Ideal Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus Type II

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Precipitating factors: frequent or chronic infections eating too much sweets development of glucose intolerance during drug therapy delivery of over 9 lbs infants diet sedentary lifestyle

Predisposing factors: 1. family history of ! 2. obesity 3. "ge above 4# )nsulin resistance

$%haustion of beta cells

 )nsulin production* decrease secretion of insulin egradation of proteins

 "bsorption of glucose by the cell

 'rea(down of fat

&ell starvation

+timulation of hunger mechanism via hypothalamus


1&"3 )" . .1&$!)" -'+  to 14# mg*d.1/$32.$".&$3+ elayed wound healing 67) .1  "cidity of urine iffuse glomerular sclerosis  6rethral flora 8$/.1/07$8+)08 : 7"&.30/"7."2)" -'+  14# mg*d./0. 8erve emyelini9ation 5idney filtration mechanism impaired &apillary basement membrane thic(ening 2.ypovolemia /0.'6!)863)" 2angrene .1&0+63)" 8$630/"7.)82 6.aginitis 3enal failure $nd<+tage 3enal isease  &irculating blood volume .1 /aresthesias : numbness )mpaired pain sensation 808<.163)" : ".1/.

1 7hic(ening of blood vessel walls 0cclusion of plaque !usculos(eletal effects )mpaired glucose absorption in the muscle tissue =oint contractures !yocardial ischemia !yocardial infarction iminished peripheral pulse 'lood flow bloc(ed  'lood pressure .1/$37$8+)08 -"7)26$ 'lurring of vision +tro(e 'lindness blindness ..eart -ailure .1 )/+)" )ncrease viscosity of blood &apillary basement membrane thic(ening "bnormal retinal vascular permeability +carring 3$7)80/"7.: $ imbalance  8umber of solute relative to water /otassium ion retention +odium ions lost &ardiac arrythmias $"7. 7issue dehydration /0.

yperlipidemia >eight . epressed central nervous system . 'rea(down of fat  -atty acids : glycerol  (etone bodies in the general circulation • hydro%ybutyric acid • acetoacetic acid &onvulsions !etabolic acidosis "cetone breath  -at content of the blood .oss -ormation of fatty deposits on the walls of the blood vessels "therosclerosis 8ausea and vomiting "bdominal pain ? &ellular /otassium 'ody attempts to prevent further decrease in p.

/oor appetite &ardiac arrhythmias 5ussmaul@s respirations .eadache &oma .

. "mino acid in the general circulation .yperaminoacidemia  !obili9ation * degradation of proteins ecreased urinary nitrogen -urther sodium ion loss /otassium ion retention ehydration &ardiac arrhythmias $"7.

hunger .