Technical Writing Examples Technical writing refers to a type of writing where the author outlines the details and

operations of administrative, technical, mechanical, or scientific systems. The main goal of technical writing is to educate, direct, and give others the ability to use a certain system. Types of Technical Writing There are three main types of technical writing: End-user documentation: This type of writing includes documents where the writer explains a topic to a novice so that they can understand technical terms and apply them in a real-life situation. Traditional technical writing: This is writing that is geared to an audience already at least somewhat familiar with a technical field such as engineering or politics. Technological marketing communications: This is writing used in promotional marketing such as fliers and promotional brochures that would entice a person to purchase a certain product or service. Examples of technical writing can be found in each of these different types of technical writing. ses for Technical Writing End- ser !ocumentation Examples of end-user documentation might include: "#lackberry for !ummies" - that teaches you how to use your new cellular phone and that is written in order to cater to someone who has never before used a cell phone or who is not a cell phone expert $ manual that comes with a computer $ manual that comes with a video game system, such as the %&' users guide Traditional Technical Writing Examples of traditional technical writing might include: $ whitepaper published in an engineering (ournal about a new system that has been devised $n article published in a law review that caters to lawyers $n article in a medical (ournal summari)ing an experiment that has been conducted and written to a medical audience. *or example, articles published in the +ew England ,ournal of -edicine would fall into this category Technical -arketing .ommunication These might include: $ promotional ad outlining why you would want to purchase a new computer and explaining the features of that computer $ promotional ad explaining why you would want to purchase a new cell phone, outlining the phone/s features $ promotional ad explaining why you would want to purchase a new mp' player and outlining the phone/s features, such as an ad for the .reative 0en -o)aic -p' player

you must remember to follow what is known as the three 1.&uccessful Technical Writing When carrying out a technical writing assignment. $bove all. 4f the information being written about is provided in a convoluted and round-about way. 4f the writing is too full of technical language. the message may not come across as intended. 6$pril . in some cases such as instruction and safety manuals. &traight forward and to the point is always best. search This article needs additional citations for verification.s2 and ask yourself the following 3uestions: 4s it clear5 4s it concise5 4s it complete5 #ecause technical writing is so often aimed towards those who may be unfamiliar with technical (argon and terminology.ump to: navigation. the message is likely to be lost entirely. prove dangerous. it is important that a technical writer uses clear and unambiguous language in their assigned piece. nsourced material may be challenged and removed. 4f a technical writer2s information is incomplete. technical writing needs to be very clear and concise to be successful. the free encyclopedia . it inhibits the audience2s understanding of the topic and can. Technical writing *rom Wikipedia. %lease help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

or information management. such as computer applications. document architecture..7898: Technical writing is a form of technical communication used in a variety of technical and occupational fields. web content. The &ociety for Technical .7< Technical writing is performed by technical writers. aeronautics. or social media sites= or 6': providing instructions about how to do something. product troubleshooting guides. legal disclaimers. robotics. . While grammar. finance. which is considered more important to the genre. ?istory While the origins of technical is writing can be traced from to anti3uity. regardless of the task/s technical nature. such as web pages. or environmental regulations= 67: communicating through technology. e-learning modules. such as computer hardware and software. style is not= it can be sacrificed if doing so increases clarity. growing out of the need for technology-based documentation in the military. These writers usually begin such work by learning the purpose of the document that they will create. presenting useful information that is clear and easy to understand for the intended audience= poor technical writing may increase confusion by creating unnecessary (argon or failing to explain it.ommunication 6&T. installation guides. tutorials.: defines technical writing. Geoffrey . spelling and punctuation are of the utmost importance to technical writing.'< Technical writing to be seen as a discipline in and of itself around the time of World War 4. who may be professionals or amateurs. business proposals. chemistry. marketing documentation. and biotechnology. $dvanced technical writers often move into speciali)ed areas such as $%4 writing. manufacturing.. consumer electronics. .9< as a broad field including any form of communication that exhibits one or more of the following characteristics: 69: communicating about technical or speciali)ed topics. Technical writing is often associated with online help and user manuals. gathering information from existing documentation and from sub(ect-matter experts= technical writers need not be sub(ect-matter experts themselves. engineering. Good technical writing clarifies (argon. help files. and white papers. electronics. $ good technical writer needs strong language and teaching skills and must understand how to communicate with technology. 4t also includes product release notes. medical procedures.ontents 9 >verview 7 ?istory ' Techni3ues @ Technical documents A Tools B $ssociations C &ee also D Eeferences F External links >verview *urther information: Technical writer Technical writing involves the creation of useful documents that can be clearly understood by readers.haucer/s Treatise on the $strolabe has called the first piece of technical writing in English.

