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+-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | New UPGRADE Readme file for the Community Builder Suite, CB 1.

4 | | This file contains instructions that should be followed when upgrading | | from a previous CB installation. | | | | Copyright 2004-2011 Beat, MamboJoe/JoomlaJoe and CB team on | | | | This component is released under the GNU/GPL version 2 License and | | parts under Community Builder Free License. | | All copyright statements must be kept and derivate work must | | prominently acknowledge original work on web interface and on website | | where downloaded. | | | | Joomla/Mambo Community Builder 1.4 Stable | | native for Joomla! 1.0.0 - 1.0.15, 1.5.3 - 1.5.22 and | | Mambo 4.5.0 - 4.6.5. | | | | Now supports Joomla 1.6.0 | | | +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ WARNING - The package is over 2M in size. If when trying to install you get a Joomla message: "There was an error uploading this file to the server.", then check that your PHP upload_max_filesize is at least 4M (recommended 16M) in your php.ini file.. IMPORTANT - CB 1.4 must be installed on a PHP 5.0 or better environment (PHP 5.2+ recommended). CB 1.4 will **not** install on a PHP 4.0 environment. MYSQL 4.0 or better required (MYSQL 5.0+ recommended). IMPORTANT - CB 1.4 may have issues (nothing known as of this writting) when used on Joomla 1.6.0. Please visit the Joomlapolis forums to see identified issues and follow Joomla 1.6.0 / CB compatibility progress. IMPORTANT - This component does not work with any other registration or login modules or hacks. It is recommended that you uninstall all such modifications as the effects of using them with this component are unknown. IMPORTANT As for any installation: FIRST BACKUP your database and files. IMPORTANT - If you are not on a Joomla 1.5 environment, you should have all Community Builder plugin installers that you installed before at hand, or use the expert installation procedure below. DO NOT uninstall plugins that you want to keep after upgrade. UPGRADES: DIRECTORY/FILE OWNERSHIP/PERMISSIONS (common Joomla/Mambo problem): If you have uploaded Community Builder by ftp to the web server without changing directory permissions or ownership, you should either: - ask your hoster to do so first, so that the webserver process running Joomla/Mambo is able to delete old files on uninstall in step 3 below and create and write new directories and files. - or for Mambo and Joomla 1.0 only consider the expert upgrade (instructions below) Alternatively for upgrading only, if you have ftp, take a look at alternative 5-steps EXPERT upgrade instructions at end, otherwise read on.

4 on a Joomla 1. =================================================================== This section describes normal upgrade process for those that cannot use ftp expert upgrade process explained below to upgrade: ------------------------------------------------------------------FOLLOWING APPLIES FOR UPGRADES FROM CB 1.0: SUMMARY OVERVIEW OF CB UPGRADE ON JOOMLA 1.6. 4) Install new CB Online module (mod_comprofilerOnline.1 releases on Joomla 1. Uninstall CB component.2 releases on Joomla 1.6.0 ENVIRONMENT Please follow same 6 steps as in the case of upgrading from CB 1. 5) Run CB Tool checks on CB database. FOLLOWING APPLIES FOR UPGRADES FROM CB package) from your CB 1. 3) Install new CB component from your CB 1.4 distribution package) from your CB 1. you need to revisit your CB Plugin Manager area and make sure all your CB plugins have their Access column set to Public (or whatever setting you had before). Note: After upgrading from CB from your CB 1.3.2 on Joomla 1.php 2) Make sure you have all extra CB plugin packages used on your site (you will need these these later in the process). 2) Install new CB Login module (mod_cblogin.php file (to be able to restore later): it is located in administrator/components/com_comprofiler/ue_config.0 AT BOTTOM OF THIS DOCUMENT: SUMMARY OVERVIEW OF NORMAL UPGRADE ---------------------------------1) Save your ue_config.php file.3. It is recommended that you uninstall all such modifications as the effects of using them with this component are unknown. There is no need to previously uninstall component . .0 ---. 3) Install new CB Workflow module (mod_comprofilerModerator.4 distribution package.This component does not work with any other registration or login modules or hacks.5 ENVIRONMENT -------------------------------------------------------1) Install new CB component (com_comprofiler.5: SUMMARY OVERVIEW OF CB UPGRADE ON JOOMLA 1.1 to CB 1.5 (see below).code will upgrade automatically. Restore your saved ue_config.4 distribution package.6 site ------------------------------------------------------------------FOLLOWING APPLIES FOR UPGRADES FROM CB 1.4 distibution package.6.1 and CB package) from your CB 1.2 RC releases: SEE FIRST EXTRA INFO FOR UPGRADES FROM CB 1. =================================================================== This section describes normal upgrade process for those that are upgrading on a Joomla 1. Only core code files are updated.IMPORTANT .environment.5 / Joomla 1. 6) Done! Note: This method preserves all installed user plugins and parameters.4 distribution package.

