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<<Company Name>> Recruitment Policy <<Date>>



Effective and consistent recruitment practices are essential to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and with diversity and equality of opportunity and that costly recruitment mistakes are avoided. he recruitment process must result in the selection of the most suita!le person for the "o! in respect of skills# e$perience and qualifications. his Policy defines the principles that the Company considers important in the recruitment process and aims to ensure that consistency and %ood practice is applied across the Company. 2. <<Equal Opportunities/Equality and Diversity>> in Recruitment

&t is a%ainst the Company's <<Equal (pportunities)Equality and Diversity>> Policy and a%ainst the law in many cases to discriminate either directly or indirectly on the %rounds of race# nationality# ethnic ori%in# %ender# marital status# pre%nancy# a%e# disa!ility# se$ual orientation# %ender reassi%nment# ethnicity# cultural or reli%ious !eliefs. *ll employees are required to comply with the requirements of the <<Equal (pportunities) Equality and Diversity>> Policy at every sta%e of the recruitment process includin% production of "o! descriptions# advertisin% material# instructions %iven to recruitment a%encies# shortlistin% of applications# interviewin%# selection decisions and offers of employment. *ll Company's policies and procedures reflect our commitment to achievin% and maintainin% equal opportunities within the workplace. &t is the responsi!ility of every employee to monitor continually and evaluate formal and informal practices and procedures to ensure that they do not directly or indirectly discriminate a%ainst any individual or %roup of society. *ny employee who is found to !e discriminatin% in any way durin% the recruitment process will !e su!"ect to the disciplinary procedure and may !e lia!le to dismissal. 3. Monitorin <<Equal Opportunities/Equality and Diversity>> in Recruitment

&n order for us to monitor the effectiveness of the Recruitment and <<Equal (pportunities) Equality and Diversity>> Policy it is necessary that all candidates complete the <<Equal (pportunities)Equality and Diversity>> +onitorin% ,orm. *ny data which is collected re%ardin% %ender and ethnic ori%ins will !e collected solely for the purpose of monitorin% equal opportunity and will !e held confidentially !y the Company and protected from misuse.- his data should !e recorded and maintained on the <<Equal (pportunities)Equality and Diversity>> Recruitment +onitorin% Control .heet./ !. Recruitment "ut#orisation

*ny vacancy must !e authorised !y <<insert title of appropriate person or committee etc.>>

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!efore any attempt is made to fill the role. &n makin% the request to the <<insert title of appropriate person or committee etc>> consideration should !e %iven to whether the role could !e a!sor!ed amon%st the rest of the team or elsewhere in the Company. *lso consider all the cost implications. $. %o& Descriptions and 'erson (peci)ications

(nce authorisation has !een o!tained# the person)mana%er recruitin% must produce a "o! description for the vacancy which provides a fair and accurate representation of the role and follows the format which is laid out in the 0o! Description ,orm. he "o! description should !e %iven to all candidates prior to interview to ena!le them to prepare adequately for the interview which will improve the success of the interviewin% process. Particular care must !e taken when producin% "o! descriptions to ensure that unreasona!le requirements are not placed on the "o! holder which cannot !e o!"ectively "ustified and may unfairly disadvanta%e certain %roups e.%. women# ethnic minorities# elderly or disa!led persons. 1nder the Equality *ct 2343 56the *ct78# prospective employers can ask health9related questions !efore short9listin% or makin% a "o! offer if it is necessary for them to do so for one or more reasons permitted !y the *ct. hese are situations where: the employer needs to esta!lish whether the employee is fit to under%o an assessment# or whether the employer has a duty to make reasona!le ad"ustments in connection with an assessment; the employer needs to esta!lish whether the "o! applicant will !e a!le to carry out a function that is intrinsic to the "o! concerned; the employer wishes to undertake diversity monitorin%; the employer is considerin% takin% positive action in relation to disa!led persons; or it is a %enuine requirement of the "o! that the employee has a particular disa!ility. * question that does not fall within one or more of these e$ceptions will !e prohi!ited. *skin% a prohi!ited question does not of itself %ive a "o! applicant a tri!unal claim. <owever# if a "o! applicant who has !een asked a prohi!ited question does !rin% a claim of disa!ility discrimination# the !urden will !e on the employer to prove that they have not discriminated. *. "dvertisin o) +acancies

*ll vacancies must !e advertised within the Company to all mem!ers of staff prior to e$ternal methods of recruitment !ein% used. =herever possi!le internal candidates will !e considered in preference to e$ternal candidates and reasona!le trainin% and coachin% will !e provided to ena!le employees to achieve career advancement. =here it has not !een possi!le to recruit within the Company# then e$ternal methods of recruitment may !e considered. hese may include approachin% a%encies or advertisin% in suita!le press. *n advertisement must not show any intention to discriminate unlawfully -and should follow the Equal (pportunities Commission recommended code./ ,. (#ortlistin

Preparation is the key to ma$imisin% the likelihood of selectin% the most suita!le candidate for the position.

