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Submitted in the partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (2007-2010)


Kumar Sourabh BBA - Final Regd. No. : !!".#IM$A.%!



This is to certify that '&UST(MER SATISFA&TI(N )IT* K)A+ITY )A++,S- carried out by KUMAR S(URAB* as a part of the re uirements of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) !ro"ramme# This study is bein" submitted for appro$al to the %uru &ana' (nstitute of )ana"ement * (T# ( declare that the content of the abo$e mentioned pro+ect are ori"inal and no part of this pro+ect has been submitted for the award of any de"ree or BBA pro"ramme#



This is to certify that the pro+ect titled , &UST(MER SATISFA&TI(N )IT* K)A+ITY )A++,S I&E &REAM- is an ori"inal wor' of Mr. Kumar Sourabh .nrollment student of %uru &ana' (nstitute of )ana"ement * (T/ &ew 0elhi submitted in partial fulfillment of the re uirements for the award of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)# (2007-2010) under the "uidance of the committee#

# Signa.ure o/ member1 M1. Ri.i 2a11i M1. Man3ree. Kaur Signa.ure o/ *(D M1. Maninder Kaur

Dire0.or 2ro/. 4. S. #u5ral


(t is indeed of "reat moment to pleasure to e2press my senses of per found "ratitude * indebt ness to all the people who ha$e been instrumental in ma'in" my pro+ect a rich e2perience# ( "ot the opportunity to do a challen"in" pro+ect with 'wality wall3s# The pro+ect is the important part of our study and "i$es us a real practical e2posure to the corporate world and it is almost impossible to do the same without the "uidance of peoples in and around us# ( am than'ful to my pro+ect "uide M1. Man3ree. Kaur * M1 Ri.i 2a11i for her "uidance durin" my pro+ect# ( am also than'ful to my 4olle"e 0irector 2ro/. 4.S. #u5ral for "i$in" me chance to "et such an e2perience and "i$in" me chance to "et an industrial e2perience# ( would li'e to ta'e this opportunity to e2tend my heartfelt "ratitude to the mana"in" member of 5wality 6all3s# The entire e2perience has been $ery encoura"in" and will certainly help me stand in "ood stead throu"hout my 4areer in 7uture#

5umar Sourabh BBA - 7inal


INTR(DU&TI(N T( INDUSTRY .2ecuti$e Summary (mportance of customer satisfaction :istory of ice cream (ce 4ream (ndustry profile Se"mentation and %rowth )yths =e"ardin" (ce creams INTR(DU&TI(N T( (R#ANISATI(N (ntroduction to :>? (ntroduction to 5wality 6all3s 4onsumption !rocess 4onsumer !references 8 p3s of 5wality 6all3s Swot Analysis 4ompetitors profile RESEAR&* AND MET*(D(+(#Y Analysis of the study 7indin"s Su""estions 7uture of (ce 4ream )ar'et ?imitation of Study Biblio"raphy Anne2ure

2age No.

9 7 ; < 10 11

18 1@ 19 1; 1< 2< 11

11 @1 @8 @@ @9 @7 @;


5wality 6all3s was launched in 1<<@ as :industan >nile$er ?td As# master brand for ice creams# 6ith in-depth 'nowled"e of the (ndian mar'et and >nile$er3s state-ofthe-art technolo"y/ 5wality 6all3s has been deli$erin" superior uality products under its international brands# :industan >nile$er started by mer"in" 9 e2istin" ice cream brands in the country and then launched 5wality 6all3s ran"e of ice creams and froBen desserts# The %lobal Scoop

>nile$er is the worldCs bi""est ice cream manufacturer/ with an annual turno$er of D@ billion :eart brand products are sold in more than 80 countries# The :eart brand operates under different names in different mar'ets (6allCs in the >5 and most parts of Asia/ Al"ida in (taly/ ?an"nese in %ermany/ 5ibon in BraBil/ and Ela in the &etherlands)



The needs to satisfy customer for success in any commercial enterprise is $ery ob$ious# The income of all commercial enterprise is deri$ed from the payments recei$ed for the products and ser$ices supplied to its customers# (f there is no customer there is no income and there is no business# Then the core acti$ity of any company is to attract and retain customers# (t is therefore no surprise that !eter 0ruc'er the renowned mana"ement %uru/ has said/ ,To satisfy The customers are the mission and purpose of e$ery business-# Satisfaction of customer is essential for retention of customer3s and for continuous sales of the products and ser$ices of the company to customers# This establishes the needs for and the importance of customer satisfaction# The satisfaction of consumers is different from one to another# Became/ each consumer has the different beha$iour in their life# So/ the mar'eter satisfies the consumer/ he must $ery well 'now the beha$ior of consumer#


