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Service Introduction for PAF, epic 1271

Please note: These will be uploaded as separate articles on Knowledgebase
Article 1 - Business Overview
Please note this functionality of integrating with Postcode Anywhere (PCA) changes three main areas:
1. Add address in My Account, Registration, and Non-JS Checkout
2. Store Search (includes search by partial postcode or Town/County)
3. Add address in JS checkout (includes Auto-suggest feature)
Overview of the
PAF_1271 Project.docx

Article 2 – Solution Design
Please note that we implemented Option 2 (connection with PCA via IL, not through an API)
Martini will still use the internal PAF (GMO’s resiliency). GMO address found from Postcode Anywhere will
be added to Martini and not overridden by internal PAF.
file replacement v4.pptx

Article 3- Technical flow diagrams
Add address in My Account, Registration and Non-JS Checkout

Store Search

Add address JS Checkout

Article 4 – Resiliency, performance tracking and switch to turn on/off functionality
Functionality Turn on Turn off Location
Store Address enable
toreSearch (true)
toreSearch (false)
Component Name :
Add address in
Registration, My
Account and
Non-JS checkout
enablePostCodeAnywhere (
enablePostCodeAnywhere (
false) in
Component Name :

Add address in JS
Component Name :

Please note that resiliency is automatic upon failure of Postcode Anywhere unless resiliency is switched off.
Resiliency is also triggered on timeout which is 1 Minute.
Turn on Turn off Location
Component Name :

Following Exceptions will be caught in scenario where PCA is down and we hit resiliency. These are found in
ATG server Logs.
 AxisFault
 InfraStructureFault
 RemoteException
 IllegalConfigurationException

Resiliency is also triggered on a timeout which is 1 Minute. This is configurable by updating the property
timeout in the following component.

Below are the resiliency flow error messages, these are not front end.
 Store Search - Sorry, collect from store isn't available at the moment. Please select 'Delivery' or call
0845 600 44 11 to order by phone.
 My Account add address, checkout add address - Sorry, We are having technical problems finding
your address. Please try again later or call 0845 600 44 11.
Performance Tracking
Please note performance tracking is done in ATG layer can be triggered at run time. It gives consolidated
time for webservice call from ATG – IL – PCA – IL – ATG.

Turn on Turn off Location
enable logExecTim
e flag to (true)
enable logExecTime flag
to (false )

Article 5 – The additional webservice calls
Please note there no additional DB calls
How is the call to the third party made?
- IL is making a REST call with Postcode Anywhere system. The flow is - ATG will invoke
the Location Service component of IL.
- Location Service component will receive the message from ATG and will make a call to
LocatePCA service.
- LocatePCA service will make a REST call to Postcode Anywhere and return the response
back to ATG.

What additional archives, web services are being provided in GMO4 for this?
- IL is providing one more archive LocatePCAService to achieve the requirement. This
archive is provided as part of GMO4.
- We have updated the existing LocationService to expose four new services to ATG.

Please open via Notepad
Webservice URLs:
1-AA11-AA11-AA11&Location=WR2 6NJ

This is the URL for postcode anywhere JS api and CSS file we are pointing in checkout.
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
href="" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="
The key in the above URLs is generated using a control panel when creating a new product [we use
capture+]. This key will act as a unique identifier in our requests to the service. Once the key is
generated, add the above code [stylesheet and script] in the head section of checkout.
JS file included sends request to PCA service on every key press in the textbox and the gives the
results back as a json response. We use callback functions to parse the JSON response and get the
required fields that are required to add an address.

Article 6 – End User License Agreement
PCA-EULA pdf.pdf

Article 7 – Support Model including key contacts from Postcode Anywhere
Support of products is free and for as long as we use the product with no expiry date
Maintenance window - There is no formal maintenance window because the service operates
during planned and emergency maintenance and they apply the daily address updates. Current
operations allow an entire data centre offline without service being affected and continue to run
with the same response times (less than 20 milliseconds).

Capacity and Availability – Availability is 99.9%. Postcode Anywhere is running at around 10%
capacity and service, approx. 4.5 million unique web service requests each day. All the equipment is
new and they have a rolling programme of updating all kit and infrastructure regularly. As part of
accreditation to ISO 27001 they take monthly performance stats across the server estate to check
for reduced performance and replacing kit where necessary.

Performance – Live performance can be viewed at

Response times
 Capture + <1second Measured to the network boundary)
 Other services < 2 seconds (measured to the network boundary)

Out of office hours: 24 hour call answering and there’s a process for escalating urgent issues out-of-
hours. They’re in the process of extending our support hours, which will probably see “normal”
support until 11pm during the week.
The Support team checks enquiries twice a day at weekend, usually at 10am and 5pm. Enquiries are
also checked during evening, up to around 10pm.
In practice, because service is monitored at all times, if there was a problem with their technology,
they know about it immediately and would act straight away. If there is a problem with the service
they are alerted within 60 seconds with the nature of the problem.
Account Manager: Rachael Mackwell Tel: +44 1905 888601
Technical Main contact: Steve Roberts Tel: +44 1905 888631
Support Telephone: 0800 047 0493.
Emergency contact number: 01905 888699
SLA Tesco.docx

Article 8 – Services and costs of Postcode Anywhere integration
Please note Postcode Anywhere charges per call. Tesco forecasts 8 million add address calls and 16 million
store search calls. A call will not be re-made upon refreshing, if it is the same postcode or address the
address is from the cache. For Auto-Suggest add address in checkout, the call is after the customer selects
the validated address i.e. not counted as a call while typing and getting suggestions.

Tesco quote showing
price breaks.docx

Article 9 – Error Messages
Please note no support procedures needed for error messages however monitoring would be important
PAF error

Article 10 – Infrastructure changes
Please note Infrastructure design for Production is in progress
RF for Postcode
Anywhere VDI.docx

RF for Postcode
anywhere change in IST2.docx

RF for Postcode
Anywhere changes in UAT.docx

RF for GM04
Network changes in NFT.docx

Article 11 – Design and Wireframes
1271 Tesco Direct
PAF User Experience and Wireframes 1.6.pdf