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The Project Management Office (PMO)

The Professional Training Course

The best approach to planning, establishing, and managing the ultimate
This course can benefit projects engineers who aspire to manage or
implement the Project Management Office (PMO) in their organizations.
This is an opportunity to enhance your project management office (PMO)
skills and knowledge through a practical program of study.
This course provides project managers, engineers, practitioners and other
trainees with 36 contact hours of training based on the knowledge required
to handle all the PMO issues.
The course will include the latest techniques to work in the PMO
Classes cover the basic material addressed the PMO and conclude
valuable intensive review sessions. The trainees will study some important
texts and references. The course will also cover practical sessions on
implementing the PMO in your organization.
Course Outline
The course will include the following subjects:
Course Introduction
Training Course Outline
Training Course Objectives
What Is a PMO for any organization?
The PMO and Projects in organizations
Important Definitions
PMO Roles and Responsibilities
RACI Chart
PMO Framework
Organizational Project Management (OPM)
Applying PMO for Business Strategy and Tactic
Organizational Culture and the PMO
Different Levels and Hierarchy of PMOs
Project Selection Methods and Processes
Evaluation of Projects
Comparison of Projects
Planning of Projects
Selection Processes of Projects
PMO Advantages in Practice
PMO Alignment & Policies
PMO Implementation Templates
PMO Training & Career Development
PMO Mentoring & Coaching Methods
PMO in an Organization
PMO & the Stakeholders
PMO & the Project Managers
PMO & the Team Members
PMO & the Executive Team
PMO & the Customers
Level of Maturity & Cost Assessments
PMO Important Considerations
PMO Success & Failure Perspectives
Project Management & Chaos Status
Readiness and Culture
Problematic Stakeholders
Global PMO
PMP Preventing Considerations
Avoiding PMO Failure
PMO Worst Scenarios
Creating a PMO
PMO Project Plan
Success & Strategy
PMO Type for Different Organizations
PMO Project Execution
Perform Analysis
Adopting Appropriate Principles
PMO Sponsor Role
PMO Mission
PMO Scope
PMO Links
PMO Communications
Enterprise Software Tools
Data Storage, Archival, and Retrieval
PMO Knowledge Base & Information Systems
Desktop Tools
PMO & Other Tools
Value Evaluation of the PMO
Tracking & Measurements
Using of Balanced Score Card
Buy-in the PMO to Management of organizations
End of the Course