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Carers Listening Event to be held on Wednesday 11

June 2014.
We cordially invite you to the above event organised by Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation
Trust to talk about what are the challenges faced by carers once the person they are caring
for is admitted to hospital. The event will also give you the opportunity to discuss what we
are getting right as a Trust but also the issues!challenges we are still facing.
This event will be held at "oyal Derby Hospital on Wednesday ##
$une %&#' at #()*& +
%&)*&. ,lease note there are limited spaces available so places will be allocated on a first
come basis.
,lease find enclosed the following information-
. copy of the draft programme
Directions and Transport information including car parking
. booking form to be returned to us by Monday 2nd June 2014. /f you have any
accessibility or interpreting needs please ensure you let us know so we can make the
necessary ad0ustments.
/f you re1uire any further information please contact the ,atient 23perience Team via email
5ours sincerely
,atient 23perience Team
Carers Listening Event
Carers Listening event 11.06.14

Wednesday 11
June 2014
Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, oyal !erby "os#ital, $tto%eter oad, !erby,
!E22 &'E
Draft Programme
#()&& Co((ee and Tea and o##ortunity to vie) *ar+et stalls
#()*& ,#ening
Sue $ames 6hief 23ecutive Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
#()*7 Trust su##ort (or carers o( #atients )ith learning disabilities
Debbie 2dwards 8earning Disability 8iaison Nurse Specialist
#()7& Trust su##ort (or carers o( children )ith co*#le% health needs
Helen 9urgess 8ead Specialist Nurse :ite Team ; 6hildren<s 6ontinuing 6are Team
#=.&7 !erbyshire Carers -ssociation
>egan Singleton 6arers 6onnect Support Worker
#=)%& -ction (or Children
Debra >oore .ction for 6hildren
#=)*7 "o) the Trust )or+s )ith +ey organisations to +ee# !erby citi.ens sa(e,
healthy and inde#endent
$anet Dean and First 6ontact Derby partners
18:50-19:10 Refreshment Break and market stall viewing
#?)#& Trust /resentation around !e*entia Care
Fran @rant Nurse 6onsultant
#?)%7 What can the Trust do *ore (or you as carers
Facilitated workshop
#?)7& 0eedbac+ (ro* grou#s
%&)&& Closing re*ar+s
$im >urray Deputy 6hief Nurse Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
%&)#& Close
Carers Listening event 11.06.14

The "oyal Derby Hospital Derbyshire 6hildren<s Hospital and Derby medical school
are located three miles from the city centre. The hospital is within easy
reach from the .*= .7& and ># at $unction %7.
oyal !erby "os#ital
$tto%eter oad
!E22 &'E
1y #ublic trans#ort
oyal !erby bus
The "oyal Derby Hospital has a dedicated bus service which runs every 10 *inutes
Monday 2 0riday and every 20 *inutes on 3aturdays between the "oyal Derby
Hospital the city centre and 8ondon "oad 6ommunity Hospital.
The oyal !erby bus runs between the two sites from &A)%7 until %#)%& >onday B
Friday and &A)%& until %&)%&on Saturdays.
Carers Listening event 11.06.14

,ther buses to the oyal !erby "os#ital4
The "oyal Derby Hospital is served by a number of other fre1uent bus
The Mic+leover 2 up to every (B= minutes >onday B Saturday and every #7
minutes on a Sunday.
-rriva &&- 2 up to every *& minutes ( days a week.
-rriva &5- 2 up to every *& minutes ( days a week.
The 6illager 61 7 62 B up to every *& minutes >onday B Saturday and every
% hours on a Sunday.
/ar+ing at the oyal !erby "os#ital
/f you plan to travel to the "DH by car please park in 6ar ,ark ' which is 0ust a short
walk to the 2ducation 6entre. During the event you will receive a oneBshot ticket to
e3it the car park when you leave and will not need to pay for parking.
1y (oot or cycle
/f you live close by and are fit and well we encourage you to walk or cycle to our
Derby Hospitals promotes cycling. There are various cycle hoops situated around
the hospital grounds including the cycle pod at main entrance and entrance %'.
There are two undercover motorcycle shelters situated at the >ain entrance and the
:ings Treatment 6entre. .dditional motorcycle parking bays are located in the car
Carers Listening event 11.06.14

1,,89': 0,M
Carers Listening Event
Wednesday 11
J$'E 2014
Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, oyal !erby "os#ital
Please complete one booking proforma per person
/ would like to attend the above event-
(If applicable)
(If applicable)
6ontact details)
.ny .ccessibility re1uirements
Dsuch as Hearing 8oop or 9S8 interpreterE)

/lease return this 1oo+ing 0or* to;
1y #ost;
6arers 8istening 2vent
,atient 23perience Team
6orporate Nursing
8evel 7
"oyal Derby Hospital
Ftto3eter "oad
D2%% *N2
1y e*ail;
Carers Listening event 11.06.14

1y (a%4
&#**% (=7=*7
9ooking forms to be received no later Monday 2
June 2014
Please note there are 100 spaces available for this event, therefore places will be
booked on a first coe basis!
If "o# wo#ld like f#rther inforation please contact $#dith %oore, &n'a'eent
(fficer, Patient &)perience *ea 01++, -8-+8, or $#dith!oore8.nhs!net
Carers Listening event 11.06.14