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It was barely a month after Liar Game—the final stage. Nao Kanzaki was graduating from
her university, and the only person she saw at her graduation ceremony was Shinichi
Akiyama—and he just appeared amidst the crowd for a while and then disappeared. Nao
sighed as she thought about how the 54 million dollars that Yokoya gave her had helped in
her father’s recovery. Now that the game is finished, there is no chance for her to meet
Akiyama again. Or so she thought?!
Nao found a woman in black standing beside her suddenly. In her hands was a black card.
“Kanzaki-sama, konichiwa. I am from the LGT Office. You are invited to a revival round,
called Requiem. Please show up on the date and time indicated.”
“But, I already finished the game!” Nao said.
“Unfortunately, a foreign investor has decided to revive the game. You HAVE to play,
because he promised that if you and Akiyama-sama joined the game, he will waive the debts
of all players of the game, even those that you haven’t met before.” The woman said.
“Fine, I guess I will find Akiyama.” Nao took the card reluctantly and went home. She
changed out of her kimono and wore a flowery dress with cardigan. She remembered
Akiyama’s words of whether she can get used to his lies. She simply picked up her bag and
took a bus.
“Knock knock!” Akiyama opened the door, dressed in a white shirt.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking down at her.
Nao handed him the card. “Please join the new game! There are others we have to help!”
She bowed.
It was afternoon. Akiyama and Nao are now getting off a plane. It seemed the game is
getting more extravagant. Nao shielded her eyes from the afternoon sun.
“Welcome to the LGT Office, Los Angeles. My name is Lira, and I am the overseas LGT Officer
in charge.” A blonde woman speaking fluent Japanese strode towards them.
Akiyama looked thoughtful. The foreign investor did not mind spending large amounts of
money bringing them all to his backyard where he could watch the game unfold splendidly.
“Come with me to the foyer, tonight will be a welcome feast for you. The game starts
Nao tentatively walked behind Akiyama.
“Nao-chan!” A voice that sounds like it belongs to neither sex called out. It was Fukunaga.
He enthusiastically shook the hands of Nao, and put an arm around Akiyama who shrugged
out of it hurriedly. “I can’t believe I can see you guys again, though I see you guys kept in
touch, huh?”
“W-what do you mean, Fukunaga-san? I just saw Akiyama-san a few times, that’s all.” Nao
“Did I mention Akiyama?” Fukunaga asked drolly as Nao blushed.
Just then, they reached the building. It looked like a nondescript hotel. They were ushered
to a ballroom, where servers were setting up food.
“Are you sure there will be food a monk can eat?” A bimbotic voice sounded. It was a
young-looking girl, still dressed in those typical Japanese uniform, as she pointed at a guy
wearing clothes like a monk.
“Harimoto!” Nao gasped. He nodded at her.
“More champagne, please.” A high-class sounding voice said. Nao turned and saw her taking
off her sunglasses, revealing a beautiful profile.
“Yukina-san!” Yukina and Nao hugged each other.
“The party started without me?” The doors were opened and in strode Yokoya, who looked
emotionless, staring at Nao who is behind Akiyama.
“Who said I was late? I am always on time.” A shrill, high-pitched voice sounded, and
Akiyama groaned inwardly as he saw his ex-nemesis, Katsuragi Ryou.
“Is everyone present? There will be 15 people in this round. You are able to choose your
group of 5 people so this is a chance for you to mingle!” Lira announced from the stage and
then left.
“So may I join your group, Akiyama-san?” Yukina asked.
“Sure!” Nao nodded vigorously.
“It’s clear that the other group will be Yokoya and Harimoto. “ Akiyama analysed.
“Aaargh!” Nao was just going to eat a piece of cake when somebody knocked into her from
behind. Akiyama hurriedly grabbed onto her, and she did not fall face-flat on a large
chocolate cake.
“I’m so sorry! My name is Sakiko, and I am only 15 years old, so… I have no idea why I’m
forced to join this game.” The person who knocked into Nao is a teenage girl who was
dressed shabbily.
“I’m fine. Do you want to join my group? We’re all very nice people, so don’t worry.” Nao
smiled at the girl.
“Erm, excuse me, can I join your group too? I don’t know anyone here and you looked
approachable. Oh, I’m Wan Ting, from Singapore.” Another girl came and talked to Nao.
