To Catch a Princess - Caridad Piñeiro

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To Catch a Princess
Caridad Piñeiro
This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author ’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. Copyright © 2013 by Caridad Piñeiro Scordato. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce, distribute, or transmit in any form or by any means. For information regarding subsidiary rights, please contact the Publisher. Entangled Publishing, LLC 2614 South Timberline Road Suite 109 Fort Collins, CO 80525 Visit our website at

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To Catch a Princess - Caridad Piñeiro

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Despite his family's wealth, Peter had never flown in a private jet. It was a completely different experience and one which he wasn't quite sure he liked. But then again, he wasn't a fan of flying in any case. Although logic told him this was a far safer mode of transportation than his car or a train or that crashing was less likely than getting hit by lightning, he couldn't keep from imagining that every little bump or whine of the engines was the beginning of a death plummet. As the plane banked to one side and the cabin rattled with a bit of turbulence, he clenched his hands on the arms of his seat and gritted his teeth. He must have made some kind of noise because Tatiana looked up from the papers she had been reading for the last hour or so. “Are you okay?” “Fine,” he managed to bite out past the tension in his jaw. She grinned with amusement, then contained it. Unbuckling, she walked to the seat which faced his and sat. “I understand. It took me a bunch of flights before I got used to it.” “Feel like a fool,” he admitted, thinking that he was losing hero points with her in a major way. She laid her hand on the taut muscles of his thigh and smoothed it reassuringly. “Let's get your mind off the flight.” His eyebrows shot up in surprise, one thought paramount about how she could accomplish that. As she realized where his mind had gone, she blushed, and waved her hands. “No, not that way. I've got no desire to join the mile high club.” “Alexander would shoot me just for thinking about it,” he kidded and actually managed a chuckle, but his comment only brought additional color to Tatiana's cheeks. “You really thought about it?” she asked with a slight stammer. The plane did another little bounce, but the last thing he was thinking about was dying. All he could think about was Tatiana and him in the bedroom on the plane, making love.

To Catch a Princess - Caridad Piñeiro

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“You're a beautiful woman, Tatiana. I'd have to be dead not to think about about it,” he confessed. She swallowed hard and reached for the service button built into the arm of the chair. Calling for her security detail? he wondered, but a moment later the young attendant who had been discreetly sitting in a chair near the cockpit approached them. “Is it too early to serve dinner, Kelly?” Tatiana asked. “Not at all, Princess Tatiana. What is your pleasure tonight? There is a wonderful pasta with scallops and shrimp, filet mignon with scalloped potatoes, or a vegetarian lasagna,” the young woman said and glanced between the two of them. As it had with Alexander the day before, his stomach growled noisily at the mention of the food. He had been running around all day and hadn't had a chance to grab anything to eat, not even one of the bags of snacks he always munched on. “Hungry?” Tatiana asked with a humorous quirk of her full lips. “I didn't get a chance to eat before boarding.” Tatiana said to the hostess, “The seafood pasta sounds delicious, Kelly.” Peter glanced at the young woman and asked, “Would it be too much to ask for the steak and the lasagna?” “Not at all, Detective Roman. Would you prefer red or white with the meal?” He shrugged, not particular, and asked Tatiana, “Do you have a preference?” “I know you're supposed to have white with fish, but I love the heartiness of reds. Please pick a nice one for us, Kelly.” The young woman smiled and walked away to fulfill their requests. After instructing the chef waiting in the galley area, she returned with a cart where she had the open bottle of wine. She poured the first glass and handed it to Peter. He swirled it around and after, examined the fingers as they formed on the glass. Then he slurped up some of the wine, letting the air enhance the flavor of the wine. “Wonderful, Kelly. Thank you,” he said and returned the glass.

To Catch a Princess - Caridad Piñeiro

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She poured him more of the cabernet and after, served a glass for the princess. Tatiana took a sip and likewise approved. “Excellent. Thank you, Kelly.” The smells of dinner were starting to permeate the air in the cabin and as they sat there, quietly sipping their wine, Kelly set places for them on the table where Tatiana had been working earlier. “Henri, the chef, is wonderful. I hope you'll like your meals,” Tatiana said, a hint of humor in her voice. “A growing boy like me needs his nourishment,” he kidded right back. She made a circular motion around her waist and her crystal blue eyes glittered with merriment. “You'll be growing, all right.” Because he wanted to see that blush on her face again, he said, “Don't worry, Tatiana. I know just the way to work off the calories.” The heat of color on Tatiana’s cheeks warned her that it was not too hard for her to imagine helping him work off those calories. But she could give as good as she got. “Sadly, Peter, I think having sex barely works off more than walking up a flight of stairs.” Peter grinned and leaned forward, his voice pitched low as he said, “Trust me, Tatochka. Making love with me will leave you breathless.” Heat flooded throughout her body and her nipples tightened into hard points. She was grateful for the winter-weight v-neck she wore which hid her reaction from him. “Back away, Peter,” she said, unnerved. He held a hand in a gesture of surrender, but his knowing grin said that he was sure of how he had affected her. She was spared by Kelly's approach with a second serving cart with their meals.

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