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1. From the Desk of the Editor.................................. 3 2. Enhanced concentration & creativity
3. Decreased obesity, loss of body fat
2. Matter of the Mind.......................................................4
4. Enhanced complexion, skin tone and vitality
3. Heal the Earth............................................................10 5. Lower sleep requirements
6. Less digestive difficulties
4. The Law of Non-Resistance......................................13
7. Improved alertness and mental agility, memory
5. Please Care Your Body!........................................21 benefits
8. A longer life with fewer diseases
6. Pain is not the Ultimate Enemy............................ 23
9. A greater sense of harmony with Nature

7. A Vision for the Future..........................................24 10. General health excellence

Try for a few days and you will feel the difference.
8. Red Alert .................................................................25
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MATTER OF THE MIND JAMA referred to earlier. Although significantly higher

Man is different from all other species on this planet incidence of any disease in a group of human beings
in that his brain and all other organs could be influenced compared to another similar group does not definitely
by his mind. The newer inventions in science have all give a cause-effect relationship, the pointer in this
been possible for man in this century and before, mainly instance is very significant.
because of his capacity to think. Although there has been Hostility, anger, frustration and bereavement come
a lot of thinking going on in medical circles about the up on top among the negative emotions. Whereas
role of the mind in psychological disorders, much needs previous studies have shown the good effects of positive
to be done in the field of physical ailments. Recent data emotions like love, compassion, social support, and job
on the important role played by the human mind in the satisfaction, having control over one's situation, the
causation of major physical illnesses like heart attacks present study has not looked at them in detail. The study
and cancer, have rekindled our interest in the intricacies clearly showed that many of these negative emotions
of the working of the human mind vis-a-vis the human acutely raised the blood pressure as also the heart rate
body. In the seventeenth century, William Harvey had and the breathing rate. It also indicated that chronic
clearly indicated that in all bodily afflictions there is a stress does take its toll on killer diseases. The role of
mental basis. Much work needs to be done in this emotions on chronic stable coronary diseases, as also
direction. As there is no big money involved in this kind their role in precipitating the final assault either of a heart
of research, the gold rush being in the field of attack or sudden death, have been explored in detail.
epidemiology and interventions, the field did not, until There is clear indication that emotions play a major role
very recently, attract good researchers. Funding agencies in the above situations.
were also lukewarm to the research demands in this field. So far so good. How do we change the emotions of
The prestigious Journal of the American Medical the majority in society from the negative to the positive
Association in its recent issue (12 April 2000) has ones? This is the million-dollar question. While the study
published a large study of the connection between life proclaims that behavioural changes, meditation and
stresses and their role in the causation of coronary artery stress management strategies do help, the authors have
disease. This study is noteworthy in that it looked at the not done or reviewed any long term prospective study
immediate and long-term effects of various emotional in this area, nor have they been able to fish out any
stressors that are a part of life in the modern rat race of randomized controlled study that has unequivocally
the monetary economy. While there are many good shown that the methods mentioned above have really
studies published by the British Medical Journal during worked in real life situation. Here we need the help of
2000-2003, before Dr. Richard Smith retired as the editor, the long-term longitudinal qualitative research of our
none of them have been as large as the study in the ancient Ayurveda.

If you want to stay young better fast periodically. Don't eat if ill, tired, in pain and in tense state or hurry.