depending on the style of writing. and articles for technical (ournals. The writing also seeks to present an attractive layout for easy reading and comprehension. medical e3uipment. household products. two organi)ations concerned with improving the practice of technical communication were founded in the nited &tates: the &ociety of Technical Writers. 4n 9FA'. The use of elements such as hyperlinks and animation will affect the content and form of the writing. and press releases are sometimes created by technical writers. research papers. &uch documentation includes maintenance guides.and aerospace industries. Wiki &ystems are also used to produce technical documents. the level of knowledge transferred. delivered through a web browser or provided as files the user can view on their computer. mobile phones. which are either packaged with software products.onfluence are two commonly used platforms. $uthor-it and ?elp+!oc are commonly used tools.ommunication. annual reports. advertisements. . technical documentation can be categori)ed into three types. and the target audience: End-user assistance documents help a user understand a software or hardware product. such as a web page. repair manuals.dead link< Technical documents #roadly speaking. Techni3ues Technical writing involves analysis of a document/s intended audience in order to translate complex technical concepts and instructions into a series of comprehensible steps that enable users to perform a specific task in a specific way. and the $ssociation of Technical Writers and Editors. These organi)ations merged in 9FAC to form the &ociety of Technical Writers and Editors. fre3uently has a different layout than a print document. -arketing communication such as product catalogs. introductory pages for web sites. mainly for consumption within the organi)ation but sometimes also for external users. $n ?T-H document. -ediaWiki and $tlassian . $ writer must understand the medium typically used to view the final product. -icrosoft Word and $dobe *rame-aker are two tools commonly used by technical writers. reference works. and other consumer electronics. Tools The following types of tools are typically used to author and present technical documents: !esktop %ublishing Tools or Word %rocessors are used to produce printed manuals or digital documents in print format. engineering specifications. a predecessor of the current &ociety for Technical .@<. This includes user manuals for computer programs. *or example. To present appropriate information. $dobe Eobo?elp. Traditional technical documentation communicates to a speciali)ed audience. an audience of highly trained scientists will re3uire less explanation of technical terms than a help guide intended for general audiences.. writers must understand the audience and their goals. ?elp $uthoring Tools are used to create online help systems. brochures.

useful and accurate information geared to specifically targeted audiences in order to enable a set of actions on the part of the audience in pursuit of a defined goal. a growing number of technical communicators are using technical content to resolve business communications problems in a diversifying number of industries. art. coordinating the development and dissemination of technical content for a variety of users= however. 4f the activity re3uires expertise or skill to perform. it2s easy to see that technical writing has been around as long as there have been written languages. complying with a law. processes or procedures need to be communicated. coaching a sports team. preventing accidents. involving. then technical writing is a necessary component. or any of an infinite range of possible activities. -odern references to technical writing and technical communications as a profession begin around the time of World War 4 as technical developments in warfare. technical writing involves communicating complex information to those who need it to accomplish some task or goal. the & #ureau of Habor &tatistics defines technical writers as those who IJput technical information into easily understandable language. 4nherent in such a concise and deceptively simple definition is a whole range of skills and characteristics that address nearly every field of human endeavor at some level. >xford !ictionaries >nline 6>!>: provides four definitions for the word technical.ommunication. industry and telecommunications began to evolve more rapidly. $lthough many people today think of technical writing as creating manuals for computers and software. or its techni3ues of. or craft. safely consuming a packaged food. concepts. >nly a small proportion of technical writing is actually aimed at the general consumer audience. or define policies. hosts a number of special interest groups for these different aspects of the profession.What is Technical Writing5 Technical writing is sometimes defined as simplifying the complex. $ significant subset of the broader field of technical communication.ategories . #usinesses and organi)ations deliver vast amounts of technical writing to explain internal procedures. Technical Writing . implement processes.K The Goal of Technical Writing Good technical writing results in relevant. all of which relate to the profession of technical writing: of or relating to a particular sub(ect. &ociety for Technical . the practice of technical writing takes place in any field or industry where complex ideas. The goal may be using a software application. 4n fact. The leading professional association representing technical writing. or concerned with applied and industrial sciences resulting from mechanical failure according to a strict application or interpretation of the law or rules With these definitions in mind. design and produce products. operating industrial e3uipment. sell products and services to other businesses. assessing a medical condition. They work primarily in information-technology-related industries.

and analysts to produce an ama)ing variety of deliverables.Technical writing comprises the largest segment of technical communications.ustomer &ervice scripts %olicy documents &imulations !emonstrations %rocess flows Training course materials !esign documents %ro(ect documents ser manuals *$Ls 6*re3uently $sked Luestions: %roduct catalogs Warning labels ?ow-to videos %roduct packaging Web-based Training 4nstructions %roposals Websites Mnowledge base articles Eelease notes White papers Eeference guides Technical writing follows a development lifecycle that often parallels the product development lifecycle of an organi)ation: 4dentification of needs. document specialists. and scope %lanning Eesearch N content development Testing O review and revision !elivery O production Evaluation and feedback !isposition 6revision. or destruction: . instructional designers. trainers. Technical writers work together with editors.ontracts >nline and embedded help Ee3uirements specifications . including: . audience6s:. graphic designers and illustrators. content managers. archiving.