So now Nao has her team. She looked around to see the rest: she recognized Kimura Kei,
another teenage boy, a gorgeous looking man, a homeless-looking drunk, and a successful
businessman type. They all looked like they are getting on well with each other indeed.
After dinner, Nao, Akiyama, Yukina, Wan Ting and Sakiko moved to the lounge. She got to
know them. Sakiko was an orphan in Japan, and Wan Ting was an exchange student from
Singapore, and they all seemed like very nice people.
“Oh well, I hope we survive another round!” As if he could read her thoughts, Akiyama
nodded at Nao.
It was the next day. Nao looked like she didn’t sleep at all, with dark eye circles. Akiyama
looked as relaxed as ever. Wan Ting and Sakiko had got along well and they stayed up all
night chatting with one another. Yukina was dressed in another tracksuit, silver this time.
Everyone gathered in the foyer, filling out a form of their group.
“I will now announce the group. The group of air: Akiyama-sama, Kanzaki-sama, Sakiko-
sama, Tay-sama, Takeda-same. The group of land: Harimoto-sama, Muraji-sama (a teenage
boy), Kimura-sama, Kenneth-sama (the model), Sean-sama (the businessman). The group of
water: Yokoya-sama, Katsuragi-sama, Fukunaga-sama, Shirokure-sama (the bimbotic high-
school girl), Lee-sama (the drunkard). Now, everyone will receive some tools to play the
Nao looked as a dealer in black arrived to their table with a yellow box in tow. She opened
the lid and took out 5 yellow cards. Each card had a name and on the back is a design of an
animal of flight. She could see that the land group had green cards and the water group had
blue cards, but that’s about it. Her own card had her name in Katakana and it contains a
yellow canary bird. Akiyama’s had a golden eagle.
“Cool, mine is a bumblebee!” Sakiko squealed.
“By the way, why are the players so young and noisy?” Fukunaga complained.
“It’s human nature to lie, even the young ones, is it not? Besides, it’s easier to win money
from them.” Lira said.
“Mine is a butterfly!” Wan Ting said excitedly.
“I will now announce the rules of the game. Each of you have a card, and each card contains
5 million from the start. Each person must buy jewels. There is a machine in the room at the
back and only 1 person can enter it. Everyone must enter it within 1 hour, and like the
previous Final Stage game, you must enter before you use the card. However, the card is
necessary to open the door. You will use the card to choose which box of jewels to buy. Only
1 box can be bought per round, you can try to buy again but only the first time counts. With
the card, you can check how many jewels you have. At the 10
round, everyone’s amount of
jewels will be revealed. There are 15 rounds.
There are 5 types of boxes available in infinite quantities. The $100 thousand is the cheapest,
$500 thousand is the most expensive. Each jewel stands for $10 000, but the boxes with the
price might have less or more jewels than stated, the prices are rough estimates. The total
cost will be split among the members according to a chart.
At the end of the game, everyone must return 5 million dollars in cash or jewels. The player
with the most number of jewels win. Don’t worry, jewels can be auctioned off starting from
the 10
round. The winning group (most number of jewels) gets additional box of 50 jewels
to be split as they wish. The minimum number of jewels to pass is 150. If you don’t pass, you
don’t proceed to the next game. That is the ultimate goal: regardless of debts, the group
with overall most jewels and the person with the most jewels can advance.”
“It’s easy! Everyone, let’s all choose the cheapest box, since it will be free if we do that.”
“There is no reason why anyone would oppose your plan, except that the other groups will
definitely get more money than us and advance to the next round, since that is the ultimate
goal,” Yukina said.
“Yeah, I have already spent 1 million dollars from the first game into rebuilding my
orphanage—I don’t have any money left!” Sakiko sobbed.
“Me too. I participated in the game because I needed to pay off my student loan,” Wan Ting
said, consoling Sakiko.
“Everyone, I will be in charge of using all your cards.” Yokoya announced. Katsuragi and
Fukunaga looked slightly put off. Only the drunkard and the bimbo looked nonchalant.
There is no way everyone in this group can advance—look at the bimbo and the drunkard!
It’s every man for himself. I would sooner die than trust Fukunaga. Yokoya thought.
