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To: Steven Spielberg and all that are involved in the Shoah Foundation:
USC Shoah Foundation
From: Suzannah B. Troy artist Activist
Shoah Foundation is actively working to make a record of survivors before they die but
what you need to know is about early stages of Nazi Germany happening right here in
NYC that is not reported by the news. Do I have hope you will do something or that you
can do something.... You know what went on in the Camps and how People tried to get
the message out. I asked Jewish leaders for help but apparently I wasn’t a Jew from
the right neighborhood or a Jew with their politics so they do nothing which is the
easiest choice.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em Watch
this small section of a hate that would later expand to the NYPD Police Department and
allegations of anti-Semitism. One of my goals is that all NYPD named in my lawsuit
and Internal Affairs allowed two to retire still be required to attend the Washington DC
Holocaust sensitivity program. Dr Fagelman’s receptionist office manager made me
her human piñata and her violence is indefensible and than I became a victim of the
NYPD and Internal Affairs. I have permanent damage to my vision and suffer PTS
every day because to date I have no Justice.
I was the victim of the most savage hate crime attack at Dr Andrew Fagelman’s medical
office by his violent lying receptionist Delita Hooks, his office manager and receptionist
who yelled at me I have no rights who are you? I had asked would you consider paper
cups instead of styrofoam it it better for the environment. She came out from behind a
long closed off reception desk and when I could not get help I started to film.
The YouTube of the beginning of the attack that would permanently damage my vision
has almost 23,000 views with no media picking up the shocking story including the
NYPD and Internal Affairs role.
Detective John Vergona who Internal Affairs allowed to retired refused to meet with me.
The NYPD only met with my attacker in and the women in the video who I am told all
lied about me despite the video proving I was attacked. I am not surprised since none of
them even asked me if you are okay..
Det Vergona told me over the phone he did not care if I had two black eyes. He yelled
at me YOU ARE GOING TO DROP THOSE CHARGES or I will arrest you. He decided
I would have to wait until Saturday to be false arrested for a violent running punch to my
eye, than she grabbed my hair to pull me by my hair and tried kicking me.
I asked arrest the Jew on the Sabbath? Are you anti-Semitic? Why do I have to wait to
be false arrested on the Sabbath? I got no answers.
The NYPD prevented me from reporting an alleged hate anti-Semitism by detective
John Vergona. It was one big hate crime from the MD’s office to the police department.
After I agreed to false arrested for being attacked and too wait for false arrest on the
Sabbath I sent Det Vergona via an email confronting
I am now in Federal Court suing the City of NY, the NYPD and Internal Affairs. The
lawsuit states I am being treated like a Jew in the Early Stages of Nazi Germany and
also NYC Gov, NYPD and Internal Affairs were involved in fixing me being savagely
assaulted because they want to retaliated against me for being a whistle blower. My
number concern today is the 911 Tech System which is over budget over 1 billion dollars
and mayor De Blasio’s new head of Dept of Investigation told me I have to report any
concerns re: contractors etc to Internal Affairs who he is aware I am suing. I can’t make
this up and the over-run occurred under Michael Bloomberg a supposed tech whiz.
When I heard about the former NYPD swastika cop and all the NY/ NYC leaders that
spoke out against anti-Semitism I asked that they contact Police Commissioner Bratton
re: The NYPD preventing me from reporting an alleged anti-Semitic hate crime which
occurred under Ray Kelly and his right hand man Charles Campisi who both defend the
indefensible Det John Vergona threatening me, coercing me and refusing to explain why
I had to wait many days until Saturday to be false arrested and whether Det John
Vergona is anti-Semitic.
The Jewish leaders I contacted either did not respond or you would be shook at who
said to me “you are not from our neighborhood.” I say that is what someone might have
said in the early stages of Nazi Germany.
Non-Jewish leaders like Melissa Mark Vivertio and other that would rush to stand by
celebrities sides and want face time speak out against anti-Semitism but the truth is
they don’t care unless it is serves their agendas in my opinion.
Mr de Blasio has not responded to my concerns.
It should be noted that Deutsche Bank has returned to their old ways. Visit their public
space on Wall Street that they had to give the People of NYC as part of yet another
greedy self serving deal they got courtesy of the City of NY and see retried US Soldiers
dressed in all black or dark blue but no identification and refused to identify themselves
and who is their employer which is DB. I have seen them be verbally abusive to
Occupy Wall Street people as well as to me making me remove signs calling for a
hospital where St Vincent’s Hospital was a Trauma Level 1 Hospital with AIDS Care and
a Rape Crisis Center which are now Rudin Luxury condos in the West Village.