11) Done! You can also read the CB1. tabs. 10) Run CB Tool checks on CB databases.joomlapolis.php and of your language file and/or cb template if you modified them. 9) Inspect existing user lists and make needed changes. Uninstall your existing CB Login module and install the new one contained in the CB 1. If you don't reinstall the corresponding CB plugin you may need to unpublish or uninstall the corresponding modules and/or mambots.4) Take notes regarding your existing parameter settings for the existing CB Login module (you will need to reconfigure these parameters manually later on).txt file .any parameters for fields. Verify that the removed menu items are also removed from trash.modules ( and modules/mod_cblogin ) IMPORTANT Make sure you have all extra CB plugin packages used on your site (you will need these these later in the process) Then uninstall Community Builder (comprofiler). or at very least outside the com_comprofiler directories. NOTE: Don't uninstall CB plugins (this will keep their parameters). 2) Check in joomla/mambo installer that the directories and directory contents are writable first: . 3) Follow step 1 from the README-NEW-INSTALL.joomlapolis.pdf document included in the distribution package or consider supporting CB team as an Advanced or Professional member to get the full documentation and many more benefits: http://www.any data in the database .4 distribution package. publish and configure parameters (check notes you kept earlier). IMPORTANT: You will need to REINSTALL these CB plugins later at last step. 7) Remove existing CB related menu items and create new ones. which can result in errors or blank screens. 6) Follow previous step 4 for existing CB Online module. http://www. off-server. That's why you will need the CB plugin installers. user data. But IT WILL DELETE additional CB plugin program files only (not their parameters).com/cb-solutions/incubator DETAILS OF NORMAL UPGRADE ------------------------1) If upgrading from any previous version you may want to make a copy of your configuration file: administrator/components/com_comprofiler/ue_config.Moderation module.4_Installation.administrator/components (and administrator/components/com_comprofiler) .components ( and components/com_comprofiler ) . This WILL NOT DELETE: . After installations. 5) Follow previous step 4 for existing CB Workflow . IMPORTANT As for any installation: BACKUP FIRST your database and files. WARNING: Some third-party CB plugins come with modules and/or mambots which do not test for the CB plugin being installed. 8) Reinstall any additional plugins you had (see step 2).

in users-lists. respectively backend user levels. Before you uninstall the login module. but have missing program files are displayed in plugin list without clickable title-name.txt file for more detailed instructions of login module install process) 5) You need to uninstall and reinstall mod_comprofilerModerator. since you will need to redo these after reinstalling. you should take a note of the module parameter settings you have configured.joomlapolis. (see step 2 of the README-NEW-INSTALL.php as a component) 3b) You can now replace the default ue_config.4. and create new ones following steps 8 and 9 of the README-NEW-INSTALL. and with a barred plugin name. (see step 4 of the NOTE: plugins which have their parameters memorized by CB. as it contains added security needed by C B. you should take a note of the module parameter settings you have configured.txt file for more detailed instructions of mod_comprofilerOnline module install process) 7) Remove your existing CB menu items. since you will need to redo these after reinstalling. Before you uninstall the mod_comprofilerOnline module.php file by the ue_config. After reinstallation make sure you enable/publish the module and reconfigure and parameter settings you need.(Install com_comprofiler. After reinstallation make sure you enable/publish the module and reconfigure and parameter settings you need. since you will need to redo these after reinstalling. (see step 3 of the README-NEW-INSTALL. IMPORTANT: once you have restored your ue_config.php that you saved in step 1) above. so you need to select them individually.txt file 8) If you had additional CB plugins installed (see step 2 above). . 4) You need to uninstall mod_comprofilerlogin or mod_cblogin452 or mod_cbloginRC2 or mod_cblogin (depending on the CB version you have installed) and install the new mod_cblogin.txt file for more detailed instructions of mod_comprofilerModerator module install process) 6) You need to uninstall and reinstall mod_comprofilerOnline. you should t ake a note of the module parameter settings you have configured. so that core names fields publishing is updated correctly. Before you uninstall the mod_comprofilerModerator module. you need to go to CB configuration and SAVE the configuration. NOTE: In CB 1. you will need to reinstall them. After reinstallation make sure you enable/publish the module and reconfigure and parameter settings you need. the "public frontend" and the "public backend" "User Groups to Include in List" are not expanded anymore to all the corresponding frontend. Install additional plugins that you had before upgrading or check out additional plugins available at http://www.

