Hero Worship


was touched by the story about Staff Sergeant Matt Keil’s sacrifice in Iraq (“Welcome Home”). It was heartwarming to hear that so many friends, family members, and volunteers pitched in to build him a customized high-tech home after an enemy bullet left him paralyzed. Those peo- Matt doesn’t like being called a hero, because, ple are the unsung heroes he says, “I was just doing my job.” Sorry, Matt, in this great nation.
M ega n Wad as,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pigging Out


but you are a hero in my eyes for serving our country with honor. I admire his wife, Tracy, for her devotion and steadfast commitment to the man she loves. Karen Stark, Edmond, Oklahoma
It may be mismanagement of our economy that turns us from the world’s superpower to the world’s super-debtor nation.
Larry Penner, Great Neck, New York

t’s an outright disgrace that some of our elected “public servants” are overindulged, privileged, and corrupt—just like some of the leaders in other countries that we have fought to change (Outrageous! “Pushing Pork”). Earmarks and lobbying infractions are scandalous and have no place in America. Taxpayer money is not petty cash.
Susa n O ’Rea r, Las Vegas, Nevada

Life Is Good


hese days, whenever I pick up the newspaper, I read about another company closing or more job

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cuts. It can get depressing. But John Tierney gave us ten reasons to be thankful for the times we live in (“It’s a Wonderful Life”). Now, before I tackle my next problem, I’ll remember to count my blessings.
B etty Ann Surra tt, Fort Hill, South Carolina

Too often we get sucked into the “woe is me” mode and need to be reminded of how truly lucky we are. Your article made me happier and put me in a better mood.
R. P., via Internet

Kobliner’s tips for reducing debt, paying bills on time, and writing a will were fantastic. As an insurance and financial consultant, however, I disagree with her advice on shopping around for the best rate. I can give clients my lowest rate, but is it the right fit for their needs? Does it protect their assets? The best professional advice isn’t based solely on Sterling Rask ie, Madison, Wisconsin price.

The Beat Goes On

Money Matters



am glad I took Beth Kobliner’s advice (“29 Money Basics”). I had a credit card for two years with a 4.99 percent interest rate. Although I have an excellent payment history, my rate was raised to 13.99 percent. I called to ask for a reduction. After reviewing my record, the company dropped it to 7.99 percent. I am so glad that I fought back and won.
Lua nn Toni, Denver, Colorado

he symptoms of a heart attack can be tricky (“The WholeFamily Guide to a Healthy Heart”). I suffered a heart attack when I was 26 (I even slept through part of it, thinking it was bad heartburn). I woke up in the ICU with shock pads on my chest to find out one of my arteries had a 90 percent blockage. My doctors determined that my overactive thyroid was to blame. Young people need to be reminded to take care of their heart health.
Preston Morris, Overland Park, Kansas

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Continuing Education


rofessor Ben Dunlap said it was Sandor Teszler, his 90-year-old student, who taught him more about life than anyone he’d known (“The Art of Living”). I am proud to say that Teszler was my grandfather. Mr. Dunlap has been a wonderful friend to our family. I know my grandfather would be overwhelmed to learn that he has shared his story with the world.
Roby n Tesz l er, Greenville, South Carolina

love and respect this incredible man. All government offices, schools, and most businesses are closed in order to pay respect to him. But today there is little or no celebration of his life, other than Presidents’ Day sales.
Andrew A. Cross, Plano, Texas

Gift of Life


Penny Wise


hank you for addressing the sad disregard of President Lincoln’s birthday (“My Two Cents”). Growing up in Illinois, I was taught to

t doesn’t surprise me that Nancy Volk would donate a kidney to one of her customers (The Digest: “She Gave at the Deli”). We used to work together at a group home for people with developmental disabilities, and she made everyone—staff and residents—feel special. Nancy is one in a million.
Ann Holmes, Maple Grove, Minnesota

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