(ce creamCs ori"ins are 'nown to reach bac' as far as the second century B#4#/ althou"h no specific date of ori"in nor in$entor has been indisputably credited with its disco$ery# 6e 'now that Ale2ander the %reat en+oyed snow and ice fla$ored with honey and nectar# Biblical references also show that 5in" Solomon was fond of iced drin's durin" har$estin"# 0urin" the =oman .mpire/ &ero 4laudius 4aesar (A#0# @8-;9) fre uently sent runners into the mountains for snow/ which was then fla$ored with fruits and +uices# E$er a thousand years later/ )arco !olo returned to (taly from the 7ar .ast with a recipe that closely resembled what is now called sherbet# :istorians estimate that this recipe e$ol$ed into ice cream sometime in the 19 th century# .n"land seems to ha$e disco$ered ice cream at the same time/ or perhaps e$en earlier than the (talians# F4ream (ce/F as it was called/ appeared re"ularly at the table of 4harles ( durin" the 17th century# 7rance was introduced to similar froBen desserts in 1@@1 by the (talian 4atherine de )edici when she became the wife of :enry (( of 7rance# (t wasnCt until 1990 that ice cream was made a$ailable to the "eneral public# The Sicilian !rocopio introduced a recipe blendin" mil'/ cream/ butter and e""s at 4afG !rocope/ the first cafG in !aris#


The (ndian ice cream mar'et was earlier reser$ed for the small-scale sector# (t was opened to lar"e-scale manufacture only in 1<<7# Since then the mar'et has been witnessin" fierce battles and hu"e in$estments on the part of ma+or players in cold ;

chains and infrastructure# The o$erall industry has been "rowin" at a slu""ish rate of 1-8 H# But the or"aniBed sector has been "rowin" in the re"ion of 1@ H o$er the last fi$e years#

The ice cream mar'et "rowth pic'ed up after de-reser$ation of the sector in 1<<7# Ef the total siBe of =s 1@-19bn/ around 10-12H is in the hands of or"aniBed sector $alued at =s 8#<bn/ rest all is with the unor"aniBed sector# Amon" the ma+or players in this industry :industan >nile$er has a mar'et share of around @0H/ represented mainly by 5wality 6alls brand# Amul with an estimated mar'et share of 1@H is rapidly "ainin" mar'et share/ Ianilla is the player in the national mar'et with ;-<H of the mar'et share# And lastly 0ins haw3s ha$in" mar'et share of 1 J 8H#

2rodu0.ion area
(n rural areas/ 'ulfis K ice creams made by small K cotta"e industry are popular# The mar'et for or"aniBed sector is restricted to lar"e metropolitan cities# (n small towns and $illa"es/ there are thousands of small players who produce ice- creams K 'ulfis in their home bac'yard and cater to the local mar'et# Almost 80H of the ice creams sold in the country are consumed in the western re"ion with )umbai bein" the main mar'et/ followed by 10H in the north and 20H in the south#

#ro8.h 3romo.ional a0.i9i.ie1

The (ndian "o$ernment adopted the policy of liberaliBation re"ardin" the ice cream industry also and it is since then that this sector has shown an annual "rowth ran"in" from 1@20H per annum for last 12 year#


Segmen.a.ion o/ I0e 0ream Mar:e.

(ndian (ce 4ream mar'et can be se"mented in three different ways/ namely on the basis of fla$orsL on the basis of stoc' 'eepin" units K pac'a"in" and on the basis of consumer se"ments# En the basis of fla$ors the mar'et today has a number of fla$ors li'e $anilla/ strawberry/ chocolate/ man"o/ butterscotch a number of fruit fla$ors/ dry fruit fla$ors traditional fla$ors li'e 5esar- !ista/ 5a+u- 0ra'sh etc# The mar'et is totally dominated by Ianilla/ Strawberry and chocolate/ which to"ether account for more than 70H of the mar'et followed by butterscotch and other fruit fla$ors#

Indian I0e &ream Indu1.r; #ro8.h

Year 1<<7-<; 1<<;-<< 1<<<-2000 2000-2001 2001-2001 2001-2008 &rore @00 @7@ 991#2@ 790#81 ;78#8< 100@#99

Indian Ice-cream industry growth

1200 1000 Rs. Crore 800 600 400 200 0 1997-98 1998-99 1999- 10 20002000 2001 year 20012003 20032004 crore


Some of us belie$e that ice cream is a fattenin" "i$en the product3s soft and creamy te2ture# :owe$er/ fat is only about @H by $olume
lower calories t a% some of t eir ot er fa"o'rite s%ac(s. of Kwality Walls Ice Cream. T e role of fat is to !i"e #o$y to t e ice cream a%$ to !i"e it a !oo$ te&t're a%$ taste. Kwality Walls !i"es c il$re%

F((D 2R(DU&TS K8ali.; )all,1 7anilla &u3 <=! ml> So/. Drin:1 <?!! ml> &ho0ola.e <@! gm bar> 2o.a.o &hi31 < = gm1> Ra1malai <A! gm1 B 3ie0e1> #ulab 4amun1 <"A gm1 B 3ie0e1