4 5
Our educational system hardly attempts to inculcate depressed. Ingratitude is another area where one could
the value of good living and the fine art of living-live and get depressed if he does not get due recognition for the
let live. The basis of most depression (this has come up favours he had bestowed on others. Money, rather the
as the most important risk factor for both heart attacks lack of it, is another potent cause of depression.
and cancer) seems to be frustration in life. The latter Quick-fix methods like drug treatment and
results from man aiming his wants much higher than psychotherapy might mitigate depression temporarily.
his needs. There is enough in this world for man's needs However, the British study, as well as another
but not enough for man's greed. It is a curious Scandinavian study, have both clearly shown that
observation that I have made over the last four decades depression, clinically obvious or occult, treated or
that I have been interacting with patients that the otherwise, stood out as an independent risk for future
incidence of depression is much higher among the well- heart attacks. This was also the experience of the
to-do and the educated than the poor. If my observation doctors' study at the Johns Hopkins. This brings us to
is right, I have a hypothesis to offer. With affluence and the point that it is better to primarily prevent depression
so-called education of the present type, man becomes in society. How do we do that?
greedier and has more opportunities to get frustrated. The educational system should change from the
Real happiness is in giving. If one learns to try and help present competitive ethos where one has to compete
other in need one gets busy and does not get time to with another to the one where one competes with oneself
think of the petty things that depress one. for excellence. In the latter system there is no room for
Another area where we have a higher chance of hatread and jealousy. In addition, value-based education
depression is when our expectations are higher than could easily inculcate certain basic values in the child's
what we are able to achieve. We are not taught by the impressionable mind. If only we could change the
educational system to be satisfied with what we are. Macaulay type of education to our ancient Guru Kula
When we try and project ourselves at a much higher level type, one could avoid all the negative feelings getting
our innate capacity and then fail to achieve what we want into the child's head. Let our new schooling system not
to, depression sets in. Jealousy is another of the negative come in the way of the child's true education. Our only
feelings that triggers depression when one sees his hope for the future is to bring up a whole new generation
opponent prospering. Life also becomes difficult if we on this new educational ethos of excellence, camaraderie
expect too much from our near and dear ones. In the and co-operation, hatred and jealousy.
busy life of today, where one has to work hard to go up We have been having several quick fixes for our
the ladder, one rarely finds time for others, more so the hapless victims of heart attacks and cancer through
elders in the family, who are dependent on their progeny. drugs, diet manipulation and palliative surgical
Consequently, the elders who expect too much, get corrections. The scenario is no different in cancer therapy.

Fasting itself is not difficult. Breaking a fast the proper way Fasting is the greatest remedy.
needs discipline.
6 7
We have spent too much time and money in copying the (Eat food in moderation and that which pleases the
western model of curative medicine where, in fact, we mind, work very hard, avoid lies, hatred and backbiting,
have only been chasing a mirage. It is not what one eats have the courage to forgive even your enemy, always post-
that gets him into trouble, but it is what eats one that judge any issue, but to be healthy, in addition to all these,
gets him into real trouble. That said, I must admit that the love everyone in this world as your dear and near ones)
path is not strewn with rose petals even there. We have A tall order, the skeptics would aver! True, it is a tall
to work very hard at it to change the whole system what order, but not tall enough that ordinary mortals cannot
with all the vested interests trying to frustrate the efforts reach. One only has to have the inclination and the right
for their personal gains! But think we must in that attitude based on sound value-based education to follow
direction. The journey of even hundred miles starts with that dictum in life. This again is not possible if one has
the first step. Let us have the courage to take first step. been brought up in the old style. I have been struggling
Dimidium facti quie coepit, to achieve that level of perfection but have failed time
habet, sapere aude, incipe! and again, but try again I do! It would be easy if we are
– Horace brought up in that atmosphere right from the beginning.
(He who has begun his task has half done it. Have That is where my plea for change in our education set
the courage to be wise. Begin!) up for the new generation has some meaning.
We cannot expect answers for many questions from The present day Yoga and meditation do precious
any one. We will have to think for ourselves. Indian little to make the practitioner tranquil, if the latter are
Ayurvedic system had the wisdom to know that the mind not committed. The real yoga or meditation should aim
sets the pace for all diseases, in this stanza : at keeping the mind tranquil (Chitta vritti nirodhaha
Khrodha, shokha, bhaya, aayaasa, virudhaanna bhojana, yogaha). Yoga should not be equated with aasanaas and
Thaponnalaan, katvaamla, kshaara, simple meditation of closing the eyes and chanting some
lavana....raktha pitta prakopayeth. mantra. I feel that one could still do a lot by trying to be
(Anger, intense worries (depression), fear, extreme tranquil by living truthfully. It is in giving that you get.
exhaustion, sedentary life and many others things bring One could get peace of mind by trying to be of some use
on all kinds of ailments.) to someone else. That should be done with detachment.
They also have given the remedy in the following Indian philosophy gives a lot of food for thought in this
stanza! direction. Materialism without a touch of spirituality
Nithya hitha mitha aahaara sevi, sameekshakaari, would sink man into the valley of moral nihilism. Let us
Dhata samaha sathyaapara, khsamavaan, teach the next generation some values in life and hope
Vishaye vasaakthaha, aapthopasevi, for the best for the future of mankind.
Bhaveth aarogyam. –Dr. B M Hegde

Fasting is the Lord's best kept secret. If you are not feeling well skip meals until your appetite returns.

