I wanted to like All That Glows, I thought the concept could be interesting.

I was intrigued by a fairy falling in love with a prince, it mix a couple of my favorite things together: falling in love and princes. ach is a complicated aspect on it!s own but add in the fantasy aspect the possibilities are endless. "ot that I am a huge fantasy, but the premise of All That Glows reminded me of Incarnate by #odi $eadows, so I decided to give a chance. %hen I started reading, the first thing I noticed what the narrator!s voice. It!s so distinct, but I couldn!t tell if I liked it or not. It made sense to the character. myrs is supposed to be this fairy who has been alive since before &ing Author!s time, so it makes sense that the narrator!s voice sounds old and kind of stilted, but it really didn!t work for me. myrs 'ust makes a lot of short and declarative statements and reading it is 'ust odd. (till, I tried to ignore it and focus on what was actually happening but that wasn!t much better. I feel like everything that!s being described is so monotoned. %hen the really big and exciting stuff is supposed to be happening, I didn!t actually reali)e it. It didn!t feel momentous, you can!t really tell the highs and the lows from the tone, you!re 'ust supposed to be able to figure it out. *ou!re also supposed to take mrys! and +rince ,ichard!s love at face value and 'ust accept it. I don!t know what makes ,ichard so different from all the millions of humans that mrys has been exposed to. -e!s 'ust supposed to be different. merys is constantly internally battling her feelings for him, but ,ichard doesn!t seem like someone you!d risk it all for, especially after witnessing humans adhere to their human nature for thousands of years. $y last ma'or issue with All That Glows is that I don!t know much about the fairies and their rules from reading this. I get that their magical creatures and they guard royals but that!s all that stuck out after reading this novel. I don!t know any more about the basic rules, but I do know that they don!t seem to follow the rules that I!ve read in other novels. %hich is fine, but I feel if that!s what you!re going to do it need to be woven into the story. .or example, in All That Glows fairies are allowed to lie. %hat else are they allowed to do, what aren!t allowed to do. I know that myrs falling in love with ,ichard is kind of taboo but I need to know how bad it is, I need some point of reference for how bad it is. All That Glows 'ust wasn!t for me. I think fans of fantasy might like it more than I did. ven though I seem to harp on the bad, it isn!t all bad, it 'ust wasn!t for me.

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