philanthropic services, and the Credit Ration (C.R). i.e. credit rationed out for essential needs, innovation endeavors

Maousian Games
National and International Games between lodges conducted by triad teams and lines of 9. To achieve victory teams must compete in games that emphasis the talents of soldiers, citizens and sages. These can be comprised of physical test of strengths such as the traditional Olympian Games, demonstration of creative innovation thought and citizen skill demonstration components.

Co- prosperity Triads of the Maousian Empire

Northern Alliance

Western Alliance Southern Alliance

Proposed Co-Prosperity Triads of The Maousian Empire

Long Term Goals of M.A.O.U.S. The long term goal of M.A.O.U.S. can be summed up in one word; empire. The members of the Mericratic Alliance are unrepentant, imperialists. The only possible answer to end this constant state of war and destructive state humanity finds itself in today is this: The Maousian Empire, a citizen’s empire, with a vast and prosperous middle class. A class that acts as a ruling class, with a valid social contract, enforced by a protective syndicate charged with conducting business and maintaining the conditions under which the citizenry wishes to live.


The Bubble People
The financially privileged, idealistic elitists and dogmatic polarized media interests. These types are symbolic of the disconnect that exists between the people of the street and those of the financial sector, privileged and the air wave based reality they live in. Bubble People perceive reality through the bubbles of self delusion. Separated from the general citizenry they continue defining reality by meaningless arbitrary statistics and polls that only contribute to and therefore define their delusion. This bubble of delusion continues up until the ones whom live within personally experience its bursting.

C.F.O.B. [Su (as in suck)-Foe (as in the enemy)-Bee (as in that which stings and won’t give up its honey, money, whatever . . .]
The Corporate Feudalistic Oligarchical Bureaucracy, the octopus of the oligarch that surrounds and devours everything.

Class Crime
A criminal act against the citizenry brought on by a class traitor.

Class Traitor
Member of the social scum class, the self-interest of C.F.O.B., that consciously or unconsciously works against the citizenry itself out of greed or self interest.

Cyclical Reflexive Economics
The economic theory that looks as the economy as a whole mechanism and attempts to balance it so that it continues to cycle and is not prone to massive disruptions where everything dries up because of the activities of a few that unnaturally divert it for their own purposes.

Durden sheik [Dur-den-she-ka]
The thrift store / garage sale anti-matching psedo-punk rock way of dress that rejects consumerism, mercantilism and needless waste. Durdenism promotes unity yet rejects conformity simultaneously.

Economic Undertow
The layoff, quarter by quarter earnings erosion, shrink cycle that swallows earnings and leads to serve economic slowdown.


M.A.O.U.S. Kajiu Kinetics [Chi-Ju]


The active idea that all governments are “strange beasts” in conflict or cooperation with each other, while acting as guardian or aggressor against the citizenry itself.

Make it Rain Economics
The act of bringing in stacks of money and throwing it up in the air and hope for a positive outcome.


[May-Us] The Mericratic Aligned Orders United Syndicate. The international union comprised of the brotherhoods, sisterhoods & youth movements that are endeavoring in the revolution.

Maousian [May-ah-see-in]
The active idea or pursuit of the idea of M.A.O.U.S. and meritocracy through the philosophy of the Mericratic Alliance.

Mericratic Deism [Mare-eh-krat-ich Dee-is-em]
A brand of Deism that blends Meritocracy and Deism. The Philosophy and belief system, based solely on reason, in which God created and is creating the universe but is not necessarily involved in assuming control over or directing its components be they natural or supernatural. Subscribers of the belief system, Mericratic Deists, endeavor and approach life from a creationist perspective. Mericratic Deists believe that while God feels no need to influence life or natural phenomena yet it is the individuals duty to do so to enhance, Serve and perpetuate the creation of the greatest creator.

The creation itself, the celestial experiment, is to serve the purpose to God. The duty of the individual is to enhance the creation by creation, exploration and defining their role in it. Mericratic Deists live their life by the simple Celestial Maxim, return what people give to you. Mericratic Deists are respectful of other religions believing that when possible they should be allowed to endure undisturbed so as not to anger the creator and detract from Gods Creation. Mericratic Deists hold that religions themselves are akin to blankets serving as instruments of comfort and warmth as they endure in their lucid state until the awaking. It is possible to simultaneously be a practitioner of Mericratic Deism and other religions. The Mericratic Deists are not openly in conflict with any religion. Mericratic Deists hold that the only true and greatest temple is that of Blood and Soil. The blood of the people and ability to perpetuate ate it through vessel of child is the creators gift to us. The fabric of the universe and its components is the canvas with which we have been provided to perform our creation on. Mericratic Deists are subscribers of the new enlightenment and members of the New Templar.