“Now, I will ask the leaders of each group to come and play scissors paper stone to
determine the order in which they enter the room.” Lira announced.
Akiyama, Muraji (surprisingly not Hashimoto) and Fukunaga came. Fukunaga postured
aggressively. Muraji won. Then Akiyama won.
So, one by one, Harimoto’s group went in. After that, they all apparently handed their cards
to Harimoto.
“Looks like he’s got new followers,” Nao said.
“As long as Kimura is still with Harimoto, he has nothing to lose,” Akiyama observed.
Next up is Akiyama’s group. Everyone vowed to give the card to Nao, to buy the cheapest
box for free.
Anyway, after everyone has finished, the results of each group’s debt is shown on the
screen. As expected, Harimoto’s group had incurred a 2.2 million debt, most likely two
expensive box and 3 next expensive box. The debt will be 0.44 million for each player.
Yokoya’s group, however, had a WHOPPING 7.5 million debt, meaning everybody secretly
bought the most expensive box, and everyone pays 1.5million!
“What is the meaning of this!” Fukunaga grabbed the collar of Lee, who laughed drunkenly.
“Oh, you’re not supposed to press the shiny button? Sorry, my fault.” Momoka Shirokure,
the bimbo laughed unabashedly.
“Why should only Katsuragi and Yokoya get the most expensive box, anyway,” Fukunaga
Nao’s group incurred 0 debt because everyone chose the cheapest box.
“Akiyama-san, how many jewels do we have?” Nao asked.
“Not very good. Nao’s box only had 2 gems, mine had 8, Yukina’s had 4, Sakiko’s had 2 and
Wan Ting’s had 1 only, a total of 17 gems.” Akiyama said, after asking everyone.
“That’s not good, we need 150 jewels EACH to pass, as well as being in the richest group,”
Nao said worriedly.
“So that means we can’t stick with our strategy of buying the cheapest box after all. Because
jewels are more important than money, in this game,” Yukina said somberly.
Does Akiyama have a winning strategy? Find out in the next round!
Air: Akiyama: 8 gems, 5 million. Nao: 2 gems, 5 million. Yukina: 4 gems, 5 million. Sakiko: 2
gems, 5 million. Wan Ting: 1 gem, 5 million. Total=17
Water: Yokoya: 57 gems, 3.5 million. Katsuragi: 53 gems, 3.5 million. Fukunaga: 52 gems, 3.5
million. Momoka: 53 gems, 3.5 million. Lee: 49 gems, 3.5 million. Total=264
Earth: Harimoto: 42 gems, 4.56 million. Kimura: 54 gems, 4.56 million. Muraji: 43 gems, 4.56
million. Sean: 32 gems, 4.56 million. Kenneth: 31 gems, 4.56 million. Total=202
Leading group: Water, leading person: Yokoya.
Note: number of gems are randomly generated.
Round 2:
“Good job, everyone. We really have Akiyama fooled!” Fukunaga exclaimed.
“An internal conflict? Although it’s true that our group has many competitive people, that
we would all vie for the top position, it’s laughable indeed.” Katsuragi sneered.
Flashback to them discussing about the 36 strategems.
“Create something from nothing. A plain lie. Make Akiyama’s group believe there was
internal conflict, when there was in fact nothing,” Yokoya was explaining.
“Also, sacrifice the plum tree to preserve the peach tree. There are circumstances in which
you must sacrifice short-term objectives in order to gain the long-term goal. We might have
lost some money, but we WILL earn it back.” Katsuragi slammed her fist onto the table.
Meanwhile, Nao was in her room, thinking about that day when she was waiting for
Akiyama at the busstop after he played Liar Game, Reborn.
“Sensei, who is that waiting for you, your sister?” A cute girl who was walking with Akiyama
off the bus asked.
“Oh, no, I’m Nao Kanzaki, we were in the Liar Game last time…” Nao stuttered.
“I see. I’m Yu Shinomiya. Anyway, I’m glad you weren’t in this one. I was SOOO about to die,
luckily Sensei for some reason decided to come to my rescue. Anyway, I gotta go, call me
maybe?” The girl who was wearing a short red skirt and white pullover laughed and run
“She’s just a student, don’t mind her.” Akiyama said.
“How was the game?” Nao asked.
