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Scientific Revolution

1500 1600 1700

1800 1900 2000

Scientific thought continued throughout the decades and people became more secular (0-5) as scientific discoveries were made.
Secular: separate from religion

The divide between science and religion grew larger in European society though the 16th,17th and 18th centuries.
Charles Darwin introduced a theory in 1859 (much after the scientific revolution) that made this divide even more drastic.

Charles Darwin is the father of the Theory of Evolution (0-5).

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Evolution is when a POPULATION
CFU: Think/Write/Share Provide an example of Darwinism that you are familiar with. (L1) An example of Darwinism is ____________________________. (L2) When I view the world around me, one example of Darwinism is ______

of organisms changes over time

Often called Darwinism

One key aspect to Darwins theory was the concept of natural selection. Natural selection is when nature selects:

Organisms with good genes will live and pass on their genes Organisms with bad genes to die out

CFU: Think/Write/Share How does this cartoon demonstrate natural selection? (L1) The Cartoon shows that _______ (L2) The cartoon demonstrates natural selection by_________.


The pink beetles have evolved to possess a poison that will kill a predator if they are eaten. The green beetles do not have this and are fine to eat. The birds only eat the green beetles, causing them to go extinct as the pink beetles continue to survive.

Survival of the fittest

The theory of evolution argued that all organisms on Earth changed, or adapted, from something else for survival. The theory that man evolved from primates completely contradicts the story of Adam and Eve.
This, like other scientific discoveries

during the Scientific Revolution, undermined the Churchs teachings.

Science, yet again, was a threat to the Christian faith.

CFU: Write-pair-Share: Connect this innovation and the churchs response to a similar event from the scientific revolution. Explain why they are similar.

EQ: How did Darwinism affect the relationship between the church and science?

This remains a contentious (heated) issue today.

Many states have argued about whether evolution should be taught, how it should be taught, and whether creationism (Adam & Eve) should be part of the curriculum. Critical Thinking: Think-pair-share: What does this debate say about the current relationship between science and religion?
EQ: How did Darwinism affect the relationship between the church and science?