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Chinese Museum Wonders


September 7th – September 24th, 2014

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Marco Polo and Company, Inc. Toll-free: 877-China77!

Toll-free: 877-China77 www. Inc. (and optionally: your guide will meet you at your gate and bring you through the diplomatic channel at the immigration checkpoint).China77. Regis Hotel (or similar).Chinese Museum Wonders 9/7 Beijing • Arrive in Beijing. Take a private transfer to and check-in at the! . • ! ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company.

one of China’s newest and grandest museums showcasing the full spectrum of art throughout all the dynasties. For all others. and spend the morning walking through this picture-perfect city within a city.China77. stay in the hotel until after breakfast. • Visit the China National Museum. head to the Temple of Heaven Park early in the morning to view the residents practicing Tai Chi and enjoy a private Tai Chi lesson as well. Visit the Forbidden City. Toll-free: 877-China77! . Inc. • ! Marco Polo and Company.Chinese Museum Wonders 9/8 Beijing • For anyone rising early. perfectly preserved and restored (including Shufangzhai & the Palace of Double Glory).

Chinese Museum Wonders 9/9 Beijing • Drive to and tour the Badaling portion of the Great Wall (elevator to the top is available if necessary).China77. • Drive back to Beijing and take a tour of the summer palace in the! . including a private boat ride on Kunming Lake. Inc. Toll-free: 877-China77 www.! ! ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company.

one of the best private museums in China. ! Marco Polo and Company.China77. Toll-free: 877-China77 www.! ! . • • Visit the Gutao Museum. considered the epicenter of the modern art movement in China. Visit the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting Gallery.Chinese Museum Wonders 9/10 Beijing ! • Start the day at the 798 Art Zone. displaying antique pottery pieces.

! ! ! Marco Polo and Company. Transfer to and check-in at the Hilton Xian Hotel (or similar). • • Transfer to the airport and fly to Xian in the afternoon (1st class).Chinese Museum Wonders 9/11 Beijing-Xian • Visit the tasteful Guanfu Museum (the first private museum in China). Inc. including a tour given by the senior guide of the! . Toll-free: 877-China77 www.

and chariots. ! Marco Polo and Company. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! • Visit the Beilin Museum to view the ancient rock carvings on display.China77. Nothing can prepare you for the experience of seeing the amazing effort and skill that went into creating this vast army of full size! . Toll-free: 877-China77 www.! ! 9/12 Xian • Chinese Museum Wonders Drive to the amazing Terra Cotta Warriors. (VIP viewing platforms including the Kaijia Warriors & the Xiyong Warriors). Each pose is different and each held real weapons. Inc. horses. based on real-life soldiers at the time. Each face is different.

! Marco Polo and Company. visit here after your hotel check-out since it is located close to the airport.China77. including a “white glove vault visit” to see the items the public normally never have a chance to view. Transfer to and check-in at the Four Seasons West Lake Hotel (or similar). one of the best in China. • • Transfer to the airport and fly to Hangzhou (1st class). Toll-free: 877-China77 www.! Chinese Museum Wonders After breakfast visit the Provincial! . 9/13 Xian-Hangzhou • • Drive to and tour the Hangyangling Tomb. one of the newest discoveries in Xian. Inc.

! ! Chinese Museum Wonders 9/14 Hangzhou • Start the tour here by visiting the Lingyin Temple. full of history since this area was the seat of power for many rulers. Located in a very peaceful mountain setting. This lake is revered throughout China as the most romantic location.China77. • Take a boat tour of the West Lake and walk along the banks. originally founded in 328 AD during the Eastern Jin Dynasty by the Indian monk Huili. one of the best museums for viewing ancient pottery. • Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum. Inc. Toll-free: 877-China77! . ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company.

