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Welcome to Bump Me Up Ministries.

We are a Christian bumper sticker ministry dedicated to taking the truth of

the scriptures to a dying world. The Bible says in Matthew 24:14, And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be
preached in all the world as a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. Our bumper stickers are
removable, contain appropriate bible verses and sell for the price of $3.00 (price in U.S.A. prices may differ in
other countries) each. Any church or ministry that purchases 50 or more bumper stickers will get the discounted
price of $2.00 (price in U.S.A. bulk rate may differ in other countries) each plus free shipping.
Bump Me Up Ministries exists to accomplish 3 goals. Our mission or purpose is to:
1. Minister in love to those who are in bondage to sin
2. Peacefully protest so that righteousness may prevail and sin derailed
3. Educate and influence those who are confused about or rebellious to scriptural truth
Our Ministry is presently focused on the homosexual agenda. For this particular campaign there are 4 bumper
stickers that are wonderful tools in combatting the lies of the devil. Each one was given by the Lord as an answer
to Satans onslaught on the family and his attempt to destroy the moral fabric of our world. The Bible says in
Isaiah 59:19 that, When the enemy shall come in as a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against
him. Massive attacks demand massive action. We as Christians have to work together relentlessly, in large
numbers to let gay rights activists know that we do not intend to let the devil take any ground. These bumper
stickers are designed to create a paradigm shift in the worlds thinking about homosexuality, as well as
minister to those enslaved to the sin of homosexuality.
When the Holy Spirit inspired us to use bumper stickers as the vehicle to successfully complete our mission, the
question was, why bumper stickers? Over time, God has given us insight to why He called this ministry into
being. Most importantly, according to Media Concepts bumper stickers are considered the ultimate media
for the masses. It is the best way for hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions of regular citizens to
become actively involved in sharing Gods Word and transforming lives. has identified 5 reasons to
advertise (minister in our case) with bumper stickers. First, mobile advertising has the ability to reach a large and
impressionable audience. A study done by Perception Research informs that mobile advertising results in 2.5
times more attention than stationary or immobile billboards. In a poll conducted by Outdoor Advertising
Magazine TACAs market research, 96% of those questioned think that mobile advertising is more potent or
productive than traditional stationary advertising. Secondly and thirdly, based on studies done by Product
Acceptance and Research Inc. in Washington D.C. mobile billboards build identity and increase visibility. Mobile
billboards increased sales by 107% as opposed to immobile billboards 54%. Fourthly, mobile advertising such as
bumper stickers are far less expensive than radio or television advertising. Fifthly, bumper stickers maximize
other marketing activities. Stickers are effective when used as the only advertising medium; but are most
effective when used along with other media as a part of a larger campaign. summarizes by stating,
Put it all together for a secure fit: your budget stretches further when you spread your message with bumper
stickers, the glue that holds your marketing campaign together.
God wants to do a new thing in the Christian community. The secular world uses every available media,
technique and tool to influence billions of people. We cannot underestimate the power of the media, especially
printed media to reach and transform lives.

Each Christian has the responsibility of being a witness for Christ. Jesus admonished two of the seven churches
in Revelation 2 that even though they were obedient followers, He had something against them. The scripture
says that both the church at Pergamum and the church at Thyatira allowed Godless behavior to take place all
around them without telling the heathen what a holy God required. In essence, through their silence people
who loved the Lord with all their hearts were condoning sin and even guilty of permitting countless souls to go
to a Christless eternity. What if we had billions of courageous Christians in the world who were more
determined to please God rather than be afraid of what unrighteous people might think? We may not be able
to save every country in the world, but through the power of the Holy Spirit millions bound for hell could be
saved; and maybe marriage and the family preserved.
Most of us may never preach from a pulpit. Yet, each of us has the opportunity to minister or witness to
hundreds and maybe even thousands of people through bumper stickers. The majority of those who will be
influenced by your sticker may not attend church or perhaps may be members of churches that do not teach
sound doctrine. We ask that each of you prayerfully considers becoming an evangelist by purchasing and then
displaying one of the 4 stickers.
Fellow Christians we need to awaken from our spiritually comatose condition! The body of Christ is being
pummeled due to the large number of gay rights activists, relentlessness of the enemys cohorts and the
sustained bombardment of the public with false yet powerful messages. If we refuse to let each of our protests
be seen and heard, shortly we would have lost the fight to preserve marriage and the family forever. Many of
our children and generations will be exposed to and become indoctrinated into a lifestyle that will lead them
to hell. How sad that the devil has millions of courageous warriors spending billions of dollars, investing time
and even willing to die for his cause; while God has millions of wimps not willing to invest money, time and
many are too afraid to declare to their state or country where they stand. Stand up and be counted today, or
watch our countries slip away!
God has made it clear to me that He will allow the will of the people to prevail. That means He will not force His
will on the people. The side with the largest number of followers will be victorious. Whichever side is more
faithful and courageous will win. Consequently, if the majority of Christians do not obey what God has said
thru the prophets, the Christian community will be defeated. However, if sinners succeed in dethroning
righteousness, the Lords wrath will follow. Proverbs 14:34 declares, Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is
a reproach to any people.
We pray that each of you will support our ministry because God has appointed us to spearhead this cause. One
person at a time and one bumper sticker at a time is what the Lord is requiring. As we take the gospel to the
highways and byways, may many men, women, boys and girls become unshackled; so that He that shall come;
will come soon.
A prophet of the Living God,
Daniel Delancy

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