That was also the case earlier.php (if upgrading of BEFORE very old CB 1. name and formatted name.tar.0.gz directly to your main website folder or untarzip (using 7zip like program) to your local PC/Mac to reveal 3 folders: administrator.These will be displayed normally and usable again once plugin is installed again.only CB files will be changed) c) remove tar. check that the fields that you want to see in users-list are also on profile. including ue_config. and if joomla 1. plugins) f) open CB config.0: cb_expert_files_only_m_4_j_1. except for username. you can delete the plugin parameters by selecting delete.4: SUMMARY OVERVIEW OF EXPERT UPGRADE ---------------------------------a) backup all b) untargzip cb_expert_files_only_YOUR_MAMBO-JOOMLAVERSION.tar.modules This can be done by putting this cb_expert_files_only.. for alternative upgrade: WARNING: no support provided for these alternate methods ! ------------------------------------------------------------------Expert Update from CB any version to CB 1.Mambo/Joomla 1.0. If you don't wish to do so. 10) This is a good time to check the CB database in Components->Community Builder->Tools->Check Community Builder Database Also after reinstalling any extra plugins you had (see step 8) check db of plugins and of fields (extra options in Tools menu).0.components/com_comprofiler .1 STABLE files in: .0 beta 3 restore avatars DETAILS OF EXPERT UPGRADE ------------------------a) backup files and SQL database. components.xml d) disable joomla registration and activate CB registration if needed e) use CB tools to check all databases and fix (CB.gz and overwrite corresponding CB 1.tar. check name-display type. and save CB configuration g) check tabs and fields positions (if your first installed CB version was before 1. fields.0 stable) h) if upgrading from very old CB 1.tar.Joomla 1.xml modules/mod_comprofiler*/*j.gz file (if you untarzip directly). 11) Done ! =================================================================== This section is for EXPERT users only.5: cb_expert_files_only_j_1.. You can do this in CB Fields manager.administrator/components/com_comprofiler (excluding ue_config.gz . b) untargzip the package: .php which should stay from your previous release) . modules upload 3 folders using any ftp client to your main website root over-writing same folders (don't worry . 9) If you have existing CB user lists.0 beta 3 check step 3b below).5: remove modules/mod_cblogin/*j. now it's also the case for those ones as well. file in joomla or mambo main folder and typing: tar -xvzf cb_expert_files_only_m_4_j_1.gz or depending on version: .5.

