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Swords & Wizardry

White Box
By Matt Finch and Mar Brei! With than"s to #ason $%hilotomy #&rament' Cone( )llan *+ ,rohe( #r+( and #erry Mapes -or proo-readin! and s&!!estions )rt .irector/ hell0ender Co er )rt/ %ete M&llen 1nterior )rt/ 2dward M+ 3ann and Chad *horson 4ayo&t and additional proo-readin!/ #esse $5erhaden' 6othacher )dditional proo-readin! and s&!!estions/ Scott Casper and the Swords & Wizardry -or&m 7ri!inal System and 6&les )&thors/ .a e )rneson and ,ary ,y!ax System 6e-erence )&thors/ #onathan *weet( Monte Coo"( S"ip Williams( 6ich Ba"er( )ndy Collins( .a id 8oonan( 6ich 6edman( Br&ce 6+ Cordell( #ohn .+ 6ateli--( *homas 6eid( and #ames Wyatt First %rint 2dition922 #an&ary 2009

M:*;M262 ,)M2S<
Copyri!ht = 200> Matthew #+ Finch

Swords & Wizardry( S&W( and Mythmere ,ames are the trademar"s o- Matthew #+ Finch

& W1?)6.6:/ W;1*2 B7@ is a -antasy roleplayin! !ame+ *he r&les are extremely short( compared to the m&ltiApa!ed r&leAli0raries reB&ired to play most modern roleplayin! !ames+ :et this !ame contains within itsel- all the seeds and so&l o- mythic -antasy( the 0&ildin! 0loc"s o- ast complexity( the "indlin! o- wonder+ *he !ame is so power-&l 0eca&se itCs encaps&lated in a small -orm&la( li"e a !enie "ept imprisoned in the small compass o- an &nremar"a0le lamp+ 1tCs a !ood introd&ctory !ame -or learnin! how to play -antasy roleplayin! !ames+ 1tCs also( -or that matter( the &ltimate tool -or the expert 6e-eree who c&stomizes his worlds with ariant r&les+ *he c&stomiza0ility o- a small system is ery power-&l Dit is always easier to add r&les than to &ntan!le them awayE+ 7ne other note a0o&t p&0lishin! yo&r own st&--/ yo& can p&0lish yo&r own ad ent&res( ho&se r&les( and other materials -or this !ame+ ,&idelines and reB&irements are in the 0ac" o- the 0oo" ri!ht 0e-ore the 7pen ,ame 4icense+ 2nFoyG

9 Matt $Mythmere' Finch

2ditorCs Comments
4i"e an archeolo!ist &nearthin! ancient r&ins( my tas" is to &nco er and preser e the essence o- what made roleAplayin! !reat in the !enesis o- the ho00y+ *hese r&les are desi!ned to maintain the spirit and philosophy o- the oldest !amin! models( 0ac" in the days where the r&les werenCt s&pposed to 0e $complete' 0eca&se hal- o- the -&n was ma"in! &p yo&r own r&les to co er new sit&ations+ 1 ha e played roleAplayin! !ames since 19HI when 1 -irst disco ered a -&n !ame in a little white 0ox( and 1 enFoy !i in! the reader the opport&nity to disco er the -la or o- what 1 -o&nd so many decades a!o+ 1Cd li"e to than" Matt -or !i in! me the opport&nity to do this( %hilotomy -or his wonder-&l s&!!estions( and to B&ote Sir 1saac 8ewton $If I see so far its because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.'

9 Mar $Finar yn' Brei!

Startin! the ,ame

*he -irst step in playin! the !ame is to create a character+ *his is a simple matter o- rollin! some dice to determine yo&r characterCs stren!th and other 0asic attri0&tes( pic"in! a character class( &sin! yo&r !ame money to 0&y some eB&ipment( and then playin!+ 1- yo&Cre the 6e-eree( yo&C e !ot a 0it more preparation to do9thatCs co ered later in a section especially -or the 6e-eree+

6&le 8&m0er 7ne

*he most important r&le is that the 6e-eree always has the ri!ht to modi-y the r&les+ 1n -act( itCs enco&ra!ed+ *here are !aps in the r&les9holes which we did not -ill on p&rpose 0eca&se m&ch o- the -&n o- $old school' !amin! is 0ein! a0le to ma"e r&les &p as yo& need them+ *his co&ld 0e as simple as $&m( !ra0 some dice( roll them( and tell me the n&m0er' or more complex homeA0rew charts -or the smallest o- details+ )lon! the way weCll 0e ma"in! s&!!estions( explanations( and !i in! ideas in text0ox -ormatK -eel -ree to &se them or discard them as yo& li"e+ *his is your !ame( a-ter all+

*he .ice
& W1?)6.6: &ses se eral di--erent "inds o- dice( and we a00re iate them accordin! to how many sides they ha e+ So( the -o&rAsided die is called a dL( and i- weCre tellin! yo& to roll J o- them( we say to roll JdL+ *he sixAsided die is a dM( the ei!htAsided die is a d>( the tenAsided die is a d10( the twel eAsided die is a d12( and the twentyAsided die is a d20+ *here is no die with 100 sides9what yo& do to roll a d100 is to roll two tenAsided dice( treatin! the -irst roll as the $tens' and the second roll as the $ones+' So( i- yo& were to roll a H and then a J( that wo&ld mean a HJ+ ) roll o- 0 and 0 means a res&lt o- $100+'

)0ility Scores
*he 0asic attri0&tes are n&m0ers which represent the stren!th( intelli!ence( wisdom( constit&tion( dexterity( and charisma o- the character+ *he standard way to create a0ility scores is to roll JdM in the order listed a0o e+ 7nce those rolls ha e 0een made( it is o-ten o0 io&s which type o- character 0est -its the stats( 0&t a player always has the option to play any character class desired+

House Rule: Rolling Attributes

Some 6e-erees pre-er to allow players to ha e more -lexi0ility in their choice o- class+ 7ne option wo&ld 0e to roll JdM six times and $arran!e to taste+' *his allows the player to p&t the 0est rolls on the attri0&tes that 0est -it the character concept+

) hi!h stren!th can !i e yo&r character 0on&ses when attac"in! with a sword or other handAheld weapon Dcalled a $melee weapon'E( and lets him carry more wei!ht+ Stren!th is the prime attri0&te -or Fi!hters+ Fi!hters can &se their Stren!th Bon&s to !ain a percent 0on&s on earned 2xperience %oints D@%E+

1ntelli!ence represents 1N( reasonin!( and the a0ility to sol e p&zzles or &nderstand di--ic&lt concepts+ 1ntelli!ence is the prime attri0&te -or Ma!icA&ser characters+ :o& can &se yo&r 1ntelli!ence Bon&s to learn additional lan!&a!es+ :o& !ain one extra lan!&a!e -or e ery point a0o e 10+ Ma!icA&sers can &se their 1ntelli!ence Bon&s to !ain a percent 0on&s on 2xperience %oints D@%E earned+

Wisdom determines a characterCs insi!ht( perception( and !ood F&d!ment+ Wisdom is the prime attri0&te -or Cleric characters( and any character with a wisdom score o- 1J or hi!her !ains a IO 0on&s to all experience point awards+ :o& can &se yo&r Wisdom Bon&s to !ain a percent 0on&s on 2xperience %oints D@%E earned+ Clerics can &se their Wisdom Bon&s to !ain an additional percent 0on&s on 2xperience %oints D@%E earned+

Constit&tion is the health and end&rance o- the character+ ) hi!h constit&tion !i es yo&r character extra hit points+ :o& can &se yo&r Constit&tion Bon&s to !ain additional hit points on each hit die+

.exterity is a com0ination o- coordination and B&ic"ness+ ) hi!h dexterity score !i es yo&r character 0on&ses when attac"in! with a 0ow or other ran!ed weapon+ :o& can &se yo&r .exterity Bon&s to modi-y yo&r $toAhit' n&m0er with ran!ed Dalso called $missile'E weapons+

) hi!hly charismatic character has a 0etter chance to tal" his way o&t o- tro&0le( and can lead more special -ollowers than characters with a low charisma+ )ny character with a charisma score o- 1J or hi!her recei es a 0on&s o- IO to all experience point awards+ :o& can &se yo&r Charisma Bon&s to !ain a percent 0on&s on 2xperience %oints D@%E earned+

:o& can &se yo&r Charisma to modi-y the n&m0er o- loyal 8%C hirelin!s yo& can acB&ire+ *hese hirelin!s incl&de specialists and nonAh&man creat&res( 0&t do not &s&ally incl&de 0asic menAatAarms+ :o& can &se yo&r Charisma to modi-y the loyalty o- those 8%C hirelin!s+

*a0le 1/ Charisma Bon&s

Charisma JPL IPM HP> 9P12 1JP1I 1MP1H 1> ;irelin!s 1 2 J L I M H 4oyalty A2 A2 A1 0 Q1 Q2 Q2

*he 6e-eree may want to ma"e a $loyalty chec"' -or an 8%C p&t into a dan!ero&s sit&ation or one who is o--ered a 0ri0e to chan!e sides in a con-lict+

House Rule: Strength for Combat

Some 6e-erees may r&le that Fi!hters can &se their Stren!th Bon&s in com0at+ For example/ Fi!hters can &se their Stren!th Bon&s to modi-y yo&r $toAhit' n&m0er with handAheld DmeleeE weapons+

Fi!hters can &se their Stren!th Bon&s to modi-y yo&r $dama!e' n&m0er with handAheld DmeleeE weapons+

House Rule: Intelligence for Spells

Some 6e-erees may r&le that Ma!icA&sers can &se their 1ntelli!ence Bon&s to !ain a 0on&s on $spell e--ecti eness' Di+e+ tar!et s&--ers a loss on his sa in! throw a!ainst the Ma!icA&serCs spellsE+

House Rule: Wisdom for Spells

Some 6e-erees may r&le that Clerics can &se their Wisdom Bon&s to !ain a 0on&s on $spell e--ecti eness' Di+e+ tar!et s&--ers a loss on his sa in! throw a!ainst the ClericCs spellsE+

House Rule:

e!terity for AC

Some 6e-erees may r&le that yo& can &se yo&r .exterity Bon&s to modi-y yo&r )rmor Class D)CE or )scendin! )rmor Class D))CEK &se the n&m0er -or ))C or chan!e the Q/A -or )C+ *his may 0e limited more to Swash0&c"lerAstyle campai!ns or other !ames where armor is more limited+

Rni ersal )ttri0&te Bon&s

2ach attri0&te has the potential to modi-y what yo& can do+ *he Rni ersal )ttri0&te Bon&s Dor F&st $Bon&s'E ta0le 0elow !i es some n&m0ers to consider/ *a0le 2/ Rni ersal )ttri0&te Bon&s
)ttri0&te 6oll JPM HP1L 1IP1> .escription Below ) era!e ) era!e )0o e ) era!e Bon&s A1 Dor IOE P Q1 Dor IOE

*his r&les set enco&ra!es the &se o- the a0o e ta0le -or all o- the attri0&tes except -or Charisma Dwhich has its own ta0leE+ 2ach 6e-eree can decide how and when the Bon&s is &sed( and sho&ld -eel -ree to tin"er with the ta0le i- desired+ For example( some 6e-erees pre-er -or the $a era!e' ran!e to 0e 9P12 and will adF&st the ta0le accordin!ly+

2xperience Bon&s
2ach character !ets a 0on&s percenta!e to $experience points(' that will &s&ally increase how m&ch experience is !ained in an ad ent&re+ )ll characters !et to add their percenta!e Wisdom Bon&s to their percenta!e Charisma Bon&s as @% Bon&s+ )ll characters !et to add their %rime )ttri0&te Bon&s 0ased on their class+ *hose n&m0ers are added to!ether to !et the total experience 0on&s -or the character+ *he maxim&m attaina0le @% Bon&s wo&ld 0e 1IO+

Startin! ,old
6oll JdM and m&ltiply 0y 10+ *his represents the n&m0er o- !old pieces D!pE that yo&r character !ets to ha e at the start o- the campai!n+

#&st a B&ic" note on ali!nment9!ames are &s&ally set &p as $&s' a!ainst $them' and yo& can &se ario&s names -or each+ Rs&ally $&s' is considered to 0e 4aw Dor ,oodE( while $them' wo&ld 0e the monsters who are Chaos Dor 2 ilE+ *he 6e-eree !ets the -inal say on which options are -or the prota!onists and which ones are -or the anta!onists+

Character Classes
*here are three character classes in this !ame/ Cleric( Fi!hter( and Ma!icA&ser+ :o&r 6e-eree may also ha e in ented other character classes( or may 0e allowin! optional character classes and races -rom other -antasy !ames+

Reading Character Class "ables

4e el/ 6e-ers to the le el o- experience o- the character+ @%/ *his is the n&m0er o- 2xperience %oints D@%E needed to ad ance to this le el+ B;B/ *his is the $Base ;it Bon&s' added to the attac" roll+ DSee Com0atE ;./ *his is the n&m0er o- dM ;it .ice at that le el+ Characters reAroll their ;. each time they ad ance a le el to o0tain a n&m0er o- hit points+ D1- yo& roll poorly( those hit points donCt !o down( howe er+E S*/ *his is the Sa in! *hrow n&m0er -or the character tryin! to a oid somethin! terri0le+

*he Cleric
Clerics are armored priests who ser e ,ood/4aw or 2 il/Chaos+ Most Clerics ha e a patron deity or ser e a partic&lar reli!ion+ Feel -ree to ma"e &p the details( i- yo&r 6e-eree doesnCt &se a partic&lar mytholo!y -or the campai!n yo&Cre playin! in+ 6e!ardless o- the details( yo& are a champion o- yo&r -aith and moral ali!nment+ :o& mi!ht 0e a sinister witchAh&nter( an exorcist o- demons( a shinin! "ni!ht o- the -aith( or a secret a!ent o- the *emple hierarchy+ Beca&se most o- a ClericCs a0ilities are oriented toward healin! and protectin!( Clerics tend to play a s&pport role d&rin! com0at( 0ac"in! &p the -ront line( 0&t a0le to stand sho&lder to sho&lder with the partyCs Fi!hters i- need 0e9at least -or a while+ *a0le J/ Clerical )d ancement
4e el 1 2 J L I M H @% 0 1(I00 J(000 M(000 12(000 2L(000 L>(000 ;. 1 2 J JQ1 L I M B;B Q0 Q0 Q0 Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 S* 1L 1J 12 11 10 9 >


> 9 10

9M(000 192(000 J>L(000

MQ1 H >



*a0le L/ Clerical Spell )d ancement

4e el Spell 4e el

1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 P 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 J J

2 P P P 1 2 2 2 2 J J

J P P P P 1 1 2 2 J J

L P P P P P 1 1 2 2 J

I P P P P P P 1 2 2 J

Clerical Class )0ilities

Weapon/)rmor 6estrictions/ Beca&se Clerics disli"e the sheddin! o- 0lood( they may only &se 0l&nt weapons Dcl&0( -lail( maceE and the only missile weapon they are allowed is oil+ Clerics ha e no armor restrictions+ Spell Castin!/ Clerics cast di ine spells -rom a speci-ic list( as per the Clerical )d ancement *a0le+ 2ach day( the Cleric prays -or a certain set o- spells( choosin! any spells -rom the standard list+ Clerics o- speci-ic !ods mi!ht ha e entirely di--erent sets o- spells as desi!ned 0y the 6e-eree( 0&t the standard Cleric has the standard list+ Sa in! *hrow/ Clerics !et Q2 on sa in! throws s+ death and poisons+

Banishin! Rndead/ Clerics can $*&rn' the &ndead( ma"in! them -lee -rom the ClericCs holiness Dor( in the case o- an 2 il Cleric( 0rin!in! them to heel as ser ants and minionsE+ See %a!e @@+ 2sta0lish *emple D10thE/ )t tenth le el( a Cleric character who chooses to 0&ild a temple to their deity o- choice may attract a 0ody o- loyal -ollowers who will swear -ealty to him+ @% Bon&s -or Wisdom/ *his class 0on&s is in addition to the @% Bon&s all characters !et 0y ha in! a hi!h wisdom attri0&te+

*he Fi!hter
:o& are a warrior( trained in 0attle and in the &se o- armor and weapons+ %erhaps yo& are a -erocio&s 5i"in! raider( a roamin! sam&rai( or a medie al "ni!ht+ Whate er type o- Fi!hter yo& choose to play( yo& will pro0a0ly end &p on the -ront lines o- yo&r ad ent&rin! party( !oin! toeAtoAtoe with dra!ons( !o0lins( and e il c&ltists( hac"in! yo&r way thro&!h them and ta"in! the 0r&nt o- their attac"s+ *he Fi!hter character is 0est eB&ipped o- all the character classes to dish o&t and a0sor0 dama!e+ Clerics heal( and Ma!icA&sers cast spells( 0&t the downAandAdirty hac" and slash wor" is &p to yo&+ :o&Cre !oin! to ser e as the partyCs sword and shield( protectin! the wea"er party mem0ers and ta"in! down the enemies 0e-ore yo&+ %erhaps one day they will tell le!ends o- yo&r 0attle prowess( and -ollowers will -loc" to yo&r castle stron!hold9where yo& re el in yo&r -ame( riches( and newly earned no0ility+ Fail( o- co&rse( and yo& will die9F&st another -or!otten warrior in a dan!ero&s world+ *a0le I/ Fi!hter )d ancement
4e el 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 @% 0 2(000 L(000 >(000 1M(000 J2(000 ML(000 12>(000 2IM(000 I12(000 ;. 1Q1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 B;B Q0 Q1 Q2 Q2 QJ QL QL QI QM QM S* 1M 1I 1L 1J 12 11 10 9 > H


Fi!hter Class )0ilities

Weapon/)rmor 6estrictions/ Fi!hters are trained in war-are and as s&ch ha e no armor or weapon restrictions+ Com0at Machine/ )!ainst -oes o- one hit dice D;.E or -ewer( Fi!hters !et one attac" per le el each t&rn+ Sa in! *hrow/ Fi!hters !et Q1 on sa in! throws s+ death and poisons+ 2sta0lish Stron!hold D9thE/ )t ninth le el( a Fi!hter character who chooses to 0&ild a castle is considered to ha e the ran" o- $Baron' 0estowed &pon him 0y the local r&ler or monarch and may choose to attract a 0ody o- loyal menAatAarms who will swear -ealty to him+ @% Bon&s -or Stren!th/ *his class 0on&s is d&e to a hi!h stren!th attri0&te+

*he Ma!icA&ser
*he Ma!icA&ser is a mysterio&s -i!&re( a st&dent o- arcane powers and spell castin!+ Rs&ally cloa"ed in ro0es wo en with mystical sym0ols( Ma!icA&sers can 0e de astatin! opponents+ ;owe er( they are &s&ally physically wea"er than other ad ent&rin! classes( and are &ntrained in the &se o- armor and weapons+ )s Ma!icA&sers pro!ress in le el( they !enerally 0ecome the most power-&l o- the character classes( 0&t at lower le els they are B&ite &lnera0le and m&st 0e protected 0y the other party mem0ers+ %erhaps one day( tho&!h( yo& will rise to s&ch hei!hts o- power that yo& can 0&ild a mystically protected tower -or yo&r researches( create -a0&lo&s ma!ic items( and scri0e new -orm&lae -or hitherto &n"nown spells+ S&ch archAma!es can sway the politics o- "in!doms( and command respect and -ear across the realms+ *a0le M/ Ma!icA&ser )d ancement
4e el 1 2 J L I M H > @% 0 2(I00 I(000 10(000 20(000 L0(000 >0(000 1M0(000 ;. 1 1Q1 2 2Q1 J JQ1 L LQ1 B;B Q0 Q0 Q0 Q0 Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 S* 1I 1L 1J 12 11 10 9 >


9 10 11 12 1J 1L 1I 1M

J20(000 ML0(000 P P P P P P

I IQ1 M MQ1 H HQ1 > >Q1



*a0le H/ Ma!icA&ser Spell )d ancement

4e e l Spell 4e el

1 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 11 1 2 J L L L L L L L L

2 P P 1 2 2 2 J J J L L

J P P P P 1 2 2 J J J L

L P P P P P P 1 2 2 2 J

I P P P P P P P P 1 2 J



12 1J 1L 1I 1M






1 2 J L I

Ma!icA&ser Class )0ilities

Weapon/)rmor 6estrictions/ Ma!icA&sers tend to spend their wa"in! ho&rs in st&dy o- arcane tomes and scrolls( and as s&ch tend to not ha e m&ch trainin! in weapons+ Ma!icA&sers may only &se da!!ers or sta es and are not allowed the &se o- armor+ Spell Castin!/ Rnli"e the Cleric( a Ma!icA&ser owns a 0oo" o- spells( which does not necessarily incl&de all o- the spells on the standard lists+ 6eadin! -rom the 0oo"( the Ma!ic &ser presses his chosen spell -orm&lae into his mind( $preparin!' these spells+ 7nce a prepared spell is cast( it disappears -rom the Ma!icA&serCs a0ility to cast D&ntil it is prepared a!ainE+ 1t is possi0le to prepare a spell m&ltiple times &sin! the a aila0le $slots' in the Ma!icA&serCs memory/capa0ility+ 1- the ma!ic &ser -inds scrolls o- spells while ad ent&rin!( he can copy them into his spell 0oo"+ Sa in! *hrow/ Ma!icA&sers !et Q2 on sa in! throws s+ ma!ic+ @% Bon&s -or 1ntelli!ence/ *his class 0on&s is d&e to a hi!h intelli!ence attri0&te+

Character Races
1n a -antasy world( h&mans o-ten arenCt alone+ 2l es may pop&late the !reat -orests( .war es may car e their halls and mines into the heart o- the earth( and ;al-lin!s may reside in the com-orta0le hillA ho&ses o- their 0&colic shires+ By contrast( some -antasy worlds depict an isolated h&man race pitted a!ainst ancient preAh&man e ils and the !rim( sa a!e wilderness o- worlds at the dawn Dor d&s"E o- h&man ci ilization itsel-+ Some -antasy worlds( as a third example( accent&ate the 0izarre( with a wide ariety o- -antasy races a aila0le to the players9s&ch worlds are -illed with con-lict and contradictions( always with a new wonder to 0e -o&nd 0eyond the next corner+ *he 6e-eree determines what nonAh&man races( i- any( yo& can choose -or yo&r character+ 1n -act( the 6e-eree mi!ht permit races that arenCt co ered here+

.war es
.war es tend to !row &p in &nder!ro&nd cities+ )s s&ch( .war es easily ta"e note o- certain -eat&res o- stonewor"/ slopin! corridors( traps made o- stone Din partic&lar/ -allin! 0loc"s( ri!!ed ceilin!s( and tiny arrow slits desi!ned to release poison !as or dartsE( and mo in! walls+ *here is no esta0lished die roll or r&le -or &sin! these a0ilitiesK exactly what the .war- does or does not percei e is &p to the 6e-eree+


Character )d ancement/ .war es &se the Fi!hter class ad ancement chart+ *hey are typically allowed to pro!ress as hi!h as sixth le el+ Weapon/)rmor 6estrictions/ 4i"e other Fi!hters( .war es are trained in war-are and as s&ch ha e no armor or weapon restrictions+ ;ereditary Foes/ .war es !ain an extra Q1 when -i!htin! orcs and !o0lins+ 3een .etection/ .war es are !ood at spottin! traps( slantin! passa!es( and new constr&ction while &nder!ro&nd+ ;ard to ;it/ Bein! small( .war es typically are awarded some de-ensi e 0on&s in com0at 0eca&se they are hard to hit+ D%erhaps A2 a!ainst menA-ol" and AL a!ainst !iants+E Sa in! *hrow/ .war es donCt &se ma!ic and as s&ch are somewhat imm&ne to itK .war es !et QL on sa in! throws s+ ma!ic+ Since they are s&ch hardy -ol"( .war es also !et Q1 on sa in! throws a!ainst death and poisons+ 4an!&a!es/ For campai!ns that !i e each race its own dialect( .war es sho&ld 0e a0le to spea" with !nomes( !o0lins( orcs( and "o0olds+

2l es
6e-erees interpret 2l es in all "inds o- di--erent ways+ )re they the -aerieA-ol" o- 1rish le!end( the 5anir o- 8orse le!end( the h&manAli"e Wood 2l es or power-&l and alien ,rey 2l es o- *ol"ien( or somethin! else de-ined 0y the 6e-ereeCs own ima!inationS )s a 0aseline( most 2l es o- -ol"lore are associated with ma!ic as well as 0ein! s"illed with sword and 0ow+ *he nat&re o- the 2l en race as a whole is completely the pro ince o- the 6e-eree( and it is entirely possi0le -or the 6e-eree to cra-t new 2l en character classes i- he so desires+ *he 2l en ad ent&rer may choose( on any !i en day Dperhaps when the moon risesE whether to &se the capa0ilities o- a Ma!icA&ser or o- a Fi!hter+ )s a res&lt( the 2l- has access to either the Fi!hter or Ma!icA&ser chart -or toAhit 0on&ses and sa in! throws( dependin! &pon whether he donned steel that day or s&mmoned &p the power to cast spells+ 2l en ad ent&rers m&st &se a spell 0oo" to prepare spells( F&st as a Ma!icA&ser( and spells disappear -rom his castin! capa0ility once they are cast( also in the same way as a Ma!icA&serCs do+

2l en 6ace )0ilities
Character )d ancement/ 2l es may &se either the Fi!hter or Ma!icA&ser class ad ancement charts( to 0e anno&nced at the start o- an ad ent&re+ *hey are typically allowed to pro!ress as hi!h as -o&rth le el as a Fi!hter or ei!hth le el as a Ma!icA&ser+ Weapon/)rmor 6estrictions/ 2l es ha e !eneral limitations similar to those o- Ma!icA&sers( 0&t are allowed to wear special 2l en chain mail while ad ent&rin! as a Ma!icA&ser+ ;ereditary Foes/ 2l es !ain an extra Q1 when -i!htin! !o0lins( orcs( intelli!ent &ndead( and lycanthropes+ 2l es are also imm&ne to paralysis ca&sed 0y &ndead s&ch as !ho&ls+