Multi-flexive Cyclical Repetitive Cascading Attacks Preferred means of warfare of the Mericratic Alliance.

Order of Ophiuchus [O-few-cuss]
The Deist Sect named after the zodiac sign of the serpent bearer that practices Mericratic Deism. The order serves as ideological allies, financiers, and educators for M.A.O.U.S.

Polarist [Pole-lar-ist] An individual so involved with their ideology whether liberal or conservative that they can come to no other conclusions than that sanctioned by the ideology.

Samethink A thought process defined by an ideology that states “we have always done it this way so this is the only way it can be done” that rejects change or adaptability.


Requiem of the Oligarch

The Way of Enlightenment The Mericratic Alliance differs from all other social orders, governments or revolutions in that it is designed as a meritocracy. Regardless of birth right, inheritance or privilege all citizens start as initiates whom must earn citizenship. The initiates are pledged to the path of enlightenment and citizenship and must earn, barter or work their way in. Until this process is completed the initiate can receive no income of scale, start no endeavor nor receive any significant inheritance. Citizenship must be earned, in accordance with the earned doctrine. i.e. that which is earned tends to be appreciated and that which is not is not. To be served one must know how to serve, this is the path to enlightenment. The citizen initiate begins enlightenment by partaking in the journey of mind, body and spirit. A journey where they are required to climb the tree of life. The tree of life is the history of mankind. On this climb the applicant must embrace the razor of reason, i.e. separate the wisdom from the wrong doing and find the greater path. It is after this requirement that the new active citizen begins the contribution phase, i.e. what will they contribute to the tree.

As the contribution phase ends so begins the age of the alumnus the mentor whom has made the journey and will pass on what they have learned to those about to begin. The alumni become the falling leaf that will seed the cycle of life so that it may continue anew. Initiate: one whom has the opportunity for citizenry. Active: One whom contributes and is active in enlightenment. Alumnus: One whom has contributed and seeks to give back while continuing on the path to enlightenment. The way of the M.A. The Guardian Class of the Mericratic Alliance finds and develops its members in the following three stages: Member: one who supports the M.A. Associate: one who earns for or contributes to the M.A and in return receives protection. Made member: One who is on the payroll of one of the Syndicates or Machines bosses and is actively involved in the advancement of M.A. business and ideology. The way of the Syndicate In conclusion the national Syndicates uses the Maousian Machine and its social contract with its citizenry to effectively and efficiently govern from a point of legitimacy. The Maousian machine is formed by a ground up localized political machines that respond directly to the needs of the citizenry. Supported by a powerful national syndicate that presides over business, budgets & matters of war. The Syndicate is both augmented and checked by a judicial and financial system that is answerable to the citizenry itself The Syndicate has the power to destroy any business through the powers of taste and tax. The Syndicate has the power to enforce this by use of the police forces, the militia and army. The citizenry has the power to destroy the Syndicate and local machines by the powerful anti-vote option. The citizens militia has the power to remove all by force. The militia is the citizenry itself. Since to be able to destroy a thing is to be able to control a thing. Finally, the citizenry will have the power they need and deserve. The Mericratic Alliance supports a system of checks of balances that puts real power i.e., the power to destroy a thing, in the hands of the citizenry itself. Therefore the citizenry is truly in control.

The powers by which the alliance does this by are:  Taste & Tax  Favor  Protection Let us entertain this concepts as they relate to the process in its whole. Taste the power of the syndicate and machines to sample businesses profits at a rate that mirrors what they would have historically given as campaign contributions. The taste goes into the coffers of the bosses and is used to finance their lines of nine and endeavor in philanthropic endeavors on behalf of the citizenry. The local machines get a piece of any business done in their territory. The national syndicate gets a taste of everything, everyone pays tax. The tax is determined by the Line of Inquisition at the request of the syndicate and disputable before the Line of Deposition. Tax the direct fee that goes into the national treasury. Favor A quid pro quo system of that works on the principal of the favor. Simply, I help you when you need it, I expect you to help me when I need it. If not returned at best aid will not be offered again at worst it’s a problem. Protection Fund The all purpose charitable fund. Protection is a fund held in reserve for disaster relief, humanitarian endeavors or philanthropic needs of the citizenry. It is favorable for businesses and individuals of privilege to pay protection. Departure This Manifesto is not intended to be the end all be all on meritocracy nor even the final edition. Others must come, write and endeavor in the new enlightenment of Meritocracy. This manifesto is merely the first footstep in the greatest journey. May it help you on the path.

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