As a part of my initial vetting of your project, I note that the following information is missing.

Please provide this as soon as possible so that the assessment can commence: Please complete a trade waste application form  Please provide a tanking system for the basement that meets building code re uirements  Please provide pipe penetration details in the block wall that meets building code re uirements  Please clarify if all site works and drainage will be done in !tage "  Please complete any !pecialist re uests for further information #i $ryan, Please find attached the trade waste application form and supporting calculations from %osgroves. All site works and drainage will be completed in stage ". 

As indicated.. Stage 1 ". a full waterproof tanking solution was not deemed necessary. it . Tanking System ( the tanking system for the basement and foundation comprises of )P* +. Please note that the water table was measured at a depth of 1. and !ika $lackseal Plus for the basement retaining walls +see spec -.".-.$elow is the response in regards to &anking and pipe penetrations from 'uamoko. Please see attached information for the product being specified for the basement walls. civil engineers for this project. and a damp3proof membrane specified. the carpark use and the fact that the basement has openings to the weather. 4ith the low water table.0.2m and is -3 1m below ground level in the area. micron polythene joined and taped in accordance with spec +see ./00.

.. As described above.e5ceeds the vapour flow re uirements for a water vapour barrier as per after application of the !ika $lackseal Plus with !ika *ulti!eal sealing uP:% stormwater pipe penetration through the block retaining wall in the basement.7A!". . Pipe Penetration Details ( there is a single ". this will mean that the under3slab )P* should e5tend beyond and be lapped and taped up the face of the wall by 9. and is specifically used as a waterproof membrane behind retaining walls and as a )P* for buried faces of basement walls. 8ur drawings indicate that the slab )P* and $lackseal should be lapped in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. In more detail. this will run through the )P* but because of the low water table and fact that the basement is . &he )P* then is protected by a !ika $lackseal Protection !heet before backfilling.

. both the risks and conse uences of water ingress through the penetration is to the weather immediately above the pipe opening.