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Who is Neocom 2007 Foundation of Neocom Software Ltd TRBOnet is a trademark for software products 2008 Motorola Application Partner 2010 Best Dispatch Solution

2011 ConnectPlus solution provider

2012 Best Radio Application partner

2013 200+ dealers and 1800+ systems

TRBOnet Team

Software Products
7 products

Custom Development
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Support Team
More than 600 systems Installed Remote Installation, Troubleshooting Phone, Email, Skype

Main Products
TRBOnet Enterprise - Dispatch & AVL Solution
Conventional systems IP Site Connect Capacity Plus Connect Plus: GPS and VoiceDispatch Linked Capacity Plus

TRBOnet Watch Diagnostic, Monitor, Control

IP Site Connect Capacity Plus Connect Plus Linked Capacity Plus (with limitations)

TRBOnet Enterprise Dispatch & AVL Solution

TRBOnet Enterprise: All in One

TRBOnet Enterprise: Feature List

Feature List
Easy access to radio network via PC (Voice IP) Voice Capabilities. All type of calls. ISCP, Capacity Plus, Connect Plus Remote Dispatcher Intercom CrossPatch Voice Recording GPS Positioning GeoFencing GPS Revert. Individual polling interval MapPoint 2009. Google Earth. ESRI. Raster Maps. etc ARS (online/offline) Event log Reporting Lone Worker Radio Kill. Passive Mode Text Messages Email Gateway (SMTP/POP3 integration) Telemetry Advanced Dispatchers configuration Telephone Interconnect Canned Messages Evacuation Messages

Dispatcher Workbench

GPS Positioning

Radio Interface

Event Log

Radio Interface

Radio Interface Features

All type calls: Broadcast, Group, Private, Remote Monitor, Emergency Intercom Voice Recording Change Channel/Zone Cross Patch (Cross Band) TX Passive Phone Patch Voice Mail Evacuation Messages

Channel Interface PTT

Change Channel

Select Talk Group

Call Type Callsign (PTT ID)

Alarm Tone
Mute, Solo

GPS Location Interface

GPS Location Features

Current units location Preconfigured intervals, On demand by dispatcher Individual polling interval / Reset GPS trigger Location History and Routes Subscriber status (radio online/offline, GPS online/offline, alarm ) Regions: GeoFencing and Speed Control Policies Additional objects on the map (check points, buildings) Enhanced GPS Vector, Raster, Online, Custom Maps (OpenStreetMap, Google Earth, MapPoint,
Raster/Custom maps)

Native MOTOTRBO Telemetry Utilizes rear accessory connector to connect to external sensors Acknowledgement

State Changes History Configurable Schemas

Two-way Telemetry

TRBOnet: Text Messages

TRBOnet.RemoteDispatcher. Radio Management

Email Gateway: POP3 Integration

Personal Computer Internet / LAN

Internet / LAN


Email Server with POP3, i.e. Exchange Server Other systems, i.e. Fire Alarm Control

TRBOnet RadioServer

Radios, Talk Groups

End-User sends email to a Email Server The RadioServer connects to Email Server every [60] seconds, receives emails and forwards them as Text Messages to a particular radio or a Talk Group

Email Gateway: SMTP Integration

Administrator 1 Internet / LAN

Internet / LAN


Email Server with SMTP, i.e. Exchange Server Administrator 2

TRBOnet RadioServer

Radios, Talk Groups

Units send Text messages to a Master Radio The RadioServer receives Text Messages and forwards them as Emails to a particular computer

Event Log

All Information
Talk sessions (Voice Recording) Text messages Telemetry ARS (online/offline status) Dispatcher Activities System events

Group, Filter, Search Reporting


Text and Voice Mail for Offline Units

Evacuation Messages Scheduled Text or Telemetry Messages Lone Worker

Radio Kill Passive Export Data

TRBOnet Enterprise Architecture

TRBOnet Enterprise: Architecture

Classic Client-Server Architecture

Three parts:
RadioServer Client (DispatcherConsole) Agent (RadioGateway)

The best for Distributed Systems

Single Site, Example

Dispatcher 1

Channel 1

Dispatcher 2

Ethernet / Internet

Channel 2 & 3 TRBOnet. RadioServer

Dispatcher N Channel 5 & 6 Internet/Ethernet Radio channel

Multi Site System, Example

Dispatcher 1

TRBOnet.Agent1 New-York


Dispatcher 2

Ethernet / Internet

Berlin TRBOnet. RadioServer IP Site Connect

Dispatcher N TRBOnet.Agent N London Internet/Ethernet Radio channel Capacity Plus

Master Radios / Control Stations

USB Cable Analog Audio IN Analog Audio OUT

PC with TRBOnet RadioServer Software

Mobile radio as Master Radio

Direct IP Connect to IPSC

MOTORBO Repeater 2 Voice and Data over IP

TimeSlot 1


MOTORBO Repeater 1 PC with

TRBOnet RadioServer Software

TimeSlot 2

MOTORBO Repeater 3

Direct IP Connect to CapacityPlus

Voice and Data over IP


PC with

TRBOnet RadioServer Software

RX from Repeaters over IP TX at least one control station

Capacity Plus

Direct IP Connect to Repeaters:

1. Single Repeater in IPSC Mode


3. Capacity Plus: - Voice and Data from Repeaters over IP - Still need a Master Radio to Transmit

All Data and Voice are recorded Less Expensive (no master radios required) Easy to install Data/GPS works better

Connect Plus Support


Connect Plus Support ARS, GPS, TEXT - NOW

(IP Connect to Controllers)

VoiceDispatch, Control, Telemetry - NOW

(XRT9000 required)


Site 1


Site 2 PC with TRBOnet RadioServer Software

Site N

TRBOnet Enterprise Cross Patch

Cross Patch

TRBOnet.Agent London

TRBOnet. RadioServer Berlin

Internet/Ethernet Radio channel

TRBOnet.Agent Paris

Multisite Capacity Plus

Capacity Plus 2

Capacity Plus 1
TRBOnet.Enterprise RadioServer

CrossPatch: Total Coverage

Telephone Interconnect
PBX with SIP or online SIP service

No option board required

Voice recording 6 lines per a dispatcher Phone Patch to a radio Support IP Site and Capacity Plus (firmware 1.7 required)

Telephone Interconnect

Dispatcher 1

Site 1

Dispatcher 2

TRBOnet.Enterprise RadioServer

Dispatcher 3

SIP Server in the Internet or PABX with SIP support

Internet/Ethernet Radio channel

TRBOnet Indoor
TRBOnet Enterprise 3.0 or higher Hardware: Option Board + Beacon Beacon Battery: 2-3 years Beacon Range: from 0,5 meter to 25 meters

Indoor & Outdoor solution

2D and 3D maps

Two solutions: Indoor Positioning Guard Tour (October 2011) Availability: August 2011

TRBOnet Indoor

TRBOnet Watch
Diagnostic Support:

and monitoring tool for MOTOTRBO

single repeaters, IPSC, Cap +

When to use:
System installation, radio programming Troubleshooting System Monitor







Full range of solutions:

Voice Dispatch GPS Positioning Indoor Localization ManDown & LoneWorker Phone Interconnect Diagnostic and Monitor (TRBOnet Watch) Accessories Custom Option Boards

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