3een .etection/ 2l es are !ood at spottin! hidden and concealed doors+ Sa in! *hrow/ 2l es !et Q2 on sa in! throws s+ ma!ic+ 4an!&a!es/ For campai!ns that !i e each race its own dialect( 2l es sho&ld 0e a0le to spea" with !nolls( !o0lins( orcs( and ho0!o0lins+

House Rule: #lf $ariant

Some 6e-erees may want to allow the 2l- to ad ance as a 0lend o- Fi!hter and Ma!icA&ser instead oswitchin! 0ac" and -orth+ 1n that model( the -ollowin! a0ilities and ad ancement ta0le mi!ht 0e &sed instead/ Weapon/)rmor 6estrictions/ 2l es wo&ld ha e the ad anta!e o- 0oth ma!ic and armor at the same time( so the 6e-eree may limit the 2l- to chain mail+ 2l es may not &se shields when castin! spells+ 2l es may not &se twoAhanded weapons DtwoAhanded sword( pole armE when castin! spells+ ;ereditary Foes/ 2l es !ain an extra Q1 when -i!htin! orcs( &ndead( and ma!ical creat&res+ 3een .etection/ 2l es are !ood at spottin! hidden and concealed doors+ Sa in! *hrow/ 2l es !et Q2 on sa in! throws s+ ma!ic+ 4an!&a!es/ For campai!ns that !i e each race its own dialect( 2l es sho&ld 0e a0le to spea" with !nolls( !o0lins( orcs( and ho0!o0lins+ *a0le >/ 2l- 5ariant )d ancement
4e el 1 2 J L I M H > @% 0 I(000 10(000 20(000 L0(000 >0(000 1M0(000 J20(000 ;. 1Q1 2 2Q1 J JQ1 L LQ1 I B;B Q0 Q1 Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 Q2 Q2 S* 1M 1I 1L 1J 12 11 10 9


*a0le 9/ 2l- 5ariant Spell )d ancement

4e el Spell 4e el 1 1 2 J L I M H > P 1 2 2 J L L L 2 P P P 1 2 2 2 2 J P P P P P P 1 2

*here are many types o- ;al-lin!s which appear in literat&re( and this !ro&p co&ld incl&de !nomes( pixies or -airies( small -ol" -rom the shireAland( or any other o- the $wee -ol"' which the 6e-eree will allow in his campai!n+

;al-lin! 6ace )0ilities

Character )d ancement/ ;al-lin!s &se the Fi!hter class ad ancement ta0le+ *hey are typically allowed to pro!ress as hi!h as -o&rth le el+ ;ard to ;it/ Bein! small( ;al-lin!s typically are awarded some de-ensi e 0on&s in com0at 0eca&se they are hard to hit+ D%erhaps A2 a!ainst menA-ol" and AL a!ainst !iants+E .eadly )cc&racy with Missiles/ ;al-lin!s recei e Q2 when -irin! missile weapons in com0at+ 8ear 1n isi0ility/ When not en!a!ed in com0at( ;al-lin!s are hard to see and mo e with almost total silence+ Sa in! *hrow/ ;al-lin!s donCt &se ma!ic and as s&ch are somewhat imm&ne to itK ;al-lin!s !et QL on sa in! throws s+ ma!ic+ Since they are s&ch hardy -ol"( ;al-lin!s also !et Q1 on sa in! throws a!ainst death and poisons+ 4an!&a!es/ For campai!ns that !i e each race its own dialect( ;al-lin!s sho&ld 0e a0le to spea" with creat&res that -it the style o- the 6e-ereeCs campai!n+


Character 6etirement
2ach 6e-eree has his or her own style( and a pre-erence -or a !i en ran!e o- character le els -or their !ames+ *he 6e-eree has the -inal say on how and when retirement wor"s -or the campai!n+ Some i!nore retirement alto!ether and simply extrapolate the ta0les to incl&de le els 0eyond those shown+

B&yin! 2B&ipment
2ach character starts with some !old pieces at the 0e!innin! o- the !ame( &sed to 0&y eB&ipment+ 7ne !old piece D!pE is worth 10 sil er pieces DspE or 100 copper pieces DcpE+ %rices -or eB&ipment are listed on the ta0les 0elow( and all are !i en in !old pieces+

2B&ipment Wei!ht
) $normal' le el o- miscellaneo&s eB&ipment is ass&med to wei!h H0 po&nds+ *reas&re is added to this( with each twenty coins and !ems wei!hin! a po&nd+ *a0le 10/ )d ent&re ,ear
,ear Bac"pac" DJ0 po&nd capacityE Bottle DwineE( !lass Case Dmap or scrollE Crow0ar Flint & Steel ,rapplin! ;oo" ;ammer & 0&ndle o- wooden sta"es ;elmet ;oly Sym0ol( wooden ;oly Sym0ol( sil er ;oly Water( small ial 4antern Mirror Dsmall steelE 7il DlampE( 1 pint Cost D!pE I 1 J I I I J 10 2 2I 2I 10 I 2


%ole( 10 -t 6ations( trail DdayE 6ations( dried DdayE 6ope( hemp DI0 -tE 6ope( sil" DI0 -tE Sac" D1I po&nd capacityE Sac" DJ0 po&nd capacityE Sho el Spell0oo" D0lan"E Spi"e( iron *ent *orch D0&ndle o- ME Waters"in Wol es0ane( Belladonna( ,arlic

1 1 J 1 I 1 2 I 100 1 20 1 1 10

*a0le 11/ *ransportation

*ype M&le ;orse( dra-t ;orse( li!ht ridin! Warhorse( medi&m Warhorse( hea y Saddle 0a!s Saddle Cost D!pE 20 J0 L0 100 200 10 2I


Cart or small wa!on Wa!on( small ;orse armor D0ardin!E 6a-t Boat Small Sailin! Ship Small ,alley 4ar!e Sailin! Ship 4ar!e ,alley

>0 1M0 J20 L0 100 I(000 10(000 20(000 J0(000

*a0le 12/ Melee Weapons

Weapon )xe( Battle1 Cl&0 .a!!er Flail )xe( ;and ;al0erd / %ole )rm1 Mace or Warhammer Mornin! Star Spear2 Sta--1 Sword Sword( Short .ama!e 1dMQ1 1dM 1dMA1 1dM 1dM 1dMQ1 1dM 1dM 1dM 1dM 1dM 1dMA1 Wei!ht 1I 10 2 1I 10 1I 10 1I 10 10 10 I Cost H P J > J H I M 2 1 10 >


Sword( *woAhanded1
1 2




"%o&handed %eapon Reaches ' ran( for%ard if used t%o&handed

*a0le 1J/ Missile Weapons

Weapon Bow( lon! Bow( short N&i er1 )rrows D20E )rrow( sil er D1E Cross0ow( hea y Cross0ow( li!ht Case2 Cross0ow 0olt DJ0E Slin! %o&ch Stones D20E
1 2

.ama!e 1dM 1dMA1 P P P 1dMQ1 1dMA1 P P 1dM P P

Wei!ht I I P 1 P I I P I 1 P P

Cost L0 2I I I I 2I 1I I I 2 1 1

)* arro% capacity +* bolt capacity

*a0le 1L/ Missile Weapon 6ate o- Fire and 6an!e

Weapon Bow( lon! Bow( short Cross0ow( hea y Cross0ow( li!ht 6oF 2 2 1/2 1 6an!e1 H0 -t I0 -t >0 -t M0 -t



J0 -t

&) ,to&hit- per increment

*a0le 1I/ )rmor

)rmor )C T))CU AL TQLU A2 TQ2U AM TQMU A1 TQ1U Wei!ht


Chain 4eather %late Shield


I0 2I HI 10

J0 1I I0 10

.agical armor %eighs either nothing or half normal at Referees discretion.

Calc&latin! )rmor Class

1n the standard/descendin! )C system D)CE( an &narmored h&man has an )C o- 9+ )ny armor worn s&0tracts -rom this total9ma"in! him more di--ic&lt to hit+ For example( a h&man D0ase )C 9E wearin! 4eather )rmor DA2E has an e--ecti e )C o- H D9A2E+ Rsin! the ascendin! )C system D))CE( an &narmored h&man has an ))C o- 10+ )rmor worn( instead o- s&0tractin! -rom this total( is added9ma"in! him more di--ic&lt to hit+ *h&s( a h&man D0ase ))C 10E wearin! 4eather )rmor DQ2E has an e--ecti e ))C o- 12 D10Q2E+ :o&r 6e-eree will tell yo& which system heCs &sin! -or the campai!n( so this isnCt as hard as it so&nds+ 1n one system DstandardE( a hi!h )C is 0ad( and in the other system Dascendin!E a hi!h ))C is !ood+ 7nce yo& start playin! &sin! one o- the systems( it will ma"e per-ect sense( no matter which system yo& &se+

House Rule: AC vs AAC

:o&r 6e-eree will decide whether yo&r !ame is &sin! the $standard' armor class system where a lower )C is harder toAhit( or the $ascendin! )C' system D))CE( where a hi!her )C is harder toAhit+ 8&m0ers -or the ))C system are set o-- in 0rac"ets( as yo& will see in the ta0le 0elow( to distin!&ish the two systems when the n&m0ers appear side 0y side+

Comparin! )rmor Class Systems

*o translate 0etween )scendin! and .escendin! )C systems( the ascendin! armor class D))CE and descendin! armor class D)CE al&es sho&ld add &p to 19+ *h&s( )C H is the same as ))C 12 D19A HV12E+


*he ,ame
7nce yo&C e !ot a character( the 6e-eree will descri0e where the character is( and what he sees+ *he !ame mi!ht start in a r&ral peasant illa!e( in a ast and teemin! city spi"ed with towers and minarets( in a castle( a ta ern( or at the !ates o- an ancient tom0+ *hatCs &p to the 6e-eree+ From that point on( yo& descri0e what yo&r character does+ ,oin! down stairs( attac"in! a dra!on( tal"in! to the people yo& meet Deither the characters 0ein! r&n 0y the other players( or nonAplayer characters controlled 0y the 6e-ereeE/ all o- these sorts o- thin!s are yo&r decisions+ *he 6e-eree then tells yo& what happens as a res&lt/ the stirs lead down to a h&!e tom0( the dra!on attac"s yo&r character( etc+ *he r&les 0elow are !&idelines -or how to handle certain e entsK mainly com0at( 0&t also experience( mo ement( healin!( dyin!( and other important parts o- the !ame+ Basically( yo& and the 6e-eree wor" to!ether( with the 6e-eree handlin! the details o- a dan!ero&s -antasy world( and yo& handlin! what yo&r character does in it+ *he epic story o- yo&r characterCs rise to !reatness Dor death in the e--ortE is yo&rs to create in the 6e-ereeCs world+

,ainin! 2xperience
Characters are awarded experience points D@%E -or "illin! monsters and acc&m&latin! treas&re+ Monsters ha e a set experience point al&e Din the monster descriptionsE( and one !old piece is eB&al to one @%+ 1t may seem odd to award experience -or treas&re( 0&t "eep in mind that e ery !old piece !ained 0y the character is an index o- the playerCs s"ill+ )wardin! experience only -or "illin! monsters -ails to reward a party o- ad ent&rers that s&ccess-&lly l&res a dra!on away -rom its hoard so that its treas&re can 0e stolen witho&t a -i!ht( and it -ails to reward characters that operate 0y intelli!ence( stealth( tric"ery and misdirection+ 2ach character class has a prime attri0&te listed in the character class description( and the character creation process details how to &se yo&r attri0&tes to determine the characterCs total @% 0on&s+

Sometimes the 6e-eree will r&le that $an ho&r passes(' or e en( $a month passes(' in the li-e o- o&r intrepid ad ent&rers( 0&t two important time meas&rements need a B&ic" explanation+ *hese are the $t&rn(' and the $com0at ro&nd+' ) t&rn represents ten min&tes( and a com0at ro&nd is 1 min&te+

Mo ement 6ate
Base mo ement rate -or all races is calc&lated( on the ta0le 0elow( in terms o- feet per com0at ro&nd+ 2ach 6e-eree is ad ised to alter the &nits o- meas&rement to s&it their own !ames and sit&ations+ *a0le 1M/ Mo ement 6ate
Wei!ht Carried 0PHI l0s HMP100 l0s 101P1I0 l0s 1I1PJ00 l0s 2l-/;&man 12 9 M J .war-/;al-lin! 9 M J 1


*a0le 1H/ Mo ement )dF&stment

Mo ement *ype Care-&l 8ormal 6&nnin! )dF&stment ;al- o- ) era!e 6ate ) era!e 6ate .o&0le ) era!e 6ate

;irin! )ssistants
Many characters( partic&larly when -irst startin! an ad ent&rin! career( are in the need o- hirelin!s to assist in carryin! loot or -i!htin! monsters+ *he ta0le 0elow ass&mes that a typical ad ent&re lasts ro&!hly one wee"+ %rices are in !old pieces+ *a0le 1>/ ;irin! )ssistants
;irelin! 8onAcom0atant Dser ant( torch 0earerE ,eneral $redshirt' soldier ;orseman( Sailor Blac"smith )rmorer Ship Captain )nimal *rainer( Spy 2n!ineer )lchemist )ssassin( Sa!e Cost D!pE I 2 J I 2I HI 12I 200 2I0 I00

*hese rates are -or h&mans only+ .emiAh&mans cost more to hire+


When the party o- ad ent&rers comes into contact with enemies( the order o- e ents is as -ollows/ 1+ 2+ J+ L+ .etermine 1nitiati e+ %arty with 1nitiati e acts -irst Dcastin! spells( attac"in!( etc+E and res&lts ta"e e--ect+ %arty that lost 1nitiati e acts( and their res&lts ta"e e--ect+ *he ro&nd is completeK "eep t&rn order -or the next ro&nd i- the 0attle has not 0een resol ed+

.etermine 1nitiati e
)t the 0e!innin! o- a com0at ro&nd( each side rolls 1nitiati e on a dM9hi!h roll wins+ *he winnin! side acts -irst( mo in!( attac"in!( and castin! spells+ *he other side ta"es dama!e and cas&alties( and then !ets its t&rn+ 1nitiati e rolls may res&lt in a tie+ When this happens( 0oth sides are considered to 0e actin! sim&ltaneo&sly+ *he 6e-eree may handle this sit&ation in any way he chooses9with one ca eat+ *he dama!e in-licted 0y com0atants d&rin! sim&ltaneo&s initiati e is in-licted e en i- one o- the com0atants dies d&rin! the ro&nd+ 1t is possi0le -or two com0atants to "ill each other d&rin! a sim&ltaneo&s initiati e ro&nd+

*he )ttac" 6oll

*o attac" with a weapon( the player rolls a d20 and adds any 0on&ses to the res&lt+ *hese $toAhit' 0on&ses incl&de the characterCs Base ;it Bon&s DB;BE( the stren!th 0on&s -or attac"s with hand held weapons( any 0on&ses -or ma!ic weapons( and any other 0on&s identi-ied as a $toAhit' 0on&s+ *he attac" roll is then compared to the tar!etCs armor class to see i- the attac" hits( accordin! to whiche er system the 6e-eree has chosen to &se+ *he standard system Dwhere a lower )C is 0etterE is resol ed 0y comparin! the $toAhit' n&m0er to the n&m0er reB&ired on the standard $toAhit' ta0le+ 1- the attac" roll is eB&al to or hi!her than the n&m0er on the ta0le( the attac" hits+ 1n the $)scendin!' ))C system( i- the attac" roll is eB&al to or hi!her than the de-enderCs armor class( the attac" hit+

Melee )ttac"
) melee attac" is an attac" with handAheld weapons s&ch as a sword( spear( or da!!er+ ) characterCs stren!th 0on&ses toAhit and on dama!e are added to melee attac"s+ *wo com0atants within ten -eet oeach other are considered to 0e $in com0at+'

Missile )ttac"
Missile attac"s are attac"s with ran!ed weapons s&ch as a cross0ow( slin!( or thrown axe+ ) characterCs dexterity 0on&s -or missile attac"s is added to the toAhit roll when the character is &sin! missile weapons+ When &sin! missiles to attac" into a melee( it is not possi0le to choose which opponent Dor -riendE will recei e the attac"+


*a0le 19/ )ttac" $to hit' 6oll

)ttac" roll reB&ired to hit opponentCs standard armor class D)CE and ascendin! armor class D))CE 1 )C T))CU 6eB&ired 6oll

Q9 10 10

Q> 11 11

QH 12 12

QM 1J 1J

QI 1L 1L

QL 1I 1I

QJ 1M 1M

Q2 1H 1H

Q1 1> 1>

0 19 19

A1 20 20

A2 21 21

AJ 22 22

AL 2J 2J

AI 2L 2L

AM 2I 2I

AH 2M 2M

A> 2H 2H

A9 2> 2>

"his includes the /H/ and other bonuses

House Rule: Statement of Intent

Some 6e-erees pre-er to ha e all parties ma"e a $statement o- intent' 0e-ore they roll 1nitiati e in order to -orce players to decide what they are doin! 0e-ore they "now who !oes -irst+

House Rule: )*s and 's

Many 6e-erees ha e r&les that a $nat&ral' roll o- 20 is an a&tomatic hit or in-licts do&0le dama!e( that a nat&ral roll o- 1 is an a&tomatic miss and may res&lt in droppin! a weapon or trippin!+ *hese are commonly called $critical hits' and $-&m0les(' respecti ely+

8e!otiation and .iplomacy

Some com0ats can 0e a erted with a -ew wellAchosen words Dincl&din! liesE+ 1- the party is o&tmatched( or the monsters donCt seem li"ely to 0e carryin! m&ch in the way o- loot( the party mi!ht elect to 0razen their way thro&!h in an attempt to a oid com0at Dor at least delay it &ntil -a ora0le conditions ariseE+

Spell castin! 0e!ins at the 0e!innin! o- the ro&nd+ 1t is possi0le to cast a spell while within melee ran!e o- an opponent D10 -tE( 0&t i- the spell caster s&--ers dama!e while castin! a spell( the spell is lost+ Rnless the spell description states otherwise( the spell ta"es e--ect in the casterCs initiati e phase+

1n isi0le 7pponent
)n in isi0le opponent can only 0e attac"ed i- the !eneral location is "nown( and the attac" is at AL toA hit+ 8ote that more power-&l monsters Dthose with sensiti e smell or hearin!( or more than six hit diceE will -reB&ently 0e a0le to detect in isi0le opponentsK the 6e-eree sho&ld determine the chance o- this accordin! to the creat&re concerned and the sit&ation+

*&rnin! the Rndead

Clerics ha e the a0ility to t&rn &ndead( ca&sin! them to -lee or e en o&tri!ht destroyin! them+ When a t&rnin! attempt is made( a JdM roll sho&ld 0e made and the *&rnin! ta0le cons&lted -or the res&lt+ 1- the $n&m0er' on the die is eB&al to or !reater than the n&m0er shown on the ta0le( all &ndead creat&res o- the tar!eted type are t&rned and will -lee -or JdM ro&nds( or will cower helplessly i- they cannot -lee+


For !oodAali!ned Clerics( i- the ta0le indicates $.'( the &ndead creat&re is a&tomatically destroyed and will cr&m0le to d&st+ For e il Clerics( a res&lt o- $.' indicates that the &ndead are -orced into the ClericCs command -or a period o- 2L ho&rs+ *a0le 20/ *&rnin! Rndead
Rndead ;. 2xamples 1 1 2 J L I M H > 9P11 12P1> SSS S"eleton ,ho&l( ?om0ie Shadow( Wi!ht Wraith SSS M&mmy Spectre 5ampire SSS 4ich .emon P P P P P P 10 1J 1I 1H Clerical 4e el 2 H 10 1J 1I 1H P P P P P P J L H 10 1J 1I 1H P P P P P L . L H 10 1J 1I 1H P P P P I . . L H 10 1J 1I 1H P P P M . . . L H 10 1J 1I 1H P P H . . . . L H 10 1J 1I 1H P > . . . . . L H 10 1J 1I 1H 9P1J . . . . . . L H 10 1J 1I 1LQ . . . . . . . L H 10 1J

Certain monsters( s&ch as mindless or &ndead creat&res( are -earless and always -i!ht to the death+ *he maFority( howe er( will not contin&e to -i!ht a hopeless 0attle( see"in! to retreat( s&rrender or -lee+ *he 6e-eree will decide when monsters a0andon the 0attle and retreat( 0ased on the sit&ation and the monsterCs intelli!ence+

.ama!e and .eath

When a character Dor creat&reE is hit( the amo&nt o- dama!e is ded&cted -rom his hit points+ When hit points reach 0( the character dies+



1n addition to the ario&s ma!ical means o- restorin! hit points( a character will reco er 1 hit point per day o- &ninterr&pted rest+ Fo&r wee"s o- rest will ret&rn a character to -&ll hit points re!ardless o- how many hit points the character lost+

House Rule:


.i--erent 6e-erees ha e a di--erent spin on how lethal the !ame sho&ld 0e+ For this reason( many 6e-erees allow characters to 0e $&nconscio&s' at 0 ;% and not act&ally die &ntil they reach some preA determined ne!ati e n&m0er+ For example( perhaps the 6e-eree will r&le that the character can s&r i e 0elow zero 0y as many points as his le elK so a Lth le el character mi!ht die i- he -alls 0elow AL hit points+

House Rule: /inding Wounds

*he 6e-eree can allow a character to 0ind 1dL ;% worth o- wo&nds -ollowin! a 0attle+ *his is partic&larly &se-&l in lowAma!ic campai!ns or in ad ent&res where none o- the players has chosen to r&n a Cleric+ 8ote that the character can only reco er hit points lost d&rin! this partic&lar 0attle+ 6eco ered hit points cannot exceed the &ninF&red maxim&m amo&nt+

,ameplay 2xample
) Fi!hter( Arnold the 0ion( is -i!htin! three !o0lins in a dar" alley o- the ,litterin! City o- Semo&lia+ We ea esdrop F&st as the enco&nter 0e!ins/ )rnoldCs player/ $1 draw mysel- &p to -&ll hei!ht and in-orm them that 1Cm a captain o- the !&ard+ My soldiers are ri!ht 0ehind me( and these ermin 0etter disperse or 1Cll ha e them 0ro&!ht in -or interro!ation+' 6e-eree/ $Rm( no+ *heyCre not 0&yin! it+ :o&Cre co ered in -ilth -rom that !ar0a!e pit( remem0erS' )rnoldCs player/ $7h( yeah+ 1 -or!ot that+' 6e-eree/ $6oll initiati e+' DSecretly rolls a dM and !ets a res&lt o- M+E )rnoldCs player/ $1 rolled a 2+' 6e-eree/ *he !o0lins attac" -irst+ *heyCre all more than ten -eet -rom yo&( and they mo e -orward with their cl&0s at the ready+' )rnoldCs player/ $*hey donCt char!eS' 6e-eree/ $8ope+' )rnoldCs player/ $*hey donCt !et an attac" 0eca&se they closed in+ 1tCs my t&rn to attac"( ri!htS' 6e-eree/ $:es+'


)rnoldCs player/ D6olls a d20+E $1MWsweetG )ddin! my B;B and Stren!th Bon&s !i es me a total XtoAhitX roll o- 1>G' 6e-eree/ D8otes that !o0lins ha e an armor class o- 1L( &sin! the ascendin! )C r&les+E $:o& swin! yo&r sword into the leadin! !o0lin+ 6oll -or dama!e+' )rnoldCs player/ D6olls a dM+E $2 points( 0&t 1C e !ot a Q1 dama!e 0on&s( so thatCs J+' 6e-eree/ D"hats enough to (ill it. "he goblin had only ) hit points.E $7"ay( so as itCs mo in! -orward( the !o0lin slips a little 0it in a p&ddle on the stones o- the narrow alley where yo&Cre -i!htin!( and s"ids ri!ht onto yo&r sword+ )s yo& yan" o&t the 0lade( the !o0lin -alls dead to the !ro&nd+ *he other two are still attac"in!( 0&t they loo" ner o&s now9o0 io&sly startin! to reconsider this whole thin!+'

& W1?)6.6: is a -reeA-orm roleplayin! !ame( meanin! that there arenCt ery many r&les+ *he 6e-eree is responsi0le -or handlin! sit&ations that arenCt co ered 0y the r&les( ma"in! -air e al&ations o- what the characters do and decidin! what happens as a res&lt+ *his is not a !ame in which the players are $a!ainst' the 6e-eree( e en tho&!h the 6e-eree is responsi0le -or creatin! tric"y traps( dan!ero&s sit&ations( and r&nnin! the monsters and other -oes the %Cs will enco&nter d&rin! the !ame+ 1n -act( the players and the 6e-eree cooperate with each other to create a -antasy epic( with the 6e-eree creatin! the settin! and the players de elopin! the story o- the heroes+ 1- they arenCt s"ill-&l and smart( the epic mi!ht 0e ery short+ B&t itCs not the 6e-ereeCs Fo0 to de-eat the players9itCs his Fo0 to pro ide interestin! Dand dan!ero&sE challen!es( and then !&ide the story -airly+


Clerical Spell 4ist

4e el 1
C&re DCa&seE Wo&nds 1 .etect Chaos D4awE .etect Ma!ic 4i!ht"E 1 %rotection -rom Chaos D4awE 1 %&ri-y D%&tre-yE Food and .rin"

4e el 2
Bless DC&rseE Find *raps ;old %erson Spea" with )nimals

4e el J
C&re DCa&seE .isease 4i!ht"E 11 4ocate 70Fect 6emo e C&rse

4e el L
C&re DCa&seE Wo&nds 11 8e&tralize %oison %rotection -rom Chaos D4awE 11 Spea" with %lants Stic"s to Sna"es

4e el I
Comm&ne Create Food and .rin" .ispel Chaos D4awE 1nsect %la!&e N&est 6aise DCa&seE .ead

Ma!icA&ser Spell 4ist

4e el 1
Charm %erson .etect Ma!ic ;old %ortal 4i!ht 1 %rotection -rom Chaos 1


6ead 4an!&a!es 6ead Ma!ic Sleep

4e el 2
.etect Chaos .etect 1n isi0ility .etect *ho&!hts 1n isi0ility 1 3noc" 4e itate 4i!ht 11 4ocate 70Fect %hantasmal Force We0 Wizard 4oc"

4e el J
)lter *ime Crystal Ball .ar" 5ision .ispel Ma!ic Fire0all Fly ;old %erson 1n isi0ility 11 4i!htnin! Bolt %rotection -rom Chaos 11 %rotection -rom 8ormal Missiles Water Breathin!