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&dentify specific "o! related criteria usin% the "o! description. +atch these criteria with those detailed in the candidate's C>. 1se this to select which candidates will !e invited for interview# if appropriate.

(nce a list of criteria has !een identified it is useful# particularly when considerin% a lar%e num!er of candidates for one position# to record how the candidate5s8 compare usin% a ta!ular format# as follows: -ame Candidate 4 Candidate 2 Candidates who apply for positions with the Company# whether throu%h a direct advertisement or a recruitment a%ency# will always !e informed of the outcome of their application as quickly as possi!le. =here candidates have applied to the Company directly# they should !e informed of the outcome in writin%. /. /.1 Recruitment Intervie0s 'reparin )or t#e Intervie0 .riteria Criteria ? Criteria @

Criteria 4

Criteria 2

Criteria A

Criteria B

Recruitment interviews will !e arran%ed and conducted !y the recruitin% person)mana%er. &t is advisa!le wherever possi!le to ask someone else to interview with you. &nterviewin% with a collea%ue can !e useful to %ive you time to collect your thou%hts or plan further questions while your collea%ue Ctakes the reins' for a while. Dou can also study the candidate's !ody lan%ua%e and facial e$pressions more easily when not directly involved in talkin% to the candidate. * second opinion is often useful in makin% recruitment decisions. &n addition a collea%ue's feed!ack is very useful to monitor your interviewin% technique. &nterview arran%ements should wherever possi!le !e confirmed in writin% to the candidate. &n preparin% for the interview:

&dentify any areas on the list of criteria that need further e$ploration or clarification. ,or e$ample# where it is not o!vious from the candidate's C> that they possess the required skill. &dentify any other areas on the C> that need further e$ploration or clarification. Eook particularly for une$plained %aps in employment# a succession of rapid "o! chan%es# or a statement of achievement that needs to !e validated. ,or e$ample# always !ein% in the top five achievers is a somewhat different level of success when there are 433 people in the pool as compared to when there are only five in the pool. ,ormulate the questions to !e covered in the interview. Ensure that they will ena!le all the a!ove information to !e %athered. Durin t#e Intervie0


Please see the &nterview Fuidance Notes which provides sample interview questions focused around the competencies.

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=hen conductin% the interview:

1se the same questionin% strate%y with each candidate and do not ask for any personal information or views that are not relevant to the "o! as this could !e considered discriminatory Do not accept partial or unclear answers to any of your questions# pro!e for more detail if necessary# %ive every candidate an opportunity to answer the questions fully ry to keep question open# not questions which require a simple yes ) no answer. Remem&er 1 t#e candidate s#ould &e tal2in )or /34 o) t#e intervie0 and t#e intervie0er5s6 )or 2347 ")ter t#e Intervie0


Read throu%h your notes a!out each candidate ad complete the assessment form. Dour reasons for appointin% or nor appointin% a particular candidate are important in case your final decision is challen%ed under the Equality *ct 2343. Compare each candidate a%ainst the "o! description a%ain in li%ht of the additional information you now have concernin% each candidate. +ake an assessment for each candidate as to whether they will fit the culture of the team and the Company as a whole. <owever# ensure that you are not discriminatin% a%ainst any candidate !ecause he)she is a different se$ or of a different a%e or from a different racial# reli%ious or cultural !ack%round to the rest of the team. Do not pic2 t#e &est o) a &ad &unc# G recruitment mistakes are costly and time consumin% and ultimately it is !etter to re9advertise to %et the ri%ht person. &f you are uneasy or unsure a!out anythin% that was discussed in the interview# ask the candidate !ack for another interview or talk to the over the phone to clarify. Do not i%nore your instincts and offer the "o! anyway and hope that it will !e alri%ht. Eet all candidates know whether they are successful or not as quickly as possi!le. Delays could mean that you miss out on the !est candidates. O))er o) Employment


(nce the most appropriate candidate has !een selected# this needs to !e approved !y the director and the terms and condition of the offer of employment need to !e confirmed !y <<insert name and)or title of appropriate authority>>. &n settin% a startin% salary to offer your chosen candidate !ear in mind the salary level the candidate is seekin%# the !ud%et and the authorised salary ran%e 5as shown on the 0o! Description ,orm8. Dou o!viously need to !ear in mind the salary of e$istin% employees in a similar role so that you do not create inconsistencies within the Company which could !e challen%ed under the Equality *ct 2343. *n offer should !e made ver!ally to the candidate and once a%reed# a contract of employment needs to !e raised and sent out with the offer letter. 13. Re)erences