“Just as you thought, they are bringing back the liar game. For some reason, they want you
out because of the effect you have on people. But I told them that I refuse to participate
unless you are coming along.”
Nao felt touched.
“Let’s go and visit your father.” Akiyama said, smiling at her.
On the hallway, someone shadowy is talking to Muraji and Harimoto. “Just as I thought,
they accepted me. Like hiding a knife behind a smile, I will charm and ingratiate myself to
“Good, you have gained her trust already, now it’s time to move against her in secret.”
Harimoto said proudly.
Soon, it is time for the second round. As usual, Harimoto’s group proceed first.
“Seems like they are sticking to that strategy—what are we to do? We are already far
behind in terms of gems,” Yukina asked.
“There’s gonna be a chance to buy jewels later, right?” Nao asked.
“We can’t depend on that, because this game just proved that we need jewels to proceed.
In this group, Nao and I need to proceed.” Akiyama said.
“I’m fine with that since I’m sure the three of us just want to drop out with our money,
right?” Yukina said confidently.
“Oh, where did you go, Sakiko?” Wan Ting asked as Sakiko came back.
“I was spying on Harimoto’s group. He was whining about how the newest believers,
Kenneth and Sean, aren’t exactly very obedient. Anyway, what are we choosing?” Sakiko
asked innocently.
“How about we just follow Harimoto’s strategy for the time being?” Nao asked. “Let 2
people choose the most expensive box, Akiyama-san and I, while the rest will buy any box
EXCEPT the most expensive one.” Nao volunteered.
“Seems good, let’s do it!” Wan Ting exclaimed. They all took turns and went inside the room,
before Akiyama enters and input for everyone.
Finally, it is time for the results. As expected, Harimoto’s group had incurred a 2.2 million
debt, most likely two expensive box and 3 next expensive box. The debt will be 0.44 million
for each player. Yokoya’s group is now 1.7 million. Akiyama’s group, however, faces a shock.
“Why is our group 2.3 million? Shouldn’t it be 2.2 million like Harimoto? Is there a mistake?”
Nao exclaimed.
“If 3 most expensive box are chosen, everyone pays equally, but that means the other 2
people who bought the second most expensive box will have no jewels!” Yukina said.
“There is no mistake. There is a traitor amongst us! Player… X,” Akiyama said cryptically.
“But we can’t tell how much jewels we have until the 10
round, right? Right now, they will
only announce the top group and player, so we don’t know who is the traitor!” Wan Ting
Who is Player X? Find out in the next round!
Air: Akiyama: 8+74(32)=82 gems, 4.54 million. Nao: 2+77(32)=79 gems, 4.54 million. Yukina:
4 gems, 4.54 million. Sakiko: 2+86(31)=88 gems, 4.54 million. Wan Ting: 1 gem, 4.54 million.
Water: Yokoya: 57+56(10)=113 gems, 3.16 million. Katsuragi: 53+58(11)=111 gems, 3.16
million. Fukunaga: 52+53(11)=105 gems, 3.16 million. Momoka: 53 gems, 3.16 million. Lee:
49 gems, 3.16 million. Total=431
Earth: Harimoto: 42+54=96 gems, 4.12 million. Kimura: 54+50=104 gems, 4.12 million.
Muraji: 43+37=80 gems, 4.12 million. Sean: 32+31=63 gems, 4.12 million. Kenneth:
31+38=69 gems, 4.12 million. Total=412
Leading group: Water, leading person: Yokoya.
If the number cannot be divided equally, will give more to the people with less gems.
Round 3:
“Who is the traitor in our group?” Akiyama was besieged by questions from his female
group mates. He felt a bit overwhelmed. The only one who did not crowd around him was
Yukina, who as usual was staring at Akiyama from afar haughtily.
“What do you have to say for yourself, Yukina?” He thundered.
“Akiyama-san! How can you say that about Yukina? Haven’t you remembered in the Final
Stage, she was on our side all along?” Nao asked, while Wan Ting and Sakiko looked
confused since they were new participants.
“It’s precisely BECAUSE we were in the Final Stage, I know what kind of witch you are!”
Akiyama strode up to Yukina, their faces just inches from each other. Nao looked frightened.
“Let’s not argue among ourselves, everyone! We can still do it, by voting for the same boxes
as before!” Nao said.