&A+(RIES 72 5cal 1<1 5cal 21< 5cal 119 5cal 110 5cal 1<; 5cal

250 200 150 100 50 0 !"##$ IC% CR%"& $'() *RI+ $ 72 191

219 136

198 130 C"#'RI%$





I0e &ream &au1e &old and &oughC


)ost of us assume that ice creams lead to sore throats/ cold and phle"m# This is a myth/ and most pre$alent in the (ndian Sub continent where ice creams were manufactured by small scale industries/ which lac'ed suitable manufacturin" and distribution infrastructure# 4ommon cold is caused by $iral infection/ which has nothin" to do with temperature (as most doctors will also tell us)# Science has shown that only ice creams made of non-pasteuriBed mil' and cream/ in unhy"ienic conditions and sold unwrapped can cause such problems# This is true for only cheap/ branded K unbranded ice creams often sold outside schools# 5wality 6all3s are tryin" to chan"e this myth by educatin" consumers and sparin" no efforts to stri$e to ensure that superior uality products reach consumers#

I0e &ream Indu1.r; 0om3le.el; 1a/e /rom Re0e11ion

E9en a1 9ariou1 indu1.rie1 are under .he hea. o/ re0e11ionD .he i0e 0ream indu1.r; i1 /irming u3 /or higher gro8.h .hi1 1ummer. Ma5or i0e 0ream manu/a0.urer1 1u0h a1 AmulD K8ali.; 8all,1D Mo.her Dair; 8ho ha9e a 3re1en0e na.ion 8ideD eE3e0.1 The Indian i0e 0ream indu1.r; i1 e1.ima.ed .o be 8or.h nearl; R1 D!!! 0rore. (rgani1ed 3la;er1 a00oun. /or around @AF o/ .hi1 1hareD 8hi0h 0ome1 .o R1%!! 0roreDG a1 re3or.ed b; Mr. RS SodhiD &#MD


#u5ara. &o-o3era.i9e Mil: Federa.ion +.d <#&MMF>. #&MMF o8n1 .he Amul brand. GAmul ha1 AF 1hare in .he na.ional i0e 0ream mar:e..- I. i1 .he mar:e. leader in #u5ara. 8here i.1 mar:e. 1hare i1 ?AF.G 7adilal Indu1.rie1 +.d 0laim1 .ha. .he i0e 0ream indu1.r; 8ill bea. all re0e11ionar; .rend1 and a. lea1. AF gro8.h in .hi1 1ea1on.


:industan >nile$er ?imited (A:>?3)/ formerly :industan ?e$er ?imited (it was renamed in late Mune 2007 as :>?)/ is (ndiaCs lar"est 7ast )o$in" 4onsumer %oods company/ touchin" the li$es of two out of three (ndians with o$er 20 distinct cate"ories in :ome * !ersonal 4are !roducts and 7oods * Be$era"es# These products endow the company with a scale of combined $olumes of about 8 million tones and sales of nearly =s# 1171; crores# :>? is also one of the countryCs lar"est e2portersL it has been reco"niBed as a %olden Super Star Tradin" :ouse by the %o$ernment of (ndia# The mission that inspires :>?Cs o$er 1@/000 employees/ includin" o$er 1/100 mana"ers/ is to Fadd $itality to life#F :>? meets e$eryday needs for nutrition/ hy"iene/ and personal care with brands that help people feel "ood/ loo' "ood and "et more out of life# (t is a mission :>? shares with its parent company/ >nile$er/


which holds @2#10H of the e uity# The rest of the shareholdin" is distributed amon" 190/97@ indi$idual shareholders and financial institutions# :>?Cs brands li'e ?ifebuoy/ ?u2/ Surf .2cel/ =in/ 6heel/ 7air * ?o$ely/ !ondCs/ Sunsil'/ 4linic/ !epsodent/ 4loseup/ ?a'me/ Broo'e Bond/ 5issan/ 5norr#Annapurna/ 5wality 6allCs J are household names across the country and span many cate"ories soaps/ deter"ents/ personal products/ tea/ coffee/ branded staples/ ice cream and culinary products# These products are manufactured o$er 80 factories across (ndia# The operations in$ol$e o$er 2/000 suppliers and associates# :>?Cs distribution networ' comprises about 8/000 redistribution stoc'ists/ co$erin" 9#1 million retail outlets reachin" the entire urban population/ and about 2@0 million rural consumers#

:>? introduced 5wality 6allCs Softy (ce 4ream ran"e in the year 2000# 5wality 6allCs is the leadin" ice cream brand in (ndia# The ob+ecti$e was to tar"et all consumer se"ments co$erin" all social and economic "roups and to pro$ide them with a superior uality/ hy"ienic/ soft and creamy ice cream that is easily accessible at a $ery affordable price of +ust =s @# :>? was loo'in" for an or"aniBation that could understand its specific needs and pro$ide top uality su"ar cone manufacturin" e uipment for its $arious centre across (ndia# 6ith a desi"n process that has e$ol$ed o$er time to ensure ma2imum performance and efficiency alon" with a presence in the ma+or cities across (ndia/ =*0 was e$erythin" :?? as'ed for# :>? pro$ided them with top class machines to manufacture hi"h uality cones for their Softy ice-cream and helped :>? "ain cost






