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Exercise 10 EDU 3106 Cultural & Learning 1.

Is the concept of culture in education in the school system at the present time? A. T / teacher responsible for implementing elements of the curriculum through activities and kokurikulum. B. Human resource development through curriculum activities and kokurikulum. . Application of culture in the pupils must follo! differing status school related. ". #orm a ne! concept !ithin the student culture !ithout taking about their respective cultures. $. These communities have graded less a%uiline nose& small'bodied& straight hair or kerinting and have rather small eyes. Based on these characteristics& !hether these communities? A. (egroid B. Austroloid . aucasoid ". )ongoloid *. Integration bet!een cultures !ould apply if the force pertembungan bet!een different cultures. +very nation still has the right to practice their culture& although there is a distinction bet!een cultures. Based on this fact& !hether the process of cultural integration? A. Asimiliasi B. Accommodation . ,luralism ". acculturation
Masyarakat memburu dan mengumpul hasil hutan Masyarakat petani

Masyarakat pasca industri

-. The diagram sho!s the form of the development of society. . refers to the community A. feudal B. maritime . ". Industry agriculture /.0hat is meant by amalgasi process? A. Integrating culture B. Integrating the cultural . "efending multiculturalism ". 1ecogni2ing the value and norms of each other 3. 0hich of the follo!ing actions to be undertaken by a teacher in the face of socio'cultural diversity in the classroom. A. #ormulate learning outcomes through the lens of their o!n culture pupils. B. 4sing the local language so that pupils comfortable unutuk take part in learning activities. . 5ocio form similar groups to facilitate student culture interact openly in class. ". Implementing the preventive measures to prevent the possibility of the activity of the non'racial desired 6. The follo!ing statement is T14+ 5ocio cultural diversity implications related to the development of schools in this country +. +,T A. establish appropriate school7s vision for all people. B. permit 5ec. Type bargain 8ebangnsaan use the medium of the mother tongue . curriculum development to form a united and mutually accept cultural differences racial ". making schools as educators apply ntuk space of beliefs and values in society 9. 0hich of the follo!ing best describes the purpose of social mobility? A. kelopok movement of an individual or a social layer to other social layers. B. changes in individual or group from a social layer to other social layers. . Admission individual or group from a social layer to other social layers. ". 8elopmpok transfer from one individual or a social layer to layer other social institutions. 9 . Pupils in often act irrationally and often misbehaving school as extortion, theft and truancy . What kind of behavior does it mean? A. Hyperactivity . Anti! social behavior ". #isorders t $ behavior #. problematic physical

%& . Which of the follo'ing indigenous communities , 'hich can be a catalyst for the community education process ? (. Have environmental terhdap kepakaan (( . #efend traditional cultural values ((( . #o not 'ant to accept the changes in the 'orld of education () . *ociety has yet to accept any changes outside 'orld. A. ( and (( . () and ) only ". (, (( , and ((( #. ((( , () , ) %% . Which really sho's the top five things that can help promote action to'ards the direction of ethnic relations ? A. understanding of consciousness + + + accommodation mutual respect . Akomidasi a'areness + + + understanding of mutual respect ". ,nderstanding of consciousness + + + accommodation mutual respect #. -espectful understanding + + + a'areness accommodation %../engapakah cooperative method to be efficient 'hile teaching pupils from diverse cultures ? A. each student individually, in pairs or in groups can display their culture . muird encourage children to ask and ans'er 0uestions and 'ant to kno' about different cultures ". Pupils from different ability , culture , gender and ethnicity to 'ork together to achieve goals . #. Activities can be controlled so that learning takes place in a fair , transparent, and there is a clear reinforcement after activity. %1 . (s correct for the effect of inter! ethnic relations result ? A. (mpact on the industrial sector and perdaganngan . #istribute 'ealth fairly and e0uitably to all communities . ". (mplement the %/alaysia concept as conceived in .&.& #. 2conomic development and political stability are balanced so as not to conflict in society. %3 . 4eachers play a role vie'ed in the process of teaching and learning in schools . *elect the characteristics of an - 5 # manager efficiently and effectively. (. "aring and sensitive to the situation around (( . *ystematic in planning and evaluating ((( . 2fficient in the transaction record () . /anage time 'isely ). bureaucratic entertain pupils A. (, (( and ((( . (, (( and () only ". (, (( , and () #. (, ((( and ) only %6 . Which statement is most accurately reflect the needs of teachers on effective pedagogical skills 'hile teaching a class together ? A. Pupils of various abilities have built clustered into . 4he method allo's the pupils are actively involved and able to meet the needs of those 'ith various abilities ". (ncompatibility pedagogical approach 'ill affect pupils7 interest to continue the learning process #. Providing the same teaching materials for all pupils in the class. %8 . *ociolinguistic aspects , the statement sho's the advantages of the teacher can interact 'ith multiple languages ? (. Able to explain the value of cooperation bet'een cultures (( . 4he explanation given is acceptable and understood by pupils ((( . "an help pupils interact and communicate in learning () . 9anguage skills is an intermediate tool perhubunugan and culture ). /alaysian society has accepted /alaysia and 2nglish language as a communication tool in a variety of situations A. (, (( and (((

