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Introducing Actix


Our business
Actix is a leading provider of mobile analytics software that delivers actionable intelligence to improve customer experience and optimize the Radio Access Network

Operator customers


of the top 30

Mobile operators

Our Vision
We believe that analysis of the customers experience in the RAN will become the key driver for: Optimization and SON Het Net investment planning Customer Experience Management Solutions to monetize mobile data C-level insights and decision making

About us
Founded in 1991, originally focused on RAN Analytics for assessment of pre-launch quality

More than 350 Operators are Actix customers

25 of the top 30 operators worldwide Key Offices in UK, Germany, Kuala Lumpur and China

250 people globally

Primary revenue generator is ActixOne, a RAN Analytics and Optimization platform installed at 50 sites globally

Our global footprint

Over 50 ActixOne deployments

Our focus on the Radio Access Network

Most costly part of the network infrastructure $50bn in RAN CAPEX 2013 (50% of all CAPEX) The RAN has the biggest impact on customer experience Causes 80% of customer experience problems Data throughputs can be 50% lower indoors Provides business critical insights 5% of locations carry over 50% of all traffic 15% of locations cause 85% of problems iPhones consume 3x more data than Blackberries

Our capabilities
Customer Experience Analytics Acceptance & Benchmarking Optimization SON

Advanced visualization: dashboards, maps & reports Data Sources

RAN configuration RNC traces Drive & walk test Network element Performance Social, customer complaints, ad-hoc

RAN Analytics
Geo-location Customer experience Radio network

2G, 3G & LTE
Customer Experience Network Quality

2G,3G & LTE


Logical parameters

Rules based

Physical parameters Small cells


Proven operator impact: Customer experience

Actix enables operators to
Improve customer retention Satisfy key corporate customers Streamline customer care

Geo-locating subscribes to build accurate pictures of customer experience and competitive threats

Enabling operators to demonstrate superior mobile performance at corporate HQs

Cutting by 80% the time needed to diagnose customer experience issues in the RAN Identifying where new devices and key customer segments are active

Target new service rollouts

Proven operator impact: Network rollouts

Actix enables operators to
Ensure LTE quality at launch

Delivering industry best practice measurement of LTE performance captured from 100 customer deployments

Manage network equipment providers

Providing a scalable LTE rollout acceptance process that allows operators to hold vendors to account
Geo-locating subscribers to accurately quantify service demand to target LTE and small cells.

Target new network capacity

RAN Customer Experience Analytics

Customer Experience


Manage your customers experience, not just your mobile network

The Network
Phones People

Mobile operators face a challenging environment

Saturated Markets Smartphone Explosion

Reduced customer loyalty and increased acquisition costs

Huge growth in network traffic, changes in usage patterns

Customer retention is as important as acquisition

Increased network cost and complexity

Customer experience is a key operator battleground

Assuring customer experience is getting more difficult

Network performance isnt customer experience


Network KPIs arent segmented by people, places and phones

Customer experience for high value subscribers is lost in the noise

Performance at indoor locations like corporate HQs is hidden As a result operator cant:

Focus on improving QOE for top 20% of customers

iPhone 4s

Cell A B C D

DCR 1.5% 1.8% 1.6% 1.4%

Corporate HQ

8% DCR

4% DCR

Target limited network capacity at the right people

Network demand isnt evenly distributed

Network capacity KPIs focus on network elements Data demand is driven by people, places and phones As a result operators cant select the right capacity solution
Tourist spot

Train station

Single user

Macro capacity
Corporate HQ

Wi-Fi Offload Femto DAS

The network should answer business questions

What is the signal strength for roamers using data cards at airports?


What is the iPhone dropped call rate inside key corporate HQs?

Phones People

Where does poor data performance result in VIP customer churn?

RAN customer experience insight means

Real customer experience Business correlation Actionable Analysis

Use real subscriber measurements to capture the actual customer experience

Combine with business data to understand the true impact of RAN performance

Use powerful analytics to drive decisions on how to improve customer experience

Architecture for customer experience analytics

Call Measurement Data

Customer Experience Visualization

Call Trace

Call Trace

Segment Calls
Handset, customer,

Call Trace LTE Call Trace

Generate KPIs
Failures, quality,

Remain in same GUI

Business Data
Customer Accounts

Raw, mesh, area,

Action Customer Experience

Customer Complaints

Churn Records

Customer experience analytics engine

ActixOne Customer Experience Analytics Engine enables customer experience data to be quickly combined and filtered Call trace data can be analyzed to identify problem areas and hotspots Call trace data can be combined with business data for geographic correlation
Where I need to focus to reduce high value subscriber churn?

