Channeling and mediumship

Channeling is the act of receiving transmission and information from non-physical being . Jane Roberts, Edgard Cayce were famous channeler during the 20th century. There is two type of channeled information those from entities in our dead zone (also referred and divided by zone such as Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Messianic, and Buddhic.) ….) and those from entities outside of it , I will call them Universal Beings . Getting channeled information from our dead zone is relatively easy many books have been written on the topic . It usually doesn’t take long, for instance you can succeed to channel your higher self at your first try. What is the higher self ? this the portion of yourself who has a broader vision on why you choose to be on earth, why thing happens to you, what are your goals on this lifetime. It is useful to channel , its higher self , you will get a lot of guidance when you do that . . The type of information you will typically get from a being in our dead zone , will be earth or physical related. Those beings have information about past, future and present all related to our physical world . In the other hand , an Universal Being can provide you information about a lot more of topic but you may not necessarily understand them. Your understanding of universal beings information depend on how far you are with your own evolution. It also take more time to be able to channel an Universal Being , may be months often years. Change in your body is necessary to be able to handle the vibration of an Universal being. When an Universal Being enter your aura, it has to use your brain and your body to communicate the information. When it do that , it can talk, some of them can write , use the eyes. It all depend of their experience with an human body. Some Universal Being were humans , they have evolved enough to go outside of our universe . Most of them have no experience of any types of physicality .

Jane Roberts Channeled the entity called Seth.

Edgar Cayce Channeled a doctor from the astral zone.

Jz Knight - Channel the universal being called Ramtha.

Because an Universal Being have to use your brain when it comes , the channeler will not be conscious and also for another reason , the channeler will not be able to modify or distort the

information . This is different than channeled information from the dead zone , where the channeler can distort a large percentage if not all the information . An Universal Being such as Datre will communicate almost exclusively verbally or through a device called ouija board with a being from the dead zone several other ways are possible such as automatic writing , ouija board , telepathy. When the information is given in a telepathic way , it will not be necessarily with words that the channel will hear in his head , sometimes, the information comes on the form of impressions, images, geometry , colors , symbolisms . Someone familiar with colors therapy may receive information on the form of color patterns and especially if the channel attempt to channel his guide which is often a more evolved aspect of the self. I personally get the information on the form of symbols , I will ask my guide a way to improve my health for example and a symbol to visualize regularly will appear , I may not understand the symbol directly sometime it take months but it usually works well . The symbol is not dedicated to my conscious anyway but for the part of myself that are able to work with it. Is channeling dangerous ? If you are in good health physically and mentally , channeling is not dangerous. Because, you are the decision maker at any moment , you have the possibility to choose for yourself. What we call negative entities cannot take control of you only if you want to .

How to start channeling ? I can only recommend the best instructional book on the topic Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. The book is packed with all information , you will need to succeed , I followed the method instructed in the book and I was able to channel my soul. Tortue

Automatic Writing
Automatic writing is a channeling technique to let your higher self or another entity to use your hands to write message or information. The phenomena was investigated by psychologists during the 1800's and 1900's according to their theory automatic writing material has his source in the subconscious. This may explain that often the material contains misunderstanding and errors. Jung once said that the Tibetan an high entity channeled by Alice Bailey was Bailey higher self and her waking personality was the low self. While there is in most of the cases a connection between an entity and the channeler, they are often fragment of the same larger entity. This is not always the case especially in the high form of channeling but in the case of automatic writing, I will say that this is not an high form of channeling and you can except to gather information from different part of your personality , from your sub-personalities. They are two forms of automatic writing, one of them is not really automatic, in the advanced form the recipient receives the information in his mind and immediately write it sometimes the recipient change words for better understanding. In that form, the recipient is in altered state of consciousness but has control over everything, there is basically no automatism, with this form

people can channel all sort of being or entities and this is what Alice Bailey used to do. Now, the pure form of automatic writing demand to fully surrender. How to try automatic writing: Put a pen and pad before you. Use your favorite method of relaxation, you need to be in a trance state to perform automatic writing . Visualize your higher self coming through your arm and hand, sincerely ask for the highest and wisest guidance possible. Pay attention to your feeling, If you feel uncomfortable, stop the operation. In the beginning you can do some game, ask your guide or higher self to write answer to simple question, what will be the weather tomorrow, where is the last object you have lost, you get the point ? Don't go asking for your guide name, the guide will introduce himself if this is really necessary for you.

Automatic Drawing
Automatic drawing is a process whereby one enter into an altered state of consciousness to bring the world view of an artist through the medium of the hands. Using the automatic drawing an individual can connect with the world view of say Picasso or Cezanne, and draw or paint unachieved painting or even planned paintings that were never made. This principle apply for not only for departed artists but for those still alive and it apply equally to any artistic and scientific data .This is why many artists and scientists often have the same idea in same time, they all tap in each other ideas. The channel doesn't enter in contact with the artist per se. He merely connect with the world view or thoughts about the world of the chosen artist. Thoughts are like objects, the less inhibited the channel the greater the chance to pick up original and brilliant material, if the channel project his own world view on the chosen artist world view the result will certainly be a watered down version of the artist idea. If an artist planned to make a picture containing imagery that is in opposition with say the religious or ethic ideas of the channel, the channel will most than probably distort the original material to make it fit his own world view or pre-programmed belief system, to avoid such a pitfall, a certain let go of the channel world view is necessary for him or her to achieve proper translation of the original idea of an artist. To achieve automatic drawing a light trance state will be sufficient, it will be even better if you can use self-hypnosis to give yourself the proper instruction, that will be to relax and not to interfere with the reception, if you try automatic drawing it will be easier to choose an artist that you feel some affinity with . You can visualize yourself walking on a beautiful and peaceful place, beach, countryside, mountain, whatever fit you best, imagine the artist near you. Step into the artist body and let him or her make the artwork. One exercise you can do to detach from your world view is the following one, proposed by Seth/Jane Roberts in the book, the Unknown Reality Vol II:

Close your eyes. Imagine a photograph of yourself (in parentheses: Yes, we are finally back to photographs). In your mind's eye see the photograph of yourself on a table or desk. If you are working mentally with a particular snapshot, then note the other items in the picture. If the photograph is strictly imaginary, then create an environment about the image of yourself. Look at the image in your mind as it exists in the snapshot, and see it as being aware only of those other objects that surround it. Its world is bounded by the four edges of the picture. Try to put your consciousness into that image of yourself Your world view is limited to the photograph itself. Now in your mind see that image walking out of the snapshot, onto the desk or table. The environment of the physical room will seem gigantic to that small cell. The scale and proportion alone will be far different. Imagine that miniature image navigating in the physical room, then going outside, and quite an expanded world view will result.