8 9

HEAL THE EARTH destroying other factors necessary to support life. The
production of cereals, milk and milk products, meat, poultry,
Ecology is the study of the relation of living organisms sugar, salt, drugs, tonics, tinned and packaged items is
to their environment. All these organisms, including, people, directly responsible for damaging the soil, air, water and
require food, water, fresh air and sunshine to live. These are atmosphere. Besides, these food harm our bodies by
gifts from the earth, our planet and life supporting system. creating toxins in them.
In assessing our health we normally fail to consider our The popular selection of food is based on the
personal well-being together with the well-being of the earth, Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). This prescribes
which is interconnected. food in terms of calories, vitamins, proteins, fat,
We generally understand health as the absence of disease carbohydrates and minerals - without any consideration for
and measure good health by factors such as height, weight, the effect of this process on the earth. For instance, meat
blood pressure, cholesterol level and so on. Similarly, we and meat products, which clog the heart, also clog the planet.
understand that the declining state of the environment is due Feeding, growing, slaughtering and transporting
to the depletion and poisoning of soil, the cutting down of trees, thousands of animals daily is a stupendous feat and one
the pollution of air and water, and the hole in the ozone layer. that devastates the environment.
However, a proper appreciation of ecology will help us According to Dr. David Pimental of Cornell University, "If
to assess and maintain both our health and that of the planet. we use all of the known petroleum reserves strictly to
Presently, very few of us see the direct connection between produce food for the world's population on our present diet
our own needs, demands and choices and their - no petroleum used for transportation, heating, cooling and
repercussions on the earth. so forth - and using our present agricultural technology, the
Integrating this knowledge into our lives involves choosing world's known petroleum reserves would last a mere 12
between different lifestyles, systems and types of production. years." And the food group that gulps and devours the lion's
We continue to use and abuse our bodies and the planet. share of this energy for food production is made up of animal
Righting the balance requires that our needs and demands products, including milk and dairy products. Not fruits,
support the life support system of the earth, not destroy it. vegetables or any of nature's other gifts.
Food selection can play perhaps the single most important Food production has also changed from organic methods
role in integrating the needs of the two systems of health. to mechanised, commercial, chemical based agribusinesses
Food is of value only in its connection with air, water, which damage the soil and affect the quality of the crop.
sunshine, rest and sleep, activity and mental health - in short, People who attend health seminars are concerned about all
all the natural or normal circumstances that we know to be the pesticides and chemicals sprayed on fruits and
necessary for the preservation of health. This is true nutrition, vegetables, but no one seems to raise the same question
a process that utilises all the above factors to promote health. about meat, chicken, eggs, fish and dairy products!
But instead, today's process of food production is Of all the toxic chemical residues found in food, more
A promise should be made by the heart and remembered Life is like a mirror- it never reflects more than what we put
by the hand. into it.
10 11
than 90% are found in animal products and 10% in fruits and THE LAW OF NON-RESISTANCE
vegetables. Factory farm animal have a dangerously high
concentration of these chemical toxins in their bodies from "Resist not evil. Be not overcome of evil, but
a lifetime of eating feed that has been sprayed with these overcome evil with good."
deadly biocides. Moreover, fruits, vegetables and sprouts Nothing on earth can resist an absolutely non-
are living foods that can tackle the chemicals - fresh, raw, resistant person.
fruits have enzymes that animal foods lack. The Chinese say that water is the most powerful
The animal product industry also consumes more water element, because it is perfectly non-resistant. It can wear
than all other industries combined. It also pollutes air and away a rock, and sweep all before it.
water, apart from being responsible for deforestation, loss Jesus Christ said : "Resist not evil," for He knew in
of agricultural land and acid rain. reality there is no evil, therefore nothing to resist. Evil
We know that air is crucial for existence. Six minutes has come of man's "vain imagination," or a belief in two
without air and there's no life - as part of the grand symbiosis powers, good and evil.
between the plant and animal kingdom (including people), There is an old legend that Adam and Eve ate of
trees utilise the carbon dioxide that we give out and give us "Maya, the Tree of Illusion," and saw two powers instead