I saw DB military guards prevent a handicap woman in a wheel chair from being allowed
to use the public toilet which legally DB has to provide since NYC Gov allowed them to
bust throw zoning.
When DB gave me the early stages of Nazi Germany treatment I researched them and
learned of their direct role from financing the build of Auschwitz to IG Farben which
included Dr Mengele.
DB should be made to give far greater pay-outs than they have. How did Jewish
leaders allow victims of experiments including children to be given pay-outs the same
as slave laborers?
I love my Jewish People but in NYC the arrogance and lack of integrity by political
leaders and or worse the Oligarchs of NY that consider themselves above accountability
is of great concern. Mort Zuckerman of the NYDN also gives m the treatment. I am not
allowed to comment on the NYDN website as if the first amendment does not exist. The
Rudin Family bad xeroxes of their grandparents have convert4ed a hospital to condos
so there is no Trauma L1 care in the West Village and areas below and above yet the
make sure they get great press and awards.
It makes me think of Moses smashing the 10 Commandments a very good move.
I don’t know that Speilberg will ever see this letter but I am writing to all organizations
possible to let them know it is not just in the Ukraine that horrific anti-Semitism is going
on but in NYC and our supposedly Jewish leaders in my opinion have failed us much as
the oligarchs of NYC that are Jewish and donate big but expect one to pray at their altar
so arrogant and foolish money is their “god”.
I want anyone with clout to contact the New York Police Department and ask Mr. Bratton
to investigate why I was turned away from reporting an alleged hate crime by Detective
John Vergona who finally succeeded on Saturday Oct 20, 2012 breaking me down and
COERCING me a crime to drop the charges against Dr Fagelman’s violent receptionist
office manager Delita Hooks who also filed a false cross complaint another serious
crime. She was not fired and sit at the front long closed off desk where she began her
discrimination and hate crime and than the NYPD and Internal Affairs I allege took over
violating my rights which is why I am suing in Federal Court pro se since I did not go
through the process of false arrest do to a hole in my retina and serious cervical
damage that required a neck brace. I want my attacker arrested for assault and for a
false cross complaint and the NYPD involved arrested for coercion.
I want you to know I could not track down the retired Det Vergona who Internal Affairs
should not have allowed to retired to serve him. Honorable Judge Allsion Nathan
instructed Corp Counsel to help me serve Det Vergona who was hiding out in Staten
Island some where. Than commissioner Ray Kelly and than head of Internal Affairs
Charles Campisi and all defendants involved insisted on defending him and that I
should serve him at One Police Plaza. Det Vergona was not alone committing his hate
crime against me. There were too many checks and balances set in place and having
Ray Kelly defend the indefensible says it all.
My Dad was a WW2 Veteran and he as a teenager was there liberating camps. He
could not talk about what he saw there. Too painful to share but he died knowing I was
a victim of violence and lied and Ray Kelly defended the violence and alleged anti-
Semitic hate crime of a false arrest on the Sabbath that would have cut me off from my
Dad. My Dad was religious but he used the phone on the Sabbath to call me for help
because like his heart his home was wearing out and he needed my help.
My childhood best friend Dad is a survivor of Auschwitz and I am confident he and other
survivors would want more compensation they got from DB. I know he has told his
story to the Shoah Foundation.
When the Nazi’s did what they did and there was little or no hope — someone how
conveying what happened to the future was a goal of a hidden piece something that
would later be found and put on display.
I want the Shoah Foundation and all Jewish Groups to know what is going on in NYC
right now since the media here is silencing all voices except of the rich and powerful
helping them with their real estate agendas or political deals so you have no idea what
is going on.
I also want DB confronted by Jewish groups and for DB to pay out more money. I want
NYC council to make new legislation to all banks and private companies using their own
military as in DB’s case or security of any kind that police public spaces to have to wear
identification of the Bank or company with their names so we can report abuses. One of
DB’s military police laughed after his abuse and said I don’t have to give you my name.
I know I can ask for help and be ignored but this letter can’t be easily forgotten by
anyone read it.
please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and
IAB thank you.
Deutsche Bank the Scream — brief protest by me outside DB
Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy