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Un-formal Questionnaire we have prepared for people who wish to write WebLogic

System Administration Certification

1 !et installer is preferred over the pac"age installer if you want to install select
components using only the Custom option and have access to the #nternet
a $rue
b %alse
Answer& a
!et installer has a smaller footprint and is preferred if you want to use the Custom option
and install a selected number of products 'ac"age installer is good for the default (all
components selected) option !et installer re*uires access to the #nternet to incrementally
download and install software bytes

+ ,ou want to install WebLogic Server to use -.-bit /01 and
/23 because you intend to use more than . 45 heap si6esWhich WLS installation
pac"age would you use7
a 8wls19::;linu<-.bin
b =ava >=ar wls19::;generic=ar
c 8run#nstaller
d setupe<e

Answer& b
$here is no bundled /01? so install that first? then the generic /A@ file

: Which /01 does Aracle WebLogic Server 19:: come bundled
with for a :+-bit Linu< platform7
a Sun S01 1-
b /@oc"it S01 1-
c 5oth

Answer& c
5oth are shipped with :+-bit Aracle WebLogic Server 19:: $here are -.-bit /01
versions available for download from A$!

. Which directory within a domain directory is used to maintain its configuration
a 8console
b 8cache
c 8config
d 8logs
e 8AdminServer
Answer& c
Changes made to a domainBs configuration are recorded on the file system in the 8config
C #nvo"e the domain Configuration Wi6ard by using ;;;;;
a configsh under DWL;EA3FG8common8bin
b config;buildersh under DWL;EA3FG8common8bin
c pac"sh
Answer& a
config;buildersh is used to invo"e the 0omain $emplate 5uilder
- What is the main configuration file for the domain called7
a configuration<ml
b wlsconfig<ml
c wls<ml
d config<ml

Answer& d
$he central domain configuration file is called config<ml and it resides in the config
subdirectory of the domainBs root directory

H Which of the following statements is !A$ true7
a 3anaged servers in a domain may run a different AS version of Aracle WebLogic
Server (for e<ample? Windows I Linu<
b A domain comprises only the administration server? only the managed server? or the
administration and managed servers
c $he administration server stores the configuration information and logs for a domain
d $he administration server in a domain must run the same or later version number of
Aracle WebLogic Server as the managed servers in the domain

Answer& b
A domain must consist of one administration server 3anaged servers are optional
J Where are all users? groups? and roles stored by default7
a Aracle 0atabase 11g
b 0erby database
c Aracle #nternet 0irectory
d L0A' store of the administration server

Answer& d
5y default? database security is disabledKthat is? all users? groups? and roles are stored in
the embedded L0A' store of the administration server
L #nvo"e the $emplate Configuration Wi6ard using ;;;;;
a configsh under DWL;EA3FG8common8bin
b config;buildersh under DWL;EA3FG8common8bin
Answer& b
config;buildersh is used to invo"e the 0omain $emplate Wi6ard
19 When you create a new domain to automatically support Aracle WebLogic Server?
which template is it based on by default7
a wlst=ar
b ws=ar
c web;server=ar
d server=ar
e wls=ar
Answer& e
#f you create a new domain and if you choose to have the domain configured
automatically to support the WebLogic Server option? the domain is based on the default
wls=ar template that is found in the DWL;EA3FG8common8templates8domains
11 Which of the following can you use to create a domain template7
a $he pac" command
b config;tempsh
c $he Administration Console
d config;buildersh
e $he WLS$ offline command-line tool
Answer& a? d? e
,ou can create domain templates using the following&
M $he WLS$ offline command-line tool
M $he pac" command
M $he 0omain $emplate 5uilder? also "nown as config;buildersh
1+ Which lin" would you clic" in the console to add or remove columns to or from a
monitoring page7
a Customi6e this table
b Change 3onitoring 2iew
c Update Columns
d 3anage 'references
Answer& a
@emember that the 3onitoring tab for resources such as servers and connection pools
displays statistics in a tabular format $he NCustomi6e this tableO lin" enables you to
control the columns displayed in one of these tables
WLS$ communicates with Aracle WebLogic ServerBs ;;;; to retrieve and update
resources on a running server
a $emplates
b Logs
c 35eans
d Scripts
Answer& c
WLS$ is based on /3P? which supports remote server management through 35ean
1: $he ;;;;;; panel in the Administration Console uses a tree to represent your domain
a 'references
b 0omain Structure
c Eow do #7
d Change Center
Answer& b
1. $he 0omain Structure panel organi6es your domainBs resources? such as servers and
application deployments $he Administration Console is unavailable if the administration
Server is shut down
a $rue
b %alse
Answer& a
1C $he administration server runs the Administration Console $herefore? the
Administration Console is unavailable whenever the administration server is unavailable
5oth the administration server and the managed servers can be started by using the
Administration Console
a $rue
b %alse
Answer& b
,ou cannot start the administration server using the Administration Console $he
Administration Console is an application that runs on the administration server

