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brandS in control!

Schawk helpS conSumer brandS leverage StrengthS through brand point management.

We knoW your challenges.
you face reduced shelf space and more competition for mindshare and marketshare. shoppers want to be informed and inspired. Packaging and other branded materials must be innovative and accurate. you need agility to take advantage of marketplace opportunities. you feel pressure to manage resources efficiently and monetize brands globally.

Schawk for cpgs and fmcgs

We have insight.

schawk has brand point management, the integration of services, technologies and experience to address issues at the heart of your brand’s performance and profit.

Schawk and brand point management help you take control of the proceSSeS that deliver compelling and conSiStent Shopper experienceS

hoW you take control.
Brand point management is our commitment to streamlining and strengthening the processes that create compelling and consistent brand experiences for the consumer. it meets the most pressing needs of cPgs/FMcgs today: to focus your assets and resources on producing packaging and branded materials – and thus shopper experiences – that match your vision for the brand. the benefits we deliver are unique and timely today. proceSS benefitS from ideation through creative and execution: • efficiency and agility in workflows and supply chains – with permanent bottom-line benefits • The integration of multiple brand services for efficiency, consistency and brand power • collaboration with retail partners leveraged through market insight and process agility theSe proceSS benefitS drive benefitS where your brand toucheS ShopperS: • compelling packaging and branded materials generated through design strategy and creative design that are informed by shopper and channel insight • consistent shopper experiences across multiple consumer environments and geographies

Process BeneFits
efficiency and agility integration of brand ServiceS collaboration with retail partnerS

BranD BeneFits

compelling materialS

conSiStent experienceS everywhere

how you benefit

Package Design that coMPels Purchase.

this is where shoppers truly become buyers. today’s shoppers demand novelty, excitement and information in packaging and promotional materials that reach them at home, on the go and at all points in the store – especially on the shelf. schawk can help you deliver these across brand touchpoints. our dedicated strategic design company, anthem, spearheads this process. our expertise covers analytics, concepting, design and deployment across multiple geographies. We have distinguished ourselves as a top-level strategic design agency for packaging through high-level successes with iconic global brands, standardsetting national brands, beloved regional brands, fresh upstarts, and aggressive private label brands. and under brand point management, anthem services align with schawk production and premedia teams, workflow experts and creative specialists to ensure excitement, effectiveness, marketplace agility worldwide and fidelity to your crucial brand ideas.

how you benefit

consistency in Materials across environMents anD across the gloBe.
FMcgs/cPgs have inherent advantages in the historical strength of your brands and the quality of your brand ideas. schawk can make sure these are leveraged to advantage in all channels and geographies through consistency – the assurance that your brand reaches the shopper on-brand, on-time and on-spec. how do we do it? it’s not simply that we integrate across strategy, creative and execution; we deliver services that are dedicated to consistency itself: • Stellar premedia services, including production art and digital files • Advanced interactive production and tv advertising postproduction, including localization and versioning for tv, radio and interactive

• Industry-leading color and print management services • brand compliance services, help desks and workflow-management consulting and we sync these with Blue,™ the most comprehensive brand management technology solution available today. if you worry about the consistency of your brand in a challenging world marketplace, talk to us.



how you benefit

eFFiciency anD agility in WorkFloWs anD suPPly chains.

how you benefit

collaBoration With retail Partners.

in the past, these were important ideals. today they’re crucial to the viability of even your most venerable brands. schawk has an impressive record of helping the world’s largest consumer goods companies realize the bottom-line gains of greater efficiency and agility.

schawk has a long history of serving both FMcgs/cPgs and retailers – and their respective agencies – and we are sensitive to the demands on all parties. this puts us in an excellent position to foster collaboration between you and your retail partners – very valuable today as retailers are calling on consumer brands to mesh with their marketing plans and timelines and to bring fresh creative ideas to the table. schawk enables collaboration through many means: with proven high-level promotional strategy work, through innovative creative design in-store and on the shelf, and through the rock-solid delivery of executional services that enable consumer brands to deliver packaging and promotional materials that meet the co-marketing mandates. Dynamic, forward-thinking FMcgs/cPgs are finding ways to partner with retailers. Schawk can help at every stage of that process.

