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Assignment 2

COMP 1260 Winter Session 2014 3. Google Account: To create a document with Google Drive you will need a Google account. If, for any reason, you do not want to use your own name for this account, you may use a pseudonym. The assignment does not require you to list your Google ID. 4. Submit the assignment for marking.


o Word processing: Advanced features available in MS Word, including complex text formatting, section properties, table of contents and references, and graphics. o Google Drive: Importing your document into Google Drive, and modifying it to comply with the reduced set of features available.


The replica documents you include in your sampler may be the same as the ones in this assignment, or you may choose different ones, provided they are appropriate to the theme (for example the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The content for your replica documents can be obtained from online sources, which you will cite as references. As you find information about the documents, add the title, author, year of publication, publisher, etc. to a list of sources (References Manage Sources) so that you can later create a bibliography on the last page. Also include the URL where you got your text and illustrations. In the case of the Magna Carta, which was written in Latin, you may use Lorem Ipsum, which has been used by document creators for hundreds of years to fill up documents with Latin text. Your instructor will demonstrate how to obtain Lorem Ipsum.

Assignments are due at 4:00 pm on Monday, March 3, 2014. Late submissions will be accepted, but there will be a penalty of 2% per hour applied, based on the number of hours late.

As a fundraising effort in support of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), you are offering for sale replicas of important documents in the evolution of human rights. You will prepare a 6page document featuring samples of your replicas, demonstrating many word processing features (illustrations, drop cap, multi-column text, special characters, pull quotes, etc.) This document will enable you to try out many features of Word. Then you will import this document into Google Docs/Drive, which does not support many of these features. At this point you will reformat the document as well as you can to make it attractive, though simplified. You will also prepare a cover letter, introducing your effort to supporters.


The first page of your document is a cover letter from you to potential supporters explaining what to find in the attachment (the rest of the document). See the sample on the next page. Details: Begin the document using letter size paper and portrait orientation. You may use a letter template provided by Word, or an organization you find in a book or on the Internet. Cite your source on the last page of the document. Hint: template documents often set unusual defaults (e.g., a border on every page) that might cause Page 1 of 5


1. Pre-requisite: You must have a D2L account at, and you must have submitted to your instructor a signed Blanket Honesty Declaration. 2. Word document: Prepare a document with the specifications listed. Use FamilyName_FirstName_A2_Vx.docx as the filename (Li_Pan_A2_V1.docx would be an example).

Assignment 2 difficulties later; it is often better to type your letter in a simple blank document. There should be a date field, and it should be one that automatically shows the current date. You must fill in full addresses on the letter (but you may use a fabricated address). In the body you should make a bulleted list of the replicas in your sampler. Your page should have a vertical alignment of Center.

COMP 1260 Winter Session 2014


If you use heading styles consistently, Word can generate a Table of Contents for you. When you are first creating this document, you should leave this page blank, as you obviously cannot generate the Table of Contents until the headings are in place. The final Table of Contents for the sample document is shown below. After you have done everything else in your document, come back to this page and insert your Table of Contents. If you make changes afterwards, you will need to right-click on it and regenerate it to bring it up to date. This page should have no header or footer. Put a pt. page border around this page only.

What is a Cover Letter? Never send anything with several pages to a busy person without a cover letter. People like professors, employers, agents, executives, etc. are typically quite busy and they will not take the time to read anything longer than a page or two unless they see some benefit in doing so. The purpose of the cover letter is to give the recipient a reason to read the attachment, whether it is a rsum, a proposal, a manuscript, or anything else of some length. This page should not have text in either the header or footer. However the header should have your QR code from Assignment 1 in the top right corner of the page.


This page is formatted using tabloid paper (11 by 17 inches), which is a size not supported by most printers. You can use a "virtual" printer such as Microsoft XPS Document Writer, which supports many more page sizes. This will keep Word from complaining about such things as margins being set outside the printable area of a page.