. (( , ((( and () only ". (, (( , () and ) #. (, ((( , () and ) only 16. 0hich of the follo!ing is not a re%uirement of effective oral communication bet!een teachers and pupils? A. Teachers care ideas proposed by pupils B. Teachers use language that is easily understood by pupils. . :isteners should be open !hen listening to information presented ". Teachers al!ays communicate !ith high'pitched voice. 19. +nvironmental pollution& among others& led to a decrease the health and safety of residents& o2one depletion& elimination and e;tinction floran a%uatic life and fauna. Based on this passage& !hat is the language used barrel? A. typical B. 5cience . ,lan ". academic Incentives Assistance 1<.5kim +ducation "epartment of Aboriginal Affairs =>H+?A@ is available to assist Aboriginal pupils in primary and secondary school level. 0hich of the follo!ing assistance has been implemented? I. o'curricular II. tuition fees III. purchase a bike IA. 5chool uniforms A. 0rite books& !orkbooks and stationery A. I& II and III B. I& IA and A only . I& II& III& and A ". II& III& IA and A only $B. 0hat intervention programs for vocational pupils in rural schools? A. hostel B. . !orkshop 5cience 1oom ". Aocational schools

+"4*1B3 / $B1B Section B. ANSWER ALL UES!"#NS.

1 . ulture is a source of cultural belonging in a group of people. a. "escribe t!o cultural patterns . =-m @ b. ultural lusters that e;ist in the community is the result of human interdependence !ith each other. "iscuss three reasons !hy individuals are interdependent and stay together in groups. =3m@ $ . Humans need to live together as a community and adopt a common culture . a. (ame four main characteristics of society. =-m@ b. +;plain briefly !ith e;amples& three language process of changes that often occur in a community. =3m@ *. 5tudent !ith 5pecial (eeds is a special child& or unusual in terms of intellectual& physical& spiritual and emotional. a. Cive four categories of children !ith special needs !ho re%uire special education program. =-m@ b. +;plain three factors causing a disparity of educational opportunities in )alaysia. =3m@ -. )?+ has developed educational infrastructure for rural communities. a. 5tate - basic needs that already provided in the interior. =-m@ b. The "evelopment Action ,lan for the ?rang Asli community is to provide them programs and activities related specifically to their needs. Cive three assessments you make for the educational change for the ?rang Asli on the outskirts of a city. =3m@

Section C. Ans$er an% t$o &uestions. 1. Hidden curriculum plays the role of forming a united )alaysian race that mutually accept and respects the differences bet!een races. The present curriculum implementation has sho!n a friendly culture among the pupils. a. 5ho! five !ays hidden curriculum make multi'ethnic pupils to be united. =1Bm@ b. Analy2e five characteristics of the hidden curriculum in our education today. =1Bm@ $. A friendly classroom management culture !ill make the class atmosphere more conducive to learning. The atmosphere !ill encourage interaction and integration among the pupils. a. 5uggest five !ays teachers manage the physical classroom environment to promote a culture friendly environment. =1Bm@ b. "iscuss five culture relevant teaching strategies that encourage pupils to interact among the various races =1Bm@ . *. +ffective classroom communication motivates pupils to learn& stimulate interest& and develops their self'confidence. a. Based on (e!combDs 5ymetry )odel& e;plain ho! a teacher can implement effective communication in the classroom. =1Bm@ b. "iscuss five common communication problems in a classroom and suggest !ays to overcome them. =1Bm@