life-giving oxygen. Trees are the lungs of the earth. The irony of one power, God.
is that at a time when carbon dioxide levels are getting Therefore, evil is a false law man has made for
dangerously high, we are cutting trees for the production of himself, through psychoma, or soul sleep. Soul sleep
food instead of protecting and conserving them. Large dams means that man's soul has been hypnotised by the race
are also built to increase agricultural production, destroying belief (of sin, sickness and death, etc.), which is carnal
thousands of acres of fertile land and old forests, further or mortal thought, and his affairs have out-pictured his
aggravating the problem. Deforestation also causes rivers illusions.
to run dry. No forests, no rivers, no water. We have read that man's soul is his subconscious
Isn't it clear how our food selection, based as it is on the mind, and whatever he feels deeply, good or bad, is
RDA, an outdated customs and habits, ignores the impact out-pictured by that faithful servant. His body and affairs
of our choices on the planet? The most direct, simple and show forth what he has been picturing. The sick man
easy way to heal the earth is to place our demands more has pictured sickness, the poor man, poverty, the rich
and more on fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts. Fortunately, man, wealth.
this also provides us with better health by reducing the toxins
People often say, "Why does a little child attract
in the body. These foods are eco-foods - more than health
illness, when it is too young even to know what it
foods - which protect the earth and heal the body.... Thus
I answer that children are sensitive and receptive to
helping you to live ethically and economically.
the thoughts of others about them, and often out picture
– Dr. Vijaya Venkat & Associates
There is no cure for birth and death, save to enjoy the Always put worry in its proper place out of your life.
12 13
the fears of their parents. a business way, continually with a man who made her
I heard a metaphysician once say, "If you do not run feel very poor. He talked lack and limitation and she
your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will run commenced to catch his poverty thoughts, so she
it for you." disliked him, and blamed him for her failure. She knew,
Mothers often, unconsciously, attract illness and in order to demonstrate her supply, she must first feel
disaster to their children by continually holding them in that she had received - a feeling of opulence must
thoughts of fear, and watching for symptoms. precede its manifestation.
For example : A friend asked a woman if her little girl It dawned upon her one day that she was resisting
had the measles. She replied promptly, "Not yet!" This the situation, and seeing two powers instead of one. So
implied that she was expecting the illness, and therefore, she blessed the man, and baptised the situation
preparing the way for what she did not want for herself "Sucess!" She affirmed, "As there is only one power,
and child. God, this man is here for my good and my prosperity"
However, the man who is centered and established (just what he did not seem to be there for). Soon after
in right thinking, the man who sends out only goodwill that she met, through this man, a woman, who gave her,
to his fellow man, and who is without fear, cannot be for a service rendered, several thousand dollars, and
touched or influenced by the negative thoughts of others. the man moved to a distant city and faded harmoniously
In fact, he could then receive only good thoughts, as he from her life. Mark the statement, "Every man is a golden
himself sends forth only good thoughts. link in the chain of my good," for all men are God in
Resistance is hell, for it places man in a "state of manifestation, awaiting the opportunity given by man
torment." himself to serve the divine plan of his life.
A metaphysician once gave me a wonderful recipe "Bless your enemy, and you rob him of his
for taking every trick in the Game of Life, it is the acme ammunition." His arrows will be transmuted into
of non-resistance. He gave it in this way: "At one time in blessings.
my life I baptised children, and, of course, they had many This law is true of nations as well as individuals. Bless
names. Now I no longer baptise children, but I baptise a nation, send love and goodwill to every inhabitant and
events, but I give every event the same name. If I have a it is robbed of its power to harm.
failure, I baptise it success in the name of the Father, Man can only get the right idea of non-resistance
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost!" through spiritual understanding. My students have often
In this we see the great law of transmutation, founded said : "I don't want to be a door-mat." I reply, "When you
on non-resistance. Through his spoken word, every use non-resistance with wisdom, no one will ever be able
failure was transmuted into success. to walk over you."
For example : A woman who required money, and Another example : One day I was impatiently awaiting
who knew the spiritual law of opulence, was thrown, in an important telephone call. I resisted every call that