“Don’t be naïve, Nao-chan. Now everyone thinks that I am the traitor, do you still think they
will continue to trust me as before?” Yukina snarked. “Let me tell you something, I will be
voting for the most expensive box, so no need to doubt me this time!” She strode away.
Akiyama looked around, disappointed. “You heard her. Now, Wan Ting, you shall also vote
for the most expensive box, so we shall have 2 people with the most expensive box.”
Soon, it is time for the results. As expected, Harimoto’s group had incurred a 2.2 million
debt, most likely two expensive box and 3 next expensive box. The debt will be 0.44 million
for each player. Yokoya’s group is now 1.7 million. Akiyama’s group, however, goes without
a hitch this time at 2.2 million.
“Why is our group 2.2 million? Does that mean that Yukina is the traitor?” Wan Ting asked.
“No, actually, that was just a trick Yukina, Nao and I played,” Akiyama smirked. “I purposely
pretend to suspect Yukina, so that the real “Player X” can be at ease.”
“But why would Yukina announce that she is buying the most expensive box?” Wan Ting
“That’s because since I announce that, there should be no reason that our amount should
NOT tally at 2.2 million,” Yukina said.
“So, shouldn’t that mean that Yukina is our traitor, since it tallies?” Sakiko asked.
“Funny you should ask us that, since you should be more aware than anyone else, Sakiko.”
Akiyama turned. “Or should I call you, Player X?”
“Why would you suspect me? The number tallied, didn’t it?” Sakiko asked.
“Aren’t you surprised when it tallied? Truth is, Yukina DIDN’T vote for the most expensive
box. If the traitor was Wan Ting, she would definitely vote for the most expensive box
anyway, and our tally should be 2.1 million. However, since it is 2.2 million, it means that
someone else voted for the most expensive box, which means you, Sakiko, voted.”
“So be it. I knew I should not underestimate you, Akiyama. But so what if you uncovered me
as the traitor? Do you honestly think that makes your predicament any better? I already
have 88 gems, the highest in this group. I will just continue to vote for the most expensive
box, and you can’t do anything against me!” Sakiko exclaimed.
“Oh really? I already know you are the spy from Harimoto’s group! I noticed that you and
Muraji are around the same height, and you looked similar. I believe he is your “twin”, are
you two are the newest weapons of Harimoto?” Akiyama asked. He scooted close to Sakiko.
“Go ahead and vote for the most expensive jewels—I guarantee you will not be able to
continue for long!”
What is Akiyama planning? Find out in the next round!
Air: Akiyama: 8+74(32)+43=125 gems, 4.1 million. Nao: 2+77(32)+44=123 gems, 4.1 million.
Yukina: 4+49=53 gems, 4.1 million. Sakiko: 2+86(31)+46=134 gems, 4.1 million. Wan Ting:
1+50=51 gems, 4.1 million. Total=486
Water: Yokoya: 57+56(10)=113 gems, 2.82 million. Katsuragi: 53+58(11)+54(8)=165 gems,
2.82 million. Fukunaga: 52+53(11)=105 gems, 2.82 million. Momoka: 53+64(7)=117 gems,
2.82 million. Lee: 49+56(8)=105 gems, 2.82 million. Total=605
Earth: Harimoto: 42+54+53=149 gems, 3.68 million. Kimura: 54+50+52=156 gems, 3.68
million. Muraji: 43+37+46=126 gems, 3.68 million. Sean: 32+31+34=97 gems, 3.68 million.
Kenneth: 31+38+35=126 gems, 3.68 million. Total=654
Leading group: Earth, leading person: Katsuragi.
Akiyama 围魏救赵, Wéi Wèi jiù Zhào)
 When the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, then attack something he holds dear.
Know that he cannot be superior in all things. Somewhere there is a gap in the armour, a
weakness that can be attacked instead.
Momoka 隔岸觀火/隔岸观火, Gé àn guān huǒ)
 Delay entering the field of battle until all the other players have become exhausted fighting
amongst themselves. Then go in at full strength and pick up the pieces.
Sakiko (笑裏藏刀/笑里藏刀, Xiào lǐ cáng dāo)
 Charm and ingratiate yourself to your enemy. When you have gained his trust, move
against him in secret.