T*E T*REE STA#ES IN &(NSUM2TI(N 2R(&ESS (F I&E- &REAM 2re-3ur0ha1e:- Brand imageD *eal.h i11ue1D 1ui.abili.;
Brand ima"e of the ice cream - The consumer considers the 'ind of ima"e the brand that he is "oin" to purchase depicts# (t has to suit certain status symbol/ uality and any other personal brand re uirements that the consumer may ha$e# (t is important that the brand maintains "ood will/ satisfactory to the consumer :ealth (ssue to ice creams relatin"-The modern consumer is hi"hly health conscious and is becomin" aware of the risin" health issues and its impacts# (t is important that the brand satisfies this need of the consumers and ensures health related "ains rather than loss# About which we will be discussin" further in this report#


Suitability J The product should suit the taste/ fla$or and in"redients that are in line with the consumer needs and wants#

2ur0ha1e:-2ri0eD En9ironmen.D Ser9i0e

!rice of ice cream -!rice should be affordable and the product should pro$ide money3s worth in terms of uality/ uantity and consumer satisfaction# as 'ids also form a main se"ment of our section a proper care should be "i$en as far as pricin" is concerned# .n$ironment-The en$ironment should be such that the consumer wants to stay there and spent some time# Ser$ice- The ser$ice should be fast so that the customer waitin" time should be less and leads to their satisfaction and results in formation of "ood brand ima"e#

2o1.-3ur0ha1e:- Huali.;D Sa.i1/a0.ionD S.ore eE3erien0e

Nuality of ice cream J the uality of the ice cream deli$ered certainly plays a $ital role in determinin" whether the customer will re purchase the brand or not# The uality and taste of ice cre7am determines the satisfaction le$el of the customer and hence plays a $ital role in determinin" his approach towards the product# Satisfaction from ice cream- well satisfaction is a holistic picture the total e2perience of the customer with the brand considerin" $arious factors as mentioned abo$e and then finally arri$in" at a conclusion sayin" whether he is satisfied or not from the product#


All mar'etin" starts with the consumer# So consumer is a $ery important person to a mar'eter# 4onsumer decides what to purchase/ for whom to purchase/ why to purchase/ from where to purchase/ and how much to purchase# (n order to become a successful mar'eter/ he must 'now the li'in" or disli'in" of the customers# :e must also 'now the time and the uantity of "oods and ser$ices/ a consumer may purchase/ so that he may store the "oods or pro$ide the ser$ices accordin" to the li'in"s of the consumers# %one are the days when the concept of mar'et was let the buyer3s beware or when the mar'et was mainly the seller3s mar'et# &ow the whole concept of consumer3s so$erei"nty pre$ails# The manufacturers produce and the sellers sell whate$er the consumer li'es# (n this sense/ ,consumer is the supreme in the mar'et-# 17

As consumers/ we play a $ery $ital role in the health of the economy local/ national or international# The decision we ma'e concernin" our consumption beha$ior affect the demand for the basic raw materials/ for the transportation/ for the ban'in"/ for the productionL they effect the employment of wor'ers and deployment of resources and success of some industries and failures of others# Thus mar'eter must understand this# !reference (or FtasteF) is a concept/ used in the social sciences/ particularly economics# (t assumes a real or ima"ined FchoiceF between alternati$es and the possibility of ran' orderin" of these alternati$es/ based on happiness/ satisfaction/ "ratification/ en+oyment/ utility they pro$ide# )ore "enerally/ it can be seen as a source of moti$ation# (n co"niti$e sciences/ indi$idual preferences enable choice of ob+ecti$esK"oals# The study of the consumer preference not only focuses on how and why consumers ma'e buyin" decision/ but also focuses on how and why consumers ma'e choice of the "oods they buy and their e$aluation of these "oods after use# So for success of any company or product promotion it is $ery necessary to depart its concentration towards consumer preference#

@ 2S, (F K)A+ITY )A++,S 2R(DU&TS

!roduct is the first of the four !3s of the mar'etin" / Thou"h each of the four p has its uni ue position in the mar'etin" mi2 of the firm / product has a $ery special position as it constitutes substanti$e elements in any mar'etin" offer # The other elements of mar'etin" price and promotion are normally employed to ma'e product offerin" uni ue and distinct# !roduct is the number one weapon in the mar'etin"# 5wality walls ha$e wide ran"e of products from scoop to family pac's#


4ornetto comes with rich creamy top throu"h the crispy wafer cones#(t is the most popular brand of 'wality walls and specially tar"et for youn" at heart# 4ornetto comes in 8 mouthwaterin" fla$oursO S&A45.=S 7?(=TP ST=A6B.==P B>TT.= S4ET4: 4:E4E 7>0%.