1- Using WLS$Bs ;;;;; mode? you can supply commands one at a time and get
immediate feedbac"
a 3anagement
b Aperational
c Se*uential
d $emplate
e #nteractive

Answer& e
#n #nteractive mode? you can *uic"ly prototype or troubleshoot some WLS$ commands

1H subdirectories for administration and managed servers $he servers directory contains
one subdirectory for each WebLogic Server instance in the domain #f you do not see the
subdirectory for each WebLogic Server instance in your domain? it means that&

a $he WebLogic Server instance is not correctly configured
b $he patch level is not correct
c $he administration server is unable to communicate with the managed servers
d $he WebLogic Server instance has not been started since it was created

Answer& d
$he servers directory that contains the subdirectories for the administration and managed
servers is created the first time the servers are started $his directory contains one
subdirectory for each WebLogic Server instance in the domain $he subdirectories
contain data that is specific to each server instance

1J Which of the following will happen if you run startWebLogicsh without any options7
a #t invo"es =ava weblogicServer
b #t starts the managed servers associated with the administration server
c #t sets the environment using set0omainFnvsh
d #t starts the administration server

Answer& a? c? d
startWebLogicsh does not start the managed servers #t sets the environment variable
using set0omainFnvsh and invo"es =ava weblogicServer? which starts the
administration server

1L Which of the following options would you use to create a managed server7
a 0omain Configuration Wi6ard
b Administration Console
c Command line (WLS$)
Answer& a? b? c
,ou can create the managed server using either the 0omain Configuration Wi6ard? the
Administration Console? or the WLS$ create command

+9 ,ou can use boot identity files to start the following without being prompted for the
administrator username and password
a 3anaged servers
b Administration server
c 5oth

Answer& c
,ou can use the bootproperties file to start both the administration and managed servers
$he bootproperties file can be different for each server instance in the domain

+1 Which of the following is true when the administration server is down7
a 0omain log entries are unavailable
b 3anaged servers can start in 3S# mode
c $he Administration Console and management tools are unavailable
d At boot time? managed servers read a local copy of config<ml?
Seriali6edSystem#nidat? and bootproperties (optional
e ,ou cannot change the configuration of the managed servers that are running in 3S#
mode until communication with the administration server is restored
f $he !ode 3anager can start the managed servers in 3S# mode

Answer& a? b? c? d? e
,ou cannot use the !ode 3anager to start a server instance in 3S# mode? but you can
use it only to restart it %or a routine startup? the !ode 3anager re*uires access to the
administration server #f the administration server is unavailable? you must log on to a
managed serverBs host machine to start the managed server

++ ,ou can start a managed server using WLS$ and without using a !ode 3anager
a $rue
b %alse
Answer& b
#f you do not use a !ode 3anager? WLS$ cannot start managed servers $his method is
available only to start the administration server
+: Which of the following statements is true7
a $here is one !ode 3anager for each machine
b $here is one !ode 3anager for each domain
e $here is one !ode 3anager for each cluster
Answer& a
Although optional? there is no more than one !ode 3anager associated with a machine
(host $he administration and managed servers on a single machine are managed by one
!ode 3anager
+. $o start a managed server using the Administration Console? a !ode 3anager must
be configured on the machine where the managed server resides
a $rue
b %alse
Answer& a
A managed server is assigned to a machine A !ode 3anager must be configured on the
machine and
started in order to start the managed server using the Administration Console