Katsuragi (李代桃僵, Lǐ dài táo jiāng)
 There are circumstances in which you must sacrifice short-term objectives in order to gain
the long-term goal. This is the scapegoat strategy whereby someone else suffers the
consequences so that the rest do not.
Lee 假痴不癲/假痴不癫, Jiǎ chī bù diān)
 Hide behind the mask of a fool, a drunk, or a madman to create confusion about your
intentions and motivations. Lure your opponent into underestimating your ability until,
overconfident, he drops his guard. Then you may attack.
Fukunaga(反客為主/反客为主, Fǎn kè wéi zhǔ)
 Usurp leadership in a situation where you are normally subordinate. Infiltrate your
target. Initially, pretend to be a guest to be accepted, but develop from inside and
become the owner later.

Chapter 4
“Shit!” Yokoya said. Now Harimoto’s group is edging over them.
“What’s going on, boss?” Lee demanded. “Thought you said your strategy was perfect?”
“It should be—in theory!” Yokoya said. “This is the safest risk-adverse way.”
For the next round, Akiyama, Nao, Wan Ting and Yukina blocked off Sakiko and refused to
let her enter. Sakiko just laughed, playing with her card.
“So what if you guys let me enter last? Even if all of you chose the most expensive box, so
will I. At most we will all die together.” Sakiko smirked shrilly.
“Do you see who is entering the room for the group of land, Sakiko? It is Muraji. A boy of
sixteen, your age. And he looks just like you, pardon me for saying you look masculine.”
Akiyama slurred as he crossed his leg elegantly on a chair.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sakiko said.
“The Peaceful Paradise cult recently bought an orphanage, right? And so you and your TWIN
BROTHER Muraji actually joined the cult. But I wonder why did he let the two of you join Liar
Game? Cunning and astute as you might be, he must know you have no chance at tricking us.
Well, maybe you’re quite good at pretending to be innocent, but one look at Muraji and he
is rather blur and slow. I pretended to bump into him and got his card from his back pocket,
and when I told him he dropped his card he just hurriedly thanked me and took it away,
never suspecting me at all. That is surprising for someone from the Peaceful Paradise cult,”
Akiyama mused, looking at Nao while he talked.
“And then it reminds me. I read in the newspapers that the Peaceful Paradise cult is coming
up with a new high priest—The purple man, Murasaki-bito, who is a psychic. And it is
certainly no coincidence that Muraji+Sakiko=Murasaki. Maybe it stands to reason that as
the older twin, you would want to win the liar game to break away from Harimoto and
protect Muraji from being exploited by Harimoto.”
“You don’t know anything!” Sakiko snapped.
“That’s true. I, however, knew of the Purple Man 10 years ago. Of course Muraji would have
been too young to be the Purple Man. But that was when you were in the orphanage, right?
The Purple Man was your father. And he died while pretending to predict where the victims
of the 2003 Miyagi-Oki quake were buried because a building collapsed and fell on him,”
Yukina said. “I was a student at that time. I remembered how everyone was saying how the
Purple Man was just an unlucky conman.”
“But wasn’t the Peaceful Paradise cult founded only recently?” Nao asked.
“Oh, but I bet Harimoto was envious of the Purple Man’s abilities and when he found out
that he had children, well, that was just great,” Yukina explained.
“He’s not a liar!” Sakiko shouted.
“Quite ironic coming from you,” Akiyama observed.
“Papa is the best! You don’t know what it’s like, losing someone close to you!” Sakiko cried.
“You have a choice. We all voted for the most expensive box. You can either play it so we all
die together, or you listen to us and if we win we will save you. You can trust Nao,” Akiyama
Lips pursed in a thin line, Sakiko shook her head. “Like real. If I don’t vote for the most
expensive box, I will have to pay for everyone.”
“Well, it’s your fault for cheating us in the first place,” Yukina snapped.
I trust nobody but myself.” With that, she disappeared into the room. Akiyama watched her
go, shaking his head sadly. Wan Ting looked worried, biting her lips.
“What do we do? She will definitely choose the most expensive box!” Nao moaned.
Inside the room, Sakiko’s finger trembled as she touched all the buttons. It’s arranged like
Top left hand corner: 10,000 box
Top right hand corner: 20,000 box
Middle left hand corner: 30,000 box
Middle right hand corner: 40,000 box
Bottom left hand corner: 50,000 box
Without looking at the button, she slammed her hand on the bottom left hand corner. She
ran triumphant out of the room, laughing, ”Die, scum.”
