An Excerpt from The Shaman Speaks: How to use the Power of Shamanism to Heal Your Life Now” b Shaman

El!er "a##ie $ahls

Are You Losing Your Path?
Question : Every time I try to walk my path as a healer something gets in the way. Why is that and what can I do about it?” Sometimes we get tested . We get asked by Spirit to make a choice. We !ind ourselves in a very uncom!ortable place that we do not like and we have to make some sort o! choice. "!ten we do not even know what the choices are# $ut I have learned that when you commit yoursel! to a certain path% every now and then along the way you will meet a path crossing yours% a detour% a sidetrack% or a u&turn. We all reach these places. I! you are not committed !ully to your path% then you will run into con!lict when you encounter these places. 'ou will start to !eel unwell% dragged down% unsure% restless% and unhappy because you are being asked to once again con!irm your commitment. 'ou may have already !ound your path as a healer. 'ou understand the power and the holiness o! this path. (nd you may have already met a crossroads where you !altered and hesitated. 'ou then rea!!irmed your path as a healer once again and continued practicing) the crossroads was over and you continued to walk stronger than be!ore#

It is only pain!ul when we hesitate% when we are not sure about what we believe. 'our own *uestioning o! your healing path caused this presentation o! a crossroads. We actually place these u&turns in !ront o! our own selves. So by believing strongly in whatever you believe and being committed to whatever you believe% you will not see too many u&turns or sidetracks in your li!e. (nd when you do see them% you will recogni+e them as sidetracks and u&turns and ,ust

oy. (n old 'a*ui Indian teacher o! mine o! long ago once told me an old saying o! his people. I say% 21hat.udge yoursel! to see i! other reasons have come up and i! they are true or not. It is all about being true to yoursel!% being authentic. 5oes it take determination to be a healer? 6ery much so# It takes commitment and determination to do anything worthwhile. Everyone has healing gi!ts and skills. We need your healing and your light in this world yesterday# 'ou can see all the healing that needs to be done here.ignore them% or better yet% reali+e that you are trying to !ool yoursel!. -ow do we !ool ourselves? We say we do not have time !or our healing gi!ts. We say they don. (nything else is the belie! o! others. We say we can.t do it. In !act% the 'a*ui Shamans say that a Shaman even needs to be ruthless in his or her pursuit o! the Shamanic path. Somebody told us there would be snags in our lives.oy and abundance. 'ou will have to .t have to happen but they do% !or nearly everyone. Somebody taught us how to put detours into our lives.s their belie!% not mine”. 'ou do have time !or your healing path every day% all day long.t really work. 3y 4reator tells me that there is neither snag nor rain% only blessings% gi!ts% abundance% love% peace and . $ut when you weigh your e!!orts against the blessings that will happen through your e!!orts% the determination and striving !or impeccability are a low cost !or health% . /et0s look at detours along the way.s their belie!% not mine”. 'ou can see the people . It does not inter!ere with time !or other things. 1hey don. It was that by the time you have !inally learned what your path is and how to walk it% your legs are too old to do the walking# 5o not let this happen to you. $ut the truth is that your healing gi!ts do work% and you know it. I say% 21hat. Somebody said into every li!e a little rain must !all. We say we are too la+y to do it.

1oday% you can do something about that. 'ou can do your very best in every way today% and that includes learning what you need to learn% practicing your skills and o!!ering healing to those who come your way. 1here is another truth given to me by this same teacher. 'ou cannot trust them% you cannot believe them% and you cannot depend on them to help you. -e taught me the meaning o! truth not only in what I say% but in what I do and in how I interact with you as a colleague% a !riend and a teacher. 1oday% you can live an impeccable li!e. ( person without truth is totally worthless. Ending bio paragraph Owner of Come Walk With a Shaman and author of "The Shaman Speaks" Shaman Elder Maggie brings the indigenous traditional wisdom of her own family ancestors to heal the struggles and conflicts of modern man's e eryday life! "er book pro ides detailed instructions# practices and answers to all of life's difficulties! $t is a ailable for sale at ama%on!com or get an autographed copy with free shipping at www!shamanspeaks!com for &'(!)*! The course she has offered for o er ten years teaches o er +. It is part not only o! being a Shaman% but o! being an authentic human.//www!shamanelder!com! . 3y truth may be all I have to give you but it is my truth. -e was a great teacher# -e said that i! you do not live your truth% then you are nothing. traditional shamanic tools and skills to heal oneself and others! -ou can start today at http. 1hat is why I begin and end everything I say or write with the 'a*ui word% 2(ho#” which means in the 'a*ui language% I speak my truth. I keep a sacred vow to mysel! to be in my truth at all times. In this% I have dignity% light and power. (nd what do they have i! they do not have their truth?!!ering% crying out% and lost in their own pathless lives.

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