7east is one of the most powerful brand of 'wality wall3s and tar"eted for youn"sters# The outside of feast is choclate co$erin" with raisins/ nuts and almonds# 7east comes in e2citin" fla$ours of 4:E4EBA= 4:E4E?AT. A?)E&0 7>0%. 7=>(T & &>T


2ADD+E 2(2
!addle pop is made to "i$e refreshin" sensation that its customers i#e# 4hildren may ne$er for"et# (t comes in ma"ical fla$or ofO B?A45 %=A!. M.??P 4A&0P 4A5. Q!?ES(E& 4:E4E B.==P &EIA 4:E4E IA&(??A

)oo is tar"eted for those e2tra carin" mom bacause hul claims that moo has e ual calcium of one "lass of mil'# (t comes in two formsO )>?T( SA&06(4: !A45 ST(45


Selection is a premium ran"e of ice cream for those who lo$e en+oyin" with family# Selection comes with crispy nuts/ almonds/ choclate chips mi2ed in it# (t comes in awesome fla$our ofO 7=>(T & &>T )E4:A B=E6&(. 7>0%. T(=S)(S> &E4:?0A 4A=A).? 4=>&4: 4EE5(.S & 4=.A)


@0 )?#

Strawberry 21

7ondue Ianilla Big &u31 5esar pista 4hoco chips 5a+u 5ismis Butter Scotch )an"o !ista Strawberry Ianilla ;0 )?#

I0e +ollie1 A! M+.

:eart Beat Triple Treat 4hamp 4hocobar 4hocobar 5ulfi

100)? 100 )? 100 )?# 100 )?# 100 )?#

Ta:e *ome 2a0:1

Famil; Tub1 Almond !ista Alphanso

@00 )?#


Frui. (9erload 4hoco 4hips Butter Scotch 2ar.; 2a0:1 1000 )?

Ianilla Strawberry !ista 4hocolate chips

!romotion is the ma+or components of the companies total mar'etin" mi2 #(t is the most substantial component# (t intent is to inform persuade and influence people# (t is a basic in"redient in non price competition and it is essential element in mar'etin"# !romotion decisions must be inte"rated and coordinate with rest of the mar'etin" mi2 to frame strate"ies#


As (ce-cream is an 7)4% product creatin" and retainin" awareness has much importance# So 5wality wall3s carries promotions such as Special price offers durin" %anesh 7esti$als in )umbai# 0istribution of coupons in colle"e on friendship day Special offers on Ialentine day which "i$es redeemable coupon to attract youth# ,0eepawali 0hama'a- offers "i$en to new retailers#




The price is the e2chan"e $alue of the product/ it is $alue e2pressed in terms of monetary medium of e2chan"e# (t is a lin' that binds the customer and the company# (t helps to establish mutually ad$anta"eous economic relationships and facilitates the transfer of ownership of "oods and ser$ices from the company to buyers/ !rice ser$es to brin" supply of "oods and ser$ices produced in e uilibrium with the uantity demanded# The pricin" of the 'wality wall3s products are hi"her as compared with their competitors/ 0ue to this 'wality wall3s products "ets differentiated and placed in the e2ecuti$e class of the society# The company claims thou"h its price is hi"h because of its uality products/ and usin" the s'immed )il' fats more as compared to others# The price of almost all the products of 'wality wall3s are near about 10H hi"her than Amul/ 10-1@ H than local companies # The is constantly 'eepin" the eyes on the local as well as national players and do in its ne2t business strate"y the company thin'in" to reduce price of all the products


There are o$er 100 5wality !arlours in (ndia/ which capture consumers with their deli"htful ran"e of ice cream fla$ors and sundaes# These !arlours attempt to capture Aon the mo$e3 and Aout and about3 consumer trends and hence are either e2clusi$e !arlours in coloniesK residential mar'ets or 'ios's at multiple2es/ mass malls/ etc#



(t was launched in (ndia in 2008/ and currently has @1 Swirl3s !arlours#The core concept of Swirl3s is A4reate your Ewn3 ice cream# Swirl3s !arlours attempt to capture the Aon the mo$e3 consumer trends and are located at hi"h footfall areas such as malls and shoppin" centers and are classified under the impulse ran"e of products#


S)(T ANA+YSIS STREN#T*:The (ndian ice cream mar'et was till recently reser$ed for the smallscale sector# (t was opened to lar"e-scale manufacture only in 1<<7# Since then the mar'et has been witnessin" fierce battles and hu"e in$estments on the part of ma+or players in cold chains and infrastructure# The o$erall industry has been "rowin" at a slu""ish rate of 1-8 H# But the or"aniBed sector has been "rowin" in the re"ion of 1@ H o$er the last fi$e years# This =s 7@0-crore mar'et is in today# &ot a sin"le multinational brand has been able to ma'e its presence felt in ice-creams in (ndia as the mar'et continues to be ruled by (ndian brands such as Amul/ 5wality 6alls/ )other 0airy/ Iadilal and se$eral re"ional ones such as 0inshaw in the 6est and Arun in the south and Sudha in the eastern (ndia# (ce-cream consumption is increasin" but $ery slowly/ li'e any other chan"e in habit# FBut the most endurin" chan"e that we ha$e noticed is increasin" out-of-home consumption/ which is related to socio-economic chan"es/ especially in urban mar'ets#

)EAKNESS:The domestic ice-cream mar'et is small in relation to those of other countries in terms of per capita consumption# (ndiaCs per capita consumption is about 2@0 ml a"ainst !a'istanCs 100 ml/ 900 ml in Sri ?an'a/ and 1#2 liters in 4hina and 22 liters in the >S# Accordin" to industry sources/ the industry is not re"isterin" up to mar' "rowth# FAs (ndians on an a$era"e eat ice-cream only fi$e to si2 times a year/ (ndiaCs potential is phenomenal/- there is not enou"h ad$ertisin" in the country# That is why 2<

almost half the mar'et is dominated by the unor"aniBed sector# Pou can see the case of the soft drin's mar'et in (ndia and its "rowth in the past few years/ especially after the entrance of 4oca-4ola and !epsi/ of which he says F### their powerful ads did the ma"icF# Accordin" to him/ F&o ice-cream company is fully in play yet#F

(22(RTUNITIES:The (ndian rural mar'et has "reat potential# All the ma+or mar'et leaders consider the se"ments and real mar'ets for their products# A senior official in a one of the leadin" company says foray into rural (ndia already started and there has been realiBation that the rural mar'et is both price and uantity conscious# 0ue to multinationals are enterin" into mar'et +ob opportunities are increasin" day by day# Also (ndian ice-cream ma+ors are tie up with other multinationals such as Iadilal/ 0inshaw3s "rowth strate"y to ha$e a tie up with Bapuna (ndustries ltd# to e2port in Arabian countries#

T*REATS:6ith intense competition by so many local players ma'in" headache to the current mar'eters# (n addition to this thou"h multinational brands are not yet established but still they will soon hit the mar'et# Almost 90 to 70H of the re$enue is spend on the maintenance and transport# As the distance form plant is $ery hi"h#


)a+or (ce cream players in (ndia and there mar'et share areO!layers 5wality 6all3s Amul Iadilal Ethers )ar'et share @0H 1@H <H 9H

'),%R$ 3"*I#"# "&/# !"#I)2 !"##$

!"#I)2 !"##$ "&/# 3"*I#"# '),%R$




This chapter describes the methodolo"y of the study# This pro+ect is based on information collected from primary sources# After the detailed study/ an attempt has been made to present comprehensi$e analysis of consumption of 5wality wall3s consumed by the people# The data had been used to co$er $arious aspects li'e consumption/ consumer3s preference and customer3s satisfaction re"ardin" 4adbury and &estle chocolates# (n collectin" re uisite data and information re"ardin" the topic selected/ ( went to the residents of ?udhiana and collected the data#

Sur9e; de1ign:
The study is a cross sectional study because the data were collected at a sin"le point of time# 7or the purpose of present study a related sample of population was selected on the basis of con$enience#

Sam3le SiIe and De1ign:

A sample of 100 people was ta'en from fi$e corners of )umbai# &orth )umbai South )umbai 6est )umbai .ast )umbai

Re1ear0h In1.rumen.:
This wor' is carried out throu"h self-administered uestionnaires# The uestions included were open ended/ dichotomous and offered multiple choices#


Da.a &olle0.ion:
The data/ which is collected for the purpose of study/ is di$ided into 2 basesO 2rimar; Sour0e: The primary data comprises information sur$ey of ,4omparati$e study of consumer beha$ior towards 5wality 6all3s# The data has been collected directly from respondents with the help of structured uestionnaires# Se0ondar; Sour0e: The secondary data was collected from internet/ and $arious boo's#

Da.a Anal;1i1:
The data is analyBed on the basis of suitable tables by usin" mathematical techni ues# The techni ue that ( ha$e used is bar and pie techni ues##





+i:ing /or .he I0e &ream1 Number o/ Re13onden.1

Ye1 <@

No @

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 No. o/ 0u1.omer1 7rom the abo$e analysis of the "i$en sample of 100 respondents it is concluded that out of 100 people <@ people en+oy eatin" ice creams while only @ people don3t prefer to eat ice cream# 2%$ +'



A#E #R(U2S NUMBER (F RES2(NDENTS Belo8 J= 9 J=- A 8@ A-?A 8 ?A-A! 1@ Abo9e A! @

50 40 30 20 10 0 0-18 18-25 25-35 35-50 "0'3% 50 ".% .R'/-

Accordin" to the abo$e analysis it is concluded that ( ha$e sur$eyed 100 respondents out of which 9/8@/8/1@/@ belon"s to a"e "roup 0-1;/ 1;-2@/ 2@-1@/ 1@-@0/ Abo$e @0 respecti$ely#



!-J= &o# of respondents @

A#E #R(U2S J=- A A-?A 1@ 28

?A-A! @

Abo9e A! 28

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 0-18 18-25 25-35 35-50 50 +' '( R%$-'+*%+)$



45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

no o6 res7ondents





IN&(ME Belo8 A!!! A!!!-=!!! =!!!-JJ!!! JJ!!!-J@!!! Abo9e J@!!!