4e el L
Charm Monster Con-&sion .imension %ortal ;all&cinatory *errain Massmorph ,iant ,rowth %olymorph 6emo e C&rse Wall o- .e-ense 1 Wizard 2ye

4e el I
)nimal ,rowth )nimate .ead


Clo&d"ill ConF&re 2lemental Contact 7ther %lane Fee0lemind ;old Monster Ma!ic #ar %asswall *ele"inesis *eleport *rans-orm 1 Wall o- .e-ense 11

4e el M
)ntiAMa!ic Shell Control Weather .eath Spell .isinte!rate 1n isi0le Stal"er Mo e 2arth Mo e Water %roFect 1ma!e N&est 6eincarnation *rans-orm 11


)lter *ime
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ 2L0 -t J0 min&tes

*he caster m&st anno&nce which o- the two options are 0ein! cast+ )s a ;aste spell( an area o- radi&s o- M0 -t aro&nd the point where the spell is tar!eted( as many as 2L creat&res 0ecome a0le to mo e and attac" at do&0le normal speed+ )s a Slow spell( an area o- radi&s o- M0 -t aro&nd the point where the spell is tar!eted( as many as 2L creat&res -ailin! a sa in! throw can only mo e and attac" at hal- speed+

)nimal ,rowth
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI 120 -t 2 ho&rs

*his spell ca&ses 1dM normal creat&res to !row immediately to !iant size+ *he a--ected creat&res can attac" as per a !iant ersion o- the normal animal+creat&res -ailin! a sa in! throw can only mo e and attac" at hal- speed+

)nimate .ead
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI 6e-ereeCs discretion %ermanent

*his spell animates s"eletons or zom0ies -rom dead 0odies+ 1dM &ndead are animated Dper le el o- the caster a0o e >thE+ *he corpses remain animated &ntil slain+

)ntiAMa!ic Shell
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM Caster 2 ho&rs

)n in isi0le 0&00le o- -orce s&rro&nds the caster( impenetra0le to ma!ic+ Spells and other ma!ical e--ects cannot pass into or o&t o- the shell+

Bless DC&rseE
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C2 %C/8%C Do&t o- com0atE 1 ho&r DM t&rnsE

*his spell o- ,ood !rants its recipient a Q1 to attac" rolls Dand impro es morale( i- the recipient is not a player characterE+ *he recipient cannot already 0e in com0at when the spell is cast+ *he 2 il spell is C&rse and is similar to Bless except imparts a A1+ )s with Bless( the recipient cannot already 0e in com0at when the spell is cast+


Charm Monster
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ ML M0 -t Rntil dispelled

*his spell operates in the same manner as Charm %erson( 0&t can a--ect more power-&l monsters+ For monsters o- -ewer than J ;.( &p to JdM can 0e a--ected+

Charm %erson
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M1 120 -t Rntil dispelled

*his spell a--ects li in! 0ipeds o- h&man size or smaller( s&ch as !o0lins or dryads+ 1- the spell s&cceeds Dsa in! throw allowedE( the &n-ort&nate creat&re -alls &nder the casterCs in-l&ence+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI Mo es M -t per min&te 1 ho&r

Fo&l and poisono&s apors 0oil -rom the thin air( -ormin! a clo&d 1I -t in radi&s+ *he clo&d mo es directly -orward at a rate o- M -t per min&te &nless its direction or speed is a--ected 0y winds+ Rn&s&ally stron! !&sts can dissipate and destroy it+ %oisonAladen( the horrid mist is hea ier than air( and th&s sin"s down any pits or stairs in its path+ *his spell a--ects only creat&res I ;. or -ewer+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI Caster J B&estions

;i!her powers !rant an answer to three B&estions the caster poses to them+ ;i!her powers donCt li"e constantly 0ein! interro!ated 0y mere mortals( so the spell sho&ld 0e limited to once per wee" or so 0y the 6e-eree+ 7nce per year( the 6e-eree may r&le that a caster may cast a $do&0le stren!th' Comm&ne spell composed o- six B&estions+


Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ ML 120 -t 2 ho&rs

*his spell con-&ses people and monsters( ma"in! them act randomly+ 6oll 2dM to determine the creat&reCs 0eha ior/ *a0le 21/ Con-&sion 6eaction
6oll 2PI MP> 9P12 6eaction )ttac" the caster and his allies Stand 0a--led and inacti e )ttac" each other

*he e--ects o- the con-&sion may shi-t e ery ten min&tes or so( and the dice are rolled a!ain to determine any chan!e+ *he spell a--ects 2dM creat&res( pl&s an additional creat&re -or e ery caster le el a0o e >th+ Creat&res o- J ;. or -ewer are a&tomatically a--ected 0y the spell( and it ta"es e--ect immediately+ Creat&res o- L ;. or more a&tomatically resist the con-&sion e--ect &ntil it 0&ilds &p to its -&ll power Dwhich ta"es 1d12 min&tes( min&s the casterCs le elE( 0&t are reB&ired to ma"e a sa in! throw at this time+ 2 ent&ally( these creat&res are li"ely to s&cc&m0 to the con-&sion( -or they m&st contin&e to ma"e another sa in! throw e ery 10 min&tes &ntil the spellCs 2 ho&r d&ration has r&n its co&rse+

ConF&re 2lemental
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI 2L0 -t Rntil dispelled

*he caster s&mmons a 1M ;. elemental Dany "indE -rom the elemental planes o- existence( and 0inds it to his commands+ 2ach type o- elemental may only 0e s&mmoned once per day+ *he elemental o0eys the caster only -or as lon! as the caster concentrates on itK and when the caster ceases to concentrate( e en -or a moment( the elemental is released and will attac" him+

Contact 7ther %lane

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI 8one See *a0le

*he caster creates a mental contact with the planes( -orces( powers( and !eometries o- the 0eyond( in order to !ain a--irmati e or ne!ati e answers to the B&estions he contemplates+ *he spellCs e--ect depends on how deeply the caster del es into the planes o- existence+


*he caster m&st decide how $-ar' into the planes o- existence he wishes to ma"e contact+ *a0le 22/ Contact 7ther %lane
%lane1 1 2 J L I M

1nsane2 1A2 1AL 1AM 1A> 1A10 1A12

6i!ht JA11 LA1J HA1M 9A1H 11A1> 1JA19

Wron!J 12A20 1LA20 1MA20 1>A20 19A20 20

1lanes are the ,depth- that he chooses to see( truth2 also the number of 3es45o 6uestions as(ed. 2 "emporary insanity lasts for as many %ee(s as the ,number- of the plane %here the casters sanity failed. J "his is the chance of receiving a misinterpreted or ,%rong- ans%er.

Control Weather
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM 6e-ereeCs discretion 6e-ereeCs discretion

*he caster can s&mmon or stop rain-all( create &n&s&ally hi!h or low temperat&res( s&mmon or disperse a tornado( clear the s"y o- clo&ds( or s&mmon clo&ds into 0ein!+

Create Food and .rin"

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CL Close 1mmediate

*his spell creates a oneAday s&pply o- simple -ood and drin"in! water -or 2L men Dor horses( which drin" the same amo&nt as a man -or !ame p&rposesE+


Crystal Ball
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ M0 -t 2 ho&rs

*he caster m&st anno&nce which o- the two options are 0ein! cast+ Cast as Claira&dience( the caster can hear thro&!h solid o0stacles+ Cast as Clair oyance the caster can see thro&!h solid o0stacles+ ) 2 -t thic"ness o- solid stone 0loc"s the spell( as does e en the thinnest layer o- lead+

C&re DCa&seE .isease

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CJ *o&ch 1mmediate

*his spell c&res a person o- any diseases( incl&din! ma!ically in-licted ones+ *he 2 il spell( Ca&se .isease( in-ects a person with a disease to 0e determined 0y the 6e-eree+

C&re DCa&seE Wo&nds 1

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C1 *o&ch 1mmediate

*his spell c&res 1dMQ1 hit points o- dama!e+ *he spell o- 2 il( Ca&se Wo&nds 1( in-licts 1dMQ1 hit points o- dama!e+

C&re DCa&seE Wo&nds 11

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CL *o&ch 1mmediate

*his spell c&res JdMQJ hit points o- dama!e+ *he spell o- 2 il( Ca&se Wo&nds 11( in-licts JdMQ1 hit points o- dama!e+


.ar" ision
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ *o&ch 1 day

*he recipient o- the spell can see in total dar"ness -or the len!th o- the spellCs d&ration+ *he recipient sho&ld roll 1dM to determine the ran!e o- his ision+ *a0le 2J/ .ar" ision 6an!e
6oll 1P2 JPL IPM 6an!e o- 5ision L0 -t I0 -t M0 -t

.eath Spell
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM 2L0 -t %ermanent

Within a M0 -t radi&s( &p to 2d> creat&res with -ewer than H hit dice perish+

.etect 2 il D,oodE
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C1( M2 120 -t DCE( M0 -t DME M0 min DCE( 20 min DME

*he caster detects any creat&res o- 2 il( or those with e il enchantments( e il intentions( e il tho&!hts( or e il a&ras within the spellCs ran!e+ %oison is not inherently e il( and cannot 0e detected 0y means othis spell+ *he re erse spell( .etect ,ood( wor"s the same way except that it detects creat&res o- ,ood+

.etect 1n isi0ility
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 10 -t per caster le el 1 ho&r

Caster can percei e in isi0le creat&res and o0Fects+


.etect Ma!ic
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C1( M1 M0 -t 20 min&tes

*he caster can percei e( in places( people( or thin!s( the presence o- a ma!ical spell or enchantment+ )s examples/ ma!ical items may 0e disco ered in this -ashion( as can the presence o- a charm secretly laid &pon a person+

.etect *ho&!hts
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 M0 -t 2 ho&rs

*he caster can detect the tho&!hts o- other 0ein!s+ *he spell cannot penetrate more than two -eet ostone( and is 0loc"ed 0y e en a thin sheet o- lead+

.imensional %ortal
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ ML 10 -t castin! DJM0 -t teleportE 1mmediate

.imensional %ortal is a wea" -orm o- teleportation( a spell that can 0e mana!ed 0y lesser ma!icians who cannot yet mana!e the *eleportation spell+ *he caster can teleport himsel-( an o0Fect( or another person with per-ect acc&racy to the stated location( as lon! as it is within the spellCs ran!e+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM M0 -t %ermanent

*he caster de-ines one speci-ic tar!et s&ch as a door( a peasant( or a stat&e( and it disinte!rates into d&st+ Ma!ical materials are not disinte!rated( and li in! creat&res Ds&ch as the a-orementioned peasantE are permitted a sa in! throw+ *he .isinte!rate spell cannot 0e dispelled+

.ispel 2 il D,oodE
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CI J0 -t 10 min&tes

*his spell o- 4aw is similar to the arcane spell .ispel Ma!ic( 0&t a--ects 2 il ma!ic+ *his spell wor"s a!ainst items( spells( or a!ents o- e il+ Rnli"e .ispel Ma!ic( this spell -&nctions a!ainst e il $sendin!s(' possi0ly incl&din! spells( dreams or s&pernat&ral h&ntin!A0easts+ See the 0ox 0elow -or an example+


*he re erse spell( .ispel ,ood( wor"s the same way except it a--ects creat&res o- !ood instead+

.ispel Ma!ic
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ 120 -t 10 min&tes a!ainst an item

.ispel ma!ic can 0e &sed to completely dispel most spells and enchantments+

ispel .agic #!ample

*he chance o- s&ccess-&lly dispellin! is a percenta!e 0ased on the ratio o- the le el o- the caster tryin! to dispel o er the le el o- the caster Dor ;. o- the monsterE who h&rled the ori!inal ma!ic+ *h&s( a Mth le el ma!ic &ser attemptin! to dispel a charm cast 0y a 12th le el Ma!icA&ser has a I0O chance o- s&ccess DM/12V1/2E+ 1- the 12th le el ma!ic &ser were dispellin! the Mth le el Ma!icA &serCs charm( the dispellin! casterCs chance o- s&ccess wo&ld 0e 200O D12/MV2E+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI 2L0 -t %ermanent &ntil dispelled

Fee0lemind is a spell that a--ects only Ma!icA&sers+ *he sa in! throw a!ainst the spell is made at a AL penalty( and i- the sa in! throw -ails( the tar!eted Ma!icA&ser 0ecomes -ee0leminded &ntil the ma!ic is dispelled+

Find *raps
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C2 J0 -t aro&nd caster 20 min&tes D2 t&rnsE

*he caster can percei e 0oth ma!ical and nonAma!ical traps at a distance o- J0 -t+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ 2L0 -t 1nstantaneo&s

) missile shoots -rom the casterCs -in!er( to explode( at the tar!eted location( in a -&rnaceAli"e 0last o-ire+ *he 0&rst radi&s is 20 -t( and dama!e is 1dM per le el o- the caster+ *he 0last shapes itsel- to the a aila0le ol&me+ ) s&ccess-&l sa in! throw means that the tar!et only ta"es hal- dama!e+


Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ *o&ch 1dM t&rns pl&s 1 t&rn/le el

*his spell !rants the power o- -li!ht( with a mo ement rate o- 120 -t per ro&nd+ *he 6e-eree secretly rolls -or d&rationK the player does not "now exactly how lon! the power o- -li!ht will last+

;all&cinatory *errain
Spell 4e el/ ML 6an!e/ 2L0 -t .&ration/ Rntil to&ched Dother than 0y an allyE or dispelled *his spell chan!es the appearance o- the terrain into the sem0lance o- what the caster desires+ ) hill can 0e made to disappear( or co&ld 0e replaced with an ill&sory -orest( -or example+

;old Monster
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI 120 -t 1 ho&rQ10 min/le el

*he caster tar!ets 1dL creat&res Dsa in! throw appliesE+ *he caster may instead tar!et a sin!le creat&re( in which case the sa in! throw is made with a penalty o- A2+

;old %erson
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C2( MJ 1>0 -t DCE( 120 -t DME 90 min&tes DCE 1 ho&rQ10 min&tes/le el DME

*he caster tar!ets 1dL persons Dthe same parameters as the Charm %erson spellK sa in! throw appliesE+ *he caster may also tar!et a sin!le person( in which case the sa in! throw is made at A2+

;old %ortal
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M1 6e-ereeCs discretion 2dM t&rns

*his spell ma!ically holds a door or !ate in position -or the spellCs d&ration Dor &ntil dispelledE+ Creat&res with ma!ic resistance can shatter the spell witho&t m&ch e--ort+


1nsect %la!&e
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CI L>0 -t 1 day

*his spell only wor"s o&tdoors+ ) storm o- insects !athers( and !oes where er the caster directs+ *he clo&d is approximately L00 sB -t D20 -t 0y 20 -t( with ro&!hly correspondin! hei!htE+ )ny creat&re o- 2 ;. or -ewer that is exposed to the clo&d o- insects -lees in terror Dno sa in! throwE+

1n isi0ility 1
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 2L0 -t Rntil dispelled or an attac" is made

*he o0Fect o- this spell( whether a person or a thin!( 0ecomes in isi0le Dto 0oth normal ision and to dar" isionE+ 1- the 6e-eree is &sin! the in isi0ility r&les &nchan!ed( the res&lt is that an in isi0le creat&re cannot 0e attac"ed &nless its approximate location is "nown( and all attac"s are made at AL toA hit+ 1- the in isi0le creat&re ma"es an attac"( the spell is 0ro"en+ 7therwise( it lasts &ntil dispelled or remo ed 0y the caster+

1n isi0ility 11
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ 2L0 -t Rntil dispelled or an attac" is made

4i"e the 1n isi0ility 1 spell( this ma"es the tar!et creat&re or o0Fect in isi0le to normal si!ht and to dar" ision+ 1t also( howe er( throws a 10 -t radi&s sphere o- in isi0ility aro&nd the recipient( which mo es with him/it+ 1- the 6e-eree &ses the !ameCs in isi0ility r&les &nchan!ed( the in isi0le creat&re cannot 0e attac"ed &nless its approximate location is "nown( and all attac"s a!ainst him/it are made at AL toAhit+ 1- the in isi0le creat&re ma"es an attac"( the spell is 0ro"en+ 7therwise( it lasts &ntil dispelled or remo ed 0y the caster+

1n isi0le Stal"er
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM 8ear Caster Rntil mission is completed

*his spell s&mmons Dor perhaps createsE an in isi0le stal"er( an in isi0le 0ein! with > ;.+ *he stal"er will per-orm one tas" as commanded 0y the caster( re!ardless o- how lon! the tas" may ta"e or how -ar the stal"er may ha e to tra el+ *he stal"er cannot 0e 0anished 0y means o- dispel ma!icK it m&st 0e "illed in order to deter it -rom its mission+


Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 M0 -t 1mmediate

*his spell &nloc"s and &n0ars all doors( !ates( and portals within its ran!e( incl&din! those held or loc"ed 0y normal ma!ic+

4e itate
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 20 -t/le el 1 t&rn/le el

*his spell allows the ma!ic &ser to le itate himsel-( mo in! ertically &p or down( 0&t the spell itselpro ides no assistance with lateral mo ement+ ) wall( cli-- side or ceilin! co&ld( o- co&rse( 0e &sed to p&ll alon! handAo erAhand+ 4e itation allows &p or downward mo ement at a rate o- &p to M -t per min&te DM0 -t per t&rnE( and the caster cannot le itate more than 20 -t per le el -rom the !ro&nd le el where the spell was cast Ds&ch ran!e 0ein! applied 0oth to mo ement into the air( and to downward mo ement into a pit or chasmE+

4i!ht 1
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C1( M1 M0 -t 2 ho&rs DCE 1 ho&rQ10 min/le el DME

*he tar!et person or o0Fect Dat a ran!e o- &p to 120 -tE prod&ces li!ht a0o&t as 0ri!ht as a torch( to a radi&s o- 20 -t+

4i!ht 11
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CJ( M2 120 -t %ermanent &ntil dispelled

*he tar!eted person or o0Fect prod&ces li!ht a0o&t as 0ri!ht as a torch( to a radi&s o- 120 -t+

4i!htnin! Bolt
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ 2L0 -t 1nstantaneo&s

) 0olt o- li!htnin! extends M0 -t -rom the tar!eted point( almost ten -eet wide+ )nyone in its path s&--ers 1dM points o- dama!e per le el o- the caster Dhal- with a s&ccess-&l sa in! throwE+ *he 0olt always extends M0 -t( e en i- this means that it ricochets 0ac"ward -rom somethin! that 0loc"s its path+


4ocate 70Fect
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CJ( M2 90 -t DCE M0 -tQ10 -t/le el DME 1 ro&nd/le el

*his spell !i es the caster the correct direction Das the crow -liesE toward an o0Fect the casters speci-ies with a description+ *he o0Fect cannot 0e somethin! the caster has ne er seen( altho&!h the spell can detect an o0Fect in a !eneral class o- items "nown to the caster/ stairs( !old( etc+

Ma!ic #ar
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI See Below See Below

*his spell relocates the casterCs li-e essence( intelli!ence( and so&l into an o0Fect Do- irt&ally any "indE+ *he Far m&st 0e within J0 -t o- the casterCs 0ody -or the transition to s&cceed+ 7nce within the ma!ic Far( the caster can possess the 0odies o- other creat&res and people( pro ided that they are within 120 -t o- the Far and -ail a sa in! throw+ *he caster can ret&rn his so&l to the ma!ic Far at any time( and i- a 0ody he controls is slain( his li-e essence ret&rns immediately to the Far+ 1- the casterCs 0ody is destroyed while his so&l is in the ma!ic Far( the so&l no lon!er has a home other than within the ma!ic Far Daltho&!h the disem0odied wizard can still possess other 0odies as 0e-oreE+ 1- the Far itsel- is destroyed while the Ma!icA&serCs so&l is within( the so&l is lost+ *he ma!ic &ser can ret&rn -rom the Far to his own 0ody whene er desired( th&s endin! the spell+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ ML 2L0 -t Rntil ne!ated or dispelled

7ne h&ndred or -ewer manAsized creat&res are chan!ed to appear li"e innocent trees+ *he ill&sion is so per-ect that creat&res mo in! thro&!h the $-orest' will not detect the deception+

Mo e 2arth
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM 2L0 -t %ermanent

*his spell can only 0e &sed a0o e !ro&nd+ 1t allows the caster to mo e hills and other raised land or stone at a rate o- M -t per min&te DM0 -t per t&rnE+


Mo e Water
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM 2L0 -t See Below

*he caster m&st anno&nce which o- the two options are 0ein! cast+ *his spell lowers the depth and water le el o- la"es( ri ers( wells( and other 0odies o- water to oneAhal- normal+ Rsed in this way( the spell lasts -or 10 t&rns+ )lternately( this spell creates a !ap thro&!h water( 0&t only to a depth o- 10 -t+ Rsed in this way( the spell lasts -or M t&rns+

8e&tralize %oison
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CL 6e-ereeCs discretion 10 min&tes

*his spell co&nteracts poison( 0&t does not 0rin! the dead 0ac" to li-e+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI J0 -t J0 min&tes DJ t&rnsE

*his spell creates a hole thro&!h solid roc"+ *he hole or t&nnel is &p to 10 -eet deep( and is lar!e eno&!h -or the passa!e o- a man+

%hantasmal Force
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 2L0 -t Rntil ne!ated or dispelled

*his spell creates a realistic ill&sion in the si!ht o- all who iew it+ *he ill&sion disappears when it is to&ched( 0&t i- the iewer 0elie es the ill&sion is real( he can ta"e dama!e -rom it+

%lant ,rowth
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ ML 120 -t %ermanent &ntil dispelled

Rp to J00 sB -t o- !ro&nd can 0e a--ected 0y this spellK &nder!rowth in the area s&ddenly !rows into an impassa0le -orest o- thorns and ines+ *he caster can decide the shape o- the area to 0e enchanted+ )n alternate ersion D6e-ereeCs decisionE wo&ld allow the spell to a--ect an area o- J00xJ00 -t( -or a total o- 90(000 sB -t+


Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ ML See Below See Below

*he caster m&st anno&nce which o- the two options are 0ein! cast+ *he caster ass&mes the -orm o- any o0Fect or creat&re( !ainin! the new -ormCs attri0&tes Dthe &se o- win!s( -or exampleE( 0&t not its hit points or com0at a0ilities+ *he 6e-eree mi!ht allow the 0ene-it o- the new -ormCs armor class( i- it is d&e to hea ily armored s"in+ ) !reat deal o- the spellCs e--ect is le-t to the 6e-eree to decide+ *his -orm o- the spell lasts -or ro&!hly one ho&r pl&s one additional ho&r -or each le el o- the caster+ )lternately( this spell allows the caster to t&rn another 0ein! into a di--erent type o- creat&re Ds&ch as a dra!on( a !arden sl&!( and o- co&rse( a -ro! or newtE+ *he polymorphed creat&re !ains all the a0ilities o- the new -orm( 0&t retains its own mind and hit points+ Rsed in this way( the ran!e on this spell is M0 -t+ *his -orm o- the spell lasts &ntil dispelled+

%roFect 1ma!e
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM 2L0 -t 1 ho&r

*he caster proFects an ima!e o- himsel- to a max ran!e o- 2L0 -t+ 8ot only does the proFected ima!e mimic the casterCs so&nds and !est&res( 0&t any spells he casts will appear to ori!inate -rom the ima!e+

%rotection -rom Chaos D4awE 1

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C1( M1 Caster only 2 ho&rs DCE( 1 ho&r DME

Creates a ma!ical -ield o- protection aro&nd the caster to 0loc" o&t all e il monsters( who s&--er a A1 penalty toAhit the caster( and the caster !ains Q1 on all sa in! throws a!ainst s&ch attac"s+ *he opposite spell( %rotection -rom 4aw( does the same thin! except that !ood creat&res s&--er the A1 penalty+

%rotection -rom Chaos D4awE 11

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CL( MJ 10 -t radi&s aro&nd caster 2 ho&rs

*he spell has the same e--ect as %rotection -rom Chaos 1( except that its e--ect co ers an area rather than an indi id&al+ *he opposite spell( %rotection -rom 4aw 11( does the same thin!( except that !ood creat&res s&--er the A1 penalty+


%rotection -rom 8ormal Missiles

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MJ J0 -t 2 ho&rs

*he recipient 0ecomes in &lnera0le small nonAma!ical missiles+ 7nly those missiles proFected 0y normal men and/or weapons are a--ected+

%&ri-y Food and .rin"

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C1 Close/*o&ch 1mmediate

2no&!h -ood and water -or &p to a dozen people is made p&re( remo in! spoila!e and poisons+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CI( MM J0 -t Rntil completed

1- the spell s&cceeds Dsa in! throwE( the caster may set a tas" -or the spellCs ictim+ 1- the ictim does not dili!ently wor" at per-ormin! the tas"( the e--ect that he will experience is 0ased on the class o- the caster+ When a Ma!icA&ser casts this spell i!norin! the N&est will ca&se death( 0&t i- a Cleric casts this spell the res&lt is a c&rse to 0e determined 0y the 6e-eree+

6aise .ead
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CI 4ine o- si!ht See Below

6aise .ead allows the Cleric to raise a corpse -rom the dead( pro ided it has not 0een dead too lon!+ *he normal time limit is L days( 0&t -or e ery caster 4e el hi!her than >th( the time limit extends another L days+ Characters with low constit&tion mi!ht not s&r i e the ordealK and e en -or those with a stron! constit&tion( a period o- two wee"s is reB&ired 0e-ore they can -&nction normally+ *his spell only -&nctions on races that can 0e &sed -or player characters Di+e+( $h&manAli"e'E+

6ead 4an!&a!es
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M1 6eadin! distance 1 or two readin!s

*his spell allows the caster to read directions( instr&ctions( and similar notations that are written in &n-amiliar or e en &n"nown lan!&a!es+ 1t is especially &se-&l -or treas&re maps+


6ead Ma!ic
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M1 Caster only 2 scrolls or other writin!s

*his spell allows the caster to read ma!ical writin!s on items and scrolls+ Ma!ical writin! cannot 0e read witho&t the &se o- this spell+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM *o&ch 1nstantaneo&s