We are experts in graphics workflows and boast the most comprehensive brand management technology solution available, Blue™. Blue comprises five modules for workflow management, graphics lifecycle management, copy management, kPi reporting and online proofing. these modules are superior to any other brand management software for focusing, streamlining and strengthening the processes that create your branded materials, including harmonizing disparate divisions – such as marketing, legal, procurement, etc. – across multiple geographies. But Blue isn’t an off-the-shelf software program that’s installed by third parties. it’s purpose-built enterprise software that’s the centerpiece of a full schawk offering that includes:

• extensive analysis and consulting of your workflow challenges and opportunities

• Fully configurable, comprehensive turnkey software solutions and validation packages for highly regulated validated environments • installation, training and maintenance by our own experts.

• on-site options for continued supervision of Blue and brandworkflow processes.

to drive further efficiency, consumer goods brands are trimming their vendor rosters and consolidating with partners who can do more – including outsourcing and on-site – at a high level of skill. so it’s important to know that we drive agility and efficiency over strategy, creative and execution as we integrate them across four continents and more than 3,000 schawk employees.


integration that gives you control.

how you benefit

hoW We integrate.
brand repoSitioning deSign Strategy Shopper inSightS

in a changing world marketplace, consumer packaged goods companies still have unmatched strength: brand equity, top talent, r&D expertise, scale. But unmatched doesn’t mean invincible. today’s realities demand that consumer goods brands compete like never before. Winning requires integrating strategy, creative and execution to drive quality and efficiency and to focus resources on making crucial consumer touchpoints more compelling and consistent. schawk’s delivery of brand point management makes this happen. Schawk deliverS a unique and crucial Set of SkillS and ServiceS for today’S aggreSSive cpgs and fmcgs.


package deSign original photography and cgi retail marketing 3d viSualiZation

Schawk offers strategy: brand analysis and articulation as well as visual articulation and design strategy. We bring deep insights to a brand’s analytics and combine this with inspired creativity to meet cPg demands for discipline and excitement – in the same package.


premedia mechanical art production color and print management online/image optimiZation SaleS SampleS interactive ServiceS brand compliance / help deSkS

Schawk offers creative: brand identity design, packaging design, and system design ranging from ideation and the first sparks of innovative thinking to its expression on packaging, in the store, online, in direct mail and catalogs. Schawk offers execution: brand implementation, such as standards, guidelines and global deployment, and the unmatched premedia services that have been our foundation for more than five decades. and we go a crucial step further: We integrate strategy, creativity and execution through real collaboration on four continents, advanced brand management technology, and productive relationships with your key partners, including ad agencies, promotional partners, printers and even retailers. the result: schawk enables you to leverage your inherent strengths to turn shoppers into buyers. we call thiS brand point management.


graphicS lifecycle/copy management graphicS workflow management workflow kpi meaSurement conSultation, inStallation, training and maintenance on-Site Staffing

Schawk, Inc., (NYSE:SGK), is a leading provider of brand point management services, enabling companies of all sizes to connect their brands with consumers to create deeper brand affinity. With a global footprint of more than 48 offices, Schawk helps companies create compelling and consistent brand experiences by providing integrated strategic, creative and executional services across brand touchpoints. Founded in 1953, Schawk is trusted by many of the world’s leading organizations to help them achieve global brand consistency. For more information about Schawk, visit For more information about Anthem Worldwide, visit Follow Anthem on Twitter at htttp:// Visit, powered by Schawk, to participate in a one-of-a-kind, exclusive online marketing community. Registration is fast, free and easy. As a registered member, you’ll have access to news and trends from leading blogs, magazines and webcasts. You will also be able to ask questions and join threaded discussions on hot topics. All this and more at Follow Brandsquare on Twitter at © 2009 Schawk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyright holder. Schawk is a registered trademark of Schawk, Inc. The Schawk logo is a trademark of Schawk, Inc. BLUE is a trademark of Schawk, Inc.

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