Happiness is never perfect untill it is shared. There is no such thing as a great talent without great
14 15
came in and made no out-going calls myself, reasoning be undisturbed by it, and it falls away of its own weight.
that it might interfere with the one I was awaiting. "None of these things move me," is a wonderful
Instead of saying, "Divine ideas never conflict, the affirmation.
call will come at the right time" leaving it to Infinite The inharmonious situation comes from some in
Intelligence to arrange, I commenced to manage things harmony within man himself.
myself-I made the battle mine, not God's, and remained When there is, in him, no emotional response to an
tense and anxious. The bell did not ring for about an inharmonious situation, it fades away for ever from his
hour, and I glanced at the 'phone and found the receiver pathway.
had been off that length of time, and the 'phone was So we see man's work is ever with himself.
disconnected. My anxiety, fear and belief in interference People have said to me, "Give treatments to change
had brought on a total eclipse of the telephone. Realising my husband, or my brother." I reply, "No, I will give
what I had done, I commenced blessing the situation at treatments to change you, when you change your
once, I baptised it "success," and affirmed, "I cannot husband and your brother will change."
lose any call that belongs to me by divine right, I am One of my students was in the habit of lying. I told
under grace, and not under law." her it was a failure method, and if she lied she would be
A friend rushed out to the nearest telephone to notify lied to. She replied, "I don't care. I can't possibly get
the company to reconnect. along without lying."
She entered a crowded grocery, but the proprietor One day she was speaking on the 'phone to a man
left his customers and attended to the call himself. My with whom she was very much in love. She turned to me
'phone was connected at once and two minutes later I and said, "I don't trust him, I know he's lying to me." I
received a very important call, and, about an hour replied, "Well, you lie yourself, so someone has to lie to
afterwards, the one I had been awaiting. you, and you may be sure it will be just the person you
One's ships come in over a calm sea. want the truth from." Some time after that I saw her and
So long as man resists a situation, he will have it she said, "I'm cured of lying."
with him. If he runs away from it, it will run after him. I questioned : "What cured you?"
For example : I repeated this to a woman one day, She replied : "I have been living with a woman who
and she replied, "How true that is! I was unhappy at lied worse than I did!"
home. I disliked my mother, who was critical and One is often cured of his faults by seeing them in
domineering, so I ran away and was married-but I married others.
my mother, for my husband was exactly like my mother, Life is a mirror, and we find only ourselves reflected
and I had the same situation to face again." "Agree with in our associates.
thine adversary quickly." Living in the past is a failure method, and a violation
That means, agree that the adverse situation is good, of spiritual law.
"The natural healing force within each the of us is the "The greatest blessing is that we are alive."
greatest force in getting well." - Hippocrates - Dr. Vijaya Venkant
16 17
Jesus Christ said, "Behold, now is the accepted time." taking advantage of every opportunity.
"Now is the day of salvation." One day I said continually (silently), "Infinite Spirit,
Lot's wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of don't let me miss a trick," and something very important
salt. was told to me that evening. It is most necessary to
The robbers of time are the past and the future. Man begin the day with right words.
should bless the future, knowing it has in store for him Make an affirmation immediately upon waking.
endless joys, but live fully in the now. For example :
For example : A woman came to me complaining that "Thy will be done this day! To-day is a day of
she had no money with which to buy Christmas gifts. completion, I give thanks for this perfect day, miracle
She said, "Last year was so different, I had plenty of shall follow miracle, and wonders shall never cease."
money and gave lovely presents, and this year I have Make this a habit, and one will see wonders and
scarcely a cent." miracles come into his life.
I replied, "You will never demonstrate money while One morning I picked up a book and read, "Look with
you are pathetic and live in the past. Live fully in the wonder at that which is before you!" It seemed to be my
now, and get ready to give Christmas presents. Dig your message for the day, so I repeated again and again, "Look
ditches, and the money will come." She exclaimed, "I with wonder at that which is before you."
know what to do! I will buy some tinsel twine, Christmas At about noon a large sum of money was given me,
seals, and wrapping paper." I replied, "Do that, and the which I had been desiring for a certain purpose.
presents will come and stick themselves to the In the following chapter I will give affirmations that I
Christmas seals." have found most effective. However, one should never
This, too, was showing financial fearlessness and use an affirmation unless it is absolutely satisfying and
faith in God, as the reasoning mind said, "Keep every convincing to his own consciousness, and often an
cent you have, as you are not sure you will get any more." affirmation is changed to suit different people.
She bought the seals, paper, and twine, and a few For example : The following has brought success to
days before Christmas, received a gift of several hundred many :
dollars. Buying the seals and twine had impressed the "I have a wonderful work, in a wonderful way : I give
subconscious with expectancy, and opened the way for wonderful service for wonderful pay!"
the manifestation of the money. She purchased all the I gave the first two lines to one of my students, and
presents in plenty of time. she added the last two.
Man must live suspended in the moment. It made a most powerful statement, as there should
"Look well, therefore, to this day! Such is the always be perfect payment for perfect service, and a
salutation of the dawn." rhyme sinks easily into the subconscious. She went
He must be spiritually alert, ever awaiting his leads, about singing it aloud, and soon did receive wonderful