*his spell 0rin!s a dead characterCs so&l 0ac" -rom the dead( 0&t the so&l reappears in a newly -ormed 0ody o- the same ali!nment as the deceased+

6emo e C&rse
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CJ( ML Close/*o&ch 1mmediate

*his spell remo es one c&rse -rom a person or o0Fect+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M1 2L0 -t 6e-ereeCs discretion

*his spell p&ts enemies into an enchanted sl&m0er+ 1t a--ects creat&res 0ased on their hit dice+ *a0le 2L/ )--ected 0y Sleep
5ictimCs ;. 4ess than 1 to 1Q 1Q to 2 JQ to LQ1 8&m0er )--ected 2dMQJ 2dM 1dM


Spea" with )nimals

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ C2 J0 -t M t&rns

*he caster can spea" with animals within ran!e+ *here is a chance that the animals will assist him( and they will not attac" him or his party D&nless heCs !ot somethin! partic&larly o--ensi e to sayE+

Spea" with %lants

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CL J0 -t M t&rns

*he caster can spea" to and &nderstand the replies o- plants+ %lants will o0ey his commands as -ar as they are a0le De+!+ twistin! or 0endin! aside to ease his passa!e( etc+E+

Stic"s to Sna"es
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ CL 120 -t 1 ho&r

*he caster may t&rn as many as 2d> normal stic"s into sna"es( each one ha in! a I0O chance o- 0ein! enomo&s+ *he sna"es -ollow his commands( 0&t t&rn 0ac" into stic"s at the end o- the spell Dor when "illedE+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI 120 -t M t&rns D1 ho&rE

*he caster can mo e o0Fects &sin! mental power alone+ *he amo&nt o- wei!ht he can li-t and mo e is 20 po&nds per le el

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI *o&ch 1nstantaneo&s

*his spell transports the caster or another person to a destination that the caster "nows Dat least "nowin! what it loo"s li"e -rom a paintin! or a mapE+ S&ccess depends on how well the caster "nows the tar!eted location/ 1- the caster has only seen the location in a pict&re or thro&!h a map Di+e+( his "nowled!e is not 0ased on direct experienceE( there is only a 2IO chance o- s&ccess( and -ail&re means death+ 1- the caster has seen 0&t not st&died the location( there is a 20O chance o- error+ 1- there is an error( there is a I0O chance that the tra eler arri es low( 1d10 x10 -t 0elow the intended location Dwith


death res&ltin! -rom arri al within a solid s&0stanceE+ 1- the error is hi!h Do er the I0O chance -or a $low' arri alE( the tra eler arri es 1d10 x10 -t o er the tar!eted location9pro0a0ly res&ltin! in a deadly -all+ 1- the caster is -amiliar with the location( or has st&died it care-&lly( there is only a IO chance oerror9a 1 in M chance o- teleportin! low9or else hi!h+ 1n either case( the arri al is 1dL x10 -t hi!h or low+

*rans-orm 1
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI 120 -t JdM days( or spell re ersal

*his spell trans-orms roc" Dand any other -orm o- earthE into m&d( or m&d to roc"+ )n area o- ro&!hly J00xJ00 -t 0ecomes a deep mire( red&cin! mo ement to 10O o- normal+

*rans-orm 11
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MM 120 -t %ermanent &ntil re ersed

*his spell trans-orms -lesh into stone or stone into -lesh( as desired 0y the caster+ ) sa in! throw is permitted to a oid 0ein! t&rned into stone( 0&t i- the spell s&cceeds the ictim is trans-ormed into a stat&e+

Wall o- .e-ense 1
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ ML M0 -t Concentration

*he caster m&st anno&nce which o- the two options are 0ein! cast/ 1+ *he caster conF&res a wall o- -ire that -lares into 0ein! and 0&rns -or as lon! as the caster concentrates &pon it+ Creat&res with J or -ewer hit dice cannot pass thro&!h it( and no creat&re can see thro&!h it to the other side+ %assin! thro&!h the -ire in-licts 1dM hit points o- dama!e Dno sa in! throwE and &ndead creat&res s&stain twice the normal dama!e+ *he caster may choose to create a strai!ht wall M0 -t lon! and 20 -t hi!h( or a circ&lar wall with a 1I -t radi&s( also 20 -t hi!h+ 2+ *he other option is that the caster conF&res &p a wall o- ice( six -eet thic"+ *he caster may choose to create a strai!ht wall M0 -t lon! and 20 -t hi!h( or a circ&lar wall with a 1I -t radi&s( also 20 -t hi!h+ Creat&res with J or -ewer hit dice cannot a--ect the wall( 0&t creat&res o- LQ hit dice are a0le to smash thro&!h it( ta"in! 1dM points o- dama!e in the process+ Creat&res with -ireA0ased meta0olisms ta"e 2dM instead o- the normal 1dM+ Fire spells and ma!ical e--ects are ne!ated in the icinity o- the wall+


Wall o- .e-ense 11
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ MI M0 -t 2 ho&rs DironE or %ermanent DstoneE

*he caster m&st anno&nce which o- the two options are 0ein! cast/ 1+ *he caster conF&res an iron wall -rom thin air+ *he wall is J inches thic"( with a s&r-ace area o- 1(000 sB -t+ 2+ *he other option is -or the caster to conF&re a wall o- stone 2 inches thic"( with a s&r-ace area o- 1(000 sB -t+ 1n 0oth options( the caster mi!ht choose to ma"e the wall I0 -t lon! Din which case it wo&ld 0e 20 -t tallE( or 100 -t lon! D10 -t tallE+

Water Breathin!
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 J0 -t 2 ho&rs

*his spell !rants the a0ility to 0reathe &nderwater &ntil the spellCs d&ration expires+

Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 J0 -t > ho&rs

Fi0ro&s( stic"y we0s -ill an area &p to 10x10x20 -t+ 1t is extremely di--ic&lt to !et thro&!h the mass ostrands9it ta"es one t&rn i- a torch and sword Dor a -lamin! swordE are &sed( and creat&res lar!er than a horse can 0rea" thro&!h in 2 t&rns+ ;&mans ta"e lon!er to 0rea" thro&!h9perhaps JPL t&rns or lon!er at the 6e-ereeCs discretion+

Wizard 2ye
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ ML 2L0 -t 1 ho&r

*he caster conF&res &p an in isi0le( ma!ical $eye(' that can mo e a maxim&m o- 2L0 -t -rom its creator+ 1t -loats alon! as directed 0y the caster( at a rate o- 120 -t per t&rn D12 -t per min&teE+


Wizard 4oc"
Spell 4e el/ 6an!e/ .&ration/ M2 Close %ermanent &ntil dispelled

)s with a hold portal spell( 0&t it is permanent &ntil dispelled+ Creat&res with ma!ic resistance can shatter the spell witho&t e--ort+ )ny Ma!icA&ser three le els or hi!her than the caster can open the portal( and a 3noc" spell will open it as well Daltho&!h the spell is not permanently destroyed in these casesE+

#nd of 1layers Section

*his concl&des the playerCs !&ide to SW76.S & W1?)6.6:+ %layers donCt need to read any -&rther to 0e a0le to play the !ame+


1n-ormation -or the 6e-eree

6&nnin! a !ame o- SW76.S & W1?)6.6: is a lot easier than r&nnin! most other 6%,s( simply 0eca&se there arenCt many r&les( and yo&r discretion o errides them anyway+

Most sit&ations are handled 0y ma"in! Xcommon senseX decisions a0o&t what wo&ld happen next+ 1- there are a 0&nch o- zom0ies aro&nd the next corner( and the players decide to not !o aro&nd that corner( itYs &p to the 6e-eree to determine whether or not it ma"es sense -or the zom0ies to come o&t and attac"9or whether their orders are simply to stay where they are+ 1- a player decides that his character is !oin! to F&mp thro&!h a wall o- -ire( with se eral 0ottles o- -lamma0le oil in his 0ac"pac"( itYs &p to the 6e-eree to determine whether or not they explode+ *his means Xma"in! &pX a lot o- st&-- on the spot+ 1- yo&Yre not a !ood storyteller or i- yo&Yre not &p to doin! a lot o- creati e thin"in! on the -ly( it mi!ht 0e 0etter that yo& try a di--erent !ame9one that pro ides more r&les and !&idance -or e ery little sit&ation that mi!ht arise+ B&t i- yo&Cre a !ood storyteller( creati e and -air( SW76.S & W1?)6.6:CS
small( spartan( r&leAset -rees &p yo&r creati ity to create a -antasy roleplayin! experience completely di--erent -rom the type o- !ame that depends on a m&ltit&de o- r&les+ SW76.S & W1?)6.6: also -rees &p yo&r creati ity in terms o- c&stomizin! the !ame+ :o& can add ho&se r&les where er yo& want to witho&t accidentally messin! &p somethin! else 0&ried in the r&les o- a more complex !ame+ 1- yo&r campai!n needs a special set o- r&les -or )sian spellcastin!( pl&! them in as a replacement -or the normal Ma!icA&ser character class+ 1- yo& want to &se critical hits and -&m0les in the !ame( add Zem in+ :o& wonCt 0rea" anythin! 0eca&se thereCs not m&ch to 0rea"+ *he rest o- the 0oo" contains in-ormation -or the -ollowin! aspects o- the SW76.S & W1?)6.6: !ame/ .esi!nin! an )d ent&re Creatin! a Campai!n 2xperience %oints Monsters *reas&re

.esi!nin! an )d ent&re
Basically( the $ad ent&re' is F&st the settin! -or the !ame( &s&ally a map and yo&r notes a0o&t certain locations on the map+ )s the players tell yo& where their characters !o and what they do( yo&Cre re-errin! to the map and yo&r notes to descri0e what happens as a res&lt+ .onCt try to plan -or all contin!encies9itCs !&aranteed that the players will do somethin! &nexpected d&rin! the ad ent&re( and yo&Cll F&st ha e to roll with it( thin"in! on yo&r -eet and ma"in! &p new thin!s as yo& !o+ #&st as yo& challen!e the players with the ad ent&re( theyCll challen!e yo& to "eep &p with their collecti e creati ity+

Creatin! a Campai!n
) campai!n is the world 0eyond the ad ent&re( the cities and -orests and coastlines and "in!doms othe -antasy world+ *he players will almost certainly want their characters to explore wildernesses( isit cities( and do all sorts o- thin!s in the -antasy world+ )t the 0e!innin! o- the !ame( yo& mi!ht want to s"etch o&t a map o- a sin!le illa!e Das a startin! pointE and some o- the s&rro&ndin! area+ D*he location o- the -irst ad ent&re9a dar" -orest9perhapsSE )s players mo e their characters aro&nd -rom ad ent&re to


ad ent&re( yo& can expand the little map into an entire -antasy world9with continents( "in!doms( and !reat empires at yo&r disposal+ 1- yo& want to ta"e a shortc&t( yo& can set yo&r entire campai!n in a -ictional world created 0y the a&thor o- one o- yo&r -a orite -antasy 0oo"s+ Most o- these ha e maps( and the a&thor has already created the details and the -eel o- the world -or yo&+ *he worlds o- ConanCs ;y0oria D6o0ert 2+ ;owardE( o- 2lric and the eternal champions DMichael Moorcoc"E( and o- the .yin! 2arth D#ac" 5anceE are pop&lar -ictional settin!s ready -or !amin!+ 1ndeed( p&0lishers ha e already created preA pac"a!ed campai!ns -or all three o- those examples+

2xperience %oints
*he playerCs section o- these r&les !i es some in-ormation a0o&t !ainin! @%+ Most @% are awarded -or *reas&re and Monster "ills( 0&t there are more options a 6e-eree can consider+ For example/ )cti e participation in the campai!n co&ld earn a player @% -or each ho&r o- realAtime play+ Castin! a spell( -indin! a hidden door( disarmin! a trap( -i!&rin! o&t a p&zzle( aidin! an ally( etc+ co&ld earn a player @%+ ) partic&larly cle er sol&tion or epic ictory co&ld earn do&0le the normal @% amo&nt( while an a0ysmal -ail&re co&ld merit hal-+

Some 6e-erees ma"e all earned @% a part o- a comm&nity total to 0e di ided e enly( since not all characters ha e the same opport&nities in a !i en ad ent&re+ 7thers pre-er a more competiti e !ame( where0y each player earns @% accordin! to indi id&al accomplishment+ *his is simply a decision each indi id&al 6e-eree will ha e to ma"e -or their own !ames+


Some creat&res may ha e $ma!ic resistance+' *he !i en percenta!e chance is the li"elihood that any ma!ic &sed a!ainst the creat&re Dother than weapon 0on&sesE will -ail to ta"e e--ect+ 6oll a d100( and the ma!ic will -ail i- the res&lt is less than the !i en percenta!e+ *hereCs not a lot o- detail !i en a0o&t the monsters( 0eca&se the more detail !i en( the more yo&r own mental ima!e o- the -antasy world is !oin! to 0e loc"ed into a sin!le trac"+ WeCre not !oin! to say that !iant ants are red( noct&rnal( three -eet lon!( and -ond o- eatin! 2l es+ Beca&se in yo&r mind( they mi!ht 0e 0l&e( di&rnal( -i e -eet lon!( and eat only plants &nless theyCre attac"ed+ .etails a0o&t monsters toss road0loc"s in -ront o- yo&r ima!ination+ :es( details can also inspire the ima!ination( 0&t weCre ma"in! the ass&mption that i- yo&Cre interested in -antasy !amin! in the -irst place( yo&C e !ot a !ood ima!ination that doesnCt need details a0o&t the size o- a !iant ant+

Monster $toAhit' 6olls

1- yo&Cre &sin! the )scendin! System )C( monsters roll a d20 to attac"( add their ;it .ice to the n&m0er Dmaxim&m 0on&s o- Q1IE( and i- the res&lt is eB&al to or hi!her than the de-enderCs )C( the attac" hits and does dama!e+ 1- yo&Cre &sin! the Standard )C System( monsters roll a d20 to attac"( add their hit dice to the n&m0er Dmaxim&m 0on&s o- Q1IE( and the die roll is compared to the ta0le 0elow+ 1- the attac" roll is eB&al to or hi!her than the n&m0er on the ta0le( the attac" hits and does dama!e+ See the )ttac" 6oll $toAhit' *a0le on %a!e @@+

Reading .onster #ntries

)rmor Class/ See %a!es @@ and @@+ ;it .ice/ *his is the n&m0er o- dice DdME rolled to determine an indi id&al creat&reCs hit points+ 1there is a pl&s or min&s next to the n&m0er( yo& add or s&0tract that n&m0er -rom the total( only once+ For a creat&re with LQ1 hit dice( yo&Cd roll LdM( and then add one more ;%+ *otal ;it Bon&s/ *his is the n&m0er the monster adds to its attac" roll to see i- it scores a hit+ It is e!actly the same as the creatures hit dice + )ttac"s/ *his entry shows yo& the n&m0er o- attac"s and the dama!e they in-lict+ Monsters ha e 1 attac" and in-lict 1dM dama!e90&t there are exceptions+ Sa in! *hrow/ *his shows the tar!et n&m0er( on a d20( the monster needs to exceed or 0eat in order to ma"e a s&ccess-&l sa in! throw+ *his n&m0er is -o&nd 0y ta"in! 19 min&s the hit dice o- the monster+ Special/ *his is F&st a $-la!' -or the 6e-eree to remind him that the monster has a special a0ility+ Mo e/ *his n&m0er is the monsterCs mo ement rate( and itCs handled F&st as mo ement rates are handled -or characters+ ;it .ice 2B&i alent D;.2E/ *his is &sed to separate the monsters into $di--ic&lty le els(' so that when yo&Cre creatin! an ad ent&re yo&C e !ot some !&idelines a0o&t what the characters can handle+ @% tells yo& how many experience points the ad ent&rin! party !ains as a res&lt o- "illin! the creat&re+


Some monsters ha e m&ltiple sa in! throws and ;.2Ys listed+ *his is 0eca&se certain monsters ha e a ran!e o- hit dice+ 7rder is always -rom lowest ;. to hi!hest ;.+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 0 T20U H claw D1dME See Below 12 11/1H00

Banshees are horrid -ey Dor &ndeadE creat&res that li e in swamps and other desolate places+ *hey can only 0e harmed 0y ma!ical or sil er weapons+ Banshees ha e a L9O resistance to ma!ic( and they are imm&ne to enchantments+ *heir shrie" Donce per dayE necessitates a sa in! throw ers&s death or the hearer will die in 2dM ro&nds+ *hey can tra el o er water and other terrain as i- it were land( 0&t crossin! r&nnin! water ca&ses it to lose its ma!ic resistance -or JdM ho&rs+ *hey loo" li"e !a&nt h&mans with lon!( strin!y hair and !lowin! yellow eyes+ *hey o-ten wear hooded cloa"s+ )t the 6e-ereeCs discretion( s&ch creat&res mi!ht 0e &ndead rather than -aerieA-ol"( and are considered *ype 9 &ndead -or t&rnin! p&rposes+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU M 0ite D1dME %etri-yin! !aze 12 >/>00

Basilis"s are !reat lizards whose !aze t&rns to stone anyone meetin! its eye Done way o- resol in! this/ -i!htin! witho&t loo"in! inc&rs a AL penalty toAhitE+ 1- the 0asilis"Cs own !aze is re-lected 0ac" at it( it has a 10O chance to -orce the 0asilis" into a sa in! throw a!ainst 0ein! t&rned to stone itsel-+

Beetles( ,iant Fire

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU 1QJ 0ite D2dME 8one 12 1/1I

) !iant -ire 0eetleCs oily li!htA!lands !low reddishly( and contin&e to !i e o-- li!ht -or 1dM days a-ter they are remo ed Dsheddin! li!ht in a 10 -t radi&sE+

Blac" %&ddin!s
)rmor Class/ M T1JU


;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/

10 stri"e D1dME )cidic M 11/1H00

Blac" p&ddin!s are amorpho&s !lo0s with an acidic s&r-ace+ *hey are s&0terranean predators and sca en!ers+ )ny weapon or armor contactin! a 0lac" p&ddin! will 0e eaten away 0y the acid as -ollows/ weapon D1 hit 0y weaponE( chainmail or lesser armor D1 hit 0y p&ddin!E( plate mail D2 hits 0y p&ddin!E+ 1- a weapon or armor is ma!ical( it can ta"e an additional hit per Q1 0e-ore 0ein! dissol ed+ *hey are imm&ne to cold( and di ide when attac"ed 0y li!htnin!+

Blin" .o!s
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU M 0ite D1dME *eleport 12 L/2L0

Blin" do!s are pac" h&nters( intelli!ent and &s&ally -riendly to those who are not o- e il intent+ *hey can teleport short distances Dwitho&t errorE and attac" in the same t&rn9in most cases DHIOE a 0lin" do! will 0e a0le to teleport 0ehind an opponent and attac" -rom the rear Dwith 0on&sesE+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU JQ1 weapon or 0ite D1dME S&rprise opponents Don 1PJE 9 J/120

*hese lar!e( hairy( !o0linAli"e h&manoids are stealthier than their size wo&ld s&!!est( almost always !ettin! the chance to s&rprise e en alert opponents with a roll o- 1PJ on a dM DI0OE+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU( L T1MU w/ shield L "ic" or weapon D1dME 8one 1> I/2L0


;al- man( hal- horse( centa&rs are -ierce warriors and wellA"nown creat&res o- mytholo!y+ *he 6e-eree may choose any $ ersion' o- the centa&r -rom myth or -ol"lore -or his campai!n/ some are e il( some aloo-( and some are soothsayers+

Centipedes( ,iant
4istin!s are -or/ small( medi&m( and lar!e )rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 9 T10U( I T1LU( 0 T20U D1d2 ;%E( 2( L 0ite/ 0( 1dMA1( 1dMQ1 %oison Dsa eE/ QL( QM( QL 1J( 1I( 1> 2/J0( L/2L0( M/L00

Small/ ,iant lethal centipedes o- the small size in-lict a lethal amo&nt o- poison with a QL modi-ier to opponentCs sa in! throw( 0&t in-lict no dama!e i- the sa in! throw is s&ccess-&l+ Medi&m/ *his manAsized !iant centipede is a deadly predator with armored se!ments( a deadly 0ite( and a lethal Dtho&!h relati ely wea"E poison+ 4ar!e/ ) twentyA-oot lon! horror o- chitin( m&ltiple le!s( and clashin! pincers drippin! with enom+

4istin!s are -or/ !oat( lion( dra!on )rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU( I T1LU( 2 T1HU 9 J attac"s/ 1dMA1( 1dM( 1dMQ1 Breathes -ire( -lies 9 D1> when -lyin!E 11/1H00

*he chimera has three headsK one is the head o- a !oat( one the head o- a lion( and one the head o- a dra!on+ ,reat win!s rise -rom its lionAli"e 0ody+ *he dra!on head can 0reathe -ire DJ times per dayE with a ran!e o- I0 -t( ca&sin! Jd> dama!e to anyone ca&!ht within the -iery 0last Dsa in! throw -or hal- dama!eE+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU I 0ite D1dMQspecialE Bite t&rns 0itten into stone M D1> when -lyin!E H/M00


6esem0les a 0atAwin!ed rooster with a lon!( serpentine tail+ 1ts 0ite t&rns enemies to stone &nless a s&ccess-&l sa in! throw is made+

.emons are creat&res o- the lower planes o- existence( 0&t they are occasionally enco&ntered in places where they ha e 0een ensla ed to ser e as !&ardians 0y power-&l Ma!icA&sers or e il priests+ *he more intelli!ent arieties mi!ht also 0e interr&pted while carryin! o&t plots o- their own+ *here is no meanin!-&l !ame distinction 0etween demons and de ilsK all are creat&res o- the lower planes+

.emon( Baalro!s
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU 9 sword D1dME or whip See Below M D1I when -lyin!E 10/1L00

*he Baalro!Cs name means( ro&!hly( the B&ll o- Baal/ the BaalAa&rochs Dthe a&rochs was a 0&ll that stood twel e -eet tall at the sho&lder( and Baal is an ancient and e il pa!an deityE+ *hese power-&l demons somewhat resem0le ast minota&rs with !reat( spreadin! 0atAwin!sK they 0&rn with the -ires ohell and are wreathed in -lame+ *he spells o- casters 0elow Mth le el do not a--ect them( and a!ainst hi!herAle el spell casters they are yet HIO imm&ne to all spells+ 1n com0at( a 0aalro! &ses whip and swordK the whip can 0e &sed to reach !reat distances9on a s&ccess-&l hit the ictim is p&lled close to the 0aalro! and 0&rned 0y the -ires o- the demonCs 0ody DJdM hit pointsE+ Baalro!s are sometimes re-erred to in ancient texts as Balor or Baalor( which may 0e the name o- a sin!le demon rather than a term -or all o- them+ ) 0aalro! co&ld 0e -orced or tric"ed into the ser ice o- a power-&l wizard( 0&t the ris" wo&ld 0e immense+

.emon( 4em&re
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU J claw D1dME 6e!enerate D1 ;%/ro&ndE J L/120

4em&res are a!&ely h&manoid( 0&t their -lesh is m&dAli"e( shi-tin! and so-t &pon their horri0le 0odies+ 4i"e manes and wretches( lem&res are lower -orms o- demons( the -leshly mani-estations odamned so&ls+ *hese demons can only 0e permanently destroyed 0y sprin"lin! their dis!&stin! 0odies with holy water+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ L T1IU HQJ -ist or weapon D2dMA1E


Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/

Fli!ht( ma!ic( whirlwind 9 D2L when -lyin!E 9/1100

.Finn are one o- the !enies o- -ol"lore( creat&res o- the air Dand possi0ly o- the elemental planesE+ *hey can carry H00 po&nds o- wei!ht( and ha e a n&m0er o- ma!ical powers+ ) dFinni can create -ood and water o- hi!h B&ality( as well as wooden and cloth o0Fects+ *hey can also create o0Fects o- metal Dincl&din! coinsE( 0&t all s&ch ma!ically created metals disappear in time+ .Finn can call &p ill&sions( and altho&!h these are B&ite excellent they disappear when to&ched+ .Finni can t&rn themsel es into !aseo&s -orm Dcannot attac" or 0e attac"ed( can enter any area that is not airti!htE( and can 0ecome in isi0le at will+ Finally( a dFinni can t&rn itsel- into a whirlwind m&ch li"e an air elemental( sweepin! away any creat&re with one or -ewer hit dice Dthe diameter o- the whirlwind is 10 -t+ More power-&l types o- dFinn mi!ht 0e capa0le o- !rantin! limited wishes or e en tr&e wishes+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU L claw D1dME See Below 9 I/2L0

) doppel!an!er can chan!e its -orm to resem0le the physical appearance Dincl&din! clothin! and !earE o- any person+ *hese creat&res are imm&ne to sleep and charm( and are considered ma!ic resistant -or p&rposes s&ch as 0rea"in! thro&!h wizard loc"s and similar spells+ *hey ha e a ery !ood sa in! throw DQIE a!ainst ma!ic o- all "inds+

)ll dra!ons ha e a 0reath weapon o- some "ind( which can 0e &sed three times in a day+ *he 6e-eree chooses when a dra!on will &se the 0reath weapon( or may roll a I0O chance in any !i en ro&nd+ .o not roll hit points -or dra!ons as normal+ 1nstead( determine the a!e cate!ory o- the dra!on( and that will tell yo& 0oth the dra!onCs hit points per die and how many points o- dama!e per hit die the dra!onCs 0reath in-licts/ 5ery yo&n! dra!on/ 1 hit point per hit die( 1 hit point per die in-licted 0y 0reath weapon+ :o&n!/ 2 hit points per hit die( 2 hit points per die in-licted 0y 0reath weapon+ 1mmat&re/ J hit points per hit die( J hit points per die in-licted 0y 0reath weapon+ )d&lt/ L hit points per hit die( L hit points per die in-licted 0y 0reath weapon+ 7ld/ I hit points per hit die( I hit points per die in-licted 0y 0reath weapon+


5ery 7ld D100 years oldE/ M hit points per hit die( M hit points per die in-licted 0y 0reath weapon+ )!ed D100AL00 years oldE/ H hit points per die( H hit points per die in-licted 0y 0reath weapon+ )ncient DL00Q years oldE/ > hit points per die( > hit points per die in-licted 0y 0reath weapon+