Where do I have high numbers of deactivations?

Where are my high value subscribers?

Where do I have poor network quality as measured by call trace?

POC Scope
Huawei PCHR data Majority from 23rd May From 6pm to 10pm 1.6 Million Connection Attempts on 23rd May

Peak Demand: Colombo Main Street

Highest demand in Colombo is around Main Street. Here we see overall excellent customer experience with very low drop rates.


Regional iPhone4 Usage

Thimbirigasyaya is the hotspot for iPhone4 use, constituting 10% of overall connections in the network. We can also see 2/3 of the usage is indoors, which will lead us to indoor planning analysis later.

We can also trend the usage over time using both hourly and daily Customer Experience stats.

iPhone4: Customer Experience Use Case

iPhone4 Connections iPhone4 Drops

The high iPhone use in Main Street has few corresponding drops.

We do see hotspots of poor iPhone4 experience near Wellawatta and Jawatta

Indoor iPhone Quality Issues

EcNo distribution plot at indoor locations shows areas in Wellawatta where the quality of service could be improved further.

Pilot Pollution Contributes to Poor Quality

Pilot Pollution Analysis showed that many of the locations where EcNo were previously seen as weak also had pilot polluted bins.

Investigate Down-tilt to Resolve Pollution

Dehiwala North A is listed as the most polluter, and appears to be overshooting. The site configuration should be validated to check the downtilt.


iPhone4: In Building/Het-Net Planning Use Case

Indoor connection attempts for iPhone4

Outdoor connection attempts for iPhone4

Not surprisingly, it was observed that there was more usage in indoor locations than outdoor for iPhone4s.

Poor Indoor Coverage Leading to High Drops

To understand the impact of this observation, the numbers of dropped connections due to poor RF conditions were plotted. It was found that the same area was affected by this.

Unity Plaza: Hotspot of Indoor Poor RF Drops

Zooming into the specific area, the Unity Plaza was the area with high number of indoor dropped connections due to poor RF conditions.

This issue needs to be addressed, especially since the demand is quite strong, shown by the high number of indoor High Speed (HS) connection attempts

Identify Responsible Network Elements

Customer Experience Data aggregated to the Sector Level quickly identify the worst offenders.

This sector has a high proportion of drops due to Poor RF Coverage

Event Diagnostics & Drilldown

Event filtering, automated diagnostics and Layer3 drilldown allow engineers to validate conclusions

It is observed that the Unity Plaza only has an outdoor site but not an Inbuilding system (the next door Majestic City has an Inbuilding system). Therefore this building is a strong candidate for a new Inbuilding site.


International Roamer Hotspots

Hotspot of roamers was found along Galle Road

Correlates with 5-Star Hotels

International Roamer Drops

The same hotspot was also recording a number of connection drops for roamers.

Correlation with Drop Hotspot

The dropped calls locations are identified, mostly around site 53085 (the Holiday Inn sectors) Note: These are drops not just for international roamers, but for all users

The coverage by the best SC confirms that the best servers in this area are the Holiday Inn sectors (SC 70, 71 and 72).

Identify Contributing Sector

Colouring the sectors by the Customer Experience statistics aggregated to sector level reveals those contributing the most drops

One customer had 4 drops in the time period.


Breakdown of Drops for Area

Holiday Inn B has a much higher proportion of IRAT Failure events


Filter Customer Experience Data by Highways

High concentration of dropped calls were seen in the highway stretch near Rajagiriya.

As this is a highway we investigated RF related Handover issues, but far less were reported.

Investigating Mesh Statistics

Focusing on the worst affected mesh areas, it was observed that the main reason for dropped call was system released. This indicates a higher level issue (where inter-RNC handover is a possible cause) rather than RF-related issues.

Investigating Network Configuration

Coloring the sectors by RNC quickly showed the drop hotspot at an RNC boarder. (No LAC data was available in the POC data)

Possible Inter RNC Issue

Looking at individual dropped calls, the possible inter-RNC handover issue can again be observed the most common dropped calls scenario occurred when the Active Set contains two cells from different RNCs. In most cases, Sri_Japura_Naita_C was the best server, the other server being the Koswatta_North cells.

Possible Missing Neighbour

Viewing the configuration suggests Sri_Japura_NAITA_C was also having missing neighbours with the Rajagiriya_East cells. However the ActixOne Neighbour Planning capability shows no shared measurements. In fact the site is off-air.