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Problems of Social Netwoks in Teens

Many eole conf!se the concet of social network
to a logo or alication they !se to comm!nicate
with family or friends" ignoring comletely that
social networks are based on theories s!ch as# grah
theory and the theory of si$ degrees of searation.
Moreover" according to social networks are virt!al
comm!nities where !sers interact with eole
aro!nd the world who find common interests or
tastes. %!nction as a comm!nications latform that
connects eole" and allowing them to !blish
information s!ch as hotos and videos" is an easy
lace to access and managed by the !sers
&esides" many eole !se social media to e$ress
what they feel" !blish and comment on hotos"
videos and statements.
'n the other hand" many eole even !se them to
say what they do and where they are" who they are
and who they have to !blish a relationshi. The
basic ob(ective of a social network is to share
information with others in real time" and to make
contact with eole with whom they have similar
tastes or interests. In o!r %acebook and other
favorite social networks to find many !nknown and
not knowing who they are" give free information of
o!r lives" witho!t considering the conse)!ences or
roblems that these can ca!se !s.
Indeed it is very imortant to be caref!l with these
laces when sharing information with eole yo!
have on the network" beca!se social networks are
favorite lace# the kidnaers" sed!cing and many
bad eole.
In s!mmary do not take things as a game" we know
that today there are many sick minds that find
*Social networking* as a owerf!l tool for its
ab!ses. Nobody g!arantees that the erson yo! are
chatting with yo! really is a stalker or ab!ser who
wants to h!rt yo! or take advantage of yo!.
There are many cases of eole who have been
kidnaed" deceived. It+s ama,ing that a simle
social network can be comromised.
Therefore I recommend yo! to be discreet do not
give ersonal information s!ch as address" hone
home" or family names.
[1] www.boletin.!$-inde$.h-ciencia-./01cyt1
[2] htt#--www.anamericana.e-tecnologia-/252641
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Problems of Social Networks in Teens
Achig Pablo
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