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Conclusion of my studies emphasized on whether rewards motivate the employees at

Ericsson Pakistan or not. From the data that was collected through questionnaires and
interviews I found out that employees are satisfied with their reward and appraisal system
thus leading to an increase in the level of motivation.
The flaw, which Ericsson should work about, is the gap between the higher ranks and
lower ranks. They do not gel properly. Although the management said that they have get-
togethers so that everyone get close to each other irrespective of ranks or gender but this
is not the case, through our interviews I found out that the higher ranks keep themselves
at a distance from the lower ranks even in the get-togethers.
My studies indicate that most of the people are satisfied and motivated but employees
who are not motivated and are not satisfied cannot be ignored. Although they comprise of
very less number and percentage but it shows that the flaw lies with the system and it is
not very efficient. Though it is impossible to make every employee contended and
satisfied but at least effort should be there to take those employees with rest of the lot.
Most of the employees are not happy with their salaries. They consider that these salaries
are inadequate as compared to the market. They think that they are paid less than what
they deserve. But they cannot leave Ericsson due to fewer opportunities in the market as
well as they expect that they will be treated well in the future. Most of the employees are
not satisfied with the salaries but still they are committed with Ericsson because of the
career opportunities. And it is one of the strongest points of Ericsson. So Ericsson should
continuously work on it and should try to make it better and better.

In the light of my findings and conclusion mentioned in my research paper, I recommend
following to my respective organization:
1. The emphasize should be more on their employees, as they are important asset of
the organization. In this way they will think themselves important and hence
perform- more and will be more motivated and committed.
2. The reward system should be more efficient so to motivate; and satisfy those few
employees who are de-motivated.
3. Some employees think that they are not being compensated fairly or the appraisal
system is more opaque. The appraisal system should be more transparent so that
every employee thinks it as fair and unbiased.
4. About the barriers to the performance faced by employees, management should
take strict- action against the problems faced by employees.
5. People see top management control and lack of resources as the biggest barrier in
the way of performance. This gap must be filled with open door policy and giving
employees some empowerment.
6. Most of the employees are not satisfied with the salary package. So Ericsson
should not ignore these employees because it can damage the organization in the
long term. So Ericsson should redesign their salary packages.
7. Some of the employees think that the reward system of Ericsson is not good as
compared to market. So the reward system should be reconsidered and redesigned.
8. The performance appraisal system should be made better because some employees
doubt about the fairness of performance appraisal system of Ericsson.