The true potential for health and healing lies in every person. Health is simply the result of healthful living.

18 19
work in a wonderful way, and gave wonderful service PLEASE CARE FOR YOUR BODY!
for wonderful pay.
Another student, a business man, took it, and • DANGEROUS SHAMPOO!!!
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changed the word work to business.
Sodium Laureth Sulfate : (SLS)
He repeated, "I have a wonderful business, in a
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wonderful way, and I give wonderful service for
• Paul Mitchell • L'Oreal • Body Shop
wonderful pay." That afternoon he made a forty-one
All these Shampoos use a chemical called SLS which
thousand dollar deal, though there had been no activity is actually a floor cleaner. It is used so as to produce
in his affairs for months. more foam.
Every affirmation must be carefully worded and Imagine what a floor cleaner can do to you hair and
completely "Cover the ground." scalp. It will damage the very roots of your scalp.
For example : I knew a woman who was in great need,
and made a demand for work. She received a great deal
Use the ones which are free from this extremely
of work, but was never paid anything. She now knows
harmful chemical.
to add, "Wonderful service for wonderful pay."
Type in 'SLS Free Shampoo' or 'SLS Free Toothpaste'
It is man's divine right to have plenty! More than in to get a list of companies selling safe
enough! products
"His barns should be full, and his cup should flow ATTENTION PLEASE.....!!!
over!" This is God's idea for man, and when man breaks Don't eat 'KURKURE' because it contains high amont
down the barriers of lack in his own consciousness, the of plastic, if you don't believe burn Kurkure and you can
Golden Age will be his, and every righteous desire of see plastic melting. Please forward to all!! Inform all who
his heart fulfilled! you think require this message as they eat Kurkure.
– By Florence Scovel Shinn
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Don't walk infront of me, I may not follow you.
To be vibrantly and vigorously alive, in the best possible shape, Don't walk behind me, I may not lead you,
we must eat foods that are alive. Just walk along with me and I will be your best friend.
20 21
Please do not show sympathy to people selling buds Americans are probably the most pain-conscious people
on roadside or at signals.... Just wanted to warn you on the face of the earth. For years we have had it drummed
people not to buy those packs of ear buds you get at the into us—in print, on radio, over television, in everyday
roadside. They are made from cotton that has already conversation—that any hint of pain is to be banished as
been used in hospitals. though it were the ultimate evil. As a result, we are becoming
They take all the dirty, blood and pus filled cotton, a nation of pillgrabbers and hypochondriacs, escalating the
slightest ache into a searing ordeal.
wash it, bleach it and use it to make ear buds. So, unless
We know very little about pain and what we don’t know
you want to become the first person in the world to get makes it hurt all the more. Indeed, no form of illiteracy in the
Herpes Zoster Oticus (a viral infection of the inner, United States is so widespread or costly as ignorance about
middle, and external ear) of the ear and that too from a pain—what it is, what causes it, how to deal with it without panic.
cotton bud, DON'T BUY THEM ! Almost everyone can rattle off the names of at least a dozen
Please forward to all. This may be helpful for drugs that can deaden pain from every conceivable cause—all
someone.... For more information please visit http:// the way from headaches to hemorrhoids. There is far less
knowledge about the fact that about 90 percent of pain is self- limiting, that it is not always an indication of poor health, and
that, most frequently, it is the result of tension, stress, worry,
DON'T CHANGE idleness, boredom, frustration, suppressed rage, insufficient
"I was neurotic for years.... sleep, overeating, poorly balanced diet, smoking, excessive
I was anxious and depressed and selfish. drinking, inadequate exercise, stale air, or any of the other
Everyone kept telling me to change. abuses encountered by the human body in modern society.
The most ignored fact of all about pain is that the best
I resented them. I agreed with them. I wanted to change,
way to eliminate it is to eliminate the abuse. In stead, many
but simply couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. people reach almost instinctively for the painkillers—aspirins,
Then one day someone said to me, "Don't change. I love barbiturates, codeines, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and