+C Which is !A$ a standard severity level for Aracle WebLogic Server log messages7
a 0ebug
b $ransaction
c #nfo
d !otice
e Frror
Answer& b
#nfo? 0ebug? !otice? and Frror are all valid log message severities $hough log messages
canhave an optional $ransaction #0 attribute? it is not a severity level

+- Which environment supports %astSwap7
a 'roduction 3ode? archived files
b 'roduction 3ode? e<panded files
c 0evelopment mode? archived files
d 0evelopment mode? e<panded files
e All of the above
Answer& d
,ou must also have Dfast-swapGtrueD8fast-swapG in the weblogic<ml file
+H What is the web<ml tag indicating the test point for testing
a Dwelcome-fileG
b Dtest-pointG
c DdeployG
d DmonitorG
e DdebugG
Answer& a
$he Dwelcome-fileG pair of tags is within a Dwelcome-file-listG pair of tags

+J #t is possible to deploy an e<ploded directory that contains /A@ files
a $rue
b %alse
Answer& b
,ou must manually e<plode anything tarred? 6ipped? =arred? or otherwise archived in an
e<ploded directory before it can be used

+L A ;;;;;;;;;;;; is a reusable Aracle WebLogic Server application that can be
referenced by other deployed applications
a /ava library
b Shared library
c Web library
d Composite library
e @eference library
Answer& b
@emember that applications can be deployed to WebLogic as shared libraries to facilitate
code reuse

:9 Which of the following is !A$ a supported type of application in Aracle WebLogic
a Fnterprise application
b F/5 application
c 'rocess application
d Web service application
e Web application
Answer& c
Currently? there is no /ava FF or WebLogic application type named 'rocess application

:1 #dentify the valid Aracle WebLogic Server deployment descriptor files for
configuring applications
a weblogic-webapp<ml
b weblogic-e=b-=ar<ml
c weblogic<ml
d weblogic-application<ml
e weblogic-library<ml
Answer& b? c? d

:+ Which is !A$ true about the deployment plans in Aracle WebLogic Server7
a Averrides values in application descriptors
b Can be created by Aracle WebLogic Server during deployment
c #s pac"aged within an application archive
d #s an P3L file
e Can be created with weblogic'lan4enerator
Answer& c
@emember that deployment plans are not pac"aged within an application? so that the
application can be reused in multiple deployment environments

:: When an application is in the ;;;;;;;;;;; state? it is distributed to the servers? but is
not yet available to clients
a Activated
b Staged
c $argeted
d 'repared
e Loaded
Answer& d
@emember that before the Activated phase? applications first enter the 'repared phase

:. !ame four techni*ues or tools that can be used to deploy new applications to Aracle
WebLogic Server
a Administration Console
b WLS$
c weblogic'lan4enerator
d weblogic0eployer
e /3S
f Autodeployment
Answer& a? b? d? f
:C Which is !A$ an available configuration attribute for a /05C data source7
a Eost name
b *ueue si6e
c $est fre*uency
d #nitial capacity
e Capacity increment
Answer& b
All these are valid settings for a data source e<cept *ueue si6e 0ata sources use
connection pooling? but not a *ueue
:- Which are the two levels of data sources available in Aracle WebLogic Server7
a Connection
b Web
c Application
d 'rocess
e System
Answer& c? e
@emember that system data sources are scoped to the domain? whereas application data
sources are
deployed as part of an application
:H Client applications loo" up data sources from the local serverBs
;;;;;;;;;;; tree&
a Application
b Web
c L0A' directory
d /!0#
e System
Answer& d

:J Which are the correct messaging model and /3S destination type associations7
a *ueue& 'ublish8Subscribe
b *ueue& 'oint-to-point
c $opic& 'ublish8Subscribe
d $opic& 'oint-to-point
Answer& b? c
@emember that a /3S
*ueue is for simple point-to-point messaging? whereas a topic is for
'ublish8Subscribe messaging in which messages are broadcast to all listening consumers