8ote that dra!ons( while they are dan!ero&s opponents( are not 0y any means in inci0le+ 1n a medie alAtype -antasy world( dra!ons are a common pro0lem rather than a !odli"e creat&re o- le!end 9so the statistics -or dra!ons re-lect a deadly 0&t not mythical -oe+ *he 6e-eree is( o- co&rse( -ree to create stats -or a more $mythical' conception o- dra!ons+ Since dice arenCt rolled -or dra!on hit points( it is possi0le -or a tr&ly mythical dra!on to ha e more $n&m0ers' per die than itCs act&ally possi0le to roll on a hit die+ Breath weapons come in three di--erent types/ 1+ ) clo&dAshape -or !aseo&s exhalations+ 2+ ) cone shape -or -ieryAtype 0reath+ J+ ) line -or spittin! dra!ons+ *he dimensions o- a dra!onCs 0reath di--er accordin! to the dra!onCs type+

.ra!on( Blac"
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU MP> 0ite D1dME Spits acid 12 D2L when -lyin!E >/>00( 9/1100( 10/1L00

Blac" dra!ons spit a deadly( corrosi e acid rather than 0reathin! -ire+ *he acid co ers e erythin! in a line I -t wide and M0 -t lon!+

.ra!on( Bl&e
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU >P10 0ite D1dME Spits li!htnin! 12 D2L when -lyin!E 10/1L00( 11/1H00( 12/2000

Bl&e dra!ons spit a 0last o- electric li!htnin! in a line I -t wide and 100 -t lon!( a--ectin! e erythin! in its path+ ) sa in! throw indicates hal- dama!e+

.ra!on( ,old )rmor Class/ 2 T1HU ;it .ice/ 10P12 M0

)ttac"s/ 0ite D1dME Special/ Breathes poisono&s !as or -ire Mo e/ 12/2L ;.2/@%/ 12/2000( 1J/2J00( 1L/2M00 ,old dra!ons are o- law-&l ali!nment( can always spea"( and cast spells as i- they were a Ma!icA&ser o- eB&al le el to their a!e cate!ory Dso that ery old ,old .ra!ons are Mth le el Ma!icA&sersE+ *hey can choose to either 0reathe -ire in a cone 90 -t lon! and ro&!hly J0 -t wide at the 0ase( or 0reathe chlorine !as in a clo&d I0 -t lon!( L0 -t wide( and J0 -t hi!h+ .ra!on( ,reen
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU HP9 0ite D1dME Breathes poisono&s !as 12 D2L when -lyin!E 9/1100( 10/1L00( 11/1H00

,reen dra!ons 0reathe a clo&d o- poisono&s !as( I0 -t in diameter+ ) s&ccess-&l sa in! throw indicates hal- dama!e+

.ra!on( 6ed
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU 9P11 0ite D1dME Breathes -ire 12 D2L when -lyin!E 11/1H00( 12/2000( 1J/2J00

6ed dra!ons are the -ireA0reathin! wyrms o- le!end+ *hey 0reathe -ire in a coneAshape 90 -t lon! and ro&!hly J0 -t wide at the 0ase+

.ra!on( White
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU IPH 0ite D1dME Breathes cold 12 D2L when -lyin!E H/M00( >/>00( 9/1100

White dra!ons are &s&ally -o&nd in cold re!ions( where they can camo&-la!e themsel es in ice and snow( lyin! in wait -or prey+ *hey 0reathe a cone o- intensely cold air and -rost( with a len!th o- H0 -t and a 0ase o- J0 -t+

)rmor Class/ 9 T10U


;it .ice/ Sa in! *hrow/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/

2 1L wooden da!!er D1dME Charm %erson 12 J/M0

.ryads are 0ea&ti-&l -emale tree spirits( and do not ent&re -ar -rom their home trees+ *hey can cast Das a nati e ma!ical powerE a stron! charm that operates as a charm person spell with a A2 sa in! throw+ *hose who are charmed seldom ret&rn( or mi!ht 0e "ept -or a h&ndred years and a day within the dryadCs tree+

.war es
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU 1Q1 warhammer D1dME Stonewor" insi!ht M 1/1I

Statistics a0o e are -or the common .war- with no partic&lar &n&s&al characteristics+ ) .war-AatAarms wo&ld &s&ally ha e a -&ll > hit points( re-lectin! s"ill and !eneral to&!hness+ Stron!er .war es Dser!eantsAatAarms( -or exampleE mi!ht ha e more hit dice or &n&s&al 0on&ses toAhit( e en ma!ical a0ilities i- .war es are ma!ical in yo&r -antasy &ni erse+ D8orse myths are a !ood example o- this+E .o not 0other to treat more power-&l 8%C .war es as Fi!hters or character typesK F&st assi!n the ri!ht n&m0er o- hit dice and a0ilities Di- anyE and "eep mo in! alon! with the -antasy+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU 10 -ist or sword D2dME Wall o- Fire 9 D2L when -lyin!E 12/2000

2-reet are a type o- !enie( associated with -ire D&nli"e the dFinn( who ha e powers o er the airE+ 2-reet can carry &p to a tho&sand po&nds o- wei!ht( and &nder the ri!ht circ&mstances they can 0e -orced to ser e as a sla e D&ntil they -i!&re o&t how to -ree themsel esE+ )n e-reeti can cast Wall o- Fire Dper the spell Wall o- .e-ense 1E+ *hey appear as !iant h&mans with cr&el -eat&res( their s"in -lic"erin! with -lames+

2lementals are li in! mani-estations o- the 0asic -orms o- matterK earth( air( -ire( and water+ *hey are &s&ally s&mmoned -rom their nati e planes o- existence to do the 0iddin! o- a power-&l wizard+ *hese 0ein!s can also 0e $chained' within o0Fects or str&ct&res to !i e the o0Fects ma!ical properties+


2lementals are 0arely intelli!ent at all( 0&t they are as power-&l as the -orces o- nat&re that they act&ally are+

2lemental( )ir
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU >( 12( 1M stri"e D2dME Whirlwind JM DFli!htE 9/1100( 1J/2J00( 1H/JL00

)ir elementals can t&rn into a whirlwind o- air with a diameter o- J0 -t( h&rlin! any creat&re o- 1 ;. or less -or !reat distances Dalmost certainly "illin! themE+ 2lemental whirlwinds are approximately 100 -t hi!h+

2lemental( 2arth
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU >( 12( 1M -ist DJdME *ear down stone M 9/1100( 1J/2J00( 1H/JL00

2arth elementals are h&l"in! manAshapes o- roc" and earth+ *hey 0atter opponents with their !reat -ists( altho&!h dama!e is red&ced 0y 1dM i- the opponent is not standin! &pon earth or roc"+ 2arth elementals can tear apart stone str&ct&res( a0le to rip down e en a castle wall in a matter o- 1dLQL ro&nds Dmin&tesE+

2lemental( Fire
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU >( 12( 1M stri"e D2dME 1!nite materials 12 9/1100( 1J/2J00( 1H/JL00

Fire elementals are -ormless masses o- -lame( perhaps with a a!&ely h&man shape+ *heir attac"s ca&se -lamma0le materials to i!nite i- the material -ails a sa in! throw Das determined 0y the 6e-ereeE+

2lemental( Water
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU >( 12( 1M stri"e DJdME Can o ert&rn ships M D1> when swimmin!E 9/1100( 1J/2J00( 1H/JL00


Water elementals cannot mo e more than M0 -t -rom a lar!e 0ody o- water( and their dama!e is red&ced 0y 1dM i- the opponent is not standin! in water Dor swimmin!( etcE+ *hese power-&l 0ein!s can o ert&rn small 0oats( and can o ert&rn a ship i- !i en 1dLQL ro&nds to wor" at it+ 7n water( they can attac" ships( 0atterin! them to pieces within one ho&r i- not pre ented or distracted+


2l es
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU 1Q1 sword or lon!0ow D1dME 8one 12 1/1I

*he example a0o e is -or a typical 2l-K trained warriors wo&ld li"ely ha e the maxim&m 9 hit points+ 70 io&sly( 2l es enco&ntered in the co&rse o- a partyCs ad ent&rin! will ha e a ariety o- powers and di--erent attri0&tes+ *he 6e-eree will assi!n s&ch powers as he sees -it( in accordance with the way he en isions el es+ *hey mi!ht 0e the woodland dwellers o- *ol"ienCs "he Hobbit( or the hi!h el es othe 0ord of the Rings( or mi!ht 0e the -aerie -ol" o- 1rish le!end+ 1n any case( as with .war es( donCt 0other tryin! to -it yo&r $ad anced' el es into the constraints o- character classes9F&st ma"e &p their attri0&tes to -it what yo& need+ 8onAplayer characters arenCt s&0Fect to the r&les that !o ern 0&ildin! a player characterK the 8%Cs are yo&r tools -or !ood -antasy( not an exercise in applyin! -orm&las+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU LQL claw D1dME Fli!ht 9 D1I when -lyin!E M/L00

,ar!oyles are win!ed creat&res resem0lin! the car en monstrosities that 0edec" the walls ocathedrals and many s&0terranean d&n!eons+ *hey can 0e icio&s predators+

,elatino&s C&0es
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ > T11U L attac" D1dME %aralysis( li!htin! and cold M I/2L0


,elatino&s c&0es are semiAtransparent c&0es that slosh thro&!h s&0terranean passa!es( en!&l-in! de0ris and carrion to di!est+ *heir entire s&0stance is acidic/ i- the c&0e hits s&ccess-&lly( the ictim m&st ma"e a sa in! throw or 0ecome paralyzed DM t&rnsE -or the c&0e to de o&r+ Most !elatino&s c&0es contain ario&s metallic treas&res or !ems that they ha e en!&l-ed 0&t not yet di!ested+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ M T1JU 2 claw D1dMQparalysisE


Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/

1mm&nities( paralysis 9 J/M0

,ho&ls are pac"Ah&ntin! &ndead( corpse eaters+ *hey are imm&ne( li"e most &ndead( to charms and sleep spells+ *he most dan!ero&s -eat&re o- these horrid( c&nnin! creat&res is their paralyzin! to&ch/ any hit -rom a !ho&l reB&ires a sa in! throw or the ictim 0ecomes paralyzed -or JdM t&rns+

,iants are a staple o- -antasy !amin!( h&!e and dan!ero&s creat&res that o-ten ha e a taste -or h&man -lesh+ Most are not partic&larly intelli!ent+

,iant( Clo&d
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU 1J weapon DJdME ;&rl 0o&lders 1I 1J/2J00

Clo&d !iants are c&nnin! 0easts( o-ten li in! in clo&dAcastles in the s"y Dhence their nameE+ *hey throw roc"s -or MdM hit points o- dama!e+ Clo&d !iants are -amo&s -or their a0ility to smell o&t -ood( enemies( and #nglishmen+

,iant( Fire
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ J T1MU 12 weapon D2dME ;&rl 0o&lders( imm&ne to -ire 12 12/2000

Fire !iants are &s&ally -o&nd near olcanic mo&ntains( in !reat castles o- 0asalt or e en iron+ *hey throw 0o&lders -or IdM hit points+

,iant( Frost
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU 11 weapon D2dME ;&rl 0o&lders( imm&ne to cold 12 12/2000

Frost !iants dwell in cold re!ions( where they 0&ild Dor conB&erE castles in remote places o- ice and snow+ *hey throw 0o&lders or !reat ch&n"s o- ice -or LdM points o- dama!e+


,iant( ;ill
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU >Q2 weapon D2dMQ2E ;&rl 0o&lders 12 9/1100

;ill !iants are the least o- the !iant racesK most are 0r&tish ca eAdwellers who dress in pelts and &nc&red hides+ *hey throw roc"s -or 2d> points o- dama!e+

,iant( Stone
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 0 T20U 9QJ cl&0 D2dME ;&rl 0o&lders 12 10/1L00

Stone !iants dwell in ca es( isolated in the mo&ntain -astnesses+ *hey throw roc"s -or JdM points odama!e( and can 0e B&ite cra-ty in settin! &p am0&shes in their nati e mo&ntains9tra elers who wander into the territory o- stone !iants seldom ret&rn+

,iant( Storm
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 1 T1>U 1M weapon DJdME ;&rl 0o&lders( control weather 1I 1M/J200

Storm !iants are the lar!est o- !iants( the most intelli!ent( the most ma!ical( and the most li"ely to tal" with h&mans rather than simply de o&r them+ Storm !iants can li e in &nderwater seaAcastles as well as on the hei!hts o- mo&ntains+ *hey throw 0o&lders -or HdM points o- dama!e( and ha e the power to control weather Das per the spellE+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU 2 0ite D1dME 8one 9 2/J0


,nolls are tall h&manoids with hyenaAli"e heads+ *hey may 0e -o&nd 0oth a0o e!ro&nd and in s&0terranean ca erns+ *hey -orm into loosely or!anized clans( o-ten ran!in! -ar -rom home to steal and "ill with rapacio&s -erocity+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ H T12U 1A1 weapon D1dME A1 $toAhit' in s&nli!ht 9 [ 1/10

,o0lins are small creat&res DL -t tall or soE that inha0it dar" woods( &nder!ro&nd ca erns( and Dpossi0lyE the otherworldly realms o- the -ey+ *hey attac" at A1 in the -&ll s&nli!ht+

,olems are manAshaped creat&res 0&ilt to ser e their masters( &s&ally power-&l wizards or hi!h priests+ *hey are o-ten &sed as !&ardians+ ,olems cannot 0e hit with nonAma!ical weapons( and are imm&ne to the sorts o- spells &sed to create them Diron !olems 0ein! imm&ne to -ire( -or instanceE+ :o& can -ind the details in the speci-ic monster descriptions+

,olem( Flesh
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 9 T10U 12 -ist D1dME See Below > 12/2000

) creation stitched to!ether -rom h&man lim0s and other parts( li"e a Fran"enstein monster+ .ama!e in-licted 0y li!htnin! heals the !olem( and it is slowed 0y -ire and cold spells+ 8o other type o- spell than li!htnin!( -ire( or cold a--ects a -lesh !olem+ 7nly Q1 or 0etter ma!ic weapons can harm a -lesh !olem+

,olem( 1ron
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ J T1MU 1J weapon or -ist D1dME See Below M 1H/JI00

1ron !olems are h&!e mo in! stat&es o- iron+ *hey can 0reathe a 10 -t radi&s clo&d o- poison !as as well as attac"in! with !reat power+ Weapons o- Q2 or less do not a--ect them+ *hese h&l"in! stat&es


are slowed 0y li!htnin! spells( 0&t -ireA0ased spells act&ally restore hit points to them+ 8o other type o- spell a--ects them+

,olem( Stone
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU 1M -ist D1dME See Below M 1M/J200

Stone !olems are massi e stone stat&es animated 0y ery power-&l ma!ics Dm&ch more than F&st animate o0Fect( in other wordsE+ *hey are slowed 0y -ire spells( and dama!ed/healed 0y roc" to m&d spells and the re erse+ Spells that a--ect roc" Dand -ire spellsE are the only ma!ic that a--ects them+ *hey can only 0e hit 0y Q2 or 0etter weapons+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU > !ore D1dME Breath t&rns to stone 12 10/1L00

,or!ons are 0&llAli"e creat&res with dra!onAli"e scales+ *heir 0reath t&rns people to stone DM0 -t ran!e( sa in! throw appliesE+

,rey 7ozes
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 12 TMU JQJ stri"e D1dME )cid( imm&nities 1 I/2L0

,rey ooze is almost identical to wet roc"( 0&t is a slimy( -ormless s&0stance that de o&rs prey and carrion with its acidic secretions( lashin! -orward to stri"e enemies+ ,rey ooze is imm&ne to spells( heat( and cold dama!e+ Metal D0&t not stone or woodE m&st ma"e a sa in! throw s+ acid when exposed to !rey ooze De en i- the contact is as 0rie- as the stri"e o- a swordE or 0e rotted thro&!h+ When the !rey ooze hits a character in metal armor( the armor m&st ma"e an item sa in! throw+ 7nly c&ttin! and piercin! dama!es a !rey ooze9it is imper io&s to 0l&nt or cr&shin! attac"s+

,reen Slime
,reen slime isnCt technically a monster( F&st an extremely dan!ero&s hazard in &nder!ro&nd tom0s and other s&ch places+ )ny metal or or!anic s&0stance it to&ches 0e!ins to t&rn to !reen slime Dsa in!


throwE+ 1t can 0e "illed with -ire or extreme cold( and the trans-ormation process can 0e arrested 0y the &se o- a C&re .isease spell+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ J T1MU H 0ite D1dME Fli!ht 12 D2H when -lyin!E >/>00

,ri--ons ha e the 0ody o- a lion( with the win!s( head( and -oreAtalons o- an ea!le+ *hese creat&res can 0e tamed and ridden as mo&nts+ *hey &s&ally nest in hi!h mo&ntain aeries( where they lay their e!!s and h&nt their prey+ Beca&se the -led!lin!s can 0e tamed( yo&n! !ri--ons and !ri--on e!!s command a ery hi!h price in the mar"etplaces o- the !reat cities( or to 0arons and wizards+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ H T12U J talons D1dME Fli!ht( siren son! M D1> when -lyin!E L/120

;arpies ha e the &pper 0ody o- a h&man -emale and the lower 0ody and win!s o- a &lt&re+ *heir son! is a charm that draws its ictims to the harpy Dsa in! throw appliesE( and the harpyCs to&ch casts the eB&i alent o- a charm person spell Da!ain( sa in! throw appliesE+

;ell ;o&nds
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU LPH 0ite D1dME Breathes -ire 12 I/2L0( M/L00( H/M00( >/>00

;ell ho&nds are -ireA0reathin! do!s o- the &nderworlds or lower planes+ 1n addition to 0itin!( they can 0reathe -ire each ro&nd( in-lictin! 2 ;% dama!e per hit die D10 -t ran!e( sa in! throw -or hal- dama!eE+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ I T1LU JQJ claws D1dME Fli!ht 12 D2H when -lyin!E




*he hippo!ri-- is similar to a !ri--on( ha in! the head( -oreclaws( and win!s o- an ea!le( 0&t instead othe 0ody o- a lion( it has the 0ody o- a horse+ *he poem 7rlando F&rioso Dwritten in 1I1ME s&!!ests that the hippo!ri-- is the o--sprin! o- a !ri--on and a horse90&t they are apparently an independent 0reed( -or -ol"loric tradition holds that !ri--ons -reB&ently attac" hippo!ri--s+ ;ippo!ri--s are not as hard to train as !ri--ons9a!ain( -rom 7rlando F&rioso/ $ ra%n by enchantment from his distant lair2 "he %i7ard thought but ho% to tame the foal8 And2 in a month2 instructed him to bear Saddle and bit2 and gallop to the goal8 And e!ecute on earth or in mid air2 All shifts of manege2 course and caracole . . .'

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU 1Q1 weapon D1dME 8one 9 1/1I

;o0!o0lins are simply lar!e !o0lins( possi0ly a separate 0reed li in! apart -rom their smaller co&sins+ )s a matter o- the campai!nCs -la orin!( the 6e-eree mi!ht choose to ma"e ho0!o0lins the $-ey' !o0lins o- 1rish le!end( while re!&lar !o0lins are the more *ol"ienAstyle &nder!ro&ndAdwellers+

;orses are )C H T12U( with ridin! horses ha in! 2 ;. and warhorses ha in! J ;.+ ;orses mo e at a speed o- 1>+

;&mans are s&ch a ersatile race that any n&m0er o- $monsters' and 8%Cs can 0e made -rom them+ Berser"er warriors( tri0esmen( ca emen( princesses( e il hi!h priests( captains o- the !&ard( -ootA soldiers( and ta ernA"eepers are all di--erent h&man $monsters+' .onCt try to 0&ild yo&r nonAplayer characters accordin! to the r&les -or player characters+ ;ere are some samples( otherwise F&st ma"e &p their stats and a0ilities as yo& see -it+

;&man( Bandit
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ H T12U 1 weapon D1dME 8one 12 1/1I

Bandits are ro in! !ro&ps o- thie es( sometimes or!anized into small armies led 0y more power-&l 0andit chie-s and captains with hi!her hit dice+


;&man( Berser"er
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ H T12U 1Q2 weapon D1dME Berser"in! 12 2/J0

Berser"ers are normal h&mans( 0&t they -i!ht with asto&ndin! -erocity+ ) 0on&s o- Q2 is added to their attac" rolls+ *hey do not wear armor hea ier than leather armor+

;&man( Ser!eantAatA)rms
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU J weapon D1dME 8one 12 J/M0

;&man ser!eants are normally -o&nd in command o- 1dMQI h&man soldiers+ *hese are the leaders ocity !&ard &nits and other small military !ro&ps in castles and armies+

;&man( Soldier
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ H T12U 1 weapon D1dME 8one 12 1/1I

;&man soldiers ser e as city !&ardsmen( mercenaries( and menAatAarms+ *hey are !enerally armed with leather armor and a mace( sword( or spear+ For e ery -i e !&ardsmen there is &s&ally a ser!eant+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Sa in! *hrow/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU IP12 DeB&als \ o- headsE IP12 0ites D1dM eachE 12( 11( 10( 9( >( H( M( I 8one 9 H/M00( >/>00( 9/1100( 10/1L00 11/1H00( 12/2000

;ydrae are !reat lizardAli"e or sna"eAli"e creat&res with IP12 heads+ 2ach head has one hit die o- its own( and when the head is "illed( that head dies+ *he 0ody has as many hit dice as the total o- the heads( so it is a matter o- !ood strate!y -or ad ent&rers to -oc&s either on "illin! heads Dwhen all the


heads are dead the 0ody diesE or "illin! the creat&re 0y attac"in! the 0ody Din which case the heads die( tooE+ ;ydrae that 0reathe -ire or re!enerate their heads are also "nown to exist+

1n isi0le Stal"ers
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ J T1MU > 0ite D1dME 1n isi0le( -li!ht 12 9/1100

1n isi0le stal"ers are !enerally only -o&nd as a res&lt o- the spell 1n isi0le Stal"er+ *hey are in isi0le -lyin! 0ein!s created to -ollow a sin!le command made 0y the caster+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU 1/2 weapon D1dME 8one M [ 1/10

3o0olds are s&0terranean( a!&ely !o0linAli"e h&manoids+ *hey ha e a A1 penalty when -i!htin! a0o e !ro&nd+ Many &se slin!s or short 0ows( and they -i!ht with short swords or spi"ed cl&0s in melee com0at+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Sa in! *hrow/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 0 T20U 12P1> to&ch D1dMQparalysisE L( J( 2( 2( 2( 2( 2 See Below M 1I/2900+ 1M/J200( 1H/JI00( 1>/J>00( 19/L100( 20/LL00( 21/LH00

4iches are the &ndead remnants o- wizards( either made &ndead 0y their own deli0erate acts d&rin! li-e( or as the res&lt o- other ma!ical -orces Dpossi0ly incl&din! their own ma!ics !one awryE+ ) liche has the same spellAcastin! powers as the ori!inal Ma!icA&ser Dthe same le el as the licheCs hit diceE+ ) licheCs to&ch ca&ses paralysis with no sa in! throw( and the ery si!ht o- one o- these dread creat&res ca&ses paralysis in any 0ein! o- L ;. or 0elow+ 4iches are hi!hly mali!n and intelli!ent+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ I T1LU 2Q1 claws or sword D1dME


Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/

Rnderwater M D12 when swimmin!E 2/J0

4izardmen are reptilian h&manoids( &s&ally li in! in tri0al illa!es in the depths o- -etid swamps+ Some can hold their 0reath -or lon! d&rations Dan ho&r or moreE( while other can act&ally 0reathe &nderwater+ Some lizardmen wield a wic"ed sword made o- sharp 0one+

4ycanthropes are wereAcreat&res( partic&larly those in whom the disease permits ass&mption o- a hy0rid -orm o- the h&man and animal+ *hey can 0e hit 0y normal weapons( 0&t sil er weapons mi!ht in-lict additional dama!e+ 1- any character is 0ro&!ht low I0O hit points 0y a lycanthrope( the character will 0ecome a lycanthrope himsel-+

4ycanthrope( Were0ear
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU HQJ 0ite D1dME 4ycanthropy 9 >/>00

Were0ears are mostly -o&nd in wilderness areas+

4ycanthrope( Wererat
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU J weapon D1dME 4ycanthropy( control rats 12 L/120

Wererats are mostly -o&nd in cities( l&r"in! in shadowy alleyways+ Wererats can control rats( and are extremely stealthy Ds&rprisin! opponents on 1PL on a dME+

4ycanthrope( Werewol)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU J weapon D1dME 4ycanthropy( control rats 12 L/120

Werewol es are the traditional 4ycanthropes seen in horror mo ies+ *hey are o-ten only a--ected 0y sil er or ma!ical weapons( o-ten are h&manoid except -or d&rin! a -&ll moon( and so on+


)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU MQL 1dM tailspi"es D1dM dm! perE Fli!ht 12 D> when swimmin!E >/>00

) horrid monster with 0at win!s( the -ace o- a -eral h&man( the 0ody o- a lion( and a tail tipped with 2L iron spi"es+ *he manticore can h&rl &p to M o- the iron spi"es -rom its tail per ro&nd( at a maxim&m ran!e o- 1>0 -t+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU M weapon D1dME %etri-yin! !aze 9 >/>00

Med&sae are horrid creat&res -rom ,ree" mytholo!y with a -emale -ace 0&t hair o- writhin! sna"esK they ha e no le!s( 0&t the 0ody o- a serpent+ *he !aze o- a med&sa t&rns anyone loo"in! &pon it into stone+ 1n addition to the med&saCs relati ely wea" meleeAweapon attac"( the sna"eAhair ma"es one attac" per ro&nd( ca&sin! no dama!e 0&t lethally poisono&s with a s&ccess-&l hit Dsa in! throw appliesE+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU MQL weapon D1dME 8e er lost in la0yrinths 12 M/L00

*he minota&r is a manAeatin! predator -rom ,ree" mytholo!y( with the head o- a 0&ll and the 0ody oa massi e h&man( co ered in sha!!y hair+ Sometimes they wield lar!e axes+ Most are not partic&larly intelli!ent+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ J T1MU MQL to&ch D1dMQspecialE 6ot( hit only 0y ma!ic weapons M




