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Global Market for Probiotics to Reach $36.7 Billion in 2018; S!!le"ents Mo#in$ %t 11.

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Wellesley, Mass., May 9, 2014 – BCC Research ( reveals in is new re!or,
"#$ %R&B'&"'C( M)R*$"+ ',-R$.'$,"(, (/%%0$M$,"(, 1&&.(, he 2lobal mar3e 4or
!robioic in2re5iens, s6!!lemens, an5 4oo5s is e7!ece5 o 2row o 89:.; billion by 201<, wih a 4ive=
year com!o6n5 ann6al 2rowh rae (C)-R) o4 :.2>. "he s6!!lemens cae2ory, he 4ases 2rowin2
se2men, is e7!ece5 o re2iser a si2ni4ican C)-R o4 11.?>
%robioics are 6se5 in he man64ac6re o4 5ieary s6!!lemens ha are sol5 in he 4orm o4 ca!s6les,
ables, !ow5ers, o!ical !ases an5 2els 4or h6man 6se as well as in animal 4ee5 4or !es an5 4arm
animals. "he 4oo5s cae2ory, by 4ar he lar2es se2men in he overall mar3e is e7!ece5 o reach 899.?
billion by 201<, an5 re2iser a C)-R o4 :>.
#owever, he s6!!lemens se2men, which was val6e5 a nearly 81.2 billion in 2019, is !ro@ece5 o @6m!
o 82 billion in 201<.
ACom!anies wih he ri2h mi7 o4 access o !ro!rieary !robioic srains, a!!ro!riae !rocessin2
echnolo2ies an5 5isrib6ion newor3s 5ominae he in56sry, an5 are s6ccess46lly e7!an5in2 he ran2e o4
!robioic=enhance5 !ro56cs 2lobally,B says BCC Research 4oo5 an5 bevera2e analys Rachel )2heyisi.
A#owever, as !robioics 2o mainsream, re26laory oversi2h is i2henin2, as e7em!li4ie5 by he si6aion
in he $6ro!ean /nion.B
)*+ PR,B-,)-(S M%R.+)/ -0GR+1-+0)S2 S3PP4+M+0)S2 5,,1S !rovi5es an overview
o4 he 2lobal !robioics mar3e, wih covera2e o4 he man64ac6re o4 !robioics as in2re5iens an5 heir
a!!licaions in 5ieary s6!!lemens an5 4oo5s. ' incl65es analyses o4 2lobal mar3e ren5s, wih 5aa
4rom 2012 an5 2019, an5 !ro@ecions o4 C)-Rs hro62h 201<. "he re!or 5isc6sses he im!orance o4
scieni4ic research, !ro56c innovaion, cons6mer awareness an5 !re4erences, an5 2overnmen re26laory
reC6iremens, an5 incl65es a 4oc6s on !robioic=enhance5 !ro56cs 5esi2ne5 4or h6man 6se, as well as he
mar3e !oenial 4or !ro56cs 5evelo!e5 4or !es an5 veerinary animals. 'n a55iion, i e7amines
hisorical ren5s in 2lobal an5 re2ional sales o4 !robioics, in56sry sr6c6re, !aens an5 echnolo2ies,
an5 c6rren 2overnmen re26laory reC6iremens ha are relevan o he in56sry. Com!any !ro4iles o4
ma@or !layers in he in56sry are also incl65e5.
"his re!or is inen5e5 4or anyone wih an ineres in where he !robioics in56sry is hea5e5 over he ne7
4ive years.
$5iors an5 re!orers who wish o s!ea3 wih he analys, sho6l5 conac (even C6mmin2 a
%bot B(( Research
BCC Research !6blishes mar3e research re!ors ha ma3e or2aniEaions worl5wi5e more !ro4iable wih
inelli2ence ha 5rives smar b6siness 5ecisions. "hese re!ors cover o5ayFs ma@or in56srial an5
echnolo2y secors, incl65in2 emer2in2 mar3es. 1or more han 40 years weFve hel!e5 c6somers i5eni4y
new mar3e o!!or6niies wih acc6rae an5 reliable 5aa an5 insi2h, incl65in2 mar3e siEin2, 4orecasin2,
in56sry overviews, an5 i5eni4icaion o4 si2ni4ican ren5s an5 3ey com!eiors. We !arner wih analyss
who are e7!ers in s!eci4ic areas o4 in56sry an5 echnolo2y, !rovi5in2 6nbiase5 meas6remens an5
assessmens o4 2lobal mar3es. &6r cliens incl65e he o! com!anies in in56sries aro6n5 he worl5 as
well as 6niversiies, b6siness schools, sar=6!s, cons6lin2 4irms an5 invesmen com!anies. BCC
Research is a 6ni o4 $li Research 00C. Gisi o6r websie a Conac 6s+ (H1) ;<1=
4<9=;901 (/.(. $asern ime), or email
.aa an5 analysis e7race5 4rom his !ress release m6s be accom!anie5 by a saemen i5eni4yin2 BCC
Research 00C, 49=2 Waln6 %ar3, Wellesley, M) 024<1, "ele!hone+ (H1) ;<1=4<9=;901I $mail+ as he so6rce an5 !6blisher. "han3 yo6.
)*+ PR,B-,)-(S M%R.+)/ -0GR+1-+0)S2 S3PP4+M+0)S2 5,,1S ( 5,103&1 )