:L Which are the available resource types within an Aracle WebLogic Server /3S
a Connection factory
b *ueue
c $opic
d Server
e Store
Answer& a? b? c
@emember that /3S destinations (*ueues and topics) and connection factories are
commonly deployed as part of a /3S module

.9 Which is a benefit of multitier cluster architecture7
a @e*uires fewer servers compared to the basic architecture
b 'ossibility to load-balance method calls to clustered F/5s
c Fasier security implementation
d !one
Answer& b
With multitier architecture? you can balance load on F/5s clustered across multiple

.1 #n a multitier cluster architecture where you want to loadbalance F/5 ob=ects? you
configure them&
a Within one cluster
b #n different clusters
c Along with the Web-tier clients in the same server
d #n different domains
Answer& a
Load balancing in Aracle WebLogic Server wor"s within a cluster ,ou cannot load
balance across multiple clusters or domains 5ecause you intend to use multitier cluster?
the Web server and F/5 ob=ects need to be separated So options +? :? and . are not
applicable in this case

.+ Which of the following is !A$ an available configuration attribute associated with
Aracle WebLogic Cluster7
a 3essaging mode
b 3ulticast $$L
c 3ulticast port
d 5roadcast server
Answer& d
@emember that although clusters support a messaging mode for broadcast
communication (unicast or multicast)? there is no attribute called broadcast server

.: Select all valid values for the persistent store type element in weblogic<ml
a file
b replicated
c unicast
d async-replicated-if-clustered
e =dbc
f async-wan
Answer& a? b? d? e
.. Which two Aracle WebLogic Server features can be used to control the destination
servers that are used for in-memory replication7
a Web service
b @eplication group
c 0ata source
d !ode 3anager
e 3achine
Answer& b? e
@emember that clustered servers use machine and replication group boundaries to select
destinations for replicated sessions
.C Which is !A$ associated with in-memory replication7
a Coo"ie
b Secondary
c Session
d Schema
e 'rimary
f Synchronous
Answer& d
5y default? in-memory replication involves both the synchronous creation of secondary
copies of primary sessions and the trac"ing of these primary and secondary copies with

.- Which types of replication configuration are allowed for F/5s7
a /05C
b %ile
c #n3emory
d !one
Answer& c? d
Ather types of replication are available for the replication of only E$$' sessions
.H $he Eostname 2erifier is one measure for combating this type of attac"&
a Large buffer
b Connection starvation
c 3an in the middle
d User loc"out
Answer& c
.J $o counter connection starvation attac"s? you can set&
a 3a< 'ost Si6e
b 'ost $imeout
c Eostname 2erifier
d User loc"out
Answer& b
.L What mode must the 3iddleware software be in to perform a full bac"up7
a Anline
b Affline
c Fither online or offline
d !either A full bac"up is technically impossible
Answer& b
$o be consistent? the 3iddleware software must be completely stopped
C9 What is another name for an inconsistent bac"up7
a Eot
b Cold
c Fither online or offline
d 5ro"en #f it is inconsistent? there is something wrong with it
Answer& a
#n a hot bac"up? the files are inconsistentKthat is? some files may have different time
stamps and need to be reconciled via a transaction log

C1 When ma"ing a $A@ bac"up in U!#P? what is a "ey point to remember7
a 3a"e it from the lowest directory possible? as far from root as practical
b 3a"e sure that you perform the bac"up signed on as the owner of the 3iddleware
Eome directory
c 3a"e sure that you preserve the original owner? group? and permissions
d 3a"e sure that all 3iddleware processes are stopped
Answer& c
#n $A@? use the >p option to preserve the permissions
C+ $he configuration archive is enabled by default
a $rue
b %alse
Answer& b
,ou need to enable the configuration archive by selecting 0omain G Configuration G
4eneral GAdvanced

C: What happens if you have a bac"up administration server7
a ,ou are allowed to have only one administration server #f it fails? the managed servers
run in 3S# mode until your one administration server comes bac"
b #t runs simultaneously with the primary administration server in a load-sharing mode
c #t can run in a warm standby "eeping itself in sync with the main administration server
d #t must be in cold standby and you have to sync it with the main administration server
Answer& d
,ou can have only one administration server at a timeQ the bac"up administration server
must be Cold

