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Quality Objectives Action Plan Summary 2009 TOP MANAGEMENT


Tar+et Action Plan &,o-* This can be divided into percentages and each completed action increases the percentage in the monitoring status column Tar+et .ate &'(en* /es!onsible &'(o* Monitorin+ Status &0 com!letion* Ac(ievements 0 1 220 234200 254620 6345000

Summary o% Objectives &'(at) '(y) '(ere* To Increase Annual Turnover of existing business


From ___ Million K to ___Million K by t!e en" of #$$%


&nter t!e 'egional Mar(et in t!e Mi""le &ast

____________ by t!e en" of #$)$ + 'e"uce ,or( acci"ent rates from __- to __+ evelop !ealt!* safety an" environment policy an" ob.ectives/


Focus on t!e !ealt!* safety an" environment of t!e employees


'e"uce avoi"able over!ea"s* costs incurre" by t!e company

+ 'e"uce outsourcing of
+ 01AC* &lectrical* Mec!anical ,or(s* Intro"uce usage of !ig! 2uality+lo, cost materials* e2uipment evelopment3 implementation of proce"ures* "ept/ ob.ectives ept/ ata monitoring* measurement an" analysis Customer Complaints an" 5atisfaction analysis &nsure very effective Internal Au"its/

+ &ffective "evelopment 3 implementation of t!e 4uality Management system

+ + +


AC0I&1& Pre!are" 9y# ________________________ 5r/ 4A &ngineer /evie-e" 9y# _______________________ 4AM A!!rove" 9y# _______________________ ept/ Manager

6&N IN7

4F89$+)+8A : 4uality ;b.ectives 5ummary Issue< ) 'ev< $ Issue "ate< =$ >un #$$?

6age ) of )

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