*ll employment offers are conditional upon receipt of <<two>> professional references

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which are satisfactory to the Company. he referees should usually !e the applicant's current and previous employers# althou%h in the case of a colle%e or school leaver the colle%e tutors or teachers will !e accepta!le. Referees will usually !e sou%ht from an applicant once an offer of employment is made and referees will not !e approached without the applicant's permission. -<owever for <<e.%. senior positions>> the Company may require the applicant to provide details of referees prior to an offer of employment !ein% made. =ith the applicant's consent the referees will !e approached and the responses received will form part of the selection decision./ References will usually !e sou%ht in writin% and require that a standard reference form !e completed althou%h details may !e checked or clarified !y telephone where necessary. &f a response to a written request for a reference has not !een received# then the Company will telephone the referee where the details have !een provided and may seek and oral reference instead. &f references which are satisfactory to the Company are not received within a reasona!le timescale then it may !e necessary to withdraw the offer of employment. 11. 9uali)ication .erti)icates

*ll applicants are required to provide evidence of qualifications either in the form of ori%inal certificates which will !e copied and then returned to confirmation from the relevant E$amination Hoard if certificates cannot !e produced. he employment offer will !e conditional upon valid evidence of qualification and the offer may !e withdrawn if this is not supplied within a reasona!le timescale. &f an applicant falsifies certificates or evidence of qualifications and this su!sequently comes to the attention of the Company at any sta%e durin% employment then the individual will !e su!"ect to disciplinary action and may !e lia!le to dismissal. 12. :or2 'ermits and Ille al :or2in

&t is a%ainst the law to employee a person who does not have permission to live and work in the 1I. he Company could !e prosecuted and fined under the &mmi%ration and *sylum *ct 4JJJ for employin% some!ody who does not have permission to work in the 1I. herefore all successful applicants will !e required to provide evidence of one ori%inal piece of documentation from the list !elow once an offer of employment is made:

* document %ivin% the person's National &nsurance num!er and name. his could !e a P@A# a National &nsurance card or a letter from a %overnment a%ency; * document showin% that the person can stay indefinitely in the 1I or that they have no restriction preventin% them from takin% employment. his may !e an endorsement in a passport or <ome (ffice Eetter; * work permit or other approval to take employment from the Department for Education and Employment; * document showin% that they are a 1I CitiKen or have ri%ht of a!ode in the 1I. his may !e an endorsement in a passport# a !irth certificate# a re%istration or

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naturalisation document or a letter from the <ome (ffice;

* document showin% that they are a national of a European Economic *rea country. his may !e a passport or national identity card: or * document confirmin% re%istration with the =orker Re%istration .cheme.

&n order to avoid discrimination# it is essential that the same criteria are applied to every person who is offered employment with the Company. &t will !e the responsi!ility of the recruitin% mana%er to ensure that a relevant document has !een supplied which satisfies the criteria set out a!ove. &f an applicant is not a!le to produce one of the listed documents then they will !e advised to contact the CitiKens *dvice Hureau for further advice and their employment will !e put on hold until evidence can !e produced and the offer may !e withdrawn. 13. 'ersonnel Records ; (tarter 'rocedures

Personnel records are held !y <<insert name and)or title of appropriate authority)dept>>. * file containin% paper records is held for each employee and will include:

Contract of Employment Personal information G New .tarter ,orm o o o o o o Ne$t of kin Ethnic ori%in <ome address Copy of Hirth certificate 5or similar proof of ri%ht to work8 Copy of marria%e certificate if appropriate Copy of all qualifications

Chan%es to terms and conditions *!sence records Current Disciplinary details Records of any rainin% undertaken Records of (!"ectives and Performance *ppraisals

hese records are held in a secure environment# only accessi!le to <<>>. Electronic records may also !e held !y <<>>. his ena!les information %atherin% and quick access to employee records. -(ur accountants)payroll !ureau also have)has limited access to ena!le them to run payroll and pay e$penses. Employees will !e asked annually to confirm the information we hold on them is correct./ 1!. .omplaints 'rocedure

*ny applicants who consider that they have !een unfairly treated or discriminated a%ainst durin% the recruitment process should write to <<>> statin% the %rounds of the complaint. *ny employee who wishes to complain a!out his)her e$perience of the recruitment process should do so !y means of the Frievance Procedure.

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