M&mmies cannot 0e hit 0y normal weapons( and e en ma!ical weapons in-lict only hal- dama!e a!ainst them+ *heir to&ch also in-licts a rottin! disease which pre ents ma!ical healin! and ca&ses wo&nds to heal at oneAtenth o- the normal rate+ ) C&re .isease spell can increase healin! rate to halnormal( 0&t a 6emo e C&rse spell is reB&ired to completely li-t the m&mmyCs c&rse+

7chre #elly
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ > T11U M acid stri"e D1dME 4i!htnin! di des creat&re J M/L00

7chre Fellies are amorpho&s oozes that dama!e opponents with their acidic s&r-ace+ *hey dissol e any ad ent&rers they "ill( ma"in! a raise dead spell impossi0le+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU LQ1 weapon D1dMQ2E 8one 9 L/120

7!res are normally B&ite st&pid( 0&t more intelli!ent ersions mi!ht 0e enco&ntered here and there+ Sometimes 7!res are mista"en -or trolls+

7!re Ma!es
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU IQL weapon D1dME Ma!ic &se 12 D1> when -lyin!E H/M00

*he o!re ma!e is an o!re with ma!ic powers( 0ased on #apanese le!end+ )n o!re ma!e can -ly( t&rn in isi0le Dper the spellE( create a 10 -t radi&s circle o- ma!ical dar"ness( chan!e into h&man -orm( cast sleep and charm person once per day( and cast a cone o- -rost with a ran!e o- M0 -t to a 0ase o- J0 -t( ca&sin! >dM dama!e to any ca&!ht within Dsa in! throw appliesE+ Western -ol"lore also contains many examples o- shapeAshi-tin!( ma!ical o!res Dthe most -amo&s example 0ein! the one in %&ssAinABootsE( so there mi!ht 0e many di--erent interpretations o- ma!ical o!res whether or not they are called $o!re ma!e+'


)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU 1 weapon D1dME 8one 12 1/1I

7rcs are st&pid( 0r&tish h&manoids that !ather in tri0es o- h&ndreds+ Most are s&0terranean dwellers( and -i!ht with a penalty o- A1 in s&nli!ht+ 7ccasionally( warA0ands or e en entire tri0es o- orcs iss&e -orth -rom their ca erns to raid and pilla!e 0y ni!ht+ 7rcish leaders are !reat 0r&tes with additional hit dice( and ma!icA&sin! shamans may also 0e -o&nd in the lar!er tri0es+ 7rcish tri0es hate each other( and will -i!ht sa a!ely &nless restrained 0y a power-&l and -eared commander( s&ch as an e il hi!h priest or a mystic sorcerer+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU L hoo es D1dME Fli!ht 2L DL> when -lyin!E L/120

%e!as&s was the win!ed horse -rom ,ree" mytholo!y+ 7ther %e!as&s creat&res mi!ht ha e 0at win!s( some mi!ht 0e e ilK s&ch choices are le-t to the 6e-eree+

%&rple Worms
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU 1I 0ite or stin! D1dME %oison stin!( swallow 9 1H/JI00

%&rple worms are massi e annelids that !row L0 -t and more in len!th( and sometimes exceed ten -eet in width+ *hey are s&0terranean( chewin! t&nnels in roc" Dor thro&!h sand( in deserts( where they are a tan colorE+ *hese 0easts swallow their prey whole on a roll L hi!her than the needed n&m0er( or i- the worm rolls do&0le the n&m0er reB&ired toAhit+ *hey can swallow anythin! the size o- a horse or smaller+ 1n addition to the wormCs dreaded 0ite( it has a poison stin!er on its tail( the len!th o- a sword and F&st as deadly e en -rom the piercin! wo&nd it in-licts+ *he poison inFected 0y the stin!er is lethal i- the ictim -ails a sa in! throw+ What prey the p&rple worms once h&nted Dor perhaps still do( in deep placesE with s&ch nat&ral weapons m&st ha e 0een terri-yin! indeed+ )B&atic ersions o- the p&rple worm mi!ht also exist+


6ats( ,iant
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ H T12U 1A1 0ite D1dME IO are diseased 12 [ 1/10

,iant rats are o-ten -o&nd in d&n!eons( and are a0o&t the size o- a cat or a lynx+ *he 0ite o- some D1 in 20E !iant rats ca&ses disease+ ) sa in! throw s+ poison is allowed+ *he e--ects o- the disease are decided 0y the 6e-eree+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU 12 claw DJdME 8one J DJ0 when -lyin!E 12/2000

6ocs are the mytholo!ical !reat 0irds o- le!end( lar!e eno&!h to prey &pon elephants+ *hey can 0e trained as -led!lin!s to ser e as steeds( so roc e!!s or -led!lin!s wo&ld 0e a prize indeed( worth !reat s&ms o- !old+ 6ocs mi!ht !row as lar!e as 1> ;.( with commens&rately increased statistics+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU( J T1MU H to&ch or constrict D1dME ;eat( constrict 9 >/>00

Salamanders are intelli!ent creat&res o- the elemental planes o- -ire+ *hey ha e the &pper 0ody o- a h&man D)C I T1LUE and the lower 0ody o- a sna"e D)C J T1MUE( and !i e o-- tremendo&s( intense heat+ *he ery to&ch o- a salamander deals 1dM hit points o- -ire dama!e( and they wrap their tails aro&nd -oes to ca&se an additional 2d> points o- cr&shin! dama!e per ro&nd+ Salamanders cannot 0e ensla ed in the same manner dFinn and e-reet mi!ht 0e+

Sea Serpents
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU J0 0ite DLdME Swallow 1> DSwimE J0/>L00


*he size and nat&re o- sea serpents is a matter -or the 6e-eree to determine+ *he sea serpent depicted here wo&ld 0e a0o&t middle size( a0o&t sixty -eet in len!th( with smaller ones 0ein! hal- that size Dwith adF&sted statistics( o- co&rseE( and lar!e ones 0ein! a0o&t I0O lar!er than the one descri0ed here+ ) sea serpent wo&ld &ndo&0tedly 0e capa0le o- swallowin! a h&man whole( pro0a0ly on a nat&ral attac" roll o- no more than 1L+ ) character swallowed whole wo&ld 0e di!ested within( perhaps( three ho&rs+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ H T12U JQJ to&ch D1dMQstren!th drainE See Below 12 L/1J0

Shadows may or may not 0e &ndead creat&res/ they are imm&ne to sleep and charm( 0&t the 6e-eree may decide whether they are &ndead creat&res s&0Fect to t&rnin! or whether they are some horri0le $other' thin!( a mani-estation perhaps( or a creat&re -rom another dimension+ Shadows are dar" and resem0le shadows( tho&!h they may 0e dar"er+ *hey are not corporeal( and can only 0e harmed with ma!ical weapons or 0y spells+ *heir chill to&ch drains one point o- stren!th with a s&ccess-&l hit( and i- a ictim is 0ro&!ht to a stren!th o- 0( he 0ecomes a shadow+ Stren!th points ret&rn a-ter 90 min&tes D9 t&rnsE+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ > T11U( H T12U with shield 1 weapon or stri"e D1dME 8one 12 1/1I

S"eletons are animated 0ones o- the dead( &s&ally &nder the control o- some e il master+

Sl&!( ,iant
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ > T11U 12 0ite D1dME Spits acid -or 2dM dm! M 1J/2J00

*hese tremendo&sly lar!e masses o- slimy( r&00ery -lesh are completely imm&ne to 0l&nt weapons+ 1n addition to their power-&l 0ite( !iant sl&!s can spit their acidic sali a Done tar!et at a timeE+ *he 0ase ran!e -or spittin! is M0 -t( and within this ran!e the sl&!Cs spittle will 0e I0O li"ely toAhit Dno toAhit roll reB&iredE+ For e ery additional 10 -t o- ran!e( the chance toAhit decreases 0y 10O+ 7n its -irst


spittin! attac"( the sl&! only has a 10O chance toAhit within M0 -t( and no chance o- hittin! 0eyond that ran!e+ Some !iant sl&!s mi!ht ha e more or less ir&lent acidity Dth&s chan!in! the dama!e in-lictedE+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU H to&ch D1dMQle el drainE .rains 2 le els per hit 1I DJ0 when -lyin!E 9/1100

Specters are wraithAli"e &ndead creat&res witho&t corporeal 0odies+ When a specter hits an opponent( either with hand or weapon( the to&ch drains two le els -rom the ictim+ 7nly ma!ical weapons can dama!e a specter+ 1n some cases( these terri-yin! creat&res may 0e mo&nted &pon li in! 0easts( i- the 0easts ha e 0een trained to tolerate proximity to the &ndead+ )ny 0ein! "illed Dor drained 0elow le el 0E 0y a specter 0ecomes a specter himsel-9a piti-&l thrall to its creator+

Spiders( ,iant
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU 2Q2 0ite D1dMQpoisonE See Below 1> I/2L0

,iant spiders are a!!ressi e h&nters+ 7nly the !reater !iant spiders are we0 0&ilders+ ,iant spider we0s reB&ire a sa in! throw to a oid 0ecomin! st&c"+ *hose who ma"e their sa in! throw can -i!ht and mo e DI -t per ro&ndE in the we0s+ ,iant spiders s&rprise on a roll o- 1AI( 0ein! a0le to hide well in shadows+ ) spiderCs 0ite is ery poisono&s( addin! Q1 to sa e s+ poison+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU HP12 stri"e D2dM( JdM( LdME Control trees 12 H/M00( >/>00( 9/1100( 10/1L00 11/1H00( 12/2000

*reants are treeAli"e protectors and $shepherds' o- -orest trees+ .ependin! &pon their size( they ha e di--erent hit dice and dama!eK treants o- H to > hit dice in-lict 2dM points o- dama!e with each stri"e otheir 0ranchAli"e hands( treants o- 9P10 hit dice in-lict JdM points( and treants o- 11P12 hit dice in-lict LdM points+ )ll treants can $wa"e' trees within M0 -t( allowin! them to wal" at a rate o- J( and possi0ly to attac" Dno more than two trees at a time can 0e awa"e at the 0ehest o- a sin!le treantE+


)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ L T1IU MQJ claw D1dME 6e!enerates 12 >/>00

*rolls are as tall as o!res and F&st as stron!+ Rnli"e o!res( howe er( they attac" with claws and teeth instead o- weapons+ *rolls re!enerate( which is to say that any dama!e in-licted &pon them heals within min&tes DJ hit points per ro&ndE+ *he only way to &tterly "ill a troll is to s&0merse it in acid or 0&rn it+ *rolls can e en reA!row loppedAo-- heads and lim0s+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU LQI hoo- or horn D1dME See Below 2L I/2L0

Rnicorns are !enerally shy and 0ene olent creat&res( who will only allow a chaste maiden to approach them+ *hey can teleport once per day to a distance o- JM0 -t( with a rider+ When they char!e( their horn can deal do&0le dama!e+ Rnicorns are 2IO resistant to ma!ic+ *he &nicornCs horn has healin! properties accordin! to le!end Dthe details o- this( i- any( are le-t to the 6e-ereeE+ *here is considera0le room to create ariant sorts o- &nicorns/ e il ones( -lyin! ones( etc+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ 2 T1HU HP9 0ite D1dMQle el drainE See Below 12 D1> when -lyin!E 9/1100( 10/1L00( 11/1H00

5ampires are some o- the most power-&l o- &ndead creat&res+ *hey can only 0e hit with ma!ic weapons( and when $"illed' in this way they chan!e into a !aseo&s -orm( ret&rnin! to their co--ins+ *hey re!enerate at a rate o- J hit points per ro&nd( can t&rn into !aseo&s -orm or into a !iant 0at at will( and can s&mmon a horde o- 0ats or JdM wol es o&t -rom the ni!ht+ 4oo"in! into a ampireCs eyes necessitates a sa in! throw at A2( or the character is charmed Das per the spell Charm %ersonE+ Most terri-yin!ly( a ampireCs 0ite drains two le els -rom the ictim+ Fort&nately( ampires ha e some wea"nesses+ *hey can 0e "illed Dthese are the only "nown methodsE 0y immersin! them in r&nnin! water( exposin! them to s&nli!ht( or dri in! a wooden sta"e thro&!h the heart+ *hey retreat -rom the smell o- !arlic( the si!ht o- a mirror( or the si!ht o- $!ood'


holy sym0ols+ )ny h&man "illed 0y a ampire 0ecomes a ampire &nder the control o- its creator+ *his description will 0e reco!nized easily as the $.rac&la' type o- ampire+ Many other possi0ilities -or ampires exist in -ol"lore/ those who drin" 0lood rather than le el drain D8os-erat&E( those ampires more -eral than intelli!ent+ %l&s( other c&lt&ral templates with di--erent attri0&tes co&ld 0e created9how a0o&t an ancient )ztec ampireS

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ I T1LU J claw D1 ;%Qle el drainE See Below 9 I/2L0

Wi!hts li e in tom0s( !ra eyards( and 0&rial mo&nds D0arrowsE+ *hey are &ndead( and th&s not a--ected 0y sleep or charm spells+ Wi!hts are imm&ne to all nonAma!ical weapons( with the exception o- sil er weapons+ )ny h&man "illed or completely drained o- le els D1 le el per hitE 0y a wi!ht 0ecomes a wi!ht+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ M T1JU L 0ite D1dME 8one 1> L/120

Wor!s are lar!e( intelli!ent( and e il wol es+ *hey may ha e s&pernat&ral ori!ins+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ J T1MU L to&ch D1dMQle el drainE See Below 9 M/L00

Wraiths are power-&l wi!hts( imm&ne to all nonAma!ical weapons other than sil er ones Dwhich in-lict only hal- dama!eE+ )rrows are partic&larly ine--ecti e a!ainst them( -or e en ma!ical and sil er arrows in-lict only one hit point o- dama!e per hit+ *hey drain 1 le el per hit+ Wraiths can 0e -o&nd ridin! wellAtrained 0attle steeds or more &n&s&al mo&nts that will tolerate their presence+

Wy erns
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ J T1MU >


)ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/

0ite or stin! D1dME %oison( stin!( -li!ht M D2L when -lyin!E 9/1100

) wy ern is the twoAle!!ed -orm o- dra!on( and these creat&res are smaller and less intelli!ent than tr&e -o&rAle!!ed dra!ons( not to mention that they do not ha e a 0reath weapon+ Wy erns ha e a poisono&s stin! at the end o- their tails( 0&t they are not coordinated eno&!h to attac" with 0oth 0ite and stin! in a sin!le ro&nd+ 1n any !i en ro&nd( the wy ern is M0O li"ely to &se its tail( which can lash o&t to the creat&reCs -ront e en -arther than its head can reach+

:ellow Mold
)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ n/a n/a 1dM dama!e i- to&ched %oisono&s spores 0 J/M0

:ellow mold is a s&0terranean -&n!&sK it neither mo es nor attac"s+ ;owe er( i- it is po"ed or str&c"( it may DI0O chanceE release a clo&d o- poisono&s spores( ro&!hly 10 -t in diameter+ Failin! a sa in! throw a!ainst the spores means that the character dies a rather horri0le death+ *o&chin! yellow mold ca&ses 1dM points o- acid dama!e+ *hese !rowths can 0e destroyed with -ire+

)rmor Class/ ;it .ice/ )ttac"s/ Special/ Mo e/ ;.2/@%/ > T11U( H T12U with shield 2 weapon or stri"e D1dME 1mm&ne to sleep( charm M 2/J0

?om0ies are mindless creat&res( the wal"in! dead+ *hese are merely animated corpses( not carriers oany sort o- &ndead conta!ion as !ho&ls are+ 1- their &ndeath is conta!io&s( they sho&ld 0e worth a -ew more experience points than descri0ed here( and i- a sin!le hit -rom a zom0ie ca&ses conta!ion or any other sort o- disease they sho&ld 0e worth considera0ly more experience+ ;owe er( the standard zom0ie is simply a corpse animated to do its creatorCs 0iddin!+

/etter .onsters
*here is really no limit as to how hi!h monsters can !o( and o-ten itCs -&n to tric" the players 0y throwin! &0erAmonsters at them+ *he 6e-eree sho&ld -eel -ree to adF&st )C( ;.( or other -actors to ma"e monsters more challen!in!+ )lso( -eel -ree to try new options li"e a s&per strain o- orcs( !o0lin spiderAriders( or -ireAresistant m&mmies F&st to "eep the players on their toes+


.onster 0evels
:o& may notice that while character le els are capped( monster le els are not+ *he reasons -or this are simple/ 1+ %layers r&n in pac"s and 0i! monsters need le els to o ercome a disad anta!e in n&m0ers+ 2+ %layers tend to 0e creati e while many 6e-erees allow monsters to $play st&pid+' *he 6e-eree has the option o- allowin! characters to contin&e to ad ance( or to p&t a cap on monster le els as he or she sees -it+

Creatin! Monsters
Monsters are not player characters( and their a0ilities are not at all determined 0y the r&les -or player characters9not e en the stats -or races that can ha e player characters( s&ch as .war es+ ) monsterCs a0ilities are determined 0y the 6e-eree( not 0y any r&lesG Feel -ree to add win!s( 0reath weapons( extra hit dice( wo&nded ersions( or whate er s&its yo&r ad ent&re and yo&r campai!n+ *o!!le and twea"( ima!ine and in entG :o& are responsi0le -or the B&ality o- the swords and sorcery in yo&r !ame( not the r&les+ So donCt try to create monsters accordin! to any sort o- power -orm&la+ Create monsters 0ased on how they -eel and how they play at the !amin! ta0le+ Create challen!es -or the players( not headaches -or yo&rsel-+ :o&r Fo0 is to ima!ine and create( not to sla e at r&le0oo"s -indin! o&t what yo&Cre $allowed' to do+ *a0le 2I/ Monster Creation
;. [1 1 2 J L I M H > *;B Q0 Q1 Q2 QJ QL QI QM QH Q> S* 19 1> 1H 1M 1I 1L 1J 12 11 @% ,i en 10 1I J0 M0 120 2L0 L00 M00 >00


9 10 11 12 1J 1L 1I Q le el

Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12 Q1J Q1L Q1I Q1

10 9 > H M I L J

1100 1L00 1H00 2000 2J00 2M00 2900 QJ00/;.

;ow M&ch *reas&reS

*he amo&nt o- treas&re a monster owns or !&ards is &s&ally related to the monsterCs ;.2+ *hatCs not necessarily realistic( 0&t "eep in mind that treas&re is one o- the ways the !ame re-lects what a character has done/ itCs &sed in awardin! experience points+ *oo many lar!e treas&res and the characters will 0ecome power-&l witho&t act&ally ha in! done ery m&ch+ *oo many monsters with small treas&res and the characters wonCt !ain le els to re-lect their achie ements+ )s a !eneral !&ideline( the monetary al&e o- a treas&re o&!ht to 0e a0o&t 2PJ times the monsterCs al&e in experience points( and "eep in mind that h&ntin! and patrollin! monsters li"ely wonCt 0e cartin! their treas&re aro&nd with them+ ;ere is a possi0le ta0le a 6e-eree can &se as a !&ideline/ *a0le 2I/ *reas&re 5al&es
6oll 1 2PJ LPI M %ossi0le ,% 5al&e -or *reas&re 1x ;% al&e o- the monsters 2x @% al&e o- the monsters Jx @% al&e o- the monsters Lx @% al&e o- the monsters

1- the characters canCt -ind the monsterCs lair( they may !et none o- the treas&re+ )lso( it o0 io&sly doesnCt ma"e sense -or e ery wild 0oar and wol- to ha e a cache o- treas&re hidden away somewhere+ ) era!in! the treas&re o&t o er se eral o- the monsters in an ad ent&re is a !ood way o- ma"in! s&re the characters !et the ri!ht amo&nt o- experience points -rom treas&re+ %erhaps the !o0lin treas&re hoard contains some $extra' treas&re to acco&nt -or the wol es in the area+ 1- the characters a oid the wol es and "ill the !o0lins( so m&ch the 0etter+ 1- they ha e to -i!ht the wol es and ne er -ind the !o0lins( thatCs the 0rea"s+


:o& canCt ma"e the !ame per-ectly -air+

House Rule: Splitting the "a(e

7nce the monsters are slain and the wo&nds are 0o&nd( itCs time to di ide &p the treas&re+ 1t is s&!!ested that the total !p al&e o- the loot is totaled and di ided &p amon! the participants with each !ettin! an eB&al $share+' Many 6e-erees r&le that treas&re m&st 0e shared with 8%Cs !ettin! either a -&ll or hal- share( dependin! &pon their le el+ 1t is also c&stomary -or -allen DdeadE comrades to still !et a share o- the ta"e to 0e !i en to their next o- "in+

$*radin!' ,% 5al&e -or *reas&res

1n addition to coins( treas&res mi!ht contain !ems( Fewelry( and ma!ical items+ *reas&res ha e !ot to 0e interestin!/ endless series o- $another treas&re worth 100 !p in total' is a s&re-ire recipe -or 0orin! yo&r players+ For e ery 100 !p in al&e( there is a 10O chance o- a 100 !p tradeAo&t+ For e ery 1(000 !p in al&e( there is a 10O chance o- a 1(000 !p tradeAo&t+ For e ery I(000 !p in al&e( there is a 10O chance o- a I(000 !p tradeAo&t+

1t is s&!!ested that the 6e-eree 0e!in with the maFor !p al&es -irst and wor" down to the lesser ones+ $#ewelry' re-ers to a sin!le item o- Fewelry+

I(000 ,% *rade 7&t

) roll o- 1P19 on a d20 means a roll on the MaFor ,em/#ewelry ta0le+ ) roll o- 20 res&lts in rollin! on the MaFor Ma!ic 1tem ta0le+ *a0le 2M/ MaFor ,em/#ewelry
6oll 1 2PJ LPI M %ossi0le ,% 5al&e -or *reas&re ,em or Fewelry worth 1d1000 !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d1000 x> !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d1000 x12 !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d1000 x20 !p

*a0le 2H/ MaFor Ma!ic 1tem

6oll %ossi0le ,% 5al&e -or *reas&re



6oll six times on the potions ta0le 6oll 1dMQ12 on the scrolls ta0le 6oll 1dMQ12 on the weapons and armor ta0le 6oll 1d20QL0 on the miscellaneo&s ta0le Dincl&des rin!s and sta--sE

1(000 ,% *rade 7&t

) roll o- 1P19 on a d20 means a roll on the Medi&m ,em/#ewelry ta0le+ ) roll o- 20 res&lts in rollin! on the Medi&m Ma!ic 1tem ta0le+ *a0le 2>/ Medi&m ,em/#ewelry
6oll 1 2PJ LPI M %ossi0le ,% 5al&e -or *reas&re ,em or Fewelry worth 1d100 !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d1000 Q 2I0 !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d1000 Q HI0 !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d10(000 !p

*a0le 2>/ Medi&m Ma!ic 1tem

6oll 1 2PJ LPI M %ossi0le ,% 5al&e -or *reas&re 6oll three times on the potions ta0le 6oll 1dM QM on the scrolls ta0le 6oll 1dM QM on the weapons and armor ta0le 6oll 1d20 Q20 on the miscellaneo&s ta0le Dincl&des rin!s and sta--sE

100 ,% *rade 7&t

) roll o- 1P19 on a d20 means a roll on the Minor ,em/#ewelry ta0le+ ) roll o- 20 res&lts in rollin! on the Minor Ma!ic 1tem ta0le+ *a0le 29/ Minor ,em/#ewelry
6oll %ossi0le ,% 5al&e -or *reas&re



,em or Fewelry worth 1dM !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d100 Q2I !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d100 QHI !p ,em or Fewelry worth 1d1000 !p

*a0le J0/ Minor Ma!ic 1tem

6oll 1 2PJ LPI M %ossi0le ,% 5al&e -or *reas&re 6oll 1d12 on the potions ta0le 6oll 1dM on the scrolls ta0le 6oll 1dM on the weapons and armor ta0le 6oll 1d20 on the miscellaneo&s ta0le Dincl&des rin!s and sta--sE

*a0le J1/ Ma!ic %otions

6oll 1PJ LPM HP9 10P12 1JP1I 1MP1> 19P21 22P2L 2IP2H 2>PJ0 Ma!ic %otion1 )nimal Control Claira&dience Clair oyance .imin&tion .ra!on Control 2thereality Fire 6esistance Flyin! ,aseo&s Form ,iant Stren!th



,rowth ;eroism 1n isi0ility 1n &lnera0ility 4e itation %lant Control %oison Slipperiness *reas&re Findin! Rndead Control 2xtra ;ealin! ;ealin!

1otions have a duration of 'd9:' turns.