M. This is a terrific way to begin the day in Suzhou since it is the most complete garden in the city. Toll-free: 877-China77 www.Chinese Museum Wonders 9/15 Hangzhou-Suzhou-Shanghai • • Drive to Suzhou (~1.! . The Banzai area is particularly impressive and is worth the time to spend on that feature. • Drive to and tour the Suzhou Museum. and it is quite possible to spend an entire day wandering from section to section. famously designed by architect I.China77. Inc. • Drive to Shanghai and check-in at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (or similar).5 hours). ! ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company. Take a tour of the Humble Administrator’s Garden. The physical size is impressive.

the World Financial Center. Toll-free: 877-China77 www. ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company.! 9/16 Shanghai Chinese Museum Wonders • View it all from the top of the tallest building in China. it is not just a terrific series of classical buildings and ponds but it also it the best souvenir shopping center in Shanghai. • Take a walk down the DongTai Lu. • Drive to the Yu Garden. many blocks of street-side stalls selling real (and fake) antiquities and oddities.China77. the most interesting market in Shanghai. Inc. for a lunch and a short! . This visit has two purposes.

getting a glimpse of the way life used to be in China. Well-displayed and labeled exhibits. Toll-free: 877-China77! .! 9/17 Shanghai Chinese Museum Wonders • Walk around People’s Square and visit the Shanghai museum. Inc. This is perhaps the most “modern” museum displaying ancient artifacts. ! ! Marco Polo and Company. one of the best (and only) places in the world to view this art.China77. • ! Tour the nearby Qibao old town. this is not “just another museum” (VIP tour). • Zhouchangxing Microscopic Cavings Museum.

some of the best pieces of glass art in China can be seen here.China77. ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company. with a plethora of small shops and interesting items. Inc. Toll-free: 877-China77 www. • • Tour Shanghai Zhendan Art Museum. Tour Tian zi Fang nearby. another wonderful private museum not normally seen by visiting! .! 9/18 Shanghai Chinese Museum Wonders • Visit the Liuli China Museum.

China77. ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company. Transfer to and check-in at the Shangri-la Hotel (or similar).com! . newly constructed and also at People’s Square (Senior guide in Contemporary Art Museum). Inc. Toll-free: 877-China77 www.! Chinese Museum Wonders 9/19 Shanghai-Guilin Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. • • • Transfer to the airport and fly to Guilin (1st class).

Enjoy in style the views of limestone hills. Enjoy a special cormorant fishing show.! ! 9/20 Guilin Chinese Museum Wonders • Li river tour by private boat from Guilin to Yangshuo. Toll-free: 877-China77! . Drive back to the hotel in the evening. ! • ! ! Marco Polo and Company. and daily life along one of the most scenic rivers in the world. including a gourmet lunch on the boat prepared by chefs from the Sheraton Hotel. and watch in amazement as these birds do the fisherman’s bidding a retrieve fish after fish. Inc. • • Dinner and VIP seats at the beautiful outdoor light show. rice terraces.China77. water buffalo grazing.

! ! 9/21 Guilin-Hong Kong Chinese Museum Wonders • Visit the Guilin Art Museum the only art museum in Guangxi province and holding special treasures. Inc. and transfer to and check-in at the Peninsula hotel (or similar). ! Marco Polo and Company. Toll-free: 877-China77! . Arrive in HK.China77. • • • Transfer to the airport (~1 hour) Fly to Hong Kong (1st class).

• Transfer to Central and take the rail car up to Victoria peak. • Walk and shop your way through the “Women’s” market stalls in the evening. Toll-free: 877-China77 www. Inc. ! Marco Polo and Company.Chinese Museum Wonders 9/22 Hong Kong Breakfast at the hotel. • • • Visit the top antique market in Hong Kong and shop for authentic items to bring back home.. have lunch at the summit while looking out at the business and harbor area of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Museum of! .China77.

• A-Ma Temple is the oldest temple in Macau. Transfer to the Macau Ferry and take the Ferry to Macau in the morning (helicopter to Macau optional). • Lunch • Senado square in Macau was built in 1918 to link Praia Grande with the inner harbor.Chinese Museum Wonders 9/23 Macau • • • Breakfast at the hotel. Senado square in Macau with an area of 3200 sqkm is the largest conjunction of streets. ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company. It was constructed in the year of 1488 of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to commemorate Mazu. the public place is an exquisite specimen of Portuguese city planning. • Take the Ferry back to Hong Kong (helicopter optional).China77. Well decorated and paved with a wave-patterned montage of colored stones. Tour the Sam Ba Sing Tzik is the remaining front wall of the Sacred Ruins of St Paul's Church. Inc. Toll-free: 877-China77! . the sacred sea goddess who blesses the fishermen of Macau.

9/24 Hong Kong-USA • • ! ! ! Marco Polo and Company.! Chinese Museum Wonders Breakfast at the hotel.China77. Toll-free: 877-China77! . Transfer to the airport and fly to the U.S.. Inc.