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Assignment 2

COMP 1260 Winter Session 2014

Use four columns and left justification for text on this page, but have a major heading that spans the entire top of the page. Use one-inch margins on all sides on every page of the document. Use Normal style for your font on this page. Adjust the style (either through Themes, or by changing the style directly) so that it uses 11-pt text. Either the Normal style should have a serif font and the Heading styles should use sans serif, or vice versa. That is, headings and body text should not use the same type of font. You must have at least 3 subheadings on the page (the sample document has 7). Insert an appropriate image between columns 2 and 3, using Tight Text Wrapping. Be sure to add where you obtained the image to your References, and also be sure it is licensed for reuse. Use a drop cap on the initial paragraph of text. The drop cap should be in the document margin. Put the name of the document into the header, centred and italicized (on pages 3, 4 and 5). Insert a shape into the header as a background. Use a textured fill to give the page a parchment

look. Make sure the shape fills up the entire page. Put the page number, starting at page 1 on this page, in the footer. Use the same footer on all the pages from here on.


This page is formatted using Letter size paper. Once again, insert text according to the following details: This time use landscape orientation and single column layout. Once again have a major heading at the top of the page. As on the previous page, put the name of the book in the header and the page number in the footer. (Make sure the header and footer are centred in landscape orientation.) This page is not required to have minor headings (but you may have them if you wish). Use full justification on the text on this page. Choose a font that (in your opinion) looks like ancient script. Search for an image (again, licensed for reuse) that has the appearance of very old paper (animal skin perhaps?). Insert it directly into Page 3 of 5

Assignment 2 the page with Wrap set to Behind Text. Add the image source to your list of References. Add a Sidebar to the page. Add some text to the sidebar, which may be actual text from your document, or some description of the document. Use at least one special character (accented characters, for instance, or characters in another language) into the text, and make a footnote at that location to point it out.

COMP 1260 Winter Session 2014


This page is formatted using Legal size paper. Once again, insert text according to the following details: Use portrait orientation for the rest of the document, starting with this page. The top of the page has one column, centred. In addition to the major heading, insert some other text, formatted with decorative fonts. In the sample document, the fonts look like old English calligraphy and handwriting (cursive). The bottom of the document has two columns, left justified, with a line between the columns. Ensure there are at least two minor headings on the page. Insert drop caps on the first paragraph of each section with a drop of two lines. Use highlighting on the drop caps. Adjust the font size and paragraph indentation on this page so that the text occupies as much of the page as possible. Insert ClipArt into the header to use as a background. You want to find one that will not overpower the text though. You will probably have to use the Color and Corrections tools to get the desired effect.


On the last page of your document insert an automated bibliography using the Bibliography tool. Add a Works Cited or Bibliography to this page. It should include all the fields you stored (author, title, year, publisher and also the URL where you found it.) Use any of the formats (your choice). Header / Footer: the header for the last page should be empty, and the footer should be the same as on previous pages. Under the bibliography insert a table with one row for each of the replicas. Have three columns, labelled Replica, Document only and With frame. In the last two columns put prices for the replica documents. You can make the prices up. Put an outline around the table, and separate the column headings from the data by a horizontal line, but use no other borders. Page 4 of 5

Assignment 2 Under the table, prepare another copy of the same table, except this time use tabs instead of a formal Table to line up the columns. In both cases, line up the prices using a decimal tab.

COMP 1260 Winter Session 2014 click on it in Google Drive online and choose to share it. Put the link to the Google Doc as a comment in your submission in D2L. 5. Submit the Assignment There will be a period of about a week before the due date (see the first page) when you can submit your assignment. Do not be late! Log in to and use the DropBox feature to upload your assignment as a .docx file. Files other than .docx will either receive a grade penalty or will not be graded. Also remember to include the link to your Google Doc as a comment. End of Assignment 2

Google Drive has several Google Docs applications, including a word processor. When you are finished the Word document, perform the following steps. Create a Google account as described on page 1. Put a copy of your Word document onto your Google Drive, and open it in Google Docs, which will attempt to make sense of the formatting. Reformat atit in Google Docs to try to retain the sense of the original. It is OK if not all the images are present. It is OK if you do not have drop caps. It is OK if all the pages are the same size and in portrait orientation. Keep the number of pages the same. Try to fit everything on, but if that is not possible, then you can remove some text. The marker will check for a 6 page document, with the cover letter intact, a table of contents, three pages with text and images from the appropriate sources, a bibliography, and two sets of pricing tables, with contents lined up. To enable the marker to see this document, rightPage 5 of 5