Ma!ic %otion .escriptions

)nimal Control/ 6es&lts as per the spell+ Claira&dience/ 6es&lts as per the spell Crystal Ball+ Clair oyance/ 6es&lts as per the spell Crystal Ball+ .imin&tion/ 1m0i0er shrin"s to M inches tall -or 2dM ho&rs+ .ra!on Control/ 1dJ dra!ons o- a speci-ic type Ddetermined randomly 0y the 6e-ereeE are a--ected as per the spell Charm Monster+ 2thereality/ *he im0i0er o- this potion can mo e thro&!h solid o0Fects 0&t cannot attac"+ 2B&ipment also 0ecomes ethereal+ 2xtra ;ealin!/ C&res JdMQJ ;% o- dama!e+ Fire 6esistance/ ,rants imm&nity to normal -ire( Q2 sa in! throws a!ainst -ire attac"s( hal- dama!e to ma!ic -ire attac"s that do not permit sa in! throws+ Flyin!/ 6es&lts as per the spell+ ,aseo&s Form/ *he &serCs 0ody t&rns to a mist that he controls( allowin! him to access any place that isnCt airti!ht+ 2B&ipment is le-t 0ehindK only the 0ody 0ecomes !aseo&s+ ,iant Stren!th/ Character !ains stren!th a0o e and 0eyond 1>+ ,ains an additional 1dM to dama!e rolls and QL toAhit+ ,rowth/ Character !rows to J0 -t in hei!ht+ ;ealin!/ C&res 1dMQ1 ;% o- dama!e+


;eroism/ Q2 to attac"s and dama!e+ 1n isi0ility/ 6es&lts as per the spell+ 1n &lnera0ility/ Q2 sa in! throws( opponents attac" at A2+ 4e itation/ 6es&lts as per the spell+ %lant Control/ 6es&lts as per the spell+ %oison/ Sa e or die+ Slipperiness/ 2xcept -or the soles o- the -eet and the palms o- the hands( the character has a irt&ally -rictionless s&r-ace+ *reas&re Findin!/ Character can detect hoards o- treas&re within L00 -t+ Rndead Control/ 2dL &ndead o- -ewer than L ;. and 1dL &ndead o- LQ hit dice -all &nder the im0i0erCs control as per the control animals spell+ *a0le J2/ Scrolls
6oll 1 2 J L I MPH > 9 10 11 12 1JP1L 1I 1M 1H 1> Scroll1 1 spell( le el 1 1 spell( le el 1dJ 2 spells( le el 1d2 each J spells( le el 1 each C&rsed Scroll %rotection Scroll Dnormal d&rationE 2 spells( le el 1dL 2 spells( le el 1dM each 1 spell le el 1dLQ2 I spells( le el 1dJ each C&rsed scroll %rotection Scroll Ddo&0le d&rationE I spells( le el 1dM each M spells( le el 1dM each H spells( le el 1dM each > spells( le el 1dM each


19 20

C&rsed scroll %rotection Scroll Dtriple d&ration and do&0le e--ect i- applica0leE

Roll 'd9 for type ;'&+ is Arcane2 <&9 is Clerical=8 re& roll any Cleric spells of Spell 0evel 9

*a0le JJ/ %rotection Scrolls

6oll 1 2 J L I M H > Scroll .emons .rownin! 2lementals Ma!ic Metal %oison Rndead WereAcreat&res

%rotection Scroll .escriptions

.emons/ )ll within a 10 -t radi&s aro&nd the reader are protected -rom the attac"s o- 1 demon per ro&nd -or a period o- L0 min&tes+ .rownin!/ )ll within a 10 -t radi&s o- the reader !ain the a0ility to 0reathe &nderwater -or 1 -&ll day+ 2lementals/ *his scroll protects a!ainst a sin!le elemental( and lasts -or a d&ration o- L0 min&tes+ Ma!ic/ )ntiAma!ic shell s&rro&nds and mo es with the reader( ha in! a radi&s o- 10 -t+ Spells cannot pass in or o&t o- the shell+ .&ration/ 1 ho&r+ Metal/ Metal cannot harm the reader -or a d&ration o- 1 ho&r+ %oison/ %oison cannot harm the reader -or a period o- M ho&rs( and any poison in his system is remo ed+ Rndead/ )ll within a 10 -t radi&s o- the reader are protected a!ainst &ndead( 0&t only to a limited de!ree+ 1n any !i en ro&nd( 2d12 &ndead with ;. -ewer than L( and 2dM &ndead with hit dice LPI( and 1dM &ndead with hit dice o- MQ are -oiled 0y the protection o- the scroll+ *h&s( the scroll is e--ecti e a!ainst all 0&t a tr&e horde o- &ndead+ WereAcreat&res/ )ll within a 10 -t radi&s aro&nd the reader( -or a d&ration o- one ho&r( are protected -rom lycanthropes+


*a0le JL/ Ma!ical Weapons and )rmor

6oll 1 2 J LPM HP> 9 10 11 12 1J 1L 1I 1M 1H 1> 19 20 Ma!ical Weapon/)rmor C&rsed armor or shield Q1 missile weaponDsE Q1 shield Q1 melee weapon Q1 armor C&rsed weapon Q2 missile weaponDsE Q2 shield Q2 melee weapon Q2 armor Q1 melee weapon with minor a0ility QJ missile weaponDsE QJ melee weapon QJ shield QJ armor Rn&s&al weapon D7ptionalE or reAroll Rn&s&al armor D7ptionalE or reAroll

*a0le JI/ C&rsed )rmors and Shields

6oll 1PJ L C&rsed )rmor/Shield A1 weapon or armor A2 weapon or armor



AJ weapon or armor )ttracts missiles Cannot be put do%n %ithout remove curse.

C&rsed 1tem .escription

)ttracts missiles/ *his item attracts missile -ire De en those -ired at others near0yE( and !rants Q1 toAhit on s&ch missiles+ *a0le JM/ Melee Weapons
6oll 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 11 12 Melee Weapon )xe( Battle )xe( ;and .a!!er Warhammer 4ance Mace( ;ea y Mace( 4i!ht Spear Sta-Sword( 4on! Sword( Short Sword( *woAhanded

*a0le JH/ Missile Weapons

6oll 1P> 9P10 Melee Weapon 2dM arrows 1d10 slin! stones


11 12P1I 1MP20

1 Fa elin 2dL darts 2dM cross0ow 0olts

*a0le J>/ Minor )0ilities -or Melee Weapons

6oll 1PL I M Melee Weapon )dditional dama!e DQ1E Sheds li!ht( 1I -t radi&s Sheds li!ht( J0 -t radi&s

*a0le J9/ Rn&s&al Weapons D7ptionalE

6oll 1 2 J Rn&s&al Weapon Q1 Bl&nt weapon that destroys &ndead Q1 thrown weapon ret&rns to hand Q1 weapon( !rants 1 additional attac" once per day Q1( Q2 s+ partic&lar type o- -oe Q1( QL s+ partic&lar type o- -oe Q2( QJ s+ partic&lar type o- -oe Weapon -lames Weapon is cold .ancin! weapon

L I M H > 9

Rn&s&al Weapon .escriptions

Q1 Bl&nt weapon that destroys &ndead/ 4esser types donCt !et a sa in! throw( more power-&l types do+ Dmace( hammer( slin!( sta--E Q1 thrown weapon ret&rns to hand/ )xe( Fa elin( or hammer s+ partic&lar type o- -oe/ WereAcreat&res( &ndead( !iants( orcs( dra!ons( etc+ Weapon -lames/ )dditional 1dM dama!e/ roll 1dLA1 -or toA0on&s


Weapon is cold/ )dditional 1dM dama!e/ roll 1dLA1 -or toA0on&s .ancin! weapon/ Fi!hts in the air a-ter J ro&nds( as a Q1dJ weapon 1ntelli!ent weapon/ 6oll 1dJ -or toAhit 0on&s+ *here is a 10O chance that s&ch a weapon may ha e the a0ility to cast a spell once per day+ S&ch swords !enerally can comm&nicate with their 0earers( and o-ten D2IO chanceE can spea" a&di0ly+

*a0le L0/ Rn&s&al )rmor D7ptionalE

6oll 1 2 J L Rn&s&al )rmor )rmor o- )rrow .e-lection .emonic )rmor 2thereal armor Fiery armor

Rn&s&al )rmor .escription

2thereal armor/ QJ plate mail that also allows the wearer to 0ecome ins&0stantial and incorporeal I0 times( at which time it re erts to normal QJ plate mail+ 1n ethereal -orm( the wearer cannot 0e hit and cannot attac" D&nless the opponent is also etherealE+ *a0le L1/ Miscellaneo&s 1tems
6oll 1 2 JP20 21 22 2J 2L 2I 2M 2HPL0 Miscellaneo&s 1tem 4esser Wand 4esser 6in! Misc+ 4esser Ma!ical 1tem 4esser Wand 4esser Wand ,reater Wand 4esser 6in! 4esser 6in! ,reater 6in! Misc+ Medi&m Ma!ical 1tem



,reater Wand ,reater Wand ,reater 6in! ,reater 6in! Sta-Misc+ ,reater Ma!ical 1tem

*a0le L2/ 4esser Wands

6oll 1P2 JPL IPM 4esser Wand Spell( le el 1( holds 10 char!es Spell( le el 2( holds I char!es Spell( le el J( holds 2 char!es

*a0le LJ/ ,reater Wands

6oll 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 ,reater Wand1 Spell( le el J( holds 10 char!es Spell( le el L( holds 10 char!es Wand o- .etection( enemies Wand o- .etection( metal Wand o- .etection( ma!ic Wand o- .etection( traps and secret doors Wand o- %olymorph Wand o- Fear Wand o- Cold Wand o- %aralyzin!


Wands become useless %ith 7ero charges. A %and can be recharged by casting a spell into it. "here is a >? chance per %and recharge that the %and %ill be destroyed.

,reater Wand .escriptions

Wand o- .etection( enemies/ .etects enemies in a radi&s o- M0 -t( pro ided that the enemies are act&ally thin"in! hostile tho&!hts+ )lways acti e when held( does not &se char!es+ Wand o- .etection( metal/ .etects lar!e caches o- metal( with a ran!e o- 20 -t+ *he wandCs &ser also !ets a a!&e sense o- the metalCs type+ )lways acti e when held( does not &se char!es+ Wand o- .etection( ma!ic/ F&nctions as a detect ma!ic spell with a ran!e o- 20 -t+ *he wandCs &ser !ets a a!&e sense o- what sort o- ma!ic is 0ein! detected+ )lways acti e when held( does not &se char!es+ Wand o- .etection( traps and secret doors/ .etects traps and secret doors with a ran!e o- 20 -t+ )lways acti e when held( does not &se char!es+ Wand o- %olymorph/ Casts either polymorph sel- or polymorph other( carries 10 char!es+ Wand o- Fear/ Ca&ses creat&res in a coneAshaped path to -lee Dsa in! throwE+ *here is a M0O chance that they will drop whate er they are holdin!+ *he cone extends M0 -t to a 0ase J0 -t across+ ;olds 2I char!es Dcannot 0e rechar!edE+ Wand o- Cold/ Casts a cone o- cold M0 -t to a 0ase J0 -t across+ Creat&res in the cone ta"e MdM dama!e Dsa in! throw -or hal- dama!eE+ ;olds 2I char!es Dcannot 0e rechar!edE+ Wand o- %aralyzin!/ Casts a cone o- paralysis M0 -t to a 0ase J0 -t across+ Creat&res in the cone are paralyzed -or JdM t&rns+ ;olds 2I char!es Dcannot 0e rechar!edE+ *a0le LL/ 4esser 6in!s
6oll 1 2 J L I M 4esser 61n! %rotection( Q1 %rotection( Q2 1n isi0ility Mammal control Fire 6esistance %oison 6esistance

4esser 6in! .escriptions

Fire 6esistance/ QI to sa in! throws ers&s ma!ical -ire( imm&ne to normal -ire %oison 6esistance/ QI to sa in! throws ers&s poison+


*a0le LI/ ,reater 6in!s

6oll 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 ,reater 6in! ;&man Control *hree Wishes 6e!eneration .Finni S&mmonin! Shootin! Stars @Aray ision *ele"inesis Spell *&rnin! Spell Storin!( arcane Spell Storin!( Clerical

,reater 6in! .escriptions

.Finni S&mmonin!/ *he wearer o- the rin! can s&mmon a dFinni( who will do his 0iddin!+ ;&man Control/ )llows the wearer to cast Charm %erson once per day( and maintain the charm on &p to J indi id&als at a time+ 6e!eneration/ *he wearer re!enerates one hit point per com0at ro&nd( and th&s cannot die &nless the rin! is remo ed or his 0ody is 0&rned+ Shootin! Stars/ 7nce per day this rin! can s&mmon dM -lamin! meteors -rom the depths ospace+ 2ach meteor can tar!et a separate enemy and does JdM dama!e+ 1- &sed &nder!ro&nd or indoors the meteors will stri"e whate er is directly a0o e their tar!et+ Spell Storin!( arcane/ *he rin! contains 1dM ma!icA&ser spells+ 6oll 1dM -or each spell to determine the spell le el+ *he wearer Di- he is a ma!icA&serE can cast these spells as ithey were his own memorized and prepared spells+ 7nce the spell is cast( it cannot 0e cast a second time &ntil the wearer has rested -or > ho&rs+ Spell Storin!( clerical/ *he rin! contains 1dM clerical spells+ 6oll 1dL -or each spell to determine the spell le el+ *he wearer Di- he is a clericE can cast these spells as i- they were his own memorized and prepared spells+ 7nce the spell is cast( it cannot 0e cast a second time &ntil the wearer has rested -or > ho&rs+ Spell *&rnin!/ )ny spell Dother than -rom a wand or other itemE directly aimed at the wearer o- the rin! is partially re-lected 0ac" at the caster+ 6oll a percentile die to see how m&ch o- the spellCs power 0o&nces 0ac"K the exact determination o- what happens is &p to the re-eree+ *ele"inesis/ *he wearer can mentally li-t and mo e 200 po&nds o- wei!ht at a ran!e o- 120 -t+ 9>

*hree Wishes/ ,rants the wearer three wishes+ Beware o- o&tra!eo&s wishesK they 0ac"-ire+
*a0le LM/ Sta--s
6oll 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 Sta-;ealin! Command Sna"e( the Stri"in! Witherin! %ower Wizardry Be!&ilin! )0sorption 4ordly Mi!ht

Sta-- .escriptions
)0sorption/ )0sor0s spells cast directly at the wielder( and allows the wielder to cast a spell -rom his own memory &sin! that power Dand th&s not losin! the spell -rom memoryE+ 7nce the sta-- has a0sor0ed I0 le els o- spells Dwhether or not the power has 0een cast 0ac" o&t a!ainE( it no lon!er a0sor0s spells+ Be!&ilin!/ Casts Charm %erson in a radi&s o- 20-t -rom the wielder D&ses one char!eE+ *he d&ration o- the charm is one ho&r+ Command/ ) char!e can 0e &sed to control h&mans Das per Charm %ersonE( plants( or animals+ ;ealin!/ C&res 1dMQ1 hit points o- dama!e per char!e+ %ower/ Casts 4i!ht Dno char!e &sedE( casts Fire0all DLdM dama!eE( cold as a Wand o- Cold( 4i!htnin! Bolts DLdM dama!eE( acts as a rin! o- *ele"inesis Dcosts one char!eE and hits -or 2dM dama!e Dno char!e &sedE+ 4ordly Mi!ht/ *hese sta--s only carry 10 char!es( 0&t a char!e may 0e &sed to cast 6aise .ead+ Sna"e( the/ Q1 to hit and Q1 dama!e+ When commanded D0y &sin! a char!eE the sta-- coils aro&nd the tar!et with a s&ccess-&l hit and pinions the ictim -or 1dL x10 min&tes+ *he ictim m&st 0e a0o&t the size o- a h&man or smaller to &se this power+ *he sta-- will slither 0ac" to its owner a-terwards at a speed o- 2L+ 7nly clerics can employ a Sta-o- the Sna"e+ Stri"in!/ 1n-licts 2dM points o- dama!e with a s&ccess-&l hit Ddoes not &se char!esE 99

Witherin!/ )dds ten years o- physical a!in! with a s&ccess-&l hit+ Wizardry/ *he most power-&l o- sta--s+ 1t is a sta-- o- power with additional a0ilities+ )t the cost o- one char!e( it allows in isi0ility( s&mmonin! elementals Dcallin! 1dL at a timeE( ;old %erson( a Wall o- Fire DSee Wall o- .e-ense 1E( %asswall( a We0 spell( or Fly+
*a0le LH/ Misc+ Ma!ic 1tems D4esser 1temsE
6oll 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 11 12 1J 1L 1I 4esser Ma!ic 1tem )rrow o- .irection Ba! o- ;oldin! Boots o- 2l en"ind Boots o- Speed or Boots o- 4eapin! DI0OE Bracers o- .e-ense( )C M T1JU Chime o- 7penin! Cloa" o- 2l en"ind Cloa" o- %rotection( Q1 C&rsed 1tem .ecanter o- 2ndless Water .&st o- )ppearance or .isappearance DI0OE .&st o- Sneezin! and Cho"in! ,a&ntlets o- Swimmin! and Clim0in! ;orseshoes o- Speed 4&c"stone DQ1 sa in! throws and attac" rollsE Man&al o- Bene-icial 2xercise %ipes o- the Sewers 6ope o- Clim0in!

1M 1H 1>


19 20

6ope o- 2ntan!lement Spade o- 2xca ation

*a0le L>/ Misc+ Ma!ic 1tems DMedi&m 1temsE

6oll 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 11 12 1J 1L 1I 1M 1H 1> 19 Medi&m Ma!ic 1tem )m&let )!ainst Scryin! Boots o- Flyin! Bracers o- .e-ense Carpet o- Flyin! Cloa" o- .isplacement Cloa" o- %rotection( Q2 or QJ .ec" o- Many *hin!s Fi!&rine o- the 7nyx .o! ,a&ntlets o- 7!re %ower ;elm o- 6eadin! Ma!ic and 4an!&a!es ;ole( %orta0le ;orn o- 5alhalla( Bronze ;orn o- 5alhalla( Sil er #&! o- )lchemy Man&al o- N&ic"ness Medallion o- 2S% Mirror o- Mental Scryin! 6o0e o- Blendin! 6o0e o- 2yes



6o0e o- Wizardry

*a0le L9/ Misc+ Ma!ic 1tems D,reater 1temsE

6oll 1 2 J ,reater Ma!ic 1tem )m&let o- .emon Control Bea"er o- %otions Censer( Bowl( Brazier( or Stone oControllin! 2lementals Crystal Ball 2-reeti Bottle Fi!&rine o- the ,olden 4ions ,a&ntlets o- .exterity ,em o- Seein! ,irdle o- ,iant Stren!th ;elm o- Fiery Brilliance ;elm o- *eleportation ;orn o- Blastin! ;orn o- 5alhalla( 1ron 4enses o- Charmin! 4i0ram( Ma!ical Dle el !ainE Man&al o- ,olems Man&al o- 1ntelli!ence Man&al o- Wisdom 8ec"lace o- Fire0alls

L I M H > 9 10 11 12 1J 1L 1I 1M 1H 1> 19



Sym0olAscara0 o- 1nsanity


Misc+ Ma!ic 1tem .escriptions

*he -ollowin! descriptions are in alpha0etical order/ )m&let )!ainst Scryin!/ %rotects the wearer -rom all scryin!( s&ch as .etect *ho&!hts or 0ein! iewed thro&!h a crystal 0all+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ )m&let o- .emon Control/ F&nctions as a protection -rom e il spell( and allows the wearer to attempt to $Charm Monster' &pon a demon+ S&ccess means that the demon is ensla ed -or 1dM wee"s( where&pon it 0ecomes -ree+ Rsa0le 0y/ Ma!icA&sers and Clerics+ )rrow o- .irection/ %oints the direction o- whate er the owner reB&ests+ Cannot 0e &sed more than se en times in a sin!le wee"+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Ba! o- ;oldin!/ *he inside o- this 0a! is lar!er than the o&tside+ *he inside dimensions are ro&!hly 10xIxJ -t( 0&t the 0a! cannot carry more than 1(000 po&nds o- wei!ht+ 1- it is not empty( the 0a! wei!hs I0 po&nds( no matter how m&ch wei!ht it act&ally contains+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Bea"er o- %otions/ *his small F&! -ills itsel- with the reB&ested potion( o&t o- the 1dLQ1 potions it "nows how to prod&ce+ *he F&! can 0e &sed as many times per wee" as the n&m0er o- di--erent potions it can prod&ce+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Boots o- 2l en"ind/ *he wearer mo es with complete silence+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Boots o- 4e itation/ *hese 0oots allow the wearer to le itate as per the spell( with &nlimited d&ration+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Boots o- Speed or Boots o- 4eapin! DI0OE/ Boots o- speed do&0le the wearerCs mo ement rate( 0&t reB&ire complete rest -or a period o- time eB&i alent to the amo&nt o- time they were &sed+ Boots o- 4eapin! allow the wearer to ma"e prodi!io&s leaps 10 -t hi!h and &p to J0 -t horizontally+ *hese 0oots also do&0le mo ement rates( 0&t o&tdoors only+ *hey do not reB&ire the wearer to rest a-ter &sin! them+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Bracers o- .e-ense( )C L T1IU or )C 2 T1HU DI0O chanceE/ *hese 0racers impro e the wearerCs armor class Dwhate er part o- it is d&e to act&al armorE to the stated le el9there is no e--ect i- the wearer is already armored to the same or hi!her de!ree+ *he armor class !ranted 0y the 0racers can 0e increased 0y ma!ical rin!s or other protecti e ma!ics+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Bracers o- .e-ense( )C M T1JU/ *hese 0racers impro e the wearerCs armor class Dwhate er part o- it is d&e to act&al armorE to the stated le el9there is no e--ect i- the wearer is already armored to the same or hi!her de!ree+ *he armor class !ranted 0y the 0racers can 0e increased 0y ma!ical rin!s or other protecti e ma!ics+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Carpet o- Flyin!/ the carpet can carry as many as three people( and tra els at a speed o- 1> when it has more than one passen!er+ With only one rider( the carpet mo es at a rate o- J0+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Censer( Bowl( Brazier( or Stone o- Controllin! 2lementals/ Censers control air elementals( Bowls Dwhen -illedE control water elementals( 0raziers control -ire elementals( and Stones control earth elementals+ *hese items can 0e &sed to s&mmon a 12 ;. elemental o- the appropriate type+ ,enerally( it ta"es 10 min&tes to prepare the o0Fect -or &se+ Rsa0le 0y/ Ma!icA&sers+ Chime o- 7penin!/ So&ndin! this small chime opens any door( e en i- the door is 0arred or wizard loc"ed+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Cloa" o- .isplacement/ *he wearer appears to 0e in a sli!htly di--erent location than he really is+ ;is armor class impro es 0y 2( and he !ains a A2 sa in! throw a!ainst any tar!eted attac" &pon him+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Cloa" o- 2l en"ind/ *he wearer is almost( 0&t not B&ite( in isi0le+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+


Cloa" o- %rotection( Q1/ *his cloa" impro es the wearerCs armor class 0y 1( and !rants a 0on&s o- Q1 on sa in! throws+ Rsa0le 0y/ all 0&t Fi!hters+ Cloa" o- %rotection( Q2 or QJ DI0OE/ *his cloa" impro es the wearerCs armor class 0y 2 Dor JE( and !rants a 0on&s o- Q2 Dor QJE on sa in! throws+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll 0&t Fi!hters+ Crystal Ball/ )llows the &ser to see what he desires to see( o er a considera0le distance+ ) crystal 0all may not 0e &sed more than thrice per day( or the &ser will 0e dri en mad+ Certain spells and other preca&tions may 0e &sed to pre ent 0ein! seen thro&!h a crystal 0all+ Some crystal 0alls comm&nicate so&nd or e en tho&!hts -rom the area 0ein! scryed( altho&!h these are rare+ Rsa0le 0y/ Ma!icA&sers+ C&rsed 1tem/ DSee %a!e @@+E .ecanter o- 2ndless Water/ *his F&! po&rs o&t one !allon o- water per min&te when &nstoppered+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ .ec" o- Many *hin!s/ )n ordinaryAseemin! dec" o- handApainted cards( this item 0ears tremendo&s and aried enchantments( one per placard in the dec"+ *he dec" contains all the aces and -ace cards( pl&s one #o"er Dthe FoolE+ ) character may draw as many cards as he li"es Dwith the dec" reAsh&--led each timeE( 0&t once he stops drawin! cards( the dec" disappears in a so&nd o- -aintly male olent la&!hter+ *he res&lts o- the cards are as -ollows/ *he ;earts DE )ce/ ,ain I0(000 @%+ 3in!/ ,ain ma!ic item -rom the Misc+ ,reater Ma!ical 1tems *a0le+ N&een/ ,ain 1dJ wishes+ #ac"/ ,ain the a0ility to s&mmon an > ;. warrior with QJ weapon( shield( and sword( to ser e -or a total o- 1 ho&r+ *he Cl&0s DE )ce/ *he characterCs ali!nment is chan!ed+ 1- the !ame does not &se ali!nment( the character recei es a dan!ero&s N&est Dper the spellE+ 3in!/ *he characterCs most power-&l ma!ic item is s&c"ed into the oid and disappears+ N&een/ *he character is instantly t&rned to stone( a loo" o- !reat s&rprise &pon his -ace+ #ac"/ *he character loses one point -rom his %rime )ttri0&te+ *he Spades DE )ce/ 4ose a le el o- experience+ 3in!/ ) warrior with 9 ;.( a QL weapon( QL shield( and QL armor appears and attac"s+ When he is "illed( his 0ody and all his possessions disappear a!ain+ N&een/ *he character dies instantly+ #ac"/ *he party is attac"ed 0y a random monster( with 1dLQM ;.+ *he monster !ains one ro&nd os&rprise( -or it appears -rom thin air+ *he .iamonds DE )ce/ ,ain a map to a si!ni-icant treas&re+ 3in!/ ,ain IdM items o- Fewelry+ N&een/ ,ain a scroll o- se en spells( all 2nd le el or hi!her+ #ac"/ )dd one point to a sin!le attri0&te o- the playerCs choice+ *he #o"er/ ,ain 2I(000 @% or choose to draw two more cards+