0 beta 3...txt file (at least the save part).tar. e) go to Components -> Community Builder -> Tools and click "Click here to Check Community Builder Database" you should see some output in red.0 STABLE: check and adjust if needed fields and tabs-positions. g) if your first installed version of CB was BEFORE CB 1. RC1.xml modules/mod_comprofileronline/mod_comprofileronlij. but it also works for any previous version): Database structure differences: . and you should see in green: "Database fix has been performed successfully" Check again database to make sure all is now green. you might have to re-arrange manually fields and tabs. h) if upgrading of BEFORE very old CB 1.5.tar -xvzf cb_expert_files_only_j_1. This first step is NOT needed for upgrade from CB beta 4. Typically. RC2.tar.2 RC release in Joomla 1. They will be deleted when you uninstall Community Builder.5 ONLY: delete following 3 files: modules/mod_cblogin/mod_cbloij.txt file if needed. username is not anymore mandatorily .1. 1..untar locally using 7zip program and upload 3 folders (administrator. so tabs may have moved to previous versions. The upgrader will do best efforts remappings. like (this example is for upgrade from CB 1..gz file: rm cb_expert_files_only_*.xml modules/mod_comprofilermoderator/mod_comprofilermoderatoj. modules) to your website root using any ftp client. c) remove this tar.gz You can also unzip .1: NORMAL WAY: ------------------------------------------------------0) If upgrading from a version BEFORE very old CB 1.0 beta 3 check step 7b below. but if you have edited tables manually. EXTRA INFO FOR UPGRADES FROM BEFORE CB 1.gz (in case you used the tar method) If you installed any CB 1. backup the components/com_comprofiler/avatars directory. components. Table #__comprofiler_lists Column params does not exist Table #__comprofiler_sessions does not exist . Field tablecolumns = NA instead of '' . f) do steps 6 of the README-NEW-INSTALL.. Repeat same for CB fields and for CB plugins database checks and fixes..0 or later 3b)IMPORTANT: Check your registration page: the ordering of tabs is now better respected for registrations too.0.xml d) follow step 11 of README-NEW-INSTALL. Click on the link at bottom "Click here to Fix all database differences listed above". Table #__comprofiler_fields Column tablecolumns does not exist Table #__comprofiler_fields Rows fieldid = 41 : Field tablecolumns = "" instead of 'name' Table #__comprofiler_fields Rows fieldid = 26 : Field name = NA instead of 'onlinestatus'.

php on line 252 This is a Joomla bug identified at: joomlacode.joomlapolis.\libraries\joomla\installer\adapters\module. ----------------------------------------------------------------------KNOWN PROBLEMS: During module installations over existing install in Joomla 1..... Only information needed for this standard http query are version number and referrer (site address). after a timeout of 20 to 90 seconds an error message will be displayed instead of latest version when showing your config or "about CB" from the backend.0 beta 3 place all the images that were once in components/com_comprofiler/avatars into images/comprofiler/ directory (this is related with actions taken in step 0 above) 11b) if upgrading from BEFORE CB and see relevant CB 1.racker_item_id=17878 During component upgrading on Joomla 1. left-right) c) ordering of tab on position of user profile d) ordering of field within tab position of user profile..\libraries\joomla\installer\adapters\module. The new ordering is now: a) registration ordering of tab (new: can be set in "edit tab") b) position of tab on user profile ( FOR BUG REPORTS AND FEATURE REQUESTS VISIT: http://www.0 STABLE..4 forum posts. LICENCE: . This query doesn't disclose any private information.php on line 252 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in . You can switch this check to "manual" in CB configuration: "integration" tab (Not recommended). SUPPORT AND LATEST NEWS VISIT: http://www.0. but if you have edited tables manually.5. latest information displayed together with the latest version number in first field on the registration page. If you don't have Internet access.6.tgz This error can be ignored as CB will remove this file during next step of its installation process NOTE: Community Builder includes a version checker that accesses joomlapolis website to query for the latest version of CB and. 7b)If upgrading from a version prior to 1. check and adjust if needed fields and tabs-positions.0 you might briefly see the following warning message during the first install step of CB: Failed deleting pluginsfiles. FOR DOCUMENTATION. The upgrader will do best efforts remappings.15 environment you might see the following notices: Notice: Undefined variable: row in . you might have to re-arrange manually fields and tabs. if available.

com . . provided that some parts used are subject to other licences for which CB Team has rights of use for Community Builder.Community Builder is licenced under GNU/GPL version 2 as a whole. that you do not represent . If you have any questions regarding the use of our trademarks.joomlapolis. TRADEMARK: Community Builder is a trademark of the authors of Community Builder at www. and do not incorporate the trademark or logo into your own trademarks. please contact us using the contact form of www. You are welcome to use the "Community Builder" trademark to refer to this software or manuals provided that you make clear that you are not the Community Builder project.joomlapolis.