you just as you are." dozens of other analgesics or desensitizing drugs.
Those words were music to my ears : "Don't change, Most doctors are profoundly troubled over the extent to
don't change. Don't change. I love you as you are." which the medical profession today is taking on the trappings
I relaxed. I came alive. And suddenly I changed!" of a pain-killing industry. Their offices are overloaded with
– Anthony de Mello people who are morbidly but mistakenly convinced that
Jesuit priest and psychotherapist something dreadful is about to happen to them. It is all too
evident that the campaign to get people to run to a doctor at
the first sign of pain has boomeranged. Physicians find it
You can pay the subscription of our 3 monthlies difficult to give adequate attention to patients genuinely in
at the following address also : need of expert diagnosis and treatment because their time is
Aksharbharati, Rajgulab Shopping Centre, soaked up by people who have nothing wrong with them
Vaniawad, Bhuj (Kutch) - 370 001. except a temporary indisposition or a psychogenic ache.
(From "Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient"
by Norman Cousins)
22 23


It is my hope that we will have both the means and the JAW OSTEONECROSIS DUE TO ALENDRONATE
will to expand our approach to health—on both an individual One of the side effects of alendronate used for
and a societal level. Such a change will mean that: osteoporosis is jaw necrosis. In 60 percent of the cases, the
• As individuals we will routinely consider the emotional, side effect occurs after dental procedure while in the
psychological, and social dimentions of our health, in remaining 40 percent, it occurs spontaneously. Reaons:
addition to the biological and behavioral, in our efforts to • Alendronate and other biphosphonates work by preventing
prevent or recover from illness. the resorption of old bone and are toxic to osteoclasts.
• People at genetic risk for illness will utilize behavioral, psy-
Consequently the old, aging bone eventually dies.
chological, and emotional, or social techniques to prevent
• Jaw bone has a faster turnover than bone elsewhere in
the activation of disease-contributing genes.
the body.
• Medical schools will update their curricula to include more
about the new health science so that physicians in training • Jaw bone is in constant use such as chewing and talking.
will learn as much about the nonbiological dimensions of • Due to greater blood supply in the jaw bone, alendronate
health as about the biological. levels are higher.
• Health assessments in medicine will include the • Invasive dental procedures coupled with high alendronate
nonbiological dimensions of illness for interventions by levels result in osteonecrosis
health professionals (including psychologists, nurses, and PIRACETAM : UNETHICAL PROMOTION
others) to keep people healthy or to help them recover more In India, Piracetam is being promoted for vague
rapidly from illness. conditions like "intellectual decay," "social maladjustment,"
• As a society we will have a greater recognition of the "lack of alertness," "changes of mood," "deterioration in
manifold influences of the social context, including how behaviour" and "learning disabilities in children." In Britain,
families, neighborhoods, schools, work sites, and
piracetam (Nootropil) is permitted for use in a rare disorder
economics affect health and lifestyle factors such as
called cortical myoclonus. While in India, the drug is being
exercise patterns, diet, and smoking.
• Public health, health promotion, and disease prevention
promoted for use in very young children, in Britain its use is
will become greater priorities in society. Health-promotion contraindicated for adolescents under the age of 16 years.
and disease prevention will become routine considerations The drug's side effects include : diarrhoea, insomnia,
among those who set policies in the workplace, in school nervousness, depression, hyperkinesia and rash. Piracetam
settings, and in health care, and they will become is not marketed in the United States.
increasing priorities in federal research funding. COMBINATION VACCINE FOR KIDS WITHDRAWN
Finally it is my hope that these predictions and hopes will A vaccine that combines conventional MMR (Measles,
make available to everyone what my mother seemed to have Mumps & Rubella) with Chickenpox has been withdrawn in
had naturally—harmony of mind, body, and spirit. the United States due to a higher rate of seizures in children.
(From "Emotional Longevity"
by Norman B. Anderson, Ph.D.) In a study, children aged 12 to 23 months who received the