.&st o- )ppearance or .isappearance DI0OE/ .&st o- )ppearance is tossed in a radi&s o- 10 -t aro&nd the &ser( and ma"es any in isi0le( astral( displaced( o&tAo-Aphase( or dimensional thin! completely isi0le+ *he d&st !enerally comes in a po&ch( with eno&!h -or 20PJ0 &ses+ .&st o- .isappearance wor"s in the opposite way/ when it is sprin"led in a 10 -t radi&s( e erythin! therein 0ecomes in isi0le -or IdM t&rns+ 8ormal means o- detectin! in isi0ility Ds&ch as a .etect 1n isi0ility spellE are not stron! eno&!h to wor" a!ainst the d&stCs power-&l enchantment+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ .&st o- Sneezin! and Cho"in!/ %o&ches containin! this d&st ordinarily contain only eno&!h -or one $dose+' When scattered in a radi&s o- 10 -t( the d&st ca&ses all in the area to ma"e a sa in! throw or die+ 1- the nat&re o- the d&st is identi-ied 0e-ore it is experimented with( it can 0e &sed as a de astatin! thrown weapon+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ 2-reeti Bottle/ *he e-reeti o- the 0ottle will ser e the 0ottleCs owner -or a year and a day &nless it is accidentally released -rom ser it&de+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Fi!&rine o- the ,olden 4ions/ ) small stone -i!&rine that trans-orms into a lion when the command word is spo"en( -i!htin! at the ownerCs orders+ 1- they are slain( they t&rn 0ac" into -i!&rines( 0&t may 0e &sed a!ain+ *he -i!&rine may 0e &sed once per wee"( and no more+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Fi!&rine o- the 7nyx .o!/ *his stone -i!&re trans-orms into a li in! ho&nd o- stone when its command word is spo"en+ 1t will see" whate er the owner tells it to -ind( witho&t stoppin! &ntil it s&cceeds or is "illed+ 1t has a HIO chance to detect o0Fects that are in isi0le or hidden Dand oco&rse its sense o- smell detects in isi0le and hidden creat&res with almost per-ect s&ccessE+ For p&rposes o- de-ense and attac"( the stone do! is treated as a wol-+ 1t may 0e &sed twel e times 0e-ore the stat&ette 0ecomes nonAma!ical+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ ,a&ntlets o- .exterity/ When worn( these !lo es !rant a 0on&s o- Q2 to the wearerCs dexterity Dto a maxim&m o- 1>E+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ ,a&ntlets o- 7!re %ower/ *hese !a&ntlets raise the wearerCs stren!th to that o- an o!re+ ;it pro0a0ility is not increased a0o e normal( 0&t dama!e 0on&ses -rom stren!th are increased to QM Dnot c&m&lati e with the wearerCs existin! stren!th 0on&s( i- anyE+ Rsa0le 0y/ all 0&t Ma!icA&sers+ ,a&ntlets o- Swimmin! and Clim0in!/ *hese !lo es permit the wearer to swim at a rate o- 1>( and clim0 sheer walls with a 9IO chance o- s&ccess per ten -eet o- clim0in!+ Rsa0le 0y/ all 0&t Ma!icA &sers+ ,em o- Seein!/ ) !em o- seein! is &sed as a lens( and shows the tr&th o- what it sees( c&ttin! thro&!h ill&sions o- all "inds( e en ery power-&l ones+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ ,irdle o- ,iant Stren!th/ *his wide 0elt !rants the wearer the stren!th o- a hill !iant DQ> stren!th dama!e( not c&m&lati e with any existin! stren!th 0on&sesE+ *he !irdle does not increase toAhit pro0a0ility+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ ;elm o- Fiery Brilliance/ *his prodi!io&sly power-&l helm !rants many 0ene-its to the wearer+ ;e !ains a Q10 on sa in! throws a!ainst -ire dama!e( and can create a wall o- -ire himsel- Das per the spell Wall o- .e-ense 1E+ Fi!hters wearin! the helm may command a weapon in hand to -lame DQ1dM dama!eE+ Ma!icA&sers wearin! the helm can add Q1 to each die o- dama!e in-licted 0y a -ire0all or delayed 0last -ire0all spell+ Clerics wearin! the helm can i!nite o0Fects within J0 -t at will( and may cast two li!ht or contin&al li!ht spells -or each one act&ally prepared+ *he wearer othis rin! is li"ely to 0e attac"ed 0y any air elemental creat&res( 0&t -ire elemental types Ds&ch as e-reet or salamandersE will 0e -a ora0ly disposed toward the wearer+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ ;elm o- 6eadin! Ma!ic and 4an!&a!es/ *he wearer can read all lan!&a!es( incl&din! ma!ic script+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+


;elm o- *eleportation/ When the wearer casts a teleportation spell on himsel-( while wearin! the helm( he may teleport himsel- witho&t error( anywhere he desires+ *he helm does not permit the castin! o- a teleportation spell on anyone other than the wearer+ Rsa0le 0y/ Ma!icA&sers+ ;ole( %orta0le/ ) piece o- dar" cloth a0o&t -i e -eet in diameter+ 1t is act&ally the mo&th o- an interA dimensional hole 10 -t deep9items and people can -all thro&!h it or clim0 down into it once it is placed on the !ro&nd+ *he piece o- cloth can act&ally 0e p&lled in -rom the inside to close the hole o-- entirely( altho&!h there is no so&rce o- -resh air within( and stayin! inside will asphyxiate the inha0itant in a short time+ *he piece o- cloth can 0e pic"ed &p and carried o-- whene er desired9 hence the name $porta0le+' Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ ;orn o- Blastin!/ *his horn( when 0lown( has the same e--ect on str&ct&res as a catap&lt( and ca&ses 2dM points o- dama!e to creat&res( dea-enin! them -or 10 min&tes as well+ *he cone o- so&nd is 100 -t lon!( and widens to a 0ase o- 20 -t Dthe $point' o- the cone( at the hornCs mo&th( is 10 -t wideE+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ ;orn o- 5alhalla( Bronze/ S&mmons 2dL 0erser" warriors DJ ;.E to assist the one who winded the horn+ Rsa0le 0y/ Fi!hters and Clerics+ ;orn o- 5alhalla( 1ron/ S&mmons 2dL 0erser" warriors DL ;.E to assist the one who winded the horn+ Rsa0le 0y/ Fi!hters+ ;orn o- 5alhalla( Sil er/ S&mmons 2dL 0erser" warriors D2 ;.E to assist the one who winded the horn+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ ;orseshoes o- Speed/ *hese do&0le a horseCs mo ement rate+ Rsa0le 0y/ horses+ #&! o- )lchemy/ *his F&! prod&ces whate er liB&id is desired( in a commonly &sed lar!e B&antity De+!+( 10 !allons o- water( 0&t only -i e !allons o- wineE+ 1t may 0e &sed no more than se en times per day( and will only prod&ce the liB&id -irst reB&ested in that day+ 1t does not prod&ce ma!ical liB&ids+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ 4enses o- Charmin!/ *hese lenses( when placed o er the eyes( !i e the wearer the a0ility to charm those who loo" into his eyes Das per the spell Charm %ersonE+ *he sa in! throw a!ainst the power o- the lenses is made atA2+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ 4i0ram( Ma!ical Dle el !ainE/ Ma!ical li0rams !rant a le el o- experience to the reader( i- the reader is o- the ri!ht class+ 6andomly determine the class -or which the li0ram is written+ Rsa0le 0y/ aries+ 4&c"stone/ *his stone !rants Q1 to sa in! throws and attac" rolls+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Man&al o- Bene-icial 2xercise/ 6eadin! this tome increases the readerCs stren!th 0y 1 point Dto a maxim&m o- 1>E+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Man&al o- ,olems/ *his 0oo" contains the 0asic instr&ctions and -orm&lae -or creatin! a sin!le type o!olem+ *he process is expensi e( and the creator m&st ha e achie ed a certain le el o- ma!ical expertise in order to &se the 0oo"( 0&t these are priceless repositories o- -or!otten lore+ S&ch 0oo"s are o-ten warded( 0y the ori!inal owner( -rom the to&ch o- anyone not o- the Ma!icA&ser class( enchanted to in-lict dama!e or e en the loss o- a le el+ Rsa0le 0y/ Ma!icA&sers only+ Man&al o- 1ntelli!ence/ 6eadin! this tome increases the readerCs intelli!ence 0y 1 point Dto a maxim&m o- 1>E+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Man&al o- N&ic"ness/ 6eadin! this tome increases the readerCs dexterity 0y 1 point Dto a maxim&m o1>E+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Man&al o- Wisdom/ 6eadin! this tome increases the readerCs wisdom 0y 1 point Dto a maxim&m o1>E+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Medallion o- 2S%/ F&nctions as an 2S% spell within J0 -t DHIOE or 90 -t D2IOE+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+


Mirror o- Mental Scryin!/ *his handAmirror Dit mi!ht also 0e -o&nd as a smaller mirror on a nec"laceE allows the &ser to cast Crystal Ball( with the normal ran!e( 0&t -or an &nlimited time+ *he mirror will also answer a B&estion a0o&t what it portrays Dthe answer is li"ely to 0e crypticE( 0&t only one B&estion per wee" is possi0le+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ 8ec"lace o- Fire0a&0les/ *his nec"lace is h&n! with JdL little 0a&0les+ When thrown( the 0a&0les explode into MdM -ire0alls Dper the spellE+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ %ipes o- the Sewers/ *hese pipes s&mmon 10dM !iant rats+ *he piper does not need to concentrate once the rats arri e Dwhich ta"es 1dLx10 min&tesE( 0&t it is wise to do so+ When the rats arri e( there is a IO chance that they will not o0ey him( and i- he ceases to concentrate on his t&ne there is a 10O chance that he will lose control o- them+ 2 ery s&0seB&ent ro&nd in which he -ails to concentrate there is another chance to lose control( and the chance increases 0y 10O each time it is made D-irst ro&nd( 10O( second ro&nd 20O( etc+E+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ 6o0e o- Blendin!/ *hese ro0es ma"e the wearer appear to 0e a part o- his s&rro&ndin!s( incl&din! the a0ility to appear as another one o- a !ro&p o- near0y creat&res+ ;e will appear to 0e a small tree when in -orest s&rro&ndin!s( a sand -ormation in the desert( etc+ Creat&res with 10Q hit dice Dor le els o- experienceE ha e a 10O chance per le el Dor ;.E a0o e 9th to percei e the wearer as a ro0ed -i!&re rather than a part o- the s&rro&ndin!s+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ 6o0e o- 2yes/ ;&ndreds o- eyes are wo en and em0roidered into the -a0ric o- these ma!ical ro0es( !rantin! the wearer tremendo&s powers o- s&pernat&ral perception+ 1n a radi&s o- 2L0 -t( anythin! he loo"s &pon is seen -or what it is/ he sees in isi0le creat&res( he percei es ill&sions( and his si!ht e en extends into the astral plane+ ;e cannot 0e am0&shed or otherwise ta"en 0y s&rprise( and he can -ollow the trail o- anythin! that has passed 0y within the last day+ Rsa0le 0y/ Ma!icA&sers only+ 6o0e o- Wizardry/ *his ro0e !rants the wearer the a0ility to cast Charm %erson( %olymorph( and ;old %erson with a 9IO chance o- s&ccess+ *he ro0es may 0e tied to speci-ic ali!nments+ Rsa0le 0y/ Ma!icA&sers only+ 6ope o- Clim0in!/ ) I0 -t len!th o- rope that leaps ma!ically &pward and can tie and &ntie itsel- &pon command+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ 6ope o- 2ntan!lement/ *his rope( on command( twines itsel- aro&nd as many as 2dLQ1 h&manAsized -oes+ *he rope cannot 0e hit except with a nat&ral roll o- 20 Dit is ma!icalE( and can s&stain 20 hit points o- dama!e 0e-ore -rayin! and 0ecomin! &seless+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+ Spade o- 2xca ation/ *his ordinaryAloo"in! spade di!s 0y itsel- when commanded( sho elin! o&t one c&0ic yard D2H c& -t+E per ten min&tes D1 t&rnE+ Rsa0le 0y/ Fi!hters only+ Sym0ol9Scara0 o- 1nsanity/ *his is a car in! o- a scara0A0eetle( or perhaps the petri-ied remains o- a real one+ When the scara0 is displayed( all creat&res with 9 or -ewer hit dice( within a radi&s o- J0 -t( -all into temporary insanity lastin! -or 2 ho&rs+ Creat&res with 10Q hit dice still do not recei e a sa in! throw( 0&t ha e a 1 in L chance to o ercome the scara0Cs insidio&s in-l&ence+ *he scara0 may 0e &sed 12 times( a-ter which it cr&m0les to d&st+ )t the option o- the 6e-eree( it mi!ht 0e rechar!ed &sin! a Sym0ol o- 1nsanity spell( 0&t with a IO chance per char!e that the item will 0e destroyed+ Rsa0le 0y/ )ll Classes+

C&rsed 1tems
C&rsed items come in many shapes and -orms9most li"ely they are ancient ma!ical items whose ma!ic has deteriorated or chan!ed with a!e( altho&!h some o- them were clearly -ashioned to ser e as


traps -or the &nwary Dor -or the ma"erCs enemies( perhapsE+ 8ote that c&rsed items cannot &s&ally 0e dropped or remo ed witho&t the assistance o- a 6emo e C&rse spell+ )ltho&!h the 6e-eree is enco&ra!ed to create his own c&rsed items( the samples on the -ollowin! pa!e sho&ld pro e &se-&l !&idance/ *a0le I0/ C&rsed 1tems
6oll 1 2 J L I M H > 9 10 C&rsed 1tem Ba! o- .e o&rin! Censer o- ;ostile 2lementals Cloa" o- %oison Crystal Ball o- S&!!estion .ancin! Boots Flas" o- Stoppered C&rses ;orn o- Collapse Medallion o- %roFectin! *ho&!hts Mirror o- 7pposition 6o0e o- Fee0lemindedness

C&rsed 1tem .escriptions

Ba! o- .e o&rin!/ F&nctions as a 0a! o- holdin!( 0&t de o&rs any item placed into it within 1dLQ1 ho&rs+ Censer o- ;ostile 2lementals/ ) censer Dor 0razier( 0owl( or stoneE that s&mmons elementals90&t the elementals are hostile instead o- &nder the s&mmonerCs control+ Cloa" o- %oison/ Rpon donnin! this cloa"( the wearerCs 0ody is s&--&sed with ma!ical poisons omany "inds( and dies instantly( witho&t the chance o- a sa in! throw+ Crystal Ball o- S&!!estion/ .oes not -&nction as a crystal 0all( 0&t implants a s&!!estion in the iewerCs mind+ %ower-&l ersions o- this item mi!ht e en implant a N&est+ .ancin! Boots/ *hese 0oots -&nction as 0oots o- 2l en"ind or speed( &ntil the wearer is in com0at or -leein!+ S&ddenly at that point he will 0e!in to dance a Fi!( or perhaps a stately waltz+ Flas" o- Stoppered C&rses/ *his -las" releases a c&rse o- some "ind when its seal is 0ro"en+ ;orn o- Collapse/ When so&nded( this horn ca&ses a 0last o- destr&ction strai!ht &pwards( destroyin! any ceilin! o erhead and ca&sin! it to collapse+ Medallion o- %roFectin! *ho&!hts/ *he wearerCs tho&!hts can 0e $heard' 0y all near0y+


Mirror o- 7pposition/ )ll persons loo"in! into this mirror are attac"ed 0y e il ersions o- themsel es( exact d&plicates incl&din! spells and ma!ic items+ When the mirrorAopposites are slain( their 0odies and eB&ipment disappear into mist( and ret&rn to the mirror+ 6o0e o- Fee0lemindedness/ )nyone donnin! this cloa" has his intelli!ence red&ced to that o- a !arden snail+


%&0lishin! :o&r St&-& W1?)6.6: is all 7pen ,ame Content &nder the terms o- Wizards o- the CoastCs 7pen ,ame 4icense ersion 1+0a( with the exception o- the trademar"s $ SW76.S & W1?)6.6:(' $S&W(' $)scendin! System )C(' and $))C' $S&W' is pro0a0ly sim&ltaneo&sly a trademar" o- Smith & Wesson( 0&t 1 donCt thin" anyone will 0ecome con-&sed a0o&t the prod&cts( so 1 can claim it -or &se on an 6%,+ 1n any case( 1Cll mention that 1Cm not a--iliated with Smith & Wesson+

7pen ,ame ContentS What .oes *hat MeanS

1t means yo& can D0asicallyE copy whate er parts o- it yo& want( add yo&r own content( chan!e the content aro&nd( and p&0lish the res&lt+ :o& ha e to comply with the terms o- the 7pen ,ame 4icense( which is reprod&ced 0elow+ 1- yo& donCt care a0o&t mentionin! any o- the !ameCs trademar"s( thatCs all yo& ha e to do+ )lso( &nder certain conditions( yo& can e en &se the SW76.S & W1?)6.6: trademar"s DS&W( SW76.S & W1?)6.6:( )scendin! System )C( and ))CE to indicate that yo&r wor" is compati0le with the !ame+ )s lon! as yo& -ollow the reB&irements( yo& can state that yo&r reso&rce $is compati0le with the r&les o- SW76.S & W1?)6.6:' or( $with the SW76.S & W1?)6.6: r&les' or( $with the SW76.S & W1?)6.6: !ame+' ;ere are those reB&irements/

*he SW76.S & W1?)6.6: Compati0ilityAStatement 4icense DCS4E/

:o& m&st state on the -irst pa!e where yo& mention SW76.S )8. W1?)6.6: that $SW76.S & W1?)6.6:( S&W( and Mythmere ,ames are the trademar"s o- Matthew #+ Finch(' and that yo& are not a--iliated with Matthew #+ Finch or Mythmere ,ames <+ :o& m&st( when re-errin! to the armor class o- any creat&re or character( incl&de 0oth the descendin! )C and the )scendin! System )C( with the )scendin! System )C in 0rac"ets+ 1- yo&Cre &sin! the license to commit le!al -ra&d( yo& -or-eit the ri!ht to contin&e &sin! the license/ speci-ically( i- yo& are claimin! compati0ility with the r&les o- S&W( the claim m&st not constit&te le!al -ra&d( or -ra&d in the ind&cement( &nder the laws o- the State o- *exas+ 8ote that this reB&irement is almost impossi0le to iolate &nintentionally9itCs lar!ely intended to "eep me o&t otro&0le( not to restrict le!itimate statements o- compati0ility+ :o& m&st comply with the terms o- the 7,4+ 1n order to "eep it clear which copy is the $real' copy when -ileAsharin! 0e!ins( please set o-- yo&r ho&se r&les in some way90old-ace( italic( 0oxed text( or some other clear mar"er9and mention somewhere that these are the r&les which ary -rom the o--icial text o- SW76.S & W1?)6.6:+ Sellin! a -&ll ersion o- this !ame with yo&r ho&se r&les incorporated into it is per-ectly permissi0le( 0&t yo& may not sell an e--ecti ely &nchan!ed copy o- the r&les -or money+ :o&r ri!hts &nder this CS4 cannot 0e re o"ed( and are perpet&al( &nless yo& 0reach the terms othe license( in which case yo&r ri!hts terminate+ 1- yo& comply with the a0o e( yo& may state that yo&r reso&rce $is compati0le with the r&les oSW76.S & W1?)6.6:' or( $with the SW76.S & W1?)6.6: r&les' or( $with the SW76.S & W1?)6.6: !ame+'

7%28 ,)M2 C78*28*

7pen ,ame Content may only 0e Rsed &nder and in terms o- the 7pen ,ame 4icense 5ersion 1+0a D7,4E+


*his entire wor" is desi!nated as 7pen ,ame Content &nder the 7,4( with the exception o- the trademar"s $SW76.S & W1?)6.6:(' $S&W(' and $Mythmere ,ames(' and with the exception o- all artwor"+ *hese trademar"s( and the *rade .ress o- this wor" D-ont( layo&t( style o- artwor"( etc+E are reser ed as %rod&ct 1dentity+

7%28 ,)M2 41C28S2 5ersion 1+0a

*he -ollowin! text is the property o- Wizards o- the Coast( 1nc+ and is Copyri!ht 2000 Wizards o- the Coast( 1nc D$Wizards'E+ )ll 6i!hts 6eser ed+ .e-initions/ DaE'Contri0&tors' means the copyri!ht and/or trademar" owners who ha e contri0&ted 7pen ,ame ContentK D0E'.eri ati e Material' means copyri!hted material incl&din! deri ati e wor"s and translations Dincl&din! into other comp&ter lan!&a!esE( potation( modi-ication( correction( addition( extension( &p!rade( impro ement( compilation( a0rid!ment or other -orm in which an existin! wor" may 0e recast( trans-ormed or adaptedK DcE'.istri0&te' means to reprod&ce( license( rent( lease( sell( 0roadcast( p&0licly display( transmit or otherwise distri0&teK DdE'7pen ,ame Content' means the !ame mechanic and incl&des the methods( proced&res( processes and ro&tines to the extent s&ch content does not em0ody the %rod&ct 1dentity and is an enhancement o er the prior art and any additional content clearly identi-ied as 7pen ,ame Content 0y the Contri0&tor( and means any wor" co ered 0y this 4icense( incl&din! translations and deri ati e wor"s &nder copyri!ht law( 0&t speci-ically excl&des %rod&ct 1dentity+ DeE'%rod&ct 1dentity' means prod&ct and prod&ct line names( lo!os and identi-yin! mar"s incl&din! trade dressK arti-actsK creat&res charactersK stories( storylines( plots( thematic elements( dialo!&e( incidents( lan!&a!e( artwor"( sym0ols( desi!ns( depictions( li"enesses( -ormats( poses( concepts( themes and !raphic( photo!raphic and other is&al or a&dio representationsK names and descriptions o- characters( spells( enchantments( personalities( teams( personas( li"enesses and special a0ilitiesK places( locations( en ironments( creat&res( eB&ipment( ma!ical or s&pernat&ral a0ilities or e--ects( lo!os( sym0ols( or !raphic desi!nsK and any other trademar" or re!istered trademar" clearly identi-ied as %rod&ct identity 0y the owner o- the %rod&ct 1dentity( and which speci-ically excl&des the 7pen ,ame ContentK D-E'*rademar"' means the lo!os( names( mar"( si!n( motto( desi!ns that are &sed 0y a Contri0&tor to identi-y itsel- or its prod&cts or the associated prod&cts contri0&ted to the 7pen ,ame 4icense 0y the Contri0&tor D!E'Rse'( $Rsed' or $Rsin!' means to &se( .istri0&te( copy( edit( -ormat( modi-y( translate and otherwise create .eri ati e Material o- 7pen ,ame Content+ DhE $:o&' or $:o&r' means the licensee in terms o- this a!reement+ *he 4icense/ *his 4icense applies to any 7pen ,ame Content that contains a notice indicatin! that the 7pen ,ame Content may only 0e Rsed &nder and in terms o- this 4icense+ :o& m&st a--ix s&ch a notice to any 7pen ,ame Content that yo& Rse+ 8o terms may 0e added to or s&0tracted -rom this 4icense except as descri0ed 0y the 4icense itsel-+ 8o other terms or conditions may 0e applied to any 7pen ,ame Content distri0&ted &sin! this 4icense+ 7--er and )cceptance/ By Rsin! the 7pen ,ame Content :o& indicate :o&r acceptance o- the terms o- this 4icense+


,rant and Consideration/ 1n consideration -or a!reein! to &se this 4icense( the Contri0&tors !rant :o& a perpet&al( worldwide( royaltyA-ree( nonAexcl&si e license with the exact terms o- this 4icense to Rse( the 7pen ,ame Content+ 6epresentation o- )&thority to Contri0&te/ 1- :o& are contri0&tin! ori!inal material as 7pen ,ame Content( :o& represent that :o&r Contri0&tions are :o&r ori!inal creation and/or :o& ha e s&--icient ri!hts to !rant the ri!hts con eyed 0y this 4icense+ 8otice o- 4icense Copyri!ht/ :o& m&st &pdate the C7%:61,;* 87*1C2 portion o- this 4icense to incl&de the exact text o- the C7%:61,;* 87*1C2 o- any 7pen ,ame Content :o& are copyin!( modi-yin! or distri0&tin!( and :o& m&st add the title( the copyri!ht date( and the copyri!ht holderCs name to the C7%:61,;* 87*1C2 o- any ori!inal 7pen ,ame Content yo& .istri0&te+ Rse o- %rod&ct 1dentity/ :o& a!ree not to Rse any %rod&ct 1dentity( incl&din! as an indication as to compati0ility( except as expressly licensed in another( independent )!reement with the owner o- each element o- that %rod&ct 1dentity+ :o& a!ree not to indicate compati0ility or coAadapta0ility with any *rademar" or 6e!istered *rademar" in conF&nction with a wor" containin! 7pen ,ame Content except as expressly licensed in another( independent )!reement with the owner o- s&ch *rademar" or 6e!istered *rademar"+ *he &se o- any %rod&ct 1dentity in 7pen ,ame Content does not constit&te a challen!e to the ownership o- that %rod&ct 1dentity+ *he owner o- any %rod&ct 1dentity &sed in 7pen ,ame Content shall retain all ri!hts( title and interest in and to that %rod&ct 1dentity+ 1denti-ication/ 1- yo& distri0&te 7pen ,ame Content :o& m&st clearly indicate which portions o- the wor" that yo& are distri0&tin! are 7pen ,ame Content+ Rpdatin! the 4icense/ Wizards or its desi!nated )!ents may p&0lish &pdated ersions o- this 4icense+ :o& may &se any a&thorized ersion o- this 4icense to copy( modi-y and distri0&te any 7pen ,ame Content ori!inally distri0&ted &nder any ersion o- this 4icense+ Copy o- this 4icense/ :o& MRS* incl&de a copy o- this 4icense with e ery copy o- the 7pen ,ame Content :o& .istri0&te+ Rse o- Contri0&tor Credits/ :o& may not mar"et or ad ertise the 7pen ,ame Content &sin! the name o- any Contri0&tor &nless :o& ha e written permission -rom the Contri0&tor to do so+ 1na0ility to Comply/ 1- it is impossi0le -or :o& to comply with any o- the terms o- this 4icense with respect to some or all o- the 7pen ,ame Content d&e to stat&te( F&dicial order( or !o ernmental re!&lation then :o& may not Rse any 7pen ,ame Material so a--ected+ *ermination/ *his 4icense will terminate a&tomatically i- :o& -ail to comply with all terms herein and -ail to c&re s&ch 0reach within J0 days o- 0ecomin! aware o- the 0reach+ )ll s&0licenses shall s&r i e the termination o- this 4icense+ 6e-ormation/ 1- any pro ision o- this 4icense is held to 0e &nen-orcea0le( s&ch pro ision shall 0e re-ormed only to the extent necessary to ma"e it en-orcea0le+ C7%:61,;* 87*1C2 7pen ,ame 4icense 1+0a Copyri!ht 2000( Wizards o- the Coast( 1nc+ System 6e-erence .oc&ment Copyri!ht 2000A200J( Wizards o- the Coast( 1nc+K )&thors #onathan *weet( Monte Coo"( S"ip Williams( 6ich Ba"er( )ndy Collins( .a id 8oonan( 6ich 6edman( Br&ce 6+ Cordell( #ohn .+ 6ateli--( *homas 6eid( #ames Wyatt( 0ased on ori!inal material 0y 2+ ,ary ,y!ax and .a e )rneson+ Swords & Wizardry( Copyri!ht 200>( Matthew #+ Finch SW76.S & W1?)6.6:/ W;1*2B7@ 0y Matt Finch and Mar Brei!( Copyri!ht 200>( Matthew #+ Finch 28. 7F 41C28S2


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