The results were out. Nao and Wan Ting’s face were in shock as they stared at the screen.
“What? Cat got your tongue? Hahaha,” Sakiko laughed psychotically.
“I can’t believe this!” Nao said happily, smiling at Sakiko. “You changed your mind!”
“What?” Sakiko asked.
“Uh, look behind you,” Yukina suggested.
Sakiko turned slowly as she stared at the screen. $2.1 million debt. “What the heck! There
must be a mistake! I pressed the right button!”
“You did press the right button. But what if the button was wrong?” Akiyama smirked.
Sakiko’s eyes widened in horror as what Akiyama said sunk in. Nao, Yukina and Wanting
went in first, then Akiyama. He could have switched the order of the buttons!
“Well, the reason why I ordered them not to let you in was because I was trying to figure
out the system. Turns out that the buttons were not fixed to the computer screen. So I just
changed the order of the most expensive and the cheapest box button.” Akiyama said. “I
just knew you couldn’t resist screwing us over. After all, you’d rather pay a total of $1.5
million than $2.1 million for the group.”
Striding over to the fallen Sakiko, Akiyama leaned close to her face. “Now you’re left with $2
million for 6 rounds more to go. Go and press the most expensive button, even if you found
it through trial and error, in the end you’re forced to give the card to me.”
“What is stopping me from messing up your arrangement? Seeing as how I’m forced to obey
you is equivalent to having my card in your grasp.” Sakiko said.
“You know we won’t screw you up. But as to your question, well, I know how to tell the
buttons apart.” Akiyama said confidently.
Nao, Yukina, Wanting turned their backs and Akiyama stood to go with them. Sakiko
shouted behind his back, “It’s not over yet!”
“When the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, then attack something he holds dear.
Know that he cannot be superior in all things. Somewhere there is a gap in the armour, a
weakness that can be attacked instead,” Akiyama said. “We know your weakness, both
intangible and tangible. Question is, do you know mine?”
“Oh I know you got a weakness, Akiyama! Everybody does!” Sakiko yelled.
“But you don’t know exactly what, do you?” Akiyama walked away.
In the meantime, at the Group of Water, there is a problem again. Somehow they didn’t get
$1.7 million like before, they got $2.3 million again, meaning 2 people have no jewels.
“Not again! Who are the three traitors!” Fukunaga yelled. It was now supposed to be his
turn and Momoka’s to get the most expensive box. “Is it you!” He wheeled on Katsuragi.
“You bitch!”
“Hey, I’m a psychology professor, not an elaborate conman. Besides, you went in before me.”
Katsuragi defended.
“I would never do such a thing to you,” Yokoya purred. “I like you better as my ally than
“What are you guys talking about?” Momoka asked.
“I need wine,” Lee slurred.
What is going on in Yokoya’s group? Trouble abounds for Fukunaga! Now the leading group
AND leading person is Harimoto’s group! Is it time for Akiyama and Yokoya to team up?
Would Katsuragi agree?
Air: Akiyama: 8+74(32)+43+50=175 gems, 4.1 million. Nao: 2+77(32)+44+58=181 gems, 4.1
million. Yukina: 4+49+43=96 gems, 4.1 million. Sakiko: 2+86(31)+46+17=151 gems, 2 million.
Wan Ting: 1+50+51=102 gems, 4.1 million. Total=705
Water: Yokoya: 57+56(10)=113 gems, 2.36 million. Katsuragi: 53+58(11)+54(8)=165 gems,
2.36 million. Fukunaga: 52+53(11)+77(31)=182 gems, 2.36million. Momoka:
53+64(7)+86(31)=148 gems, 2.36 million. Lee: 49+56(8)+73(31)=178 gems, 2.36 million.
Earth: Harimoto: 42+54+53+56=205 gems, 3.22 million. Kimura: 54+50+52+56=212 gems,
3.22 million. Muraji: 43+37+46+42=168 gems, 3.22 million. Sean: 32+31+34+42=139 gems,
3.22 million. Kenneth: 31+38+35+36=162 gems, 3.22 million. Total=886
Leading group: Earth, leading person: Kimura.

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