Eating little and speaking little can never do harm. Hunger is not only the best cook but also the best Physicina.

24 25
combined MMR-cum-Chickenpox vaccine had double the
rate of seizures compared to children who got separate
vaccinations for MMR and chickenpox. This equates to one
Declaration of the Rights of Animals
additional case of convulsion per 2,000 vaccinations. Whereas it is self-evident
The nasal spray of desmopressin used in the treatment That we share the earth with other creatures,
of bedwetting in children is no longer approved for this great and small,
indication in Britain and the United States. The decision to That many of these animals experience
curtail the indication was taken when it became known that pleasure and pain,
the drug can cause severe hyponatraemia, water That these animals deserve our just treatment
intoxication, seizures and even death. and
STATINS : ADDITIONAL ADVERSE EFFECTS That these animals are unable to
Following a review of data, the prescribing information Speak for themselves.
for statins in western countries is being expanded to reflect
a number of additional side effects, namely : We Do therefore Declare That These Animals
• Patients should be informed that treatment with any statin
Have The Right to live free from human
may sometimes be associated with depression, sleep
disturbances, memory loss and sexual dysfunction.
• Statins may very rarely be associated with interstitial whether in the name of science or sport,
lung disease. Patients should be advised to seek medical exhibition or service, food or fashion,
attention if they develop presenting features of
interstitial lung disease such as dyspnoea, non- Have The Right to live in harmony with nature
productive cough or deterioration in general health (e.g. rather than according to human desires and
fatigue, weight loss and fever).
– DR. C. M. GULHATI Have The Right to live on a healthy planet.
MIMS, 503, Mansarovar,
90 Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110 019. This Declaration of
(Dec, 2008 Issue) Tel. : 4101 4693, 2643 3115
The Rights of Animals
was adopted and proclaimed by
Expert Consultations on Holistic Lines are available
at the office of the Trust - 'Holistic Healing Helps'. Beauty Without Cruelty
A prior appointment is a must. on this, the Tenth Day of December 2008,
In Pune, India.
Prayer and fasting can restore health.
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“Posted at H.P.O., Borivali H.O., Mumbai-400 091” on 15th of every month.

If children live with Criticism

They learn to condemn.
If children live with Hostility
They learn to Fight.
If children live with Ridicule
They learn to be Shy.
If children live with Shame
They learn to be Guilty.
If children live with Tolerance
They learn to be Patient.
If children live with Encouragement
They learn to be Confident.
If children live with Praise
They learn to Appreciate.
If children live with Fairness
They learn to be Just.
If children live with Security
They learn to have Faith.
If children live with Approval
They learn to like themselves.
If children live with Appreciation & Friendship
They learn to find love in this world.


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