NUMBER (F RES2(NDANTS 0 9 ; ; 72

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0-5000 800011000 a5o8e 14000 +o o6 Res7ondents


Bu;ing 2a..ern No. o/ Re13onden.1 0aily @< Ence A wee' 20 Twice a wee' 19


60 50 40 30 20 10 0 *"I#2 '+C% " )!IC% !%% " !%% +'. '( R%$-'+*%+)$





56A?(TP 6A??3S )ET:.= 0A(=P A)>? 4=.A) B.?? ET:.=S

10 8@ 1@ 0 @



!"#I)2 !"##$ &'),%R *"IR2 "&/# CR%"& 0%## '),%R$





7anilla S.ra8berr; Bu..er10o.0h Ke1ar3i1.a &ho0la.e

20 1@ 10 10 20



10 30

$)R"!0%RR2 0/))%R$C')C, %$"R -I$)" C,'C#")%




S.i0: Ta:e a8a;

20 10




C'+% C/$)IC )" % "!"2




FA&T(RS TAST. AIA(?(AB(?(TP !A45A%(&% !=(4. B=A&0

RES2(NDENTS 82 19 8 < 8

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 "3"I#I"0I#)2



!=.7=.&4. 7E= 56A?(TP 6A??3S


N( 80

&>)B.= E7 =.S!E&0.&TS



60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2%$ +' +' '( R%$-'+*%+)$


FA&T(RS TASTE A7AI+IABI+ITY &(ST HUA+ITY No o/ re13on1e @8 28 10 @0


9/"#I)2 C'$)

)"$)% "3"I#I"0I #I)2

)"$)% "3"I#I"0I#I)2 C'$) 9/"#I)2



BRAND &orne..o )oo Fea1. I.alian #ela.o (.her1


I)"#I"+ C'R+%%) .%#")' '),%R$ ' (%"$)


C'R+%%)' &'' (%"$) I)"#I"+ .%#")' '),%R$


2eo3le eE3erien0ed :8ali.; 8all,1 3arlour Number o/ Re13onden.1





90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2%$ 2%$


+'. '( R%$-'+*%+)$



7er; bad Ta1.e J J ? @ Bad A9erage J A @ @ @ 8< #ood @ ? @ 7er; #ood

9arie.; &o1. Ambien0e *o13i.ali.;

4 3 2 1 0 3.0"* 0"* "3. .''* 3 .''* )"$)%

5 4 3 2 1 0 3 0"* 0"* "3. .''* 3.''* 3"RI%)2

4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 3 0"* 0"* "3. .''* 3 .''*



4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 3 0"* 0"* "3. .''* 3 .''* "&0I%+C%

4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 3 0"* 0"* "3. .''* 3 .''*



TIME A/.er Dinner During Da; An;.ime J N(. (F RES2(NDENTS KA ?


12: 23: "()%R *I++%R *"2 )I&% 65: "+2 )I&%


1# 4ustomers of all a"e "roup en+oy (ce-creams# 2# Althou"h in (ndia )ar'et share of 5wality 6all3s is hi"her but in )umbai it is far behind )other 0airy# 1# Butter Scotch is the fa$ourite fla$ours# 8# 4ustomers lo$e there fa$ourite ice cream with cone# @# )ost of the people en+oy ice cream after dinner# @2


The two decision ma'in" factors durin" purchase areO-

TASTE A7AI+IABI+ITY 7# 4ustomer buy 5wality 6all3s because of itsO%EE0 N>A?(TP )E>T: 6AT.=(&% TAST. ;# 4E=&.TTE/ * 7.AST are the most popular brands of 5wality 6all3s <# Enly <H of the respondents ha$e $isited 5wality 6all3s (ce cream parlour# 10# =espondents are fully satisfied by product/ $ariety/ cost/ hospitality of 'wality wall3s parlour howe$er @0H of the respondents are not satisfied with the ambience#

1# &umber of 'wality wall3sparlours should be incresed#


2# (ndia has a "ood potential mar'et for the ice-cream/ research shows that an a$era"e (ndian eats ice-cream four times a year so company must try to increase this rate by promotin" effecti$e campai"n# 1# 56A?(TP 6A??3S should impro$e its mar'et share in )umbai# 8# 56A?(TP walls should focus rural mar'et by launchin" low cost ice creams# @# TAST. * AIA(?(AB(?(TP are the most important factor in decision ma'in" therefore '# walls should focus on these two factors# 9# Althou"h there are 100 5wality wall3s ice creams all across the country but awareness is $ery low therefore 'wality wall3s must focus in this area# 7# Ambience of 'wality wall3s ice cream parlour should be impro$ed#

