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Joseph Zernik, PhD קינרצ ףסוי ר"ד
PO Box 33407, Tel Aviv, Ìsrael  ד"n 33407 x"n , 6133301
] ןלהל תירבע [
July 8, 2014
Freedom of Ìnformation Enforcement Unit
Ministry of Justice
By email:
RE: Invalid response by the Enforcement and Collection Authority on a
Freedom of Information request
Your immediate response is kindly requested.
Dear Sir/Madam:
Following my letter to you yesterday, Ì received by mail the purported
response on my Freedom of Ìnformation request on the Enforcment and
Collection Authority. (enclose)
Review of the records that were received by mail shows:
a) The envelope is post-stamped July 1, 2014, that is the same date as my
first email note regarding failure of the Authority to respond. The post-stamp
appears to contradict the claim in Ms Rebecca Ahraoni email note, that the
Freedom of Ìnformation response had been mailed prior to my note regarding
the failure to respond.
b) The paper response fails to indicate a Freedom of Ìnformation request
c) The paper response fails to indicate any reference number, as required on
all official government correspondence.
d) The paper response is unsigned.
e) The paper response lists the title of the author "Freedom of Ìnformation
Officer, Policy and Strategic Planning Division". One doubts that the Policy
and Strategic Planning Division has its own Freedom of Ìnformation Officer...
Combined, the email and paper responses by Ms Rebeccan Aharoni would
make a reasonable person doubt the integrity of compliance of the
Enforcement and Collection Authority with the Freedom of Ìnformation Act.
Therefore, Ì repeat my request from yesterday, for a reference in the official
Register, alternatively - a copy of Ms Aharoni's appointment as Freedom of
Ìnformation Officer of the Enforcement and Collection Authority.
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
Freedom of Ìnformation Officer
Enforcement and Collection Authority
37 Yirmiyahu Street, PO Box 24235
By email:
Attorney Michal Tenneh
Public Relations and Freedom of Ìnformation Office
Department of Justice
By email:
Ms Rebecca Aharoni
Head of Policy and Strategic Planning Division
Enforcement and Collection Authority
By email:
8 ,י:וי:  2014
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oיuswnn דרwn
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nייaanו nsי5xn nוwר :w :ו5יa5 nnaוwn nx רxודa oויn יn:aיק ,:וnnxn יan5n רnx:
(ףרוצn) .vדיnn wsוn קוn: ףוs5a nwקan :v
:nxרn רxודa ו:aקnnw nוריינn nקידa
-nn רxוד nnnוn nxwונ nsuvnn (x 1 ,י:וי:  2014 jיינva nנוwxר: יnינs וa oויn xוnw ,
'aan :w nnנvu: nריnסa nדnוv5 nיxרנ nxr רxוד nnnוn  .nוwרn ידי :v naוwn יx
.j5 ינs: רa5 nn:wנ naוwnnw ,:"xודa nvדוna ינורnx nקaר
.vדיnn wsוn קוn: ףוs5a nwקa רsסn :5 naוwnn an5n :v jיx (a
.n:wnnn ידרwn nוan5nna wרדנ5 ,xn5nסx רsסn :5 naוwnn an5n :v jיx (a
.oוnn וניx an5nn (ד
jונ5n: ףaxn ,vדיnn wsוn קוn :v nנוnnn" anו5n :w ודיקsn nx jייצn an5nn (n
.vדיnn wsוn קוn :v nנוnn קיrnn nוינידnו jונ5n: ףaxn oxn nוnn: wי ."nוינידnו
nוקsס: nvד רa oדx :5 ו:יaוי ינורnx nקaר 'aan jn :"xודaו an5a יn:aיקw nוaוwnn
.nייaanו nsי5xn nוwר ידי :v vדיnn wsוn קוn oויק nרwוי יaa:
:w nייוניn an5 קnvn - jיsו:n: וx ,nוnוwרa xn5nסx n:aק: יnwקa :v רrוn ינx ,q5יs:
.nייaanו nsי5xn nוwרa vדיnn wsוn קוn :v nנוnn5 ינורnx 'aan
n5רaa ,
קינרצ ףסוי 'רד
 oדxn nויו5r: aייס ) NGO (
n " ד 33407 , n " x 6133301
xנu :5יn ד"וv
oיuswnn דרwn ,vדיnn wsוnו רוaיצn nוינs
:סקsa 02-6467085
vדיnn wsוn קוn :v nנוnnn
nייaanו nsי5xn nוwר
nר ' וnיnרי 37 , x jיינa ,' n . ד 34235 דוקיn 9134102
סקsa : 02-5084103
xודa " ::
n ינורnx nקaר 'aa
jונ5nו nוינידn ÷ רי5a ףax wxר
nייaanו nsי5xn nוwר
Digitally signed by
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Date: 2014.07.08
18:14:47 +03'00'

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