C.!ame four valid /ython "eywords
a def
b deploy
c try
d for
e import
Answer& a? c ? d? e

CC Which is not a WLS$ command included in a WLS installation7
a connect()
b cd()
c move()
d ls()
e get35ean()
Answer& c
C- !ame three capabilities of Aracle 4uardian
a $rigger email notifications
b 4enerate support re*uest artifacts
c Chec" domains for common problems
d Create a domain inventory
e 3onitor server performance
Answer& d

CH !ame three capabilities of Aracle 4uardian
a $rigger email notifications
b 4enerate support re
uest artifacts
c Chec" domains for common problems
d Create a domain inventory
e 3onitor server performance
Answer& b? c? d
CJ Signatures are organi6ed into ;;;;;;
a 0omains
b Annotations
c Shortcuts
d 5undles
e Agents
Answer& d
CL !ame three 4uardian signature severity levels
a Warning
b !otice
c Frror
d #nfo
e Critical
Answer& a? d? e

-9 Which of these is not a component of WL0%7
a Watch
b #mage Capture
c Archive
d 4uardian
e Earvester
Answer& d
-1 Which of these is not an available option when you configure a collected metric7
a $ype
b 3ethod
c Attribute
d #nstance
e 'eriod
Answer& b

-+ !ame three types of WL0% notifications
a /05C
b S!3'
c S3$'
d /3S
e %$'
Answer& b? c? d

-: #n the WL0% console? a chart can include 6ero or more ;;;;
a 4raphs
b 'orts
c Watches
d 2iews
e %lags
Answer& a

-. Which of the following is not an available action for a WL0% monitor7
a Start Server
b Stac" 0ump
c Flapsed $ime
d 0isplay Arguments
e $hread 0ump
Answer& a

-C What is the name of the deployment descriptor used to configure application-scoped
a weblogic-monitor<ml
b weblogic-diagnostics<ml
c weblogic-wldf<ml
d weblogic-e<t<ml
e weblogic<ml
Answer& b

-- Custom monitors include a ;;;;; to identify one or more locations within your
application code
a 0ye 3as"
b Earvester
c /oin Unit
d 'ointcut
e Conte<t
Answer& d

-H 4arbage collection algorithms based on ob=ect age organi6e /23 memory into
a Loc"s
b Eeaps
c 4enerations
d Classes
Answer& c
-JWhich of these is not an environment variable used by WLS start scripts7
a EFA';A@4S
b /A2A;2F!0A@
c /A2A;A'$#A!S
d USF@;3F3;A@4S
Answer& a
-L !ame three tools included with either the /@oc"it S01 or Sun /01
a =stat
b =rcmd
c =opt
d =oracle
e =stac"
Answer& a? b? e
H9Which /@3C component provides real-time monitoring of the
C'U? /23 memory? and /23 threads7
a 3emory Lea" 0etector
b /ava 5rowser
c 3anagement Console
d @untime Analy6er
e Latency Fvents
Answer& c

H1 Which of the following is not a standard /ava error type7
a ClassCastF<ception
b Stac"AverflowFrror
c !oClass0ef%oundFrror
d /235uildFrror
e !ull'ointerF<ception
Answer& d
H+ !ame three entities that receive their own dedicated class loaders in WLS? by default
a 0iagnostic modules
b /23 classpath
c $ransaction log
d F/5 modules in an FA@
e Web application
Answer& b? d? e
H: Which of these is not a type of WLS thread7
a Service 'roducer
b Soc"et @eader
c F<ecute
Answer& a
H. A wor" manager can be associated with a ;;;; (Choose two of the following
a Standby
b @e*uest Class
c Staging 3ode
d Constraint
Answer& b? d
HC Which of the following would not typically cause a deployment failure7
a 3issing deployment descriptor
b 'erformance pac" disabled
c Wrong library version
d Loc" held by another user
e Web U@# already in use
Answer& b