;# !ricin" structure is much hi"her as compared to nearest competitor3s #so it should be competiti$e#



(ce 4ream mar'et will e2pand with increase in number of malls - :?? has been increasin" their ice cream outlets - Swirl# 7ew years consumers use to "o out for wal' after dinner and use to buy ice creams from haw'ers# But now consumer who often $isit malls for entertainment prefer to buy ice creams durin" different times of the day as it is $isible upfront and feel li'e spendin" =s# @0 for that tasty chocolate swirl with ca'e and nuts# As mar'eters are understandin" the different needs of consumers/ be it health conscious people/ 'ids/ youn"sters/ youn" etc/ and comin" up with products specific for them### with portfolio of fla$ors/ consumer today has plethora of options at hand to choose from and therefore hi"h probability of buyin" one more scoop of ice cream# Also with increasin" wallet siBe and inno$ati$e modern retail formats/ it has definitely "i$en a "ood chance to the ice cream industry in (ndia#


&ecessary precautions were ta'en in drawin" meanin"ful inferences based on the data "athered# Althou"h e2treme care was ta'en to best of my 'nowled"e/ some findin"s may not be that accurate# 1# The most si"nified limitation has been the indi$iduals in$ol$ed in this study had a little e2perience# 2# The sample siBe selected for the sur$ey was too small as compared to lar"e population# 1# =espondents were hesitated to answer#


8# The pro+ect was carried out only in the outs'irts of 0elhi so findin"s on data "athered can be best true for 0elhi outs'irts only# And not applicable to other parts of the country# @# 0ue to una$ailability of accurate secondary data/ my reliance was on the primary data#

Boo:1: 5otler/ !hilip/ =amaswami/ I#S and &ama'umari/ S# ,)ar'etin" )ana"ement-# )acmillan/ edition-((#

)eb-1i.e1: www#'walitywalls#in www#$adilal"roup#com www#wi'ipedia# encyclopedia#com www#franchiseeworld#com MagaIine1: @7

7ranchisee (ndia



)e are doing a 1ur9e; on I0e 0ream bu;ing habi.. )e 8ould be gra.e/ul i/ ;ou 0ould 13are a /e8 minu.e1 .o /ill u3 .hi1 Lue1.ionnaire.
Name MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Mob NoMMMMMMMMM AddM...................................................................... J> Do ;ou 3ur0ha1e i0e 0reamC Ye1 No

> Your normal i0e 0ream bu;ing 3a..ern i1C (n0e a 8ee: @<

T8i0e a 8ee: Dail; ?> )hi0h brand do ;ou 3re/er C K8ali.; )all,1 Mo.her dair; Amul &ream Bell An; o.her <men.ion name> @> The rea1on /or ;our 0hoi0eC #ood .a1.e. Ea1; a9ailabili.;. +o8 3ri0e A..ra0.i9e 3a0:aging Brand name An; o.her rea1on <3lea1e 13e0i/;> A>.*a9e ;ou e9er .ried :8ali.; 8all1C Ye1 No

K>. I/ ;our an18er i1 ;e1 ra.e :8ali.; 8all1 on .he /ollo8ing dimen1ion1 be.8een A .o J. A 1.and1 /or 7er; #ood J 1.and1 /or 7er; Bad 7er; bad 7er; #ood Huali.; Bad A9erage #ood

&o1. A9ailabili.; Ta1.e


">. )hi0h 3ar.i0ular brand o/ :8ali.; 8all,1 do ;ou 3re/erC &orne..o Moo Fea1. I.alian #ela.o An; o.her<3lea1e 13e0i/;>. =>. )hi0h /la9or1 in i0e 0ream do ;ou li:e mo1.C 7anilla 0ho0ola.e S.ra8berr; :e1ar 3i1.a 10o.0h o.her <13e0i/;> %>. )hi0h /orm o/ i0e 0ream do ;ou 3re/erC &u3 S.i0: &one Ta:e a8a; An; o.her <3lea1e 13e0i/;> J!>. *a9e ;ou e9er been .o K8ali.; 8all,1 i0e 0ream 3arlourC Ye1 No

JJ>. I/ ;our an18er i1 Ye1 ra.e :8ali.; 8all,1 3arlour on .he /ollo8ing dimen1ion1: 7er; bad Ta1.e Bad A9erage #ood 7er; #ood

7arie.; &o1. Ambien0e *o13i.ali.;


J >. You en5o; ;our i0e 0reamC A/.er Dinner During Da; An;.ine Finall; /e8 3er1onal Lue1.ion1: J?>. Your age grou3. Belo8 J= A-?A Abo9e A! J@>.Your o00u3a.ion. S.uden. *ou1e 8i/e (.her1 J=- A ?A-A!

1 Ser9i0e Bu1ine11

JA>.Your /amil;,1 mon.hl; in0ome in R1. <(3.ional>. Belo8 A!!! A!!!-=!!! =!!!-JJ!!! JJ!!!-J@!!! Abo9e J@!!!


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