Needed Engineers

Paul Richardson
June 2014

Excerpt from A Troublesome Inheritance, Genes, Race and Human History,
Nicholas Wade, Penguin Press, 2014
Two lessons to be drawn…. One is that scientists, despite their training to
be objective observers, are as fallible as anyone else when their emotions
or politics are involved. Whether they come from the right or from the left.
[He points out elsewhere that today the vast majority of scientists are
“coming from the left”.]
A second is that, despite the personal failings of some [most] scientists,
science as a knowledge-generating system does tend to correct itself,
though often only after considerable delay [decades or more]. It is during
these delay periods that great harm can be caused by those who use
uncorrected scientific findings to propagate injurious policies.
Engineers have to understand science to do their jobs; designing solutions to real
world problems that actually work. However, engineers who don’t produce
competitive real world solutions to difficult problems don’t “make it” in their
profession. Scientists, as the quote above reminds us are often biased and have a
“go with the herd” mentality. Why, because their livelihoods to a great extent
depend on toeing the “elites” party line. Oh, scientists eventually get it right
when a Newton, or a Galileo, or an Einstein comes along and proves their original
majority supported scientific “facts” to be balderdash. The elites handing out the
grants get the “scientific” conclusions they desire or they don’t give out the
grants. Engineers don’t get grants they get paid for problem solving. The
discipline enforced on them makes them much better problem solvers and much,
much, much more objective in their observations of the real world.
The damage that Wade mentions during the period from biased (untrue) scientific
beliefs to eventually realizing that the real data simply does not support their
tenets, is a period where immense damage can be done to society. That is,
expending valuable resources on programs that are not based on sound science is
something we simply can’t afford. This, no matter who wants to get rich or gain
more power using the flawed science to create false crisis after false crisis. It is
time for the electorate to wake up and smell the coffee because there is too
much power and wealth at stake for the political and elite class to play fair.
A perfect example is the current Climate Change pseudo crisis. It is based on
science as flawed as the early twentieth century genetics “science” that led to
injuries to far too many innocent victims. The “climate model” used to create the
dire predictions that “justify” the draconian actions they want to take is trash. It
doesn’t agree with the current data on atmospheric temperatures by hundreds of
degrees centigrade. If they made the model conform to current reality the dire
predictions for the future would go away. Of course